TFeed Index 2021


This is an archive of the items that appeared in TFeed during 2021.

TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

You can send suggestions (please include link) for audio to put in the feed to tanstaafl at age-of-treason dot com.

See also: TFeed (the introductory post), TFeed Index 2020, TFeed Index 2019, TFeed Index 2018, TFeed Index 2017, TFeed Index 2014-2016.


9 thoughts on “TFeed Index 2021”

  1. JimB – holy moly, wow, long time no see – you still have that crazy Obama-in-hoodie avatar, no less! I’m trying to remember where it was I first met you in the comment section?? I’m pretty sure it was a blog and not a video platform like YT, though I think we ran into each other in at least one of those, as well – Bitchute, maybe? I know it’s silly but I want to remember anyway just for the hell of it.
    P.S. I think I ran into you on one of Scott Robert’s channels but that wasn’t the first time – were you subbed to Incogman while he was still around? God, I miss his blog!! I loved his attitude and hope he’s doing well, at least.
    I never see you around so I must be out of the loop on good resources to be subbed to and checking in with? It’s entirely possible – I struggle to keep up anymore and keep weeding out more and more by the day. My tolerance for any foolishness is gone and things such as going along with jewish PsyOps will get a source s***-canned by my discerning self.
    Hope you and your lady-love/better half are doing well.

  2. @Leo, yes. One conversation is coming in a couple of weeks. I’ll post on that closer to when it will happen. Another maybe later in the year.

  3. Here are three transcripts of Tan discussing the JQ:

    The Realist Report Interviews TANSTAAFL — 2016 — TRANSCRIPT

    The Realist Report – Tanstaafl: The Jew As A Parasite — TRANSCRIPT

    Luke Ford – JQ Debate with Age Of Treason – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

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