Bari Weiss, Superjewess

Bari Weiss – Where Did the Media Go Wrong?

In this interview with two sympathetic alt-jew jesters Weiss revels in her hyper-tribalist jew identity while venting her hostility toward Whites. She sees herself first and foremost as a member of the world’s first and foremost collectively-imagined victim collective. She laughs as she refers to herself as an “unhinged zionist”. She describes her worldview as “liberalism”, claiming it is based on the “truths” that everyone is an individual, created in the image of “god”, and therefore should be treated equally by law. She says “no person should be held to a standard of collective innocence or collective guilt” due to their “immutable characteristics”.

This is the standard IDW shtick, though IDWers more typically avoid saying the jew part out loud. They prefer the jew-led war on Whites continue by deception, under the guise of “liberalism”. They oppose the more overt “wokeism” tack only because they believe more open aggression may somehow not work out as well for jews. Weiss makes her jew-first mindset more plain than usual, causing more cognitive dissonance. (Her new podcast, laughably titled “Honestly”, is bound to be more of the same “liberalism” double-talk.)

The portion of Weiss’ motivation which she does not credit directly to being a jew she attributes indirectly to an inner voice telling her to fight “anti-semitism” for her tribe’s collective benefit. She wrote what has to be the six gorillionth book on the subject.

As Weiss jewplains in the interview, she deplores “the right” because “anti-semitism”, but thinks it’s obvious to everyone. She prefers to focus on screeching about “anti-semitism” on “the left” (citing Columbia and the Jew York Times as her primary examples) because she imagines it is relatively unrecognized and unopposed.

Weiss is not so much stupid, delusional, or even hypocritical as she is unapologetically, unselfconsciously, and unfathomably jewy. Convinced that the jew-first “left” and “right” just aren’t good enough, she seeks to spawn a jew-first “center”.

You can picture Weiss’ frustration when she finally decided to leave the Jew York Times, having screeched herself hoarse at the supposed “anti-semitism” of all those uppity house niggers and with no White men left to blame. After so many hard years in the mainstream jewsmedia, boosted by her tribemates from one cushy position to another, constantly discussing what is or isn’t good for her tribe, Bari Weiss is now a mogul, raking in the shekels at the alt-jewsmedia hub Substack, finally free to be the Superjewess she always wanted to be.

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  1. Here’s IDW co-founder Bret Weinstein jewsplaining his concerns about the dangers of non-jew tribalism. This was in June 2019, a full year before the mainstream jewsmedia shifted the justification for its 24/7 anti-White screeching somewhat away from “anti-semitism” and more toward Floyd/BLM/CRT.

    Speak of the Devil: How Demonizing “Whiteness” Spreads White Nationalism | Bret Weinstein

    We must understand that backing people against a wall who have a genetic basis for cooperation is very dangerous because history tells us that movements created by such people can be very destructive and that ultimately they may turn into a genocidal menace.

    What Weinstein is admitting here is that:

    * He understands the regime is anti-White
    * He understands that tribalism, and specifically Whiteness, is a heritable genetic/biological trait
    * He has no concern or sympathy for Whites, but is in fact antipathetic
    * His concern is that Whites may react by thinking and behaving like his tribe, and this might be bad for his tribe
    * “history tells us” that Whites are a “genocidal menace” – he shares the jewed anti-White regime’s oppression narrative

    In contrast to Weiss and his brother Eric, Bret is more “nuanced” and tiptoes around the jewy parts.

  2. Bret Weinstein appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show last night to complain that Youtube has demonetized his channel, costing him half his yearly income. The issue was allegedly about his going against covid vaccination orthodoxy in promoting a drug he believes to be an effective treatment for covid in lieu of being vaccinated. But I think we all know that isn’t the real issue. The Jews have become impatient with Weinstein consistently stepping out of line with their game plan.

    Jews fighting other Jews, all the while succeeding at doing nothing but punching holes in the bottom of their collective boat. Am I the only one who finds this funny? Are you sure these people are omnipotent masterminds?

  3. Arizona passes long-delayed Holocaust education bill after sidelining debate over antisemitism definitions – The Forward:

    After a rollercoaster ride in the State Legislature — including a debate over a controversial definition of antisemitism — the bill is now headed to Gov. Doug Ducey’s office. With the Republican’s signature, Arizona’s public schools will be required to teach about the Holocaust and other genocides at least twice between seventh and 12th grades.

    According to the Phoenix Holocaust Association and Arizona State University academics, Arizona will be the 16th state to require Holocaust education by statute.

    The anti-“woke” alt-jew cries out in pain, “Let’s you Whites and blacks fight!”, while the original non-White/anti-White “wokeness” grinds on completely unopposed.

  4. Dave Rubin:

    Will any of the non-woke liberals now admit that not voting for Trump was a mistake and they helped usher in everything they claimed to be against?

    Genuine question: @SamHarrisOrg @EricRWeinstein @bariweiss @JonHaidt @sapinker @BretWeinstein @sullydish.

    We all make mistakes…

    6 of the 7 Rubin tagged are fellow jews. 5 if you count Harris and Haidt as half each.

    He’s rightly accusing them of helping usher in the jew-driven anti-White narrative now openly promoted from the highest levels of the current regime while bizarrely pretending that any of them ever claimed to be against it.

    The most sensible interpretation of Rubin’s outburst is that he’s upset his fellow “liberal” jews didn’t fight harder to keep the anti-White narrative jew-specific, and lost their fictitious conflict with “left”-posing jews who long ago decided to broaden that narrative to include other non-Whites.

  5. WJC:

    “Today’s fight against #antisemitism is a war. The survival of #Israel and the #Jewish people is at stake. We must be united as one people.”

    WJC President @lauder_ronald’s message to the 7th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism in Jerusalem.×720/jiNjHBXFsKp2zuwX.mp4

    Organized jewry cries out that jews are getting a little blowback from their own anti-White narrative: “OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYYY IT’S A WAR ON JEWS!1!!”

  6. Unity in Dispersion – A History of the World Jewish Congress and particularly, the Jewish influence on the Roosevelt Presidency and the Origins of WWII:

    The WJC is a permanent world organization. It has, conforming to its aim, attempted to influence, and, in fact, has exercised enormous influence on world politics. It has shaped the destiny of mankind ever since its inception in 1936, although it does not even represent a national entity within the meaning of international law. An objective historiography must therefore take notice of this influence and its consequences.

    h/t Von Hash.

  7. The jews have been waging war on “nazis” for millennia, and through it all the mass media (such as it was) has been dominated by jews screeching that “nazis” are waging war on the jews.

  8. There seems to be a certain way Jews do things and they are extremely resistant to change. A handful of obscenely wealth Jewish financiers at the top of the pyramid call the shots. They’ve got the money, so they’ve got the power. Well known Jewish activist organizations like the ADL are their public mouthpieces and Cultural Marxism is their stock ideology. None of this has changed for at least a century, harkening back to the days of Jacob Schiff, Rabbi Stephen Weiss and Leon Trotsky.

    What would George Soros or Jacob Schiff say to Bret Weinstein if he happened to gain an audience with them? Probably something like this: “Listen, you little pissant! In my day I’ve made billions of dollars, funded the brainwashing of hundreds of millions and had governments overthrown. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? You don’t get to tell me my business. Now fuck off!”

    That in a nutshell is why the Jews won’t let up from their full-court press for Cultural Marxism: the inertia of tradition, vested interests and blinding arrogance which relieves them of any sense of prudence. Bret Weinstein is pissing into the wind.

  9. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that the Jews at the top of the power pyramid are considerably less intelligent on average than the Weinstein clique, perhaps even to the tune of 1 standard deviation of IQ. Let’s say IQ 130 vs IQ 145. These top-sitting Jews are money men, they are not intellectuals. You don’t generally speaking get filthy rich by contemplating the music of the spheres, but by being a ruthless, greedy asshole. If they’re going to spend a shekel they expect results. Cultural Marxism has a proven track record of producing world-shattering results and Weinstein has a (demonetized) Youtube channel.

  10. The Jews at the top of the pyramid are the generals giving the orders. The intellectuals are the ones in academia and media. Like intelligence officers, they supply the generals with analysis and strategies so that they stay effective at fighting the enemy (Aryans). The grunts, the ones who do the actual fighting, are brainwashed White leftists and non-White hordes. They’re expendable. Though, Jews do engage in irregular warfare like sabotage, assassinations, and terrorism. That’s typically what they’re good at: chaotic violence as opposed to organized violence.

  11. These days things are shaping up just as I hoped and anticipated. Conservative pundits are calling out the anti-White nature of Cultural Marxism, excoriating the Jews’ goy hirelings and generally painting a picture of a society in terminal decline slouching towards totalitarianism. Commenters on Fox News’ Youtube channel frequently identify the Jews’ goy frontmen as “communists” and voice their approval of secession.

    It appears that many Whites, with numbers growing by the day, are mentally prepared to leave ZOG’s plantation. The thought is father to the deed. That Jews are today and were historically the prime movers behind Bolshevism is an easily demonstrable fact. The Jews will be exposed and effectively opposed. The time is near.

  12. Chris Langan:

    The mass media are owned by international Zio-banksters who, while making a big deal of their “Jewishness”, use ordinary Jews as scapegoats and human shields.

    I know many decent, intelligent Jewish people who, while they may not deserve to be painted with the same brush, nevertheless side with this evil conglomerate as a matter of tribal reflex. They need to stop.

    If these two levels of Judaism cannot be pried apart, getting control of the Western mass media will be most traumatic. Yet it must happen. I very much hope that trauma can be avoided.

    Smartest man in the world wakes up, imagines fictitious conflict is real, begins search for good jews.

  13. Make no mistake – Wikipedia is at war with the Jews:

    The Jews are the quintessential minority group. The enemies of the Jews far outnumber them. Islamists. far-left activists and neo-Nazis are all out there writing Wikipedia edits. The pages on Wikipedia that relate to the Jews or Israel are often the target.

    Wikipedia is at war with the Jews. Make no mistake about this.

    . . .

    Rewriting Israeli history is part of the antisemitic strategy. Such as an attempt to turn what was a bloody and difficult civil war – a battle for Jewish survival in 1948 – into an act of pre-planned ethnic cleansing. A fake news event – in which a powerful Jewish ‘militia’ followed a blueprint to massacre and expel an innocent Arab population. This ‘Nabka’ narrative never happened – so anti-Israel activists are busy rewriting history to ‘prove’ a lie.

    . . .

    Wikipedia’s war with the Jews

    What is presented above is just a few of the 10000s of examples that can be found.

    All this means that Larry Sanger understates the problem. He has not considered an environment in which anti-Jewish racists vastly outnumber the opposition and dominate the editorial narrative. Wikipedia has antisemites ruling the roost whenever and wherever Jewish people or Israel is mentioned.

    These editors lie through omission, demonise Israel, belittle Jewish history, obsessively create new pages every time something happens and sanction all those who oppose them. Wikipedia’s world vision is an antisemitic one.

    So when Larry Sanger says ‘Wikipedia is not to be trusted’ he doesn’t go far enough. In truth Wikipedia must be fought against – the antisemitic editors removed from the platform – and the website should carry warnings – that render it unusable inside an academic or school environment.

    Simply put – Wikipedia is an enemy of the Jews.

    It’s real in their minds.

  14. The Jews at the top are not so much generals as they are mafia dons. George Soros has pumped $32 billion into his Open Society Foundations over the years. It is little more than a money laundering front. His son Alexander is Co-Chair of the Foundations. Itz the family business.

    The decision to have the 2020 presidential election rigged had to have come from the highest level. Probably Soros. It turns out an “Open Society” just means enough latitude to spread around $32 billion worth of bribe money.

  15. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what’s going on. What we are witnessing is a turf war by international, out-sized mobsters. It is, more or less, George Soros versus Rubert Murdoch. The unexpected ascension of Trump rattled Soros so Soros decided to tighten the screws to the effect that “Never again – never Trump!” became the order of the day. If that required Fox News be put on the chopping block, no longer carried by your cable tv provider, then so be it.

    Soros’ antifa goons payed a visit to a Tucker Carlson’s house. When that proved ineffective Soros had his errand boy Gleenblatt of the ADL demand that Carlson be fired. This was a message intended for Murdoch, Carlson was merely a proxy. The message was this: “There isn’t any pie to divide any longer. I’m taking the whole thing, I’m taking over. Shut up and go away.” Apparently Murdoch isn’t cooperating, so here we stand.

  16. The take away point is this: both Murdoch and Soros are committed to preserving the international system of usury and banking cartels. They’re not interested in abolishing their chosen racket, they’re just fighting over who gets to control it. It is the source of their wealth and power, why would they? Whatever ideological bather they have their minions spewing is just a smokescreen. A fictitious conflict indeed.

    The resulting chaos has provided Whites with an opportunity not seen in a century. A chance to step away from the globalist plantation entirely. This time around the battle will be centered in America, not Europe.

  17. In other important news Matt “Fatt Matt” Heimbach has decided to reestablish the Tragicomic Wankers Party. In a 2021 interview given to a small local evenings news show obese clown Heimbach renounced racialism, admitted to being an alcoholic and expressed his affection for communism. His newly reforged Party will require a headquarters; the rent on dilapidated, single-wide trailers propped up on cinder blocks doesn’t come cheap. Please donate today!

  18. The Jews’ problem is… Jews.
    The constant question is: why don’t the majority overthrow the organizers, the money pigs, the incendiaries, the entartete kunst daubers, the media polluters [fill in the blank]….
    Maybe they benefit; but they also know: “It’s coming”:

    No evidence above that this lot can look in the mirror and see themselves objectively.

    Let’s try the Rabbi:
    “Rabbi Ari Shishler : Our Goal as Jewish People Is To Control The World”

    “…Our goal as Jewish people for the last 3300 years since the revelation at Sinai has been to control the world and the vision that we have for controlling this world is: it would become a place of love, care, kindness, no war, no conflict, no envy, no jealousy, an awareness of a high/er authority, connection to g-d, goodness, charity, all the wonderful values that Judaism stands for. In fact, when we control the world, the mundane realities become holy realities; everything is meaningful, everything is attached to [a] higher purpose. …”

    A world of rigid uniformity, homogeneity, compliance; no spark of life or creativity, but the peace of the grave.

    Postscript: Tex Marrs speaks from beyond the grave (from The Jeff Rense Show, Hr.1 2015-02-06):

  19. Rupert Murdoch is alleged to be of Scottish ancestry, yet he has distorted facial features characteristic of many Jews. About ten years ago he made a crack about the “Jewish-owned press” as an explanation for negative media coverage of Israel, an obviously absurd claim. To the degree that Western media favors Israel at all is because of Jewish influence.

    Murdoch was once given an award by the ADL. Greenblatt, the current head of the ADL, says he would not have given Murdoch the award, were it his decision to make. Abe Foxman, former ADL head, says Murdoch very much deserved the award. Also Foxman came out and criticized Greenblatt for overstepping his bounds in demanding Tucker Carlson be taken off the air.

    There is something going on here, what? Why does Murdoch get to say things that would see an ordinary man buried alive? Because he is Jewish. Why this tiff within the ADL centered around Murdoch? Because Greenblatt belongs to Soros and Foxman belongs to Murdoch. Their masters are at war for possession of the Jewish global empire.

    Will Murdoch, if he becomes desperate enough, have his minions say more about the “Jewish-owned” this or that? He well may, he’s done it personally before. Will he even have Jews do it, perhaps Bret Weinstein? We’ll see.

  20. I think Murdoch, as his behind the scenes war with Soros escalates, will have his people expose Jews in a way that claims to separate “good” Jews (his faction) from “bad” Jews (Soros’ faction). So the Jewish question will be gotten on the table.

    How do we take advantage? We find ourselves in the position that Jews found themselves in during the buildup to WWI: waiting on European elites to go to war in such a way that would bring them all down. Waiting to fill the power vacuum created by ruinous destruction. Now our roles are reversed. Jewish elites are warring with one another. Many illusions will be shattered, many things torn asunder.

    How do we take advantage? I believe we need a new ideology, perhaps only National Socialism repackaged, that prevents Whites from being mindlessly herded back onto the Jewish plantation once the dust settles. Secession will be key to it because it at least subliminally communicates racial separation. Christianity will need to be thrown into the mix because, like it or not, that is the lay of the land in America.

    I don’t yet have the particulars in mind but this ideology must achieve the following: racial purity, racial separation, racial solidarity and racial sovereignty.

  21. Christianity will need to be thrown into the mix because, like it or not, that is the lay of the land in America.

    Christianity was Jewing 1.0. It putJews front and center in the European psyche. We can”t free ourselves from Jews until our religion and morality no longer revolve around them.

  22. PayPal Partners with ADL to Fight Extremism and Protect Marginalized Communities | Anti-Defamation League

    Another reminder, contra the fake opposition of alt-jews, that the oppression narrative (non-White = good, White = evil) at the heart of “wokeness” and Critical Race Theory is a jew construct. Its first and foremost proponents are jews openly conspiring and acting collectively as jews, directly coordinating and even controlling the actions of corporations and other subordinate tribalist organizations.

  23. Captainchaos, I am pleased to hear that you are optimistic about US conservatives moving in the right direction. I am in the UK, and I like to keep an eye on developments in the US. Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places, but when I look at what actual dissident rightists (not conservatives) – here in the UK, but also in the US – are talking about at the moment, I can’t help thinking that a lot of them are moving in the wrong direction. There is so much talk about opposing covid lockdowns, masks and vaccines that it’s almost as if the fact that we are in a racial struggle gets forgotten. Plus there are some in the Dissident Right who seem to want to restrict most of their analysis to talking about neoliberalism, technocrats, the Grest Reset, “the System” etc – I guess it helps them keep hold of their YouTube channels and twitter accounts.

    On Murdoch, I’d be interested to know what his story is. David Irving’s website, quoting the British journal Candour, once claimed his mother belonged to a wealthy Jewish family. Irving also said that his friend Ivor Benson believed Rupert Murdoch was really a frontman for more powerful Jews like Michel Fribourg, Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman. If so, I suppose part of Murdoch’s function is then to convince clueless liberals that there is some sort of “white right wing” influence in the mass media. It’s funny how Rupert Murdoch is always the first media mogul the average person can name. Here’s the relevant page on Irving’s site-

  24. I heard a figure, once, that as much as 70+ percent of seminary students graduate atheist.

    KSA, you are absolutely right in the long run. Our present frustration is that the Christian conservative Right may be our largest remaining recruitment pool. Christianity didn’t see Hitler coming. Now, we no longer have the element of surprise.

    The preponderance of Whites necessary for a successful revolution are in sleep paralysis, pinned quadriplegic by their own nightmare. If not for this necessity, I wouldn’t give a damn. I always thought Whites would eventually grow out of their delusions. But we don’t have 10 years, much less a thousand. Maybe not one year. They’ve come with the needle. They’ll come with war. We’re out of time.

    Christianity yet remains the credo even of many White Nationalists. Such is the case with the National Socialist Movement, NSM. I didn’t see this, however, in the Northwest Front, despite it’s adoption and origins of the Butler Plan. Pastor Richard Butler tempered his brand of Christianity with ‘Nazism’ for the same reason as do others who fall into this trap – he didn’t see divinity in the White race, itself. His vision was limited to the societal, not encompassing the spiritual. I’m referencing the Aryan history and mythology researchers of the German Ahnenerbe.

    BTW, Captainchaos, the Northwest Front is back online. DuckDuckGo, top of the search.

    Right of the Republican party, we have the laissez-faire Libertarians. I would say that, more than the Republicans, they are Christian or nominally so. Their strategy is the self-righteous, self-defeating pipe-dream of a novel species of nationalism which unifies not only Whites, but niggers, the invading brown hordes, and jews, themselves.

    There is no such thing as a Christian nationalist. They throw out the most important element in nationalism – race. They substitute in its place government ideology. Loyalty is an unnatural abstract, no sense of folk. And the Christian Nazi, an oxymoron, doesn’t understand the dilemma he faces. If asked, he would object to the history of our race remaining hidden. He wants the truth to be told. But he asserts this because he doesn’t see the contradiction, because he doesn’t KNOW the truth. We’re grateful that some odd balls take our side. But they are in for a rude awakening once living in a White country that follows the example of the 3rd Reich.

    I’m convinced that Christianity will not last long in a country that really teaches history. Both judaism and Christianity have done their parts in a cover-up. They both know that if Aryan history is taught, it will dispel judaism, and with it, Christianity, like fog in the morning sun. History and the Abrahamic cults cannot coexist. See why in my next comment (when I post it) under Tan’s following article, jewShock.

    33rd degree Mason, Albert Pike, by his study of eastern religion, said (I paraphrase), “The natural purpose of man is to experience truth, not battle illusion.” There was a time, in his opinion, that man, Aryan, possessed psychic faculties making it impossible to for him to be deceived. He held that our race has degraded from a higher state, and he stood stubbornly upon this conclusion. Most profound. Look at us now.

    Secondly, we have the Greek origins of the New Testament. It is easily shown to be a fictional work using other mythologies and Homer’s Odyssey. It’s written in the third person. Clearly there was plagiarism of the Gospel of Mark, the original manuscript, 666 verses, saying NOTHING about a risen Jesus interacting with people post-Ressurection. In fact, it doesn’t even assert a Ressurection. It ends in the classic cliffhanger style. All of this could be, and would be, taught.

    Third, at least in the Northwest Republic’s provisional Constitution, remuneration for religious institutions is banned.

    Regards National Socialism, we are not going to reinvent the wheel. NSism is the only answer to judaism, Capitalism, Communism, and Globalism. Any multi-racial regrouping in North America is a retreat, not a resistance.

    Despite the anti-lockdown marches, the Globalists are still holding their biggest cards. But as America turns into the Weimar Republic, we’ll be the only game in town with a flat table. We don’t need to persuade dullards of our politics. We just have to (be ready to) stake out a territory to which Whites can escape. The sight of Swastika flags in the new fatherland won’t turn them back when they’re fleeing jail, COVID gulags, nigger riots, hunger, social credit scores, or the needle.

    Red states vs Blue is good sportsmanship. But the whole damn ship is going down. And life rafts don’t float upon the thin waters of political affinities where the undertows are demographic. Eventually, people will panic. Call it herd mentality or birds of a feather. Bulkanization will coalesce out of racial divides. It always has. Blood is thicker…

    I’m not alarmed by rising racial conflict. If new Aztland starts trouble for W.DC, great. They don’t necessarily have to be a hostile border to a new Northwest Republic.

    White Nationalists don’t need to start the revolution, just end it. We must guide it, and for now, take pleasure in watching the Union descend in a free fall.

    The sheep have toppled that unsightly fence which so unjustly separated them from greener grass. Let’s see how much they appreciate the gratitude of the wolf who hated that fence, too.

  25. Forrestales:
    I think we need to simply purge Christianity entirely. There were only ever three White empires that openly fought Jews: Rome during the Jewish wars, the Kiev Rus during its conquest of the Khazar Empire, and the German Reich in WW2. It’s not a coincidence that they were all essentially “pagan” civilizations, even though the Natsocs were still hobbled by some residual Christian moralism due to Christianity’s long legacy in Germany.

    The rich German Catholics were especially bad. They were the biggest demographic to vote against Hitler and of course they were the ones who tried to assassinate him in the July 20 plot. The same rich Catholics who did nothing to stop communist terrorism and Jewish criminality in Weimar. Typical conservatives, their militancy only ever gets activated when going up against the enemies of Jews.

    I believe that’s by design. There’s something in Christianity that makes Christians fight like rabid dogs for Jews, but to simply not care about anything else. It can’t be a mistake because all Jewish ideologies result in the same thing: opposing “anti-semitism” takes precedence and everything else can be rationalized away. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t adopt a pro-White religion.

  26. In my mind this is all similar to a marketing campaign. Before Whites even get to square one they must stop buying ZOG’s brand and start wanting an alternative. It doesn’t really matter if Whites know that it is Jews who are in charge if they like what the Jews are selling; first Whites must reject it. These days it isn’t even a matter of merely being shamed for ethnocentric feelings, but the creeping introduction of all manners of bizarre lunacy. Things like eradicating perceptions of gender differences and giving up eating meat in favor of eating bugs. It’s getting easier to reject ZOG, not harder. What ZOG is selling is increasingly no more appealing for consumption than a dog’s vomit.

  27. No self-insight in jewfunction (supra) but plenty of insight into slime mould:
    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock – July 28, 2021 – Epi.1568 – Blackbird9 and Golden Pipe Wrench: Henry Ford’s The International Jew – Pt.11:

    See also Klassen: Nature’s Eternal Religion (1973); Book I, Chapter 7: The Kehilla.

    For the epitome of organizedness, see respective annual “The Jewish Year Book” (var.,,

  28. Timothy Kelly / Joe Atwill: Powers & Principalities: Episode 214 – The Corruption of Youth.
    @ 31:35 storm flooding in Germany… a local says American soldiers had surrounded the Rhine meadows / WW2 Eisenhower death camps area to keep people away in case the floods expose the mass graves of the 50-60k – or rather 2mio – who were starved to death?

    This particular show not their supreme effort but listenable; mind, it would be enhanced if the impetuous bog-trotter didn’t keep interrupting and overtalking the guest.
    And there are those who have slighted Joe Atwill for speaking mainly of the “masonic” tendency. Who knows, but I tentatively have filed him under forgetful putative deracinated mamzer. The only grounds for which really being, that when I see a Black person with a “Western” surname, particularly a Jewish or Scottish one, I reflect upon the true identities of the paler bearers of the name in question.
    Here we have the similar (name) sounding….

    Protocol #9:
    “…We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated….”

    Protocol #10:

    “…The recognition of our despot may also come before the destruction of the constitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the people, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence—a matter which we shall arrange for—of their rulers, will clamor: “Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords—frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts—who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.”

    But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the GOYIM see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else….”

  29. Two Jooz havin’ a schmooz? Well maybe, but not quite. (Delingpole: I barely know of him, but his persona hints at the forgotten ethnically exotic; Thomson: well, there’s Hirschman & Yates: “When Scotland Was Jewish: DNA… show Twelfth Century Semitic Roots” (2007)).

    “After learning what today’s British Establishment was all about at Rugby School and Cambridge, Alex Thomson served in a Christian mission in the former Soviet Union and went on to spend the rest of his twenties as a GCHQ [SIGINT] officer.

    He moved to the Netherlands aged thirty in 2009 and has spent the last decade more quietly as a translator and interpreter and a researcher of networked evil.

    Since 2014, Alex has presented his emerging findings via the Eastern Approaches brand on UK Column News, where his specialisms are Europe, geopolitics, religious affairs and constitutional matters.

    He maintains the Eastern Approaches channel, mostly of careful readings of key documents indicating the scope of corruption of British and Western public life.”

    Like “missionary” or even “Jesuit” the above spells for me: spy/operative.

    I remain of the view that ethnic Jews cannot all – or even the majority – be plausibly identified as supportive of the crazy agendas of militant organized Jewry, but some of the pap trotted out in this interview came close to making me revise my ideas.
    The Epistle of Paul / Saul to Titus: {1:14} “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”

    The UK Column has done plausibly good work over the years on the COVID19 scamdemic, Common Purpose subversion, government corruption and some other topics, but I can’t help but feel these are just vectors for their philosemitic reorientation program. Another case in point being the Doctors for COVID Ethics presentations end of July which appear here and in one of which a (presumably Jewish participant) threw in remarks about current trends evoking the Nazees and *gas chambers*:

    Did *Come to Jesus* ever halt a war? Weren’t the Xians busily praying at Toledo when the local “minority” opened the gates and let in the Islamists? There may certainly be a negative spiritual dimension to our present predicament but life’s experience is that fortune does favour the brave; now and then maybe you do have to justify your right and that of your line to be on this planet. (And if so that should apply to parasite usurer-monopolists too).

  30. Everybody Hates the Jews – by Bari Weiss – Common Sense with Bari Weiss:

    Where liberty thrives, Jews thrive. Where difference is celebrated, Jews are celebrated. Where freedom of thought and faith and speech are protected, Jews tend to be, too. And when such virtues are regarded as threats, Jews will be regarded as the same.

    The current demand for conformity — that sense that our difference is dangerous — comes at us from both political extremes. It is a familiar squeeze, even though the particular terms are American.

    The far right says Jews aren’t white enough — that they appear to be white, but are, in fact, loyal to the people who are sullying the “real” America. This was certainly the motivation of the white supremacist who walked into Tree of Life and massacred 11 Jews. Meanwhile, the left says the opposite. It says we Jews are too white to be oppressed. It says, indeed, that we are the exemplars of white privilege, capable, as we are, of changing our Lifshitzes into Laurens and passing. And to make matters worse, Jews support Israel, which, they insist, is not Jews’ indigenous homeland but the last bastion of white colonialism in the Middle East.

    In this way, Jews are being successfully transformed into neo-Nazis in the public imagination at the very moment that we are being targeted by actual neo-Nazis.

    But unlike the alt-right, whose hatred is unabashed and familiar to a people who survived Hitler, those who promote this big lie — the lie of the Jew as the white man and the uber-imperialist — are our leading intellectuals, magazine editors, book authors and influencers.

    Most of them didn’t sign up for Jew-hating. They just wanted to be on the right side of history. But this doesn’t make the ideology to which they have dedicated themselves — a stew of postmodernism, postcolonialism, identity politics, neo-Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionality, and the therapeutic mentality — any less dangerous. It is proving disastrous for Jews just as it has been disastrous for liberalism itself.

    This coy game – whereby jews at times pretend they’re White, and only crazy White goyim imagine otherwise, then at other times declare themselves the exact opposite of White, and only crazy non-White goyim imagine otherwise – is the key to understanding their entire history among Europeans.

    This toxic jewess, trying to jewsplain how she sees jews as the biggest victims of their own jewing, which she shamelessly blames on everyone else, demonstrates how the game works. Whether they’re using identity fraud to pass as White while preaching race-blind anti-tribal “liberalism” to the goyim, as Weiss usually does, or whether they’re openly identifying themselves as a tribe apart and above everyone else, as Weiss does here – jews are able to switch back and forth with such ease because they are only ever really concerned about what’s best for their tribe.

    “Liberalism”, the predecessor ideology of jewing, enabled the colonization of Whites by jews. “Wokeness”, the successor ideology of jewing, enables the colonization and replacement of Whites with other goyim. Both ideologies were crafted and shaped by jews, to benefit jews, who screech continuously that they’re the biggest victims of all this jewing.

  31. Honestly with Bari Weiss
    Weekend Extra: Why ‘People Love Dead Jews’

    Yet another example of how jews love talking about themselves and their tribe as if they are victims of the goyim, specifically Whites. Weiss and alt-jews like her aren’t opposed to basic premise of “wokeness” – that Whites are oppressors of non-Whites – it’s just inconceivable to them that any group of uppity goyim could imagine they are more oppressed than jews.

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