3 thoughts on “Podhoretz: Jews Invented Wokeness”

  1. The zeitgeist has truly changed its trajectory, and there is no stopping its course. Even the Jews themselves are turning themselves in. Truly an eschatological turn of events that we are witnessing in real time.

    Hope to hear your expanded thoughts and reflections on recent developments, Tan — perhaps in a solo podcast, or in an interview, should you feel so inclined

  2. The anti-Israel ultrajooz are right: the Judæan Imperial Project (JIP) breaks crypsis & undermines the whole system of jewing. It’s like shearing Samson (if he were a latter-day joo rather than an ancient Israelite). There’s forelocks & scraggly beard-trimmings everywhere, a flat, (previously) unblemished Red Heifer crushed beneath the dreams of a people, & it’s checkout time again. “From the River to the Sea, no Third Temple for you!” – Temple Nazi

    With Russia finally finishing the rail connection to Tehran, Red Team has a significantly greater ability to project power into the region & maintain it. Could be some sneaky alliance-flippin’ in the coming years. Old Harold (RIP) would always say that it’s the accountants who surrender, not the generals, so who knows what can shake loose with these Two Trillion-dollar deficits. Even the interest costs are going to be crushing at 5% rates. J-Pao can keep playing tough guy for another couple months, perhaps, but printer gotta go brrr soon enough.

    Regards & best wishes to Tan Team, G.M. o/

  3. The most important thing Jews have invented has been themselves, that is, Jews, although they cleverly pretend from the very beginning that they were created, somewhat against their will, by a supernatural entity represented by the initials YHWH.

    Because it is a thorough-going, socially constructed invention, this identity is extremely fragile and perishable, and as a result, almost all Jews spend as much time as they possibly can working to repair and refresh it on a daily basis — an activity that may be called “Jewing.”

    Where possible, such Jewing is taken on as a full-time activity, either as an unpaid congregant of an Orthodox community or professionally in any of the institutions of social formation over which Jews have intentionally taken control in the past two cneturies following their so-called “emancipation” across the Aryan homelands: that is, finance, media, and education.
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