The New Z-ality

It’s been a disturbing week. Civilization’s swift decline has definitely sped up. The Phoney War is almost over. Sorry to be so negative. I’m trying very hard to be realistic, not pessimistic. The implications of what we’ve learned this week are astounding. And I think we can count on it getting worse.

There is bad news from all jihad fronts. The slow-bleed whack-a-shaheed grinds on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Toward what end? I once hoped democracy, with a little help, could be uncorked in the heart of the Middle East. Now with thousands of valuable lives shattered and trillions of dollars spent there is still no end in sight. Not in this direction.

I don’t buy the Bush Doctrine any more. The majority of Iraqis do not crave liberty and democracy. Not as we Americans think of it. This Vast Majority Big Lie is just as wrong as the Tiny Minority Big Lie. It goes beyond wishful thinking. It is deliberate disinformation.

Democracy is moot whereever sharia takes root. Because sharia eats democracy. It thrives on civil liberties and pluralism more than it ever could under the Islamic world’s autocratic norm. Our trendy “anything goes” style of democracy, our Age of Treason, is especially fertile ground for jihad.

Even if this were not true, the Wilsonian premise is certainly false. I’m ashamed to have ever believed it. How can Americans give what they themselves don’t possess? Our best and brightest patriots are dying to bestow “liberty” and “democracy” while at home these idealistic notions have been revealed as little more than illusion.

Separationism sounds saner than trying to win more false friends. It’s just unlikely separationism ever come to pass. Take for example the damage we knowingly do ourselves with our addiction to oil. Our own money builds more mosques and madrassas to produce more anti-civilization hatred. In spite of this knowledge our dependence on oil only grows.

The cultural jihad also grinds on. Foot washing basins, prayer rooms, and constant calls for more favors. They’ve plugged right into the booming Western grievance industry. At the same time, by odd coincidence, our own hard-core atheists and church/state separationists are also on the offensive. Not surprisingly, conspicously little of their criticism is aimed at Islam.

The demographic jihad news is worst of all. Europe is lost. France is sinking, with the Netherlands, England, Norway, and the rest not far behind. The EU is run by an invisible, unelected elite. Even if the majority of Europeans wanted to do something they can’t. Short of revolution their ruling class simply cannot be reached. Thus the no-go zones where sharia already rules today will only grow. The remaining native Europeans will at some point find themselves beseiged and terrorized in ever-shrinking enclaves. Revolution is coming to Europe. An Islamic revolution.

In America our intelligence bureaucrats continue to leak secrets. Major networks pass these secrets on and give Islamist double-talkers like Ahmed Younis a prime time soap box. In the wake of every Islamic terror story they demand apologies for bigoted backlashes that never come and voice sympathy for the “powerless” Muslims who see no other means to express themselves than blowing up innocent people. As with every other Big Lie, the less justified their cries for sympathy the louder they shout. Is anyone else fed up with this yet? Not our TV people. They’re bringing “diversity” to the “debate”.

The immigration “debate” is even more critical than the jihad. Immigration subsumes the jihad. Obviously we’re doomed if we allow jihadis to walk amongst us. How many more Fort Dixes do we need before this is clear? Our irrational immigration policies toward Muslims guarantee more “homegrown” mayhem.

As scary and inevitable as a Jericho-like al Qaeda attack is, we have a more immediate problem. The Ladeeenyo invasion. Their threat isn’t radioactive (yet) but what they bring is just as toxic to our health, wealth, and pursuit of happiness. Mobs marching in the streets? That’s how French and Mexican politics “work”. You don’t have to be a racist to want no part of it.

Latin America has for centuries been a social, economic, and political shithole. Extreme gaps between rich and poor. No respect for the rule of law. Cronyism, nepotism, payola – it’s ingrained in their minds. Top to bottom, rich and poor. What we know now is that the US will shortly become this kind of shithole banana republic too. By design.

Why would anybody want that? Three main reasons, in order of importance:

#1 – Business/economic interests. Businesses and the upper classes are addicted to their servants. They’re more loyal to their economy than they are to any nation. But they do feel a bit guilty. The new z-ality is a sop for their faithful servants. It also secures an enormous servant-labor market forever. Or at least until next quarter. They don’t really think much beyond that.

#2 – Ladeeenyo interests. Irredentist La Racists. More and more of their fifth columnists are hopping out of the Trojan horse every day.

#3 – Leftist interests. Prying away at the foundations of civilization is dirty work. There’s no end to the uses of useful idiots.

To ram through a law with only 26% of the public in support illustrates just how absurdly disproportionate business’ influence has become. Yet this revolution, this usurpation, goes virtually unreported by the media. They are complicit. The revolution is not being televised.

The system we live under isn’t democracy. It isn’t a constitutional republic. Our government, their elections, their laws, the “watchdog” media – it’s nothing but lies.

“It’s so easy to criticize, why don’t you propose an alternative?”

“We can’t just deport them all! What would that do to our economy?”

“It’s not amnesty, they have to pay fines!”

Isn’t it shocking that there are so many people – people with advanced educations and high paying jobs in positions of authority and responsibility – that can repeat such ignorant and/or duplicitous drivel? It’s a waste of time to argue with them. It’s clear now that anyone making these arguments has no intention of enforcing any immigration laws or ever deporting anyone. Quite the contrary. They think whoever wants to come to the US should be welcome to do so. And if our new zitizen “workers” want to bring their families with them, and live with five other families in a house built for one, that’s ok. Things like building codes, occupancy codes, sewer codes, and parking codes only apply to Pilgrims. If the zitizens want to run prostitution slavery rings out of their house, that’s ok too. They’ve got sanctuary. No zitizen is illegal – even when they commit crimes.

In the face of all this the pols sit in Washington debating how much of the country to give away and how fast. It is treason. Has everyone in government forgotten their duty, their oaths, their honor? Have these words, as well as our laws, lost all meaning? Any true and decent American would walk away from this “debate” in disgust. There is nothing to negotiate with traitors.

6 thoughts on “The New Z-ality”

  1. There’s much more of this to come anonymous, in the wars abroad as well as here in Zamerica. Any infidel that trusts his back to a Muslim will be betrayed in the end.

    Dear flippity, I think you missed the point. Whether Bush or whoever is a good leader or not is pretty much irrelevant. What he leads isn’t the democratic or constitutional republic they pretend it is, and which most people still go on believing it is.

    What he leads is a borderless plutocracy.

  2. Lack of Leadership doesnt begin nor end with GWB. It is a problem rampant throughout our govt – local, state and federal alike.

    This borderless plutocracy is promoted not only by the likes of McLame-Kennedy but by “sanctuary city” mayors and the “dont ask-dont tell my opinion”-politicians like Clinton and Nancy “over my dead body” Pelosi.

    Zimmigration is the most visible example of this leadership. Dont stick your neck out and fight a law you disagree with – pass the law and then refuse to adequately fund its enforcement. Look around – it happens in every jurisdiction and in every legal walk of life. Dont worry about the rule of law – there’s no one to enforce it.

    Its time to get the plutocrats out of office.

  3. Too late. We missed the opportunity to switch tracks years ago.

    This train is headed for unprecedented (in this country) social dislocations. Riots, civil war, revolution, ethnic cleansing.

    The rich don’t care because they’ll just go wherever they have to go to avoid it.

    The Ladeeenyos look forward to it. They are literally salivating at the prospect of finally getting to stick it to the Pilgrims.

    The leftists, being the power-hungry amoral fucks they are, don’t care that their poster children – the lower class worker – are the most thoroughly screwed. Because their real enemy, the mostly white middle class backbone of civilization, will be taking it in the pants. By any means necessary, and all that.

    Goodbye civilization, it was nice while it lasted.

  4. Tanstaafl wrote:
    “This train is headed for unprecedented (in this country) social dislocations. Riots, civil war, revolution, ethnic cleansing.”

    So — are you (well-)armed? Are you preparing? Where’s your safe house? When the race wars come — and they will — what are you prepared to do?

    I’m thrilled as I read your awakening Tanstaafl (go boy go!), but besides looking around with new eyes, what pragmatic preparations are you making?


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