Double-Crossing, The Rubin Con

The systematic replacement of White people – the Great Replacement, or White Genocide – is vehemently denounced as a “conspiracy theory” by the same shitbags who otherwise cannot contain their glee in celebrating it. The same shitbags hiss and sneer that race is a social construct, but only applaud the deconstruction of one race – the White one. What does this mean? It means these shitbags are anti-White. They feel justified to attack Whites no matter the cause or rationale.

Recently, data from the anti-White regime’s latest census has been published, and what’s more important, the jewsmedia has started trying to jewsplain what it means. Census data shows widening diversity; number of White people falls for first time, published by The Washington Post earlier this month, summed up the main take-away well enough in its title.

More “diversity” means less White people.

There’s alot to say about polls and demographics. Let’s just focus here on this part of this report:

The opioid epidemic and lower-than-anticipated birthrates among millennials after the Great Recession accelerated the White population’s decline, said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

“Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn’t have believed you,” he said of the White decline. “The country is changing dramatically.”

This grim news has been a long time coming, the predictable consequence of a quite conscious and deliberate policy to fill America with non-Whites.

Sure, many Whites refuse to believe there is a war on Whites even now, which is at least in part because they know they’ll be demonized and attacked for expressing any concern. What we can clearly see today that we couldn’t twenty years ago is the now constant stream of denouncements and edicts against “White supremacy” and “rising anti-semitism” coming from the most powerful perches of a thoroughly jewed academia and media and government.

How could any country supposedly ruled by Whites allow this to happen? The answer is simple. Whites don’t rule this anti-White/pro-jew regime, jews do.

The idea that nobody knew where all this anti-White jewing was headed is ridiculous. Kevin MacDonald published his indictment, Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review, in 1998. The who/whom of this particular demographic whodunit was already history twenty years ago. Stephen Steinlight’s screech-brag is not well known among Whites, but is perfectly typical of his tribe’s penchant to claim responsibility for making changes while also posing as the biggest victims of those changes.

The whole point of the century-long jew assault on American immigration policy was to physically undermine the White majority, to reduce and ultimately destroy it. And with the border opened, the tribe shifted their efforts to the finer-grained work of destroying neighborhoods, families, or anything else they deemed “authoritarian”. Cohencidentally, this was about the same time jews invented the term “conspiracy theorist”, which to this day they use to psychopathologize anyone they suspect might dislike their jewing.

It’s important to note that this jew attack was not confined to America. Whites were simultaneously attacked everywhere by the same hostile tribe using the same tactics, even where Whites were not the majority. The jew attack on White South Africans has been just as virulent as anywhere else.

Also, opioids are just one of the many psychological and chemical weapons manufactured and trafficked by a parasitic tribe with a long sordid history of poisoning their hosts for profit. The same tribe also invented the toxic slogan “diversity is our greatest strength”, selectively deploying it to benefit themselves while inflicting incalculable harm on Whites.

One especially loxist response to the non-news of the White race’s planned demise came from Jennifer Rubin:

a more diverse, more inclusive society. this is fabulous news. now we need to prevent minority White rule.

“Fabulous news”, croaks the shark-eyed goblin, too ebullient to capitalize any word but White. All she’s doing here is celebrating “diversity” and “inclusion”, just like everyone else in the thoroughly jewed regime. Yes, she’s one buzzterm short of the full “wokeness” mantra, but let’s face it, “equity” can be translated as “we need to prevent minority White rule”, which is more forthright about the target.

In case anyone is wondering, Rubin is a full-throated, full-time tribalist shitbag – a professional jewsmedia jew whose job is to spell out what the goyim can think. She is of course keenly aware that what she calls “fabulous” would be regarded by shitbags like herself as an attack if it were aimed at any group other than Whites.

Rubin went to work for the Washington Post in 2010 under the laughable pretense she was a “conservative”. Rubin’s previous employer was Commentary, founded by the American Jewish Committee with an explicit mission to promote jews-first jews-only nationalism and jewing more broadly. Reading the narrative on Rubin’s move, it’s apparent that her only “conservative” qualification was that she was attacking Obama. Curiously, she was specifically getting promoted for doing so, even as jewsmedia cabalists were colluding to denounce “conservatives” as “racists”.

Naturally, Rubin has never had to fear being black-balled. She spent eight years screeching that Obama was the most “anti-semitic” president ever. Then she spent the next four years screeching the same about Trump, standing out amidst a veritable swarm of lesser “anti-Trump” and “anti-anti-Trump” jews. These Clark Kentbergs all drone on about “American interests” and “American values” until something ticks off their inner superjew. Then out flies yet another column or book about “anti-semitism”, or yet another shameless denunciation of everybody else’s tribalism.

During Trump’s term Rubin became increasingly explicitly anti-White, sounding more and more like any “leftist” jewess. In September 2020 Rubin finally dropped the “conservative” mask and tried on a “classical liberal” mask instead:

The name is far less important than the outlook and the rejection of extremism, racism, authoritarianism, isolationism, xenophobia, cruelty, deceit and tribalism.

Like the Weinsteins, Rubin plays the same games jews have always played with words and identity.

A few days after her “fabulous news” twit, Rubin published an op-ed to expound on it. The census reminds us America isn’t static. The GOP needs to deal with it:

That [demographic] reality has, of course, freaked out a significant share of White Christians who do not see “their America” as predominate. It was never “theirs” to begin with, and the assumption that something is amiss if White Christians are not in charge is the essence of white supremacy and Christian nationalism. It is also fundamentally un-American; our country is defined, as President Biden rightly says, by an “idea.”

It is easy, then, to understand why a political party based increasingly on its appeal to White Christians has adopted so many anti-American traits.

. . .

The GOP is so dependent on the right-wing media generator of White angst and resentment, and so fearful they will lose their grip among Whites, that they have chosen instead to try to hold back the demographic and cultural tide washing over them.

Things change, goyim. Get over it.

“White Christians” is just this noxious jewess’ clumsy way of signalling that her disdain is for Whites, not jews. America’s founders were White nationalists, not Christian nationalists. They doomed themselves and their posterity by welcoming jews, and despite delusional jew screeching to the contrary, would not have excluded jews even if they had been Christian nationalists. Christianity is a jew-serving ideology.

It almost goes without saying that Rubin must be utterly confident in her own tribe’s predominance. How else could she so unselfconsciously assert her own jew-serving vision while psychopathologizing Whites for supposedly doing so. Rubin clearly loaths Whites, and takes for granted that everyone else should as well. Yet she can’t articulate why except to portray us as thinking and behaving like jews.

In America in 2021 both major political parties are anti-White and pro-jew, differing only in their emphasis. The main figures in both parties regularly decry “racism” (by which they mean White people simply being White) and “anti-semitism” (any criticism of jews or their jewing). They’re all as dismissive of Whites as they are subservient to jews. Like Rubin, their idea is that America exists to serve jews and their jews-first jews-only state.

It is no surprise that in this environment Rubin claims that one of these parties is actually trying to serve Whites. After all, she’s spent the last 12 years claiming that both parties are actually run by “anti-semites”. These claims are connected.

“The GOP is the White party” is an old narrative. During the Obama era it was a staple of jews who favored an increasingly anti-White political discourse. Even as “conservative” Rubin was attacking Obama in blatantly pro-jew terms, “liberal” jews and their “woke” pets were attacking Romney in blatantly anti-White terms. “Woke” Rubin in 2021 sounds like Harold Meyerson in 2008:

[T]he GOP’s last best hope remains identity politics. In a year when the Democrats have an African American presidential nominee, the Republicans now more than ever are the white folks’ party, the party that delays the advent of our multicultural future, the party of the American past. Republican conventions have long been bastions of de facto Caucasian exclusivity, but coming right after the diversity of Denver, this year’s GOP convention is almost shockingly — un-Americanly — white. Long term, this whiteness is a huge problem. This year, however, whiteness is the only way Republicans cling to power.

Unlike Rubin, Meyerson didn’t pretend he was a “conservative” or that he was shitting on Christians.

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  1. Twenty years ago the Jew York Times reported that thirty years earlier Nixon and Graham, probably the two most powerful White men in America at the time, confided to each other that they could see jewing was driving America “down the drain”, but were too afraid of the jews to say so out loud.

  2. One good thing about all glee coming from jews and their black and brown pets online over the census is, that it is getting easier for Whites to see that the “lefties” are Anti-White and that a future where our children are a minority ruled over by these people will be a nightmare,
    as bad as things are now I think a break-up of The states is not that far off, the main thing that was holding us back was many Whites’ necrophiliac patriotism towards America and that seems to be dying more and more each day.

  3. To think that many of my relatives fought our brothers in Germany to save the relatives of this ugly stupid witch……it makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Aw cummon Tanstaafl you know it’s not dajuz – Alex Thomson (who he? – ed.) said so: @24:18

    Hangonaminute…. Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!

    What can one say? The more shrill and extreme whoever ‘they’ are, the more they will instil resistance in their intended victims. There will be a cleavage in the target class among the survivors and the unfit. And those who think they’ve got a seat on this particular train (I’m including schnorrers here) are likely to be disappointed too. Even if it gets that far, the non-Whites will merely be a transient phase; if the technocracy gets its way, it will be chimeras serving the afternoon tea and scones. Check this out:

    Bioelectric Networks: Taming the Collective Intelligence of Cells for Regenerative Medicine
    Michael Levin (ably assisted by funding from private finance).

    Non-neural bioelectricity: like the brain, all body cells and tissues make decisions on structure and function – researchers can now read the information processing in those decisions and modify it “rationally”. Lost a leg? Grow a new one! Or make it two! Or four! (thanks, Animal Farm). Add some elephant tusk for personal self-defence while you’re at it!

    All dressed up as usual as benevolent life extension, disease curing etc etc.

  5. COVID-sheeit – but incisive. Governmental criminality knows no borders.

    Dr David Martin full interview January 2021 / PlanetLockdownFilm

    Audio version:
    21.70MB mp3

    Video version: Page 8 the ICTV reference for “novel” designation.

    Poised for human emergence… referencing Wuhan.

    UNC Chapel Hill first Baric pathogenicity project funded with Fauci

    US Patent
    Curtis, et al.
    October 9, 2007

  6. Covid vaccine skeptics should have the courage of their convictions and intentionally expose themselves to coronavirus infected individuals. Let’s see how that works out for them.

    As for myself, I’ve gotten the first shot of the Moderna vaccine. No trouble to speak of yet. However, I am curious as to when I will be receiving the secret microchip that will allow ZOG to track my every move. Will that be with the first shot or the second?

  7. Who was John snow? The character from got? No he was man that found cholera in (((well))) that was poisoning londoners. The jewing of the facts; Snow had determined the source of disease was not actually coming from well. The disease was coming from the Thames and was being brought there by company supplying water. Ever see that version on jewvision? It is always the well.
    This in your face jewing is represented by the nosechoes commenter. I just watched a video with millions of antivaxers marching around without a care. They know they are being jewed and they don’t like it. Put the right words in front of them and it will be as clear as filtered water.

  8. You are incorrect that Rubin’s attack on “White Christians” is primarily motivated by anti-White hate. They hate Christianity with a literally Satanic hatred. They’ve long worked to deChristianize America. For over a thousand years, their Talmud obligated them to spit on Christian cemeteries and crosses (provided it won’t bring harm to Jews). Long before there was “whiteness,” Jews hated Christianity.

  9. Hospitals in Alabama are being overwhelmed by covid cases. About 95% of Alabama covid cases occur amongst the unvaccinated. So what advice does Hunter “Cunter” Wallace have for the people of Alabama? You guessed right, they should avoid being vaccinated. It’s good to see at least one person is still willing to hold the line against this conspiracy of lies. What a fucking disgrace.

  10. Chimera time:
    Human-animal hybrids: Senate approves billions for their chilling creation
    “Firms called on to boost jab uptake” says the City’s ‘independent’ journal:

    Trying to spin the lie that da yoof are secretly gettin’ their vaxx….
    “Mistrust at the heart of ‘covert’ youth vacinations” – “…Currently Hackney has the lowest vaccination rates in the country among people aged 18-24, with the lowest rate among Black residents at 25 percent compared with 59 percent of white residents who have had the jab…”

    …”Black African and Caribbean, Chinese and young people from ‘other’ ethic backgrounds , which health bosses say are likely to include Orthodox Jewish young people from North Hackney, were the groups with the lowest take-up among 20-24-year-olds as of July 26…”

    Maybe this is why UK TV is festooned with infinity Africans – the people of the future if the dumb Whites keep outdoing the rest in getting the non-vaccination experimental vaxx.

  11. Long before there was “whiteness,” Jews hated Christianity.

    That’s the jew version of history.

    More specifically, it is a version of history in which Christians imagine themselves as the real jews. Christianity was literally constructed by jews and has from the beginning empirically enabled the jewing of Europeans. This occurred via “conversion”, which enabled jews to infiltrate and continue their jewing in disguise, and its obverse, “supercession”, which disabled Europeans, misleading them to believe they were the ones doing the jewing.

    In the early 20th century the Christian ideology was itself superceded by a new jew ideology, anti-“racism”, based on the assertion that race is a purely social phenomenon, constructed only recently by “racists”, i.e. by White men who had started to question and reject the jew and Christian versions of history.

    The reality is that race is a heritable trait, rooted in biology. The basal genetic components of Whiteness emerged at least 40 kya. The genetic mix contained within contemporary Whites came together 4-6 kya. The word White may be relatively new, but the people to whom that term refers, however broadly or narrowly you care to see us, preexisted the parasitic tribe which today calls themselves jews, and thrived for millennia before our minds were poisoned by Christianity.

  12. They hate Christianity with a literally Satanic hatred.

    The average jew does not hate Christianity nearly as much as I do.

    The cultish, sneeky nature of jews… I get it. There are Talmudic doctrines and Satanic cults, upside-down crosses, etc, and other childish and parochial displays.

    But see how White Christian conservatives find any racial awareness distasteful and unconscionable. When faced with the plain evidence of a racial attack, they like to deflect it, transmute it, into something religious. The martyr complex gives them the moral high ground, while excusing them from any public ridicule and pro-action.

    Another example, when BLM burns down a city, the conservative wails, “Soros wants to divide and conquer us.” It implies that the natural state of Whites is peace, harmony, and integration with Blacks, sharing our cities, churches, schools, and beds with niggers. By deflection, they arrive at a conclusion which exacerbates the problem and ensures that it continues worse and worse.

    The Abraham-maniacs have wrecked and raped everything in Middle Asia clear into India with Islam. With Christianity, judaism-with-pork, they slaughtered and tortured pagans (Latin – peasants, commoners) throughout Europe for hundreds of years. Theology replaced philosophy, priests for shamen, dogma for reason.

    American Protestants are shamelessly loyal to Israel and blind to jewish machinations. Yet, jewish power has opened the southern border to millions more Latinos, most of whom are solid Catholic and couldn’t find Israel on a globe. We have the jew replacing the filo-jew Christian with the jew-agnostic type. The attack is not on Christianity. It is squarely on Whites.

  13. I’ve read a fair bit about National Socialism and I don’t recall any of the leading NS personalities having nearly as much of a bug up their asses about Christianity as forresttales does. Hitler was willing to be a politician about the matter as was Harold Covington. They were willing to shrug their shoulders about the matter and agree to disagree. As the apparent curator of Covington’s legacy perhaps forresttales should take some pointers from Harold on this subject.

    “But see how White Christian conservatives find any racial awareness distasteful and unconscionable.”

    Oh good grief. Go back a hundred years and you would find this same cohort clutching pearls at the mere thought of sharing a water fountain with niggers. That bourgeois conservatives are conformist pussies isn’t a function of their being Christian, it’s what they are intrinsically, Christianity or no Christianity.

    That is why Hitler mostly despised preaching his message to the middle class as opposed to the working class. He thought the middle class was largely fleshed out by conformist pussies, which of course it is.

  14. Wisconsin awaits arrival of Afghan refugees–and wonders what it will mean – The Washington Post:

    Monroe County Historian Jarrod Roll said that, although most of the residents he’s spoken to seem welcoming, in previous mass migrations to Wisconsin, cultural differences have sparked distrust or animus in a community that is mostly White and Christian.

    “I think it can become an underlying bitterness . . . or just feeling like, ‘If I had a choice, I would not want you in my life,’ ” he said.

    Ultimately, the Afghans’ reception will hinge on whether Wisconsinites conclude they are vulnerable or decide they are menacing, Roll said.

    “Who controls the narrative is going to be very important in this situation, because it’s going to be about how you see the refugees,” Roll said. “Do you see them as human beings in desperate need of help, or do you see them as potential terrorist threats? Whose story you listen to, and how that story unfolds, is going to make a big difference.”

    It’s psychological and biological warfare. The jewed regime demonizes and attacks Whites no matter what we think or how we react.

  15. Ultimately, the Afghans’ reception will hinge on whether Wisconsinites conclude they are vulnerable or decide they are menacing

    They present what the goyim response should be. “They are not us,” should never surface. The question is always steered, “Are they nice?”

    Do you see them as human beings in desperate need of help, or do you see them as potential terrorist threats?

    Again, our thought boundaries are outlined for us – Crime and Humanity. Whites resenting the supplanting of their race are cowardly and inhumane.

  16. @Captain Chaos.

    “As for myself, I’ve gotten the first shot of the Moderna vaccine. No trouble to speak of yet.”

    Some highly-credentialed scientists and doctors say that relatively few persons will have a serious negative reaction in the short run. This corona 19 vackseen was developed to produce serious effects later on. Look it up. Oh wait, it’s near impossible to find thru googolle now. I know where to get this info, mind you. But I won’t bother passing it along because a love for vacksination is religious in its intensity. I’d be barking at the moon.

    Also, a corona 19 infected person is more than welcome to cough in my face. Whatever I “get” as a result – probably nothing at all – doesn’t frighten me. It’s not about simple contact with a virus, it’s about susceptibility. Is it a crime to get sick? Why are you so terrified of a respiratory infection? You and me and everyone on this earth are, and have been, surrounded by viruses constantly. But only this one decided to go center-stage compliments of the media, govt, health officials, etc. Now, why do you swallow this? Why?

  17. i’m with Ken Martin.

    He summed up how i feel about these disgusting insects …..perfectly.

    this filthy Rubin vulture is just another example of their grotesquery ….an ugly fuckface among millions.

  18. Sarnia, if the design of the powers that be is to poison and thereby debilitate most or all of the population wouldn’t it be far more effective to do it as quietly as possible? Why not just put some chemicals in the drinking water? Why do it through a highly publicized vaccination campaign, putting maximum attention on the very source of their poison administration?

    Why is it in the interests of the powers that be to poisonously debilitate their slaves? In what sense are debilitated slaves profitable as opposed to being a burden to their masters?

    Why is Israel making such a great effort it have its citizens vaccinated? Have the global elites now turned against their own tribe?

    Are you in the habit of wandering around public places looking absolutely disheveled and mumbling to yourself incoherently? Do you find that you often see and hear things others don’t? Do you receive secret messages whilst watching television intended only for you?

    Just curious.

  19. Did the jews burn the library of Alexandria to hide the fact that they were following the tilmudd before they said they were the keeds of abrahim? They burned it so we don’t know if there was written history of their treachery in the library. We do know how they act now. It is definitely from the tulmudd. The Eastern Orthodox tried to smash the usurious holy and apostolic shits as they acted in line with tallmud. It’s out there somewhere. AH knew it. If it is found, the entire goodie facade falls away. Better flood those Egyptian relics.

  20. Vaccinations have been the Hindu cow of Western medicine for many decades. The Louis Pasteur theory is the idea of building up a tolerance. According to German virologist, Stephan Lanka, in the early days, alcohol consumption was used as an illustration. Snake poison was, also, although it lacked full scientific verification.

    Introducing a contaminant into the body will initiate a reaction. If it is done gradually, the theory holds that preexisting natural bio-defenses will strengthen against greater infections.

    However, vaccination research had to do better than this. They wanted something that would last for many years. But the body replenishes itself rapidly in most tissues. Those chemicals introduced to counter infection are soon evacuated.

    The CDC uses the term ‘adjuvant’. These can be substances like aluminum hydroxide or al-phosphate or al-potassium sulfate – salts. These adjuvants are said to create a stronger immune response. But there is more to this story.

    We did not swallow pills for Smallpox and Polio. In contrast, substances taken intravenously have a better chance at crossing the blood-brain barrier. To ensure this, metallic particles were used. Once the desired chemicals are lodged in the central nervous system (or bone marrow), they can remain there, attenuating however slowly, for many years.

    The problem with this approach is the possible deleterious effects of passing light metals into the brain. There’s been much study on aluminum and mercury poisoning, both used in classic vaccinations. For example, it’s been discovered that aluminum can create a brain-chemical imbalance which distorts dopamine levels. Dopamine production goes through hyper and hypo phases. But when altered can lead to sleep problems and heightened cravings for nicotine or other dopamine agonists.

    Because of metallic toxins, there have been attempts to relate nervous disorders to early (childhood) vaccinations – seizures, nosebleeds, dizzy spells, chronic fatigue, autoimmune syndromes (eg Raynaud’s, Restless Legs), autism, etc. In extreme cases, and documented, there can be paralyses of limbs or death. But attention to complications linked to metallic toxins comes up against a wall in the medical profession. And you know why. See my first sentence.

    With the exception of autism, I suffered ALL of these lesser symptoms after a shot I had at age 8. Causality? The data correlation collected on these cases is pretty condemning.

    I’m not talking about the COVID vaxx. That is totally another branch of research using (messenger) mRNA and something called spike proteins. This does not just trigger a response. It is a process that self-perpetuates in general organ tissue, even when cells expire and new ones replace them. Obviously here, the challenge involves controlling it.

    It’s time we’re talking. Vaccinations are not transitory. They are engineered to have long lasting effects. This is not accomplished by magic. The body’s bio-chemistry is permanently altered in at least one of the two methods I described. For COVID vaxx, they require 2 shots for full activation. However…

    Where I am, I know of only one person who took the jab, Pfizer. She was age 51 in peak health, a fitness enthusiast. 2 days after the inoculation, she was hospitalized. 3 days after that, she died of stroke due to blood clots.

    If you’re dead, you can’t get sick.

    Not everyone’s physiology is the same. There are many factors often unpredictable. The long term effects, I guess we’re going to find out over many years to come.

  21. For a moment I was happy that I’ll hear you again Tan but then saw there was no audio file and it seems to be a mistake that it’s posted in radio section?

  22. Thank you for your comment, foresttales. Detoxing from metals is a growing business, by the way. It’s called chelating and it is not an easy thing at all in most cases. The side effects are ghastly.

  23. Any given individual is many thousands more times likely to be seriously debilitated or killed by being infected with the coronavirus as opposed to being vaccinated against it. The mRNA vaccines reduce the chances of being infected upon exposure to the virus and are likely to reduce viral load if one is perchance infected.

    No responsible racial state could allow this pandemic to rampage unchecked within its borders. End of story. Retarded hicks with high time preferences and hypochondriacal cranks would not be allowed to dictate policy. That is the serious perspective, but in clown world different rules unfortunately obtain.

  24. @Captain Chaos. You ask, “Sarnia, if the design of the powers that be is to poison and thereby debilitate most or all of the population wouldn’t it be far more effective to do it as quietly as possible? Why not just put some chemicals in the drinking water? Why do it through a highly publicized vaccination campaign, putting maximum attention on the very source of their poison administration?”

    Those are good questions. How much money would “they” get just poisoning water supplies? How much $$$ would they “earn” from 7 billion souls being vaccinated once, twice, 3 times, then boosters twice a year?

    They are not the least bit concerned about the effects of publicizing their poison administration because 99% of the world’s people are stupid as bricks, believing (and this is a religious level of belief) that there are tiny invisible thingies out there, as dangerous as radioactive plutonium, just waiting to get them No Matter What. But vaccination can save them, and only vaccination! This stems from the greatest hoax of all time, The Germ Theory of Disease. We are in the era of Virus Hunting. If you can find it, read up on the real history of Dr. Fauci.

    Further, the few scientists and doctors who are onto this nefarious hoax get exactly zero publicity in the mainstream media. Over the past 18 months, there has not been one public debate between pros and antis who are equally qualified to discuss this. The usual schtick is to tape an interview with some hapless amateur, play it on the radio, then bring on the heavy hitters, who of course “demolish” the concerns of the amateur with lie after lie after lie. Who do you think the public believes?

    Even on the internet, you have to know how to hunt for anti-vaccine, anti-measures doctors, scientists, virologists, molecular biologists, etc. Google has made sure of that. Daily, their platforms are removed. To add insult to injury, the anti covid vaccine bunch are now heavily infiltrated.

  25. @Captain. I am not familiar with the Crackpot Theory of Mental Derangement, but it’s obviously just a theory, just like the Germ THEORY of Disease. That is to say – not proved. “Generally accepted” won’t cut it.

    However, they did award a Nobel prize for Medicine to the Dr. (Moniz) who invented lobotomy as a cure for mental illness. Persons experiencing mental discomfort upon reading unpopular ideas on the internet can of course probably still avail themselves of this proved medical treatment – I mean, a Nobel Prize for god’s sake! It was good enough for JFK’s sister, (though the expense of drool cups was a bit much even for the Kennedys) so it ought to be good enough for certain lesser souls, whose names I would not mention here, as that would not be gracious.

    Have the last word, sweetie. Age-of-Treason has likely heard enough from me. However, they don’t seem to tire of your input so fire away. :)

  26. Last word: I have seen the error of my ways. I will now make it my life’s mission to see all antiseptic precautions at hospitals the world over stopped immediately. It should henceforth be a matter of supreme indifference to patients whether prior to surgery their surgeon washes his hands with soap or uses the palm of his hand to wipe his ass.

    I have Samia to thank, where is this man’s Nobel prize?

  27. i am with Ken Martin.

    6 Aushwillion percent.

    these insects have always made my flesh crawl.

    they are fucking liers.

  28. The commenter about jfk killing, looked at other films they don’t seem to mesh with your hypothesis. Hysterical woman sees mans brain blown out acts oddly, wow, she musta dunit. What I believe this site is about is flushing out da jewing. Like your post seems to be. I’ll present an example; the Saipan suicide cliff , wherein Japanese citizens jumped off a cliff and committed suicide. Now we’ll look at the jewing; the us soldiers were imploring the crazy japs to not kill themselves because they were there to help, but the japs, completely bewildered by jap propaganda, wouldn’t recognize how honorable and beneficent the us soldiers were and committed suicide. Now we’ll look at reality, No sane Japanese person would believe the rants of the lunatic us soldiers, honestly were here to help you, we won’t firebomb you, the only reason you might believe that would be the fact that we are doing it. The only reason anyone ever believes the insanity is jewing. We’ll speculate ,like the entirety of the jfk killing is, that the Japanese had knowledge of a totally jewed death camp and knew the sinister jews were taking baby scalps and attaching them to mice to humanize the mice while molesting the women to death in some kind of satanic ritual.

  29. More fake news from kike world. A more honest title would have been “The Rubin/Klain/Stein symbiosis”, or better, “The jewed regime’s symbiosis”.

    The Jennifer Rubin < --> WH symbiosis – POLITICO:

    Chief of Staff RON KLAIN has retweeted or @ mentioned Rubin more than three dozen times since mid-May. The White House press team, the Democratic National Committee, the State Department, and the vice president’s office have all promoted various columns and tweets from her in recent weeks.

    . . .

    It’s been a mutually beneficial relationship. Though it often dismisses the Beltway press, the administration can leverage the credibility that comes with a link. And Rubin’s columns are frequently among the most popular on the site, according to Washington Post employees.

    But Rubin’s emergence as one of the administration’s go-to validators has stoked some divisions among Democrats and within the Post newsroom itself.

    The White House has encouraged outside allies to share some of Rubin’s articles online.

    The symbiosis here is the “mutually beneficial relationship” between supposedly distinct elements of the thoroughly jewed anti-White regime which sometimes posture as if they are adversaries but otherwise act as allies. The irrepressible ethnic nepotism and tribal coordination of jews, and the lengths the jewsmedia goes to to jewsplain it as something else, is the story behind this story.

    What’s notable here is Rubin’s brazen response, stereotypically screeching as if she’s being attacked by the jewsmedia because she’s a jewess:

    How utterly predictable that Politico would run the zillionth hit piece on a prominent woman, especially one candid in her critiques of Politico’s hysterical, clickbait style of coverage. The notion that I am polarizing in a newsroom (as opposed to any of the dozens of other opinion writers) is a “take” only Politico could come up with — by of course running around to ask the question in the first place. I trust the Post’s superb news side folks spend zero time thinking about me (as is entirely appropriate). My only surprise is that Sam [Stein, POLITICO’s White House editor], a very good journalist, would become enmeshed in such an obviously misogynistic publication. Surely there are finer publications that would have him.

    And btw, what a low class move to do this on Yom Kippur at the last moment.

    Your move Politico. Time for your jews to swarm forth and explicitly denounce Rubin and WaPo’s “anti-semitism”.

  30. Looks like CaptainCrypto got his vaxx-info here for all the relevance to reality it bears:

    Critically Thinking Doctors: Depopulation “Vaccine” Target 54% Whites, 39% Blacks, 0% Ashkenazi Jews [and Amish!] @23m of
    undated, podbean mp3 acc deleted, dated appx 19 May 2021.

    Basically vaxx-induced infertility as well as the clotting nastiness (check your d-dimers, o vaxxed ones).

    Assumed to be
    “May 19, 2021
    On Sunday, May 16, The Five Doctors gathered to continue the discussion regarding the transmission of “something” from an injected (vaccinated) person to those who have not been injected (unvaccinated).

    Join Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. Lee Merritt as we discuss the long-standing plan for infertility vaccines and the deeply troubling approval of the Pfizer shot for 12- to 15-year-old children.” audio of same, as podbean a/c and aggregator links have been purged.

    Meantime, customary duplicity, larping and ethnic aberrance create the illusion of continuing normality:

    “I don’t care if people call me ‘gammon’ — so why is Ofcom so upset about it? — People don’t need patronising protection from mild insults like “snowflake” and “boomer” — and you can’t nationalise manners,” writes Simon Heffer in the Telegraph

    Mazel tov!

  31. @londonstone Thx for the link. It’s one of the better vids.

    Self-transmissibility (of spike proteins) doesn’t even spellcheck for me. But it’s already erupting in a social cold war between the unvaxxed and vaxxed. We hear there are restaurants turning away vaxxed patrons and blood banks who won’t accept vaxxed blood donors. Hospitals are losing staff over this. It will spread to fitness gyms, martial arts, etc. It will wreck marriages and show up in profiles on dating sites.

    As hard as I come down on the niggers, I chuckled to hear that even BLM is raising hell over mandatory vaccines. Poetic justice. They’ve been supporting their own tormentors for decades.

    I’ve recently learned a relative has taken the vaxx. He’s 1 year from graduating as an officer/pilot/aeronautics engineer from the Air Force. That’s why he gave in.

    Me, I’d have quit. But my obstinacy over vaccines is legendary. I wouldn’t give my dog a rabies shot. Ever self-evident to me has been that a long term synthetic amendment to nature’s shortcomings, or whatever the gods forgot, must needs change the body’s bio-chemistry in some nontrivial fashion.

    Yet Captainchaos asks a fair question…

    Why is Israel making such a great effort to have its citizens vaccinated? Have the global elites now turned against their own tribe?

    Spooky version, yeah. It appears Israel has thrown its own jews under the bus. Not that it garnishes any sympathies from reptilian hearts of American jews, but from what’s reported through alternative media, the Israelis are suffering. As mentioned in the video link above by londonstone, regards the Ashkenazi, it doesn’t appear that the average Israelis are spared through some genetic pre-selection. A lot of them are comparing their government to Hitler. Funny, because they were much better off with Hitler’s Germany and the help the German’s gave them.

    To make sense of what’s happening to jews in Israel, one could shift focus to Globalists or Sabbateans or whatever. But the Nazi-bashing Alex Jones crowd creates a disingenuous distinction. For everywhere you find globalism, you find jews.

    Here’s the conditional – If the vaccination program does have a nefarious intent, then it’s control, not necessarily immediate death. That the big jews would treat the little jews this way isn’t the greatest irony I could imagine. With the big jews, you’re dealing with an absence of empathy that would make a crocodile seem affectionate. How the Balfour Declaration was handled, and by the behavior of the Soviet Commissars, this dynamic is not completely unprecedented.

  32. If the big Jews want to keep their shekels flowing they need to keep the machine of society running. The old adage is true, good help is hard to find. There are tens of millions of midwit minions – Jew and gentile alike – that are absolutely indispensable to the continued functioning of the shekel dispensary. These minions need to be kept on their feet and working. That is only accomplished by stopping the spread of the coronavirus and having people vaccinated against it.

    At Fox News 90% of the staffers are vaccinated and those unvaccinated are given mandatory tests for the coronavirus. All this despite Fox News being a prime purveyor of retarded, anti-vaccination scare-mongering.

    Remember: if the workers stop working, the machine stops running and the shekels stop flowing. If you have any further doubts just ask yourself this question, “Does Jew Rupert Murdoch care about his shekels?”

  33. I don’t know why you whites even bother. The battle is not about Ted or Steve. It’s about Leroy and Tyrone. Unless Blacks rise up nothing will happen. Whites can’t do anything and Jews know that. America was founded on race and not nationality or religion. Jews are categorized as Whites. Even Hispanics and Asians are accepted to some extent. Anything but the Negro. It don’t matter if Blacks are older than the nation and had a presence before the founding of the nation. A Vietnamese who arrived three weeks ago is more accepted than Tyrone . Jews know this. Through the Civil Rights movement the Jews entered the elite world of America. Turned the 13 and 14 amendment to a universalist concept. Changed Biracial America to Multiracial. It was easy for them to do. Since most Whites never accepted biracial America. Jews know unless America defines itself by its biracial history it has no identity.

    Only Blacks can save America. That is the battle. Stop wasting your time.

  34. Changed Biracial America to Multiracial. It was easy for them to do. Since most Whites never accepted biracial America. Jews know unless America defines itself by its biracial history it has no identity.

    Only Blacks can save America. That is the battle. Stop wasting your time.

    “Biracial America” was a consequence of trans-Atlantic slavery, a thoroughly jewed enterprise. Telling Whites “biracial America” can save us from “multiracial Amercia” is like telling us “liberalism” can save us from “wokeness”.

  35. Parents: Critical Race Theory is Divisive and Dangerous:

    Over the past year, the left-leaning media has peddled the narrative that an emotional constellation of “white resentment,” “white fragility,” “white rage,” and “white fear” drives opposition to critical race theory in America’s public schools. Now NBC News claims it can prove it.

    In a long story featuring analysis of demographic data, NBC News reporter Tyler Kingkade and data editor Nigel Chiwaya claim that the parent uprisings against critical race theory, which have occurred in more than 200 school districts across the country, are a “backlash” against “rapid demographic change” and “the exposure of white students to students of color.” Or, to put it bluntly, it’s the ugly reaction of white racism in the face of rapidly integrating schools. As left-leaning Slate concluded, NBC’s reporting proves that fear of “white replacement” and the desire to “protect whiteness” motivate the anti-critical race theory movement.

    There is only one problem: NBC’s analysis is nonsense.

    No, it is Rufo’s analysis that is nonsense. Deliberate nonsense.

    He cites all of these jewsmedia attacks on Whites for being White, then tries to pitch his kooky theory that it has nothing to do with the fact that it is Whites under attack, or perfectly natural for Whites to react negatively to being attacked, and instead claims there is some imaginary rainbow coalition fighting back against all this jewing, which he knows perfectly well is jewing, but dares not drop even the slightest hint he recognizes it as such.

  36. America was founded on transatlantic slavery. This is the consequence of the cultural revolution. It made Americans uniquely a nation that’s ashamed of their past.
    While Jews worship and revere their past Americans inherited a sense of shame.
    Plus I nn ever said biracial America will save America. America was always biracial. Read the cornerstone speech at the opening of the confederacy congress. Multiracial America in a modern concept that has no roots. There was never anything called Latinos or Asians. Nothing called Judeo Christian. Even African American is a term no one used prior to Reagan.
    Identifying America as simply a white country basically renders America an idea and not a nation. History defines a nation. Not ideology.
    Tyrone is the only solution. We shall see.

  37. I nn ever said biracial America will save America. America was always biracial.

    You said:

    Jews know unless America defines itself by its biracial history it has no identity.

    Only Blacks can save America.

    Whites need blacks like we need AIDs.

  38. “…no German is allowed to question the Myth of the Holocaust, the German patriots believe the only way to expose this conspiracy on behalf of Israel is to sue the United States for the return of all the “Holocaust” payments to Israel, with interest. This demand will soon be brought before the World Court. Meanwhile, Americans must decide what action to take to salvage their collapsing economy from the demands made on it by the insatiable Israeli power. Only the complete exposure of the Holocaust hoax will free our government officials from their commitments to ever increasing payments to the State of Israel.” – “The Holocaust Explained” – By Eustace Mullins
    First Published 1981 – 4-22-11

  39. Jewtube and the subversion of our children.

    There is a gamer making jewtube videos with him giving out free money, a shit ton of free money. ???

    His handle is Mr. Beast. Mr Beast is your enemy. There are popular gamers who make a lot of money filming themselves gaming. He is one of them.

    Mr. Beast is very popular. The CIA (jews) give him money to make new YouTube videos to brainwash kids to worship money.
    Mr. Beast has people do degenerate stuff for money, a lot of money.
    It is aimed at kids. Mr. Beast never swears. His subversion is jewtube friendly.
    This is the jews promotion of Capitalism and jew degeneracy.

    JewTube is brainwashing our kids to do anything for money.

  40. There was a time when “American” implied White, but even then it was overbroad and included jews. Today there are 7 billion “Americans” in the world, though most don’t have their papers yet.

  41. Eric Weinstein:

    I’m watching our National suicide which I am powerless to stop or even slow for reasons that I simply cannot fathom.

    Perhaps I’ve just outlived my time; I cannot recognize this world hell bent on madness and self harm to aid a communist superpower rival rising in the east. #NO

    . . .

    I am totally lost by this.

    Gonna have some more wine and a long think. I have no idea how to combat this level of stupidity. Nor does anyone else seemingly.

    Shabbat Shalom to all. Have a great weekend.

    The alt-jew is overwhelmed and cannot jewsplain all this jewy jewing.

    Therefore it must be “our National suicide”.

  42. Weinstein is worried that Jewish overreach will result in the destruction of ZOG, which is the foundation stone of Jewish power. He has good reason to worry. The race replacement issue has already gotten on the table, next Red State secession will enter mainstream public discourse. Then it is only a matter of time.

    I’m not worried about the Chinese. A White American ethnostate in alliance with Russia would be more than enough to keep China contained. Besides, China’s economy is very much dependent on selling its manufactured goods in the Western marketplace. What incentive do the Chinese have to piss off their best customers? We’ll continue to do business so long as our racial interests don’t conflict. Problem solved.

  43. Many, probably even most goyim misinterpret jew screeching, and imagine there must be some actual pain being suffered.

    There is no destruction of ZOG underway. It is merely metastasizing, transforming, flexing. There is a relatively obvious and momentous shift from the previously predominant “liberal” narrative to this more virulent form of “woke” narrative. The animating force behind both narratives, driving the shared anti-White agenda, flows from six gorillion jews jewing jewily – which includes the alt-jews.

    The alt-jews downplay all this jewing. Their screeching provides cover for their tribe, provides the false impression that their tribe is the biggest victim of their own anti-White jewing. They’re not against the anti-White agenda, or even concerned it will cause ZOG to collapse. They’re just concerned the regime’s new jew deal might somehow be less good for the jews than the old jew deal.

  44. The Jewish Chronicle:

    Speaking on a video webinar sacked professor David Miller says that the ‘Zionism is a form of racism and it needs to be dismantled’×720/vqzVFsH1YE_zl4NC.mp4

    It’s always the same whenever someone conflates jews with Whites and aims the jew-constructed, jew-promoted, jew-serving “woke” narrative at any aspect of jewing.

    The cries of “racism” are suddenly null and void, drowned out by cries of “anti-semitism”, with jews who were just screeching about the uppity goyim drawing a distinction between Whites and jews screeching now about the uppity goyim failing to make that distinction.

  45. BDS proves once again that it’s all about the anti-Semitism:

    The growing acceptance of critical race theory and intersectionality is part of the reason for this since those toxic ideas provide a permission slip to anti-Semitism so long as it is cloaked in the rhetoric of the left.

    As toxic anti-White jewing intensifies, full-time toxic jews cry out in pain, jewsplaining how all this jewing is really anti-jewing.

  46. Hello Tanstaafl. Years ago you mentioned someone who’d allegedly debunked Aristotelian logic. I was just wondering if you could remind of who that person was? Thank you.

  47. Jews invented Marxism in order to exploit the societal weakness of class divisions. The White working class was to be tricked into overthrowing the White ruling class so that Jews – who would lead the working-class rebellion – would be installed as the new ruling class. A very clever use of leverage.

    What if a similar strategy could be used by White Nationalists to overthrow ZOG? Secession itself could be made into an ideology that would motivate rubes on both sides of the political divide to fight for political autonomy from ZOG. Secession is already gaining traction with Trumptards and liberal useful idiots alike. Now that too would be a clever use of leverage.

  48. The u.s. keeps creating ngos along China’s belt and road routes, then gives foreign aid money to the countries these ngos are located in so the country can give it to the ngos. It must be national suicide. The Chinese are gunna win.

  49. The Democrat party is an anti-White terrorist organization. Flat out. Under their Jewish ownership, it’s all they exist for. And the GOP exists, also under the rule of Jews, to make sure there’s no organized opposition to it.

  50. Near the beginning of these comments, several people mentioned the very long-term hate of Jews for Christians.
    May I claim this as another jew fraud? In fact Roman Catholics and Jews arranged symbiosis between themselves, based around money and assets. Roman Catholics picked out one country after another for forced conversion. The last was Lithuania, in about 1400 (I think). Jews got the towns and shipping rights. In the country the church got tithes and comfortable livings. The church forced anyone who needed money to go to the Jews and be jewed.
    I don’t know if this applied to the Greek church. It seems to have worked for Orthodox churches in Russia and eastern Europe.
    Occasionally the church would scream at Jews, make a bit of noise, and nothing would happen.

  51. Someone should publish a small booklet, plus flyers, and a website that has as many ant-White quotes from Jews as can be verified, plus all the quotes from the 1920’s and 1930’s when they openly celebrated their involvement in, and creation of, Communism. These quotes must have sources at the bottom of each quote. They do not need any writing from our opinions, other than a brief opening at the start.

  52. I just discovered your podcasts via TOO and am enjoying them very much. I just finished the 7 or 8 on Yokey(?) and the definition of liberalism abd found myself thinking, “This is what Rush Limbaugh should have been”

    I am looking forward to the rest. I am intrigued by your take on Christianity (Protestantism?) as I am a former Protestant, now Catholic.

    Intrigued because even the 7 to 10 podcasts I have listened too keep bumping up against Logos without naming it. E. Michael Jones work and conclusions are yours, but he places the root not in genetics or evolution, but the Jews rejection, and war with Logos.

    I also appreciate your candor when you relate it took 3 attempts to ‘get’ what Yockey(?) was saying. I expect it will take me 10 (:

    Thank you for your work, I am driving a truck for a living now and your podcasts fill hours of time that would have been wasted .

    God bless.

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