BioShock Part One: The Ethnic Struggle

I’m shocked, bioshocked, to discover that a cabal of jews made a video game not so subtly psychopathologizing Whites, portraying jews as victims of Whites, and shifting blame for jewing onto Whites.

Excellent decoding and analysis by American Krogan. Starts gently but pulls no punches. A disturbing glimpse into the minds of jews. Naive goyim will find it eye-opening. Perfectly sensible at 1.5 speed if you’re already familiar with jewing.

7 thoughts on “jewShock”

  1. The QAnon Storm is Upon Us: Mike Rothschild on Skeptical Inquirer Presents, Aug 5 | Center for Inquiry

    Rothschild will examine the background conspiracies and cults that have fed the Q phenomenon, from its embrace by right-wing media and Donald Trump, through the rending of families as loved ones became addicted to Q’s increasingly violent rhetoric, to the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Rothschild believes the QAnon phenomenon shows no sign of calming, and that it’s time to figure out what QAnon really is, because QAnon and its relentlessly dark theory of everything isn’t done with us yet.

    . . .

    Author of the new book The Storm Is Upon Us: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything, Mike Rothschild is a journalist focused on the intersections between internet culture and politics as seen through the dark glass of conspiracy theories.

    Having a beady-eyed jew named Rothschild jewsplain “conspiracy theories” is a form of jew comedy, where as usual the joke is on the goyim.

  2. As usual, you’re right on target.
    It’s a shame that the non jew population haven’t read Titus 1.14 and come to realize that the jew fable method of old has simply blossomed into the narratives of today.

  3. If Christianity was designed by Jews to destroy European racial consciousness 2000 years ago it doesn’t seem to have been terribly successful. How can we conclude that? Well, Europeans still exist today.

    If modern Jewry believed Christianity to be a powerful tool in extinguishing European racial consciousness, why did they feel it necessary to introduce atheistic Marxism as their primary means of social control?

    How many soldiers that participated in Operation Barbarossa were believing Christians? If Christianity is a foolproof, poison pill to European racial consciousness, why did Christian soldiers participate in Operation Barbarossa?

    It doesn’t seem that Hitler intended to do much about Christianity. Why is that? Is it because he believed Christianity wasn’t indeed an overwhelming threat to European racial consciousness?

    Let’s assume Hitler did think Christianity posed a dire threat to European racial consciousness. Why didn’t Hitler take any decisive measures to eradicate Christianity? Because he was apathetic? Because he was too much of a pussy? Because he was too stupid to figure out how to do so effectively? What, precisely?

  4. I’m afraid at the end of such a debate we would be left with this: a man who abstains from consuming alcohol is therefore of the mind that everyone else should be a teetotaler as well. Or as Nietzsche had it, philosophy is the most spiritualized will to power.

  5. Christianity (and more broadly Abrahamism), liberalism, Marxism, anti-“racism”, “wokeness” – are forms and phases of a long-evolving scheme. I’ve called it jew-a-forming. The mechanics of jew parasitism and their domestication of the goyim have adapted and changed in step with the changes in the means of communication. The tribe’s control over mass media (the means of meme production) over the ages was not incidental, it was essential. The impact has been slow and subtle, like poison.

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