Jews Hunting Tucker

In the same way the jewsmedia presents Michael Brown and George Floyd as exemplars of White “racism”, it presents Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson as exemplars of White supremacism and nationalism. The absurd weakness of the exemplars the jewsmedia selects to support their narratives is an indication not of their ineptitude, but of their malevolence toward Whites.

White is the key word. The jewsmedia have put constant scathing criticism of Whites and Whiteness at the center of their discourse. This is not an accident, and again, it is not because they’re stupid. They are relentlessly promoting a narrative presenting Whites as oppressors of non-Whites. The idea is that Whites deserve to be attacked.

The basis for this jewsmedia narrative is a jew-defined and jew-driven morality which sees Whites as inherently evil and non-Whites as inherently good. The “blood libel” and “holocaust” narratives are earlier iterations on the same jewy theme. The earlier narratives haven’t been forgotten or replaced, they undergird the current narrative, which is merely an extension of the same jewy aggression.

Jonathan Greenblatt:

.@TuckerCarlson: “replacement theory” is a white supremacist tenet that the white race is in danger by a rising tide of non-whites.

It is antisemitic, racist and toxic. It has informed the ideology of mass shooters in El Paso, Christchurch and Pittsburgh.

Tucker must go.

Here is the clip Greenblatt and the jewsmedia is screeching about.

Why is Tucker putting up with this? At the very least he could stop acting so coy, as if he doesn’t understand what’s happening or who’s driving it. After all, they’re screeching it right in his face as they call for his head. He could call them anti-White. He could call them jew-firsters. He won’t.

Unfortunately, like Donald Trump, or Steve King, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck, or a thousand other similar men that jews have attacked for being too White, Tucker Carlson will almost certainly put up with it. He wouldn’t be where he is now if he hadn’t already sufficiently demonstrated his willingness to reflexively disavow “racism” and “anti-semitism”. He will just disvow harder now, further aiding his attackers as he discredits himself.

Whatever Tucker does, the bigger picture is that the regime is anti-White because it is so thoroughly jewed. The regime is now so thoroughly jewed that jews feel free to openly express their hatred for Whites as a race, and what’s more, to clearly attribute their hostility to the fact that they see themselves as the first and foremost non-Whites.

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  1. “Systemic racism” = code word for “blame Whitey” for all non-White failure around the world.

    “To invite hordes of illegals as colonists is GENOCIDE! We preach no hate…but instead love for our own respective folks. Replacement migration. We do not want to be ethnically cleansed or replaced!” – Patrick Little

  2. I fear we here in America are very similar to our Slav cousins circa 1917. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about how the Russians just tolerated and tolerated, hid behind their locked doors as their neighbors were carted away, never offering any group-resistance. And of course we know that a couple of generations followed of slaughter and starvation as a result. The Bolsheviks burned churches, tortured priests and nuns along with regular folk. It war nearly a hundred years of total hell.

    Our Jewish enemy has even worse plans for us… and for Whites world wide. We see it unfolding every single day. We hear and see them and their non-White golem openly proclaiming “You are not the future, Whitey!”… and we hear them call us hateful when we protest against what they’re openly saying and doing! The gaslighting is shameless and infuriating.

  3. Tanstaafl sure threads the needle with this one. And, he is 100 percent right when he points out how brazen and bold these jews are now getting with their anti-White hate spewing.

    Anyone who is white and who fails to understand where all this jew hate for our race is going simply needs to do a few hours of research on what happened after the 1917 jewish Bolshevik Communists seized control of Russia.

    Or, either buy and read the Thomas Goodrich book titled ‘Hellstorm’, or poke around and see if you can find the video version of that book. Might be available on bitchute, but I doubt the jews who run youtube have left it up.

  4. The Jews have taken to censoring their own controlled opposition – the goy frontmen on their own payroll. From the outside looking in it smacks of either hubris or desperation, neither of which is a good look for Jews.

    Jews always overreach and lose in the end because of it, which makes me think that collectively they are not dealing with a full deck. When the pressure rises you can count on them to get flaky, almost like a law of physics.

  5. The Columbia Bugle:

    #Thread Tucker Carlson’s Full Monologue Responding To The Left’s Attempts To Cancel Him & Exposing Mass Immigration, Amnesty & The ADL

    “Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party’s political ambitions.” 1/×720/B2bU3fEsGaKOr88s.mp4

    Here’s the part specifically about the ADL:×720/xunVgRpiKxfLYWGG.mp4

    Spending what’s left of his time on air to spin the jewed regime’s bipartisan anti-White agenda as a Team Blue vs Team Red thing. Two teams, including Tucker, all as much in favor of the jew-first jew-only state as they are against any such thing for Whites.

  6. One people conquering and displacing another is as old as humanity itself. This was something not even worthy of discussing let alone critiquing even a century ago. I say this because this is a fundamental of the term “supremacy” – to repeat, the act or process of one group/people driving out another and possessing “their” (the driven-out) land. And it’s just another current surrender act by self-professing White Nationalists to one-and-all fall over themselves to DISAVOW…that they are “supremacists.” Our Fathers of a century ago would have scoffed at this behavior. And so…what do we actually see unfolding before our eyes in the current year? Clearly, it is Whites being driven out of every “homeland” wherein they exist in every quarter of the globe. And understand, a homeland is only so as long as one possesses it. It is always only a mere potentiality to remain so or not. And here is the truly astonishing kicker of the whole matter. It is not by “The Other” that they are being driven out. But it is by their VERY SELVES that this is happening. Never was the cliche “they are their own worst enemies” ever truer than can be observed in this self-created horror presently happening at an accelerating velocity. All is left now is to see at what point being repeatedly slapped in the face by our mockers will the White race react with what one would assume would be the reaction of virtually any normal man whose very life is threatened and not only his but his flesh and blood on down the line as well. Seems to me the time is patently near at hand when virtually everyone alive today will see if that normal reaction is still in us.

  7. well, this entire race-based charade jews have fabricated in the mass media, along with covid, is just distraction and the more they pour it on, the more nervous they must be getting. I think they see we see what they haven’t wanted us to see, for centuries, and the game is about up. Reminds me of that quote about a slave becoming a master and a serf becoming a king. Man, what a debt these fucks are going to pay…yahoooooooooooo

  8. The Jews are now attempting to bring down the Bolshevik hammer full-bore at a time they do not actually have the muscle to pull it off. Censorship of major public figures, Antifa burning down cities for months on end, a presidential election stolen in broad daylight. Yet no show trials, no mass executions, no gulags. Why? Because they don’t yet have the muscle.

    Indeed these pale imitations of what an actual Red Terror would look like, that Jews are presently deploying, will only have the effect of exposing the malign intentions of Jews before they are actually ready to crush their enemies decisively. It is an incredibly boneheaded move.

  9. Why did Tucker Carlson talk about Israeli immigration policy? What you need to know about the white supremacist ‘open borders for Israel’ meme. – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

    All you need to know is that jews see Whites as their enemy.

    Pro-Israel advocates say there’s a reason to differentiate between immigration policies in Israel and the United States. They note that Israel’s immigration system does privilege Jews, offering them automatic citizenship, because Israel was founded in part as a safe haven for Jews after centuries of lethal persecution. By contrast, the United States was founded, in theory, on the promise of equality for all. And unlike the Jews who founded Israel, white people in America are not a persecuted minority.

    . . .

    “Tucker is wrong because the ADL opposing a [Palestinian] ‘right of return’ is about preserving a single, functioning refuge for an oppressed people,” tweeted Gilead Ini, a senior research analyst for the right-wing pro-Israel media watchdog CAMERA. In a subsequent tweet, he wrote, “Surely Tucker understands the difference between what’s described above and the situation of, say, Americans of English descent.”

    Jews see themselves collectively as “a persecuted minority”/”an oppressed people” and see Whites collectively as the opposite.

  10. This article is perhaps the most astounding example of pilpul I’ve ever read.

    The contradiction only works in white supremacists’ imaginations. In reality, while American Jews tend to sympathize with immigrants and refugees, few Jews actually call for “open borders” in the U.S.
    How many Jews call for border security and an end to immigration? None. And how many refugees has Israel taken in? None.

    And many Jews and Jewish groups, including the ADL, are particularly critical of Israel’s restrictive refugee policy, which has been a topic of heated debate there for a decade.
    Performance art. Every Jew understands that Israel will never allow Jews to become a minority inside its borders. It costs American Jews nothing to lightly (and in bad faith) condemn Israeli immigration policy while working like termites to bring hordes of third worlders into America.

    The idea that Jews adopt white supremacist policy when it comes to Israel
    No. It’s a Jewish supremacist policy. Both Israel and America operate under a Jewish supremacist system. Israel, like any empire, oppresses its subjects through its ethnic diaspora.

    American Jewish groups reject the comparison.
    Of course, because they don’t want to address the substance of the comparison.

    “Using Israel and the Jewish people to give cover to this white supremacist theory is pretty disturbing,
    It’s not about giving cover to “White Supremacy,” it’s about exposing Jewish hypocrisy and malevolence.

    Pro-Israel advocates say there’s a reason to differentiate between immigration policies in Israel and the United States. They note that Israel’s immigration system does privilege Jews, offering them automatic citizenship, because Israel was founded in part as a safe haven for Jews after centuries of lethal persecution.
    BS. Jews have never been persecuted, they’ve been Europe’s ruling class for the past thousand years.

    By contrast, the United States was founded, in theory, on the promise of equality for all.
    No it wasn’t. It was founded by White people for White people, as the first Naturalization Act explicitly stated.

    And unlike the Jews who founded Israel, white people in America are not a persecuted minority.
    Right. We are a persecuted majority, and we are persecuted by Jews who want to turn us into a minority so they can persecute us further.

    Israel’s immigration policy has led to mass immigration, however, of Jews from around the world… But unlike in the United States, where Carlson claims that immigration benefits the left, those groups of Israeli immigrants have largely supported the political right.
    lol, imagine that. Jews let other Jews into Jewland and they become patriotic Jews, while Jews ensure the opposite happens in America and Europe.

    What’s insane is how Whites find it so difficult to pick apart the obvious lying, deliberate mischaracterization, and gaslighting Jews engage in, and they do it all the time. Hell they’ve been doing it for centuries. Not to blackpill, but Whites have to be a really dumb race to be played so hard and so continually like this by a race of lying criminals.

  11. Well said KSA.

    That JTA article approvingly cites the toxic anti-White jew Peter Beinart, who adds to the screeching about Cucker by linking his own version of the reality-inverting narrative that Whites are somehow exploiting jews – The Real Reason So Many Republicans Love Israel? Their Own White Supremacy.

    This was in 2019, when the jewsmedia was still only rarely screeching about “White supremacism”, mainly to provide cover for the most blatant forms of jew-state-related jewing. The 2020 shift to full-spectrum anti-White agitprop provides more complete cover for jewing.

    Beinart’s point, then as now, was tacked on the end of his 2019 article:

    The Pittsburgh shooter loathed Jews for supporting the rights of Central American refugees. Ann Coulter earlier this year castigated “Jews who think they’re black.” But most American Jews know in our bones that narrow, exclusive definitions of Americanism only leave us more vulnerable. By contrast, the more America welcomes Somali immigrants and Guatemalan asylum seekers not only into the country but into the political process — the more it truly becomes a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-faith liberal democracy — the safer we will be.

    What Greenblatt psychopathologizes as “anti-semitic” “replacement theory”, Beinart describes as a reality driven by their tribe, blithely jewsplaining that jews are anti-White because that’s what’s they think is best for their tribe.

    It’s a distinction without difference, this fictitious conflict, because both types of jew agree that Whites are the enemy.

  12. Just thoughts on the ‘antisemite’ canard.
    Every time I have gotten it, I have ALWAYS challenged the nosedevil to prove that they’re related to a guy named Shem in the old testament documents. To a ‘T’ all I’ve ever gotten is their standard list of evasion and obvascations. They’re easy to refute as it’s the same old lies. They have NEVER climbed out of their own trap once having fallen in. On the latest attempt, the nosedevil even admitted that he knew that I knew he couldn’t prove it. After exposure they ALWAYS slither away.

    Just a thought.

  13. Increasingly, Jewish Critics of Israeli Policies Are Using The Term “Apartheid” – Israel-Palestine – WRMEA:

    The majority seems comfortable with the occupation and are prepared to live with millions of second-class Palestinian non-citizens under their control. The fact that this represents a violation of Jewish values and the moral and humane Jewish ethical tradition seems not to disturb them.

    . . .

    Time will tell which group will prevail—both in Israel and in the U.S.

    No violation of jew values or tradition here, just the same old fictitious conflict – jews arguing with jews about the best way to jew, all screeching as if they are victims, with no sign of them stopping any of it.

    The comparison between South Africa and Israel is entirely disingenuous. The existence of jew-first jew-only jew-run anything is justified by the same jew-first goyim-last moralizing which is used to demonize any form of White anything. This has always been the case. It is a feature of jewing, not some random bug that can be fixed with more jewing.

  14. Sometime in the next few years the right wing will begin calling for secession due to the perception that ZOG is irredeemably, hopelessly corrupt. That is when history will be on the march again.

  15. David Sheen:

    Jerusalem’s municipal anthem: “Death to the Arabs”

    Long thread. Sheen translates and provides a glimpse of jews jewing with abandon in the jew-first jew-only jew-run jewstate.

  16. tight post here.
    And tight comment Servenet.

    how many more cheeks are their left to turn?

    as it is, they’ve already been slapped black and blue.


  17. KSA ain’t playin either.

    hellacious commenting …

    in the thrall of my inglorious inarticulation ….
    i can only say….Kike’s gotta keep Kikin’

    they don’t sleep, you see.

  18. how does Captainchaos plan on removing the collective White cranium from the bucket of Jew shit that it’s currently bobbing for shekels and careerism in?

    no offense Sir.

    when is the last time any of us met a racially-conscious , demon-kike aware White American?

  19. Original title: James Carville thinks the Democratic Party has a “wokeness” problem – Vox. Current title: “Wokeness is a problem and we all know it”.

    I always tell people that we’ve got to stop speaking Hebrew and start speaking Yiddish. We have to speak the way regular people speak, the way voters speak. It ain’t complicated. That’s how you connect and persuade. And we have to stop allowing ourselves to be defined from the outside.

    Sean Illing

    What does that mean?

    It means Carville knows who runs the show, knows who he’s trying to advise, and is making it plain by using an otherwise absurd metaphor.

    He’s apparently delusional enough to think jews will take his advice, and tone down their “wokeness” jewing. And he’s apparently uppity enough to so bluntly address his criticism to jews. It’s the kind of thing that typically summons a swarm of screeching jews.

  20. “the bucket of Jew shit that [Whites are] currently bobbing for shekels and careerism in”

    Everything can be expected to behave according to its nature. The White pundits presently on the Jews’ payroll are if nothing else mercenaries. The Jews are now overreaching, will not stop, and are in the process of throwing many of their former goy employees under the bus.

    But there is always a new bus to climb onto, a new paycheck to be garnered. Tucker Carlson is a good example. At this point he has to know he is living on borrowed time. He will defect to another political entity as will others like him; one where they can expect their futures to be secure. Taken to its logical conclusion this means secession from ZOG.

    White people will need to hear the gospel of secession from those they perceive as being authority figures if it is to be granted legitimacy in their minds. From whom shall they hear this? From Tucker Carlson and others like him.

  21. Carville is saying that the Jews are giving Red State Whites one choice: communism light (wokeness) now and most likely hard Bolshevism later. He knows that it won’t fly.

    The fracture lines between Red State White America and the rest are already sufficient to provoke the breakup of the country. Those lines just need to be hammered on in full public view, with secession offered as the solution, to make it happen.

  22. Not being funny,but you should have stayed out of Europe in WW2,AS NOW YOU ARE LIVING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES.

  23. If Red State White America were to secede I don’t believe what was left of ZOG would even have the human material to go on functioning as a first world country. Given that, I don’t think ZOG has the decisive ability to prevent Red State White America from seceding. It can be done. The only limiting factor is the number of Whites willing to support the cause.

  24. I might be wrong, but I remember a podcast conversation with Tanstaafl and Norvin Hobbs talking about how the jews were trying to genocide Palestinians and Arabs biologically but it couldn’t work because the jews are too genetically close to Palestinians.
    You and Norvin flipped it and pondered how can Whites do what they want to do to non-jews to jews.
    On the offensive! I like it.

    Who is pushing the vaccine?
    Is this what COVID-19 is all about? The jews in Israel getting placebo and goyim getting sterilizing woman type shit. .?

    The CDC and vaccine companies
    1. CDC Director, Rochelle P. Walensky, is a jew.
    2. CDC Deputy Director, Anne Schuchat, is a jew.
    3. CDC Chief of Staff, Sherri A. Berger, is a jew.
    4. CDC Chief Medical Officer, Mitchell Wolfe, is a jew.
    5. CDC Director, Washington Office, Jeff Reczek, is a jew.
    6. COVID Czar, Jeff Zients, is a jew.
    7. COVID Senior Advior, Andy Slavitt, is a jew.
    8. HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, is a jew.
    9. HHS Ass. Secretary, Rachel Levine, is a dude and a jew.
    10. Pfizer’s CEO is a jew.
    11. Moderna’s vaccine created by a jew.
    12. Johnson & Johnson’s CEO is a jew.
    13. Teva is an Israel pharmaceutical company with a jewish CEO.
    14. Regeneron Pharma CEO is a jew
    15. AstraZeneca’s CEO was to take over as CEO of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals which means he’s a jew.

    Jews are liars. No truth ever passes between their lips.

    I thought about your conversation with Norvin regarding all this shit.

    The jews promote the vaccine most.

    I had Covid back around New Year’s. I’m not getting that jew shot. The same people who tell us George ‘Magilla Gorilla’ Floyd is a hero wants us to get a jab.
    I can go on about why they use the term jab. Yeah. The term jab will be a term for ‘ getting a jab in the arm is like getting a niggers dick jab in your pussy young White girls’

    The whole thing is sinister because … you know … the fucking jews.

    I’ll go back to my Bud Light and listen to music from the 1970’s.
    Yeah, I once said Nick Fuentes and the Groypers were good. So there is that. I was wrong.

    I think that is it. Don’t get vaccinated and don’t get any of your kids vaccinated!

    Goodnight and thanks, you redpilled me on the jews

  25. Midwit alt-jewess Bari Weiss approvingly quoting and linking Liel Leibovitz, the professional jew who’s always cracking jokes about jewing on his jewy podcast, who is suddenly deadly sober about how his tribe’s anti-White “wokeness” rhetoric kinda sorta maybe might be blowing back a little bit at his tribe at some point.

    Playing American Race Politics in the Middle East – Tablet Magazine:

    In general, I am loathe to deny Americans the right to play their national sports, which these days apparently include mau-mauing “white people”—though I will say that it seems creepy to use skin color as the primary way to identify human beings, like 19th century “race scientists” did. But since Congressman Bowman is being joined by a host of other elected officials including Rashida Tlaib in trying to chauvinistically transpose their own American psychodrama onto a foreign region, this is now starting to get terrifyingly dangerous—and I don’t mean for Israel, but for Jews living here in the United States, including those in Congressman Bowman’s own district.

    So let’s be clear as day: Israel isn’t America, Jews aren’t white, and Palestinians aren’t “Black and brown people.” Judaism is an identity that predates “race,” just as it predates America, and the sin of slavery, and the idea of nations and the Christian and Muslim faiths.

    Reckless, ignorant racializing, precisely of the kind that Bowman is practicing these days, has a trickle-down effect.

    Same “OY VEY THE JEWS ARE THE BIGGEST VICTIMS OF JEWING” screech, different day.

  26. ‘Judaism is an identity that predates “race,” just as it predates America, and the sin of slavery, and the idea of nations and the Christian and Muslim faiths.

    Reckless, ignorant racializing, precisely of the kind that Bowman is practicing these days, has a trickle-down effect.’

    Jesus what a slimy bastard. I always think I will not be suprised by the next bit of Jewish chauvanism I see but this is simply incredible. People always say if you want to know what the Jews think just read their own in house magazines.

  27. Wokeness is now America’s official ideology. Any hope of restoring even the illusion of colorblind civic nationalism is now dead. Want to vote for a Republican civic nationalist candidate in a major election? You are wasting your time. ZOG will just rig the vote count against your preferred candidate like it did with Trump. The candidate you voted for will “lose” even if they actually did get more votes. Because ZOG counts the votes and ZOG cheats.

    There is no way out but through ZOG, there is no solution but secession. Even patriotards who want merely colorblind civic nationalism, not racial nationalism, will have to get behind secession if they want their political goals to be realized. My thinking is that such thick-skulled rubes might as well be put to some use and used as a battering ram against ZOG in the cause of civic nationalist secession. Smash ZOG now and hope for the best later.

    If anyone has a better idea I would dearly love to hear it.

  28. Michael Ravioli at his blog EGI Notes is forever whining that the WN movement is low quality because it is fleshed out with low quality people. Garbage in, garbage out. He thinks that the solution is to build a new movement, one with higher standards, only accepting higher quality people. Quality should be emphasized over quantity, according to him.

    I believe he is fundamentally mistaken. Without a large quantity of people we cannot hope to affect a damn thing. There is strength in numbers and really no strength without it. And unless we draw in a broad pool of “applicants,” we cannot expect to find the best “candidates” for the “job” of leadership positions. One must sift through much sand before one finds gold.

    The problem is that most high quality, cognitively capable people – I mean of the upper middle class sort – will not stand up to counted as Nazis. No Chiefs to command and no Indians to obey, what to do? How can we mount a mass movement, competently led, that actually puts a sizable dent in ZOG, and hence Jewish power? We advocate for secession on the basis of civic nationalism. This is every bit a Machiavellian ploy to get the White masses moving in the right direction, attract higher quality people to leadership positions, as well as unblock the slippery slope to more radical thinking in White minds. It kills so many birds with one stone.

    Why do the Jews always get to be the cunning ones? Can’t we use some trickery and actually try to win for a change?

  29. Hitler himself had the intelligence, flexibility and personal discipline to change his tactics in his quest for power to save Germany from Jewish Bolshevism. His 1923 Putsch failed so he went the route of electoral politics instead. That is what competent leadership looks like.

    In contemporary America the path of electoral politics is closed to us because ZOG simply rigs elections. White Nationalist leaders who are not willing to make building a mass movement for secession the very core of their message do not merit the support of their followers. Separation from ZOG and the 14 Words are one and the same.

  30. White Nationalists should be perfectly explicit about this strategy though. Let it be openly known that we are trying to manipulate the Trumptarded rubes into kicking over ZOG’s table. Why, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Not really, here’s why. What is copiously discussed in the online fringe eventually makes its way to the mainstream. Tucker Carlson recently put the race-replacement idea in front of his audience in a dishonestly watered down form. But right on cue, like a jack-in-the-box, kike Greenblatt sprang up to inform everyone what it was really all about – the true origin of the idea.

    The mechanics of getting racialist secession into the national spotlight will be the same. Nazis will talk about it on the internet, conservatives will give the rubes a watered down, civic nationalist version of the idea that they will not instantly reject, and the Jews will scream that it is Nazism in disguise. The final effect will be to get all of the above to carry water for an actual plan to advance the 14 Words.

    None of this is idle speculation. We have real world examples of just such things working.

  31. This is Michael Ravioli’s basic plan as readers of EGI Notes will be aware:

    1. Create a vanguardist group of STEM geeks committed to pan-European anti-Nordicism.

    2. Grouse about Nordicism on the internet.

    3. Tear his hair out about what an intellectually dishonest little queer Greg Johnson is.

    4. Create a team of lawyers to file lawsuits over this or that being anti-White discrimination in ZOG’s courts in front of ZOG controlled judges.


    Really, that’s it.

    Whose plan do you think is better, mine or his? Never mind, rhetorical question.

  32. Tucker Carlson said on his show that the mayor of Chicago refusing to any longer take interviews from a White journalists is “anti-White.” See? It’s already happening. I predicted that in the next few years conservative pundits will start giving coverage to the idea of secession from ZOG, but at this rate it may not even be six months before the topic is broached.

    Vox Day seems to think the process of racial separation/political secession in America will result in a massive, bloody war. I’m not convinced that’s true. You see, the more White people we can draw to our side away from ZOG the less formidable material ZOG will have to oppose us with.

    Let’s say we can get all or most of Red State White Americans, what is ZOG left with then? It will be like Germany invading Poland in 1939, except this time around “Germans” will be faced with an opposition that is 30% “Pollack,” and 70% spics and niggers. Perhaps it will be a bloodbath, just not for our side.

  33. ‘Vox Day seems to think the process of racial separation/political secession in America will result in a massive, bloody war. ‘

    Vox day is a crypto Jewish grifter whose last wish would be for Whites to ever be free from him and his tribe and their bullsh*t. when he finally adresses the Qanon larp that he was promoting (the ‘storm’ never came) then anyone can take him seriously. His whole career is based upon pretending to dislike Jews because he was passed over for a newspaper column in favour of Ben Shapiro.

  34. And Andrew Anglin has apparently started taking money from Ron Unz to shill for non-racialist cognitive elitism. Meaning it’s okay to race-replace Whites with Asians, because, hey, they’re smart and not dumb like niggers.

    Who fucking cares? All these shills are helping to creating a cyclone that will come barreling down on a trailer park called ZOG. They won’t be able to control the whirlwind.

  35. Several rural counties in eastern Oregon recently voted to secede to Idaho because they want to join a Red State. A few months ago a Minnesota state representative tried to get many counties west of Minneapolis to vote for secession to South Dakota. There will be more incidents like this and it will eventually get national news coverage. The idea will spread and become more radical. White Nationalists can infiltrate this growing movement. This is how we get Red State White America to break away from ZOG.

  36. The Hill:

    .@POTUS: “America is unique. It’s an idea. Unlike any other country in the world, it was formed based on an idea. Almost every other country is based on a creed, religion, geography, and ethnicity, but not us.”×480/toerKKyz7JDn8CHu.mp4

    This is the age-old jew narrative on goyim identity: “My fellow us, we are unique, because unlike everyone else, there is no us!”

    A Proclamation on Jewish American Heritage Month, 2021 | The White House:

    Alongside this narrative of achievement and opportunity, there is also a history — far older than the Nation itself — of racism, bigotry, and other forms of injustice. This includes the scourge of anti-Semitism. In recent years, Jewish Americans have increasingly been the target of white nationalism and the antisemitic violence it fuels.

    This is the age-old jew narrative on jew identity: “Only jew lives matter, Whites are our enemy.”

  37. Another thing Michael Ravioli is always whining about at EGI Notes is the threat China as an expanding power poses to Whites. Does he propose a solution? Of course not, that would take too much time away from his impotent hissy fits.

    Unlike him, I have a 20 year plan to box in China, as well as the Jews, that will commence with the founding of a White ethnostate in North America. In short, the plan is to restore global White Supremacy.

    Initially, the North American Republic will encompass the Pacific Northwest, northern Great Plains and Midwest. Within 10 years of its founding the Republic could be a world power at least on a par with Russia. During the first 10 years we will focus on reindustrialization, military buildup and racially indoctrinating the Republic’s population.

    Afterwards, during the next 10 years, we will reconquer the remainder of North America for the White race – repatriating all muds and mongrels to their ancestral homelands. The same will be done in Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa and Europe. Russia will be brought on side to push the Chinese out of Siberia in exchange for favorable trade deals with Western Europe and a free hand with their buffer states in Eastern Europe. We will keep South Korea and Japan as allies, encourage them to attain nuclear weapons, keeping China well contained.

    The Jews will be placed in Israel and commanded to stay there. We will give them one Final chance. If they disobey our containment edict, they will be destroyed.

    There you have it, The Plan. But in order to get started we need the ethnostate first. That is why it is important to promote Red State secession.

  38. “The world is ruled by letting things take their course.” – Lao Tzu

    That pretty much sums up the racial character of the Chinese. They have no balls. Can you imagine anything more inimical to a Faustian spirit? I can’t. They are ever so cautiously opportunistic. If an opportunity to exploit a racial competitor is not served up to them on a silver platter, with minimal risk, the Chinese are simply not interested.

    China is presently taking advantage of the White man’s Jew-induced torpor. Why wouldn’t they? All that is needed is to tap them on the shoulder, letting them know the White man is back on the global stage, and the Chinese will quietly slink away. No war required.

  39. @Tan “…unlike everyone else, there is no us!” Good call ! And It strikes a cord.

    To be ‘American’ is an identity crisis. Like many, I solved this as a kid by, “I’m German”, or Norwegian, or both. There are many ‘people’ out there with whom I wouldn’t want to share a world, much less a country. And I resented any Venn diagram which placed me within a circle that included niggers.

    I natively understood the principle of exclusion in nationality and ethnicity. However, the role of ‘a people’ in American identity is heresy, as there is no definable ‘folk’. Everyone is us, exempting the White pariah. The practical commutative is ‘we are nobody’.

    Worse, the exclusion principle, I’d discover later, and by design, applied only to me and my kind within the borders of ‘my own country’. I didn’t even need to leave America in order to feel like a foreign outcast. Convenient.

    The anti-identity is a strategy by the anti-White, quintessentially the jew. And as ‘folk’ is chiefly verboten in this deception, blood loyalty is cleverly supplanted by the abstract – an ideal.

    Biden’s script had better used ‘ideal’ than ‘idea’. Or, maybe he misread it. ‘Ideal’ is more flattering in the moral sense, while ‘idea’ sounds arbitrary and self-serving. But whatever…

    We see the typical White conservative fooled by this changeling and his own self-righteousness. His racial alarm is felt but cloaked in his nationalist reveille. In Europe, White self-deprecation takes other forms. But in the USSA, racial insincerity more glamorously consigns patriotism to the de facto worship of a novelty form of government. In all cases, ‘nation’ is non sequitur regards its inhabitants.

    Further, the Left sees through it, anyway. All nationalist expression, outside of Israel, is decried ‘racist’, which of course, it is, and should be, despite the Trumper’s denial.

    In The White House article, we have…

    “Alongside this narrative of (jewish) achievement and opportunity, there is also a history — far older than the Nation itself — of racism, bigotry, and other forms of injustice.”


    “As our Nation strives to heal these wounds and overcome these challenges, let us acknowledge and celebrate the crucial contributions that Jewish Americans have made to our collective struggle for a more just and fair society…”

    Translation – Early America was a nation misshapen, inadvertently congealed out of White European crimes and chaos. The lingering presence of Whites is a byproduct of America’s monstrous birth, the deleterious effects of which are mitigated only by holy jewish leadership. The White infestation is quelled by jewish championed floods of brown and black colonization.

  40. Once the North American Republic is up and running at full strength I think we’ll find Western Europe will be a relatively easy nut to crack. Some in the French military have endorsed a letter warning of a civil war in France. I think this was as much a trial balloon for a military coup as it was a word of caution about civil war. What these French generals are really concerned about is France’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands crazy Islamist wogs; that is the crux of the issue in their minds.

    The solution could be as simple as the NAR paying a French general to install himself as military dictator. Let’s say he does the job and the next day a few billion dollars mysteriously appears in his Swiss bank account. The Jews do it all the time: find a reliable stooge and pay him off.

  41. Claire Lehmann (founder of alt-jew organ Quillette):

    James Lindsay is now peddling White Genocide Theory. Implying that a genocide against whites in the US is imminent has the potential to inspire racist violence. Such comments are extreme, reckless, & irresponsible. They should be denounced.

    Alt-jews denouncing fellow alt-jews for not being anti-White enough.

  42. Steve King:

    Happy Juneteenth from the author, as a state senator, of Iowa’s Juneteenth National Freedom Day which made Iowa only the 7th state to recognize the day — April 11, 2002.

  43. MartyrMade (Darryl Cooper):

    I think I’ve had discussions w/enough Boomer-tier Trump supporters who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent to extract a general theory about their perspective. It is also the perspective of most of the people at the Capitol on 1/6, and probably even Trump himself. 1/x

    . . .

    They were led down some rabbit holes, but they are absolutely right that their gov’t is monopolized by a Regime that believes they are beneath representation, and will observe no limits to keep them getting it. Trump fans should be happy he lost; it might’ve kept him alive. /end

    The Columbia Bugle:

    Tucker Carlson Reading @martyrmade’s Viral Thread On Why So Many Trump Supporters Have Questions About The 2020 Election & Their Distrust Of The Mainstream Media×720/su7bFDpCptYiNMAM.mp4

    Carlson concludes: “That is true, and every honest person knows it.”

    But it’s not the whole truth, and both Carlson and Cooper know it. This magatard/patriotard/kikeservatard narrative of theirs ignores the racial nature of the animus driving this totally jewed regime’s anti-White/pro-non-White agenda.

    Carlson knows it is jews screeching for his head. He knows it is because they fear and loath his White audience.

    Cooper has done hours and hours of podcasting sympathetically jewsplaining the six gorillion ways jews disagree about how to jew. Around the same time he was speaking to Greg Johnson about White Nationalism, Pathological Altruism, the Jewish Question, and More. Darn, I missed that one, and it seems to be gone now.

    This tidbit of guilt-by-association – connecting Tucker to a WHITE NATIONALIST (via an apologist for JEW NATIONALISM) – may even trigger a fresh round of overtly jewy anti-White screeching, but Carlson and Cooper will just continue pretending they can’t hear it.

  44. David Frum OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYYs about fascism, There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming – The Atlantic:

    In the past few days, leading pro-Trump figures and even non-Trump conservative figures have endorsed a startling Twitter thread by a previously boutique podcaster, Darryl Cooper. Tucker Carlson read the thread aloud on his show.

    The thread argued that the January 6 protesters were right to believe that they had been cheated out of power they deserved. They were right to believe that the government and the law were conspiring against them. They were right to believe that their opponents were capable of anything, even assassinating Trump. The implication: They themselves were equally entitled to go just as far.

    The Frums see their aggression against Whites as totally justified, because they see their tribe as distinct from and at odds with Whites. That’s how they recognize what they see in “Trump supporters”, by which they mean Whites, and why it concerns them. They’re not worried that “Trump supporters” are fascists, but that they might become fascists. And to jews the word fascism just means Whites behaving, however feebly, like jews do – seeing ourselves as a group in conflict with others.

  45. Glenn Greenwald:

    First you’re barred from using key internet platforms if your ideology deviates from establishment neoliberal groups like ADL’s.

    Now you’re increasingly barred from participating in the financial system for that.

    It’s a caste system where rights depend on political submission.

    The regime is anti-White because it’s jewed, but you’re not going to hear that from the alt-jews.

  46. Mehdi Hasan:

    Carlson said this Nazi-esque ‘great replacement’ crap on the fourth anniversary of Charlottesville and ‘Jews will not replace us.’ Sick stuff. Thank the Murdochs.×720/2HGc3WtbGr1y4YEf.mp4

    Carlson and his Fox friends pretend the jew war on Whites is a democrat plot to get votes, Hasan calls out and corrects this lie, describes White opposition to jewing as “sick stuff”.

    Thanks jews.

  47. Curtis Yarvin on Tucker Carlson

    Just six minutes in Yarvin self-identifies as “an international jew”. “I’m a rootless cosmopolitan”, “I grew up in the belly of this beast”, he says.

    A minute later he asserts, “The Swamp, the Deep State, the Cathedral, … the oligarchic power structure”, “is completely decentralized, there is no center to it anywhere, there is no They, no race or class, no little meeting of the protocols of elders of zion, there is NO conspiracy, it is completely decentralized, that’s what makes it so hard to kill.”

    Twenty minutes in: “My grandparents were American communists” who thought “the yokels with the pitchforks” (i.e. White Americans) “were either funny or dangerous.”

    “This is me, this is my people, of course we’re in charge of it!”

    Referring to “wokeness”, Yarvin says, “this is a deep strain of thinking in the American aristocracy, in the American upper class, it’s the way these people who were my people think.”

    And in conclusion, “populism has to get beyond this aristophobia.”

    There is no They, yokels, you can trust Yarvin, he knows, he’s one of Them.

  48. Here’s the full video of Carlson and Kelly. No surprise, it’s worse than the shorter clip.

    Megyn Kelly Gets Tucker Carlson’s First Reaction to ADL Calling for Fox to Fire Him – YouTube

    Immediately after muttering, “fuck the ADL, they’re liars”, and laughing like a naughty child, Carlson sobers up and states very clearly, “The ADL was such a noble organization, it had a very specific goal, which was to fight anti-semitism, and that’s a virtuous goal, I think they were pretty successful over the years. Now it’s operated by a guy who’s just an apparatchik of the democratic party.”

    Like the alt-jews Carlson brings on to preach anti-“racism” to his White audience, Carlson is opposed to “identity politics”. But he just loves loves loves the jews and their jewing.

    The only thing that’s really changed recently at the ADL is that they’re jewing more openly, making their anti-White rhetoric and agenda more explicit. And just like all the other alt-jews, Carlson never expresses even the slightest disapproval for jews as a group attacking Whites as a group. Instead these apologists go to absurd lengths to pretend that what’s happening is not an attack on Whites and that it has nothing to do with jews jewing.

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