Ugh, it’s a Krug

A few days ago Jessica Krug, a tenured professor at George Washington University, posted a bizarre confession. I’ve excerpted the key bits. The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies (

To an escalating degree over my adult life, I have eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness. I have not only claimed these identities as my own when I had absolutely no right to do so — when doing so is the very epitome of violence, of thievery and appropriation, of the myriad ways in which non-Black people continue to use and abuse Black identities and cultures — but I have formed intimate relationships with loving, compassionate people who have trusted and cared for me when I have deserved neither trust nor caring. People have fought together with me and have fought for me, and my continued appropriation of a Black Caribbean identity is not only, in the starkest terms, wrong — unethical, immoral, anti-Black, colonial — but it means that every step I’ve taken has gaslighted those whom I love.

. . .

Mental health issues likely explain why I assumed a false identity initially, as a youth, and why I continued and developed it for so long; the mental health professionals from whom I have been so belatedly seeking help assure me that this is a common response to some of the severe trauma that marked my early childhood and teen years.

. . .

That I claimed belonging with living people and ancestors to whom and for whom my being is always a threat at best and a death sentence at worst.
I am not a culture vulture. I am a culture leech.

. . .

I should absolutely be cancelled. No. I don’t write in passive voice, ever, because I believe we must name power. So. You should absolutely cancel me, and I absolutely cancel myself.

What does that mean?

I don’t know.

. . .

I have built my life on a violent anti-Black lie, and I have lied in every breath I have taken.

There are no words in any language to express the depth of my remorse, but then again: there shouldn’t be. Words are never the point.

. . .

I don’t know how to fix this. I am attempting to lay out a timeline of my deceit to better understand all whom I have violated and how, and to begin to imagine how to restore, to address, to redress… But I can’t fix this.

. . .

To everyone who trusted me, who fought for me, who vouched for me, who loved me, who is feeling shock and betrayal and rage and bone marrow deep hurt and confusion, violation in this world and beyond: I beg you, please, do not question your own judgment or doubt yourself. You were not naive. I was audaciously deceptive. I have a very clear, loud conscience, but I have acted as if I had none. I gaslit you. I begged for your compassion and love for my isolation and loneliness — real and raw feelings, but borne of the avalanche of deceit.

. . .

I have no identity outside of this. I have never developed one. I have to figure out how to be a person that I don’t believe should exist, and how, as that person, to even begin to heal any of the harm that I’ve caused.


No white person, no non-Black person, has the right to claim proximity to or belonging in a Black community by virtue of abuse, trauma, non-acceptance, and non-belonging in a white community. The abuse within and alienation from my birth family and society are no one’s burden but my own, and mine alone to address. Black people and Black communities have no obligation to harbor the refuse of non-Black societies. I have done this. I know it is wrong and I have done this anyway.

Krug admits she’s a liar and that her entire career as a professional black was an elaborate identity fraud, which makes it difficult to take anything she has ever said or ever will say at face value.

She says she perpetrated her fraud while being fully conscious that it was harmful to others. She claims to feel remorse, but provides no good reason for anyone to believe it. She doesn’t say why she decided to make her announcement, and preemptively shrugs off what she intends to come of it. It seems she was exposed and confronted and wanted to “get ahead of the story”.

She claims she has no identity beyond pretending to be someone she isn’t. This can be understood to include her “lived experience as a white jewish child” rather than contradicting it. It might be amusing to hear her expound on this oxymoronic “White jew” lie, but anyone paying attention should already understand.

The plainest way to put it is that Krug is a jew who, for whatever reason, decided to pretend not to be. Despite her supposed “mental health issues” she exhibited a keen understanding of racial identity and social psychology, and an irrepressible will to shape the thinking of others. She built a successful career for herself as an anti-White professional intellectual in academia. In all these ways her behavior has been typically jewy.

Krug did in secret what jews organized and acting as jews are doing openly. As one professional jew put it frankly to tribemates, There Is a Jessica Krug in Every Jew. The problem from that jew’s point of view is that his tribe isn’t jewing hard or openly enough. He gets closer than usual to the truth when he writes, “We’d like to think that we can be like everyone else, but we’re not. … The world feels that we are causing them to hate each other, and this is why they hate us”.

Krug’s biggest lie is The Lie, the lie the parasite tells its host, the lie standing behind all the other lies. “The host is the oppressor, the parasite is their victim”, hisses the parasite. The terrible reality is that the host is relatively clueless, whereas the parasite is hyper-aware of who they are and what they’re doing. Krug fittingly describes herself as a leech. Caught lying she simply continues lying, acting as if her main victim has been the blacks she befriended, allied herself with, and continues to pander to, rather than the Whites she vilifies and continues to incite attacks against. There is no sign that she ever decried jews or their jewing, or that she ever will.

To get a sense of the depth and range of Krug’s chameleon-like abilities compare and constrast this performance with this one.

Krug says she “gaslighted those whom I love”. Gaslighting is a trendy term, mostly misapplied. Krug however is a specialist, and she uses the term correctly. It specifically has to do with relationships based on lies, the psychological mechanics of fraud, the abuse of trust and its impact. The cure for gaslighting is for the abused to recognize that the abuser is not the friend, lover, or ally they present themselves as, but an enemy.

Speaking of gaslighting, most reporting and commentary in the jewsmedia aimed at the goyim has gone along with Krug’s charade, deploring the imaginary harm done to blacks, attributing her behavior to her supposed Whiteness, and limiting any mention of her jewness to an uncritical echoing of her “White jew” lie.

This has been true even for op-eds signed by the jewsmedia’s house-broken blacks. Jessica Krug offers a twisted example of White privilege and Jessica Krug Is Just Another Rachel Dolezal are two versions of the same stupid narrative. The WaPo version is a bit more polished, boiling down and putting the main point in its title. The bitchmedia version spells out the White-washing, baldly describing Krug’s characteristically jewy jewing while misidentifying it as the epitome of Whiteness:

Krug, who adopted the moniker Jess La Bombera, wasn’t only satisfied with becoming a tenured professor, publishing a book through a major academic trade press, and being regarded as an expert in African American studies. She also had to become a gatekeeper of Blackness—a moral pillar who determined who was working on behalf of Black people and who needed to be held accountable for not doing enough. “She consistently trashed women of color and questioned their scholarship,” political anthropologist Yarimar Bonilla, who teaches at Hunter College and the Graduate Center at the City University of New York, tweeted. “She even described my colleague Marisa Fuentes as a ‘slave catcher’ in the introduction to her book. Kind of amazing how white supremacy means she even thought she was better at being a person of color than we were.”

Everything about Krug’s behavior—from her defensiveness and the calculated theft of opportunities from actual Black scholars to her inherent feeling of superiority—screams of whiteness. Her near immediate pivoting to victimhood—everything is in my control, but nothing is—also echoes the whiteness that has allowed white people to colonize lands and then claim to be oppressed within the very nations they pillaged.

. . .

Colorism—a system that privileges lighter-skinned people and other features that signify a proximity to whiteness at the expense of darker-skinned people—becomes a useful weapon for white women who choose to cosplay as Black. Gatekeepers trust light-skinned people to be stewards of their own stories and of Blackness at-large, leaving little room for those darker than them to question their right to Blackness. These conversations devolve quickly from rightful questioning to being perceived as untrusting and envious. White women who’ve studied Blackness enough to emulate it know this and manipulate it—using colorism, though its impact on darker-skinned people, to shield themselves from legitimate inquiry.

. . .

Pretty soon, Kruger will be on the morning show circuit, which she will leverage into a book deal and a documentary—raking in money from the deception itself. It sounds like the best version of being “canceled,” as she declared herself in her Medium post. As Krug rebrands herself—this time as a white woman victimized by a system that racializes people—what becomes of the people she’s harmed? Are they suddenly collateral damage in her quest to declare her right to be Black until it no longer suits her? There are people whose trust she gained, who defended her, and who bought into her lie. How can Krug atone in any meaningful way without recentering herself? She can’t, and she also won’t simply go away because the audacity of whiteness won’t allow her ego to do that either. The burden can only be carried insofar as it benefits her, and when it became too heavy, finally weighing on her moral center or career goals, it became easy to shed the very Blackness she once cloaked herself in as a form of repelling armor. That, to be clear, is the whitest part of it all.

The WaPo op-ed concludes with this whopper:

In 2020 in this country, Whiteness still carries a lot of privilege — including, perhaps, the privilege to get away with pretending to be Black.

That’s right. Whites get all the blame for jews jewing jewily. It’s quite a privilege. And the same switcheroo is used to jewsplain away jewy networking at the highest levels of power, from Jeffrey Epstein to Donald Trump. We can expect to see similarly cohencidental networking if and when we ever find out who was responsible for backing and advancing Krug.

The most irksome thing about these sneaky jew-serving narratives conflating jews with Whites is how they are complemented by the brazenly jew-serving narratives portraying jews as utterly distinct and different from Whites, as the innocent victims of and racial enemies of Whites.

The Krug affair is one of those seemingly silly stories most White people will briefly snigger at and then quickly forget. Unfortunately, it is also emblematic of the current jewed anti-White regime. Would that the problem were just one wacky jewess. It isn’t. She is just the tip of the latest, trending phase of jewing, the “wokeness” inspiring everyone to lash out at White people.

It’s not that pundits are blind to all this jewing, can’t understand it, or are unable to describe it. Many present themselves as authorities on what’s going on, then very deliberately omit the jew part. Last week, for example, the jew Glenn Greenwald was very eager to echo and promote a very serious White-washing of “wokeness”, a “great essay” describing “how white elites are exploiting and weaponizing their own self-serving definitions of ‘racism'”.

It’s yet another example of the “White jew” lie.

The author, Columbia sociologist Musa al-Gharbi, is visibly non-White and describes himself as “a core member of Heterodox Academy”, an alt-jew cabal promoting “classical liberalism” to the goyim. The essay’s disingenuous title is Who gets to define what’s ‘racist?’

One key insight of the “discursive turn” in social research is how concepts are defined, and by whom, reveals a lot about power relations within a society or culture. These definitions are not just reflections of social dynamics, but can have important socio-political consequences downstream: they can help legitimize or delegitimize individuals, groups and their actions; they can render some things more easily comprehensible and others less so; they can push certain things outside the realm of polite discussion, and introduce new elements into the language game.

The term “racist” is no exception.

In the past, racism primarily denoted overt discrimination, bigotry, or racial animus. Incidents of this nature are far less common and far less accepted than they were in previous decades. Indeed, in contemporary U.S. society, one of the very worst charges that can be leveled against someone – especially a white person – is to accuse them of being racist.

On balance, both of these developments are great.

. . .

Looking at GSS and ANES data, highly-educated whites tend to be more ‘woke’ on racial issuesthan the average black or Hispanic; they tend to perceive much more racism against minorities than most minorities, themselves, report experiencing; they express greater support for diversity than most blacks or Hispanics; they report more favorable attitudes towards people of racial/ ethnic ‘outgroups’ over their ‘ingroup’ – and are the only ethnic or racial group to exhibit such tendencies.

How can this phenomenon be explained?

One approach might be to argue that relatively well-off and highly-educated liberal whites — by virtue of their college education and higher rates of consumption of ‘woke’ content in the media, online, etc. — simply understand the reality and dynamics of racism better than the average black or Hispanic. I would strongly advise against anyone taking a stand on that hill.

What is more plausible is that many whites, in their eagerness to present themselves as advocates for people of color and the cause of antiracism, neglect to actually listen to ordinary black or brown folk about what they find offensive, or what their racial priorities are.

White elites —who play an outsized role in defining racism in academia, the media, and the broader culture — instead seem to define ‘racism’ in ways that are congenial to their own preferences and priorities. Rather than actually dismantling white supremacy or meaningfully empowering people of color, efforts often seem to be oriented towards consolidating social and cultural capital in the hands of the ‘good’ whites. Charges of “racism,” for instance, are primarily deployed against the political opponents of upwardly-mobile, highly-educated progressive white people. Even to the point of branding prominent black or brown dissenters as race-traitors (despite the reality that, on average, blacks and Hispanics tend to be significantly more socially conservative and religious than whites).

Gharbi is describing how jews define “racism” and use it to attack Whites. That would be more obvious if he noted how the same people who define “racism” also define “anti-semitism”, and how they use that to cancel even non-White goyim. Do “highly-educated liberal whites” really think and behave as a group? What role do jews play? How much of this “highly-educated” and “liberal” business is just a disguise for jews and their jewing? How many hostile anti-White Krugs are out there posing as White? An honest sociologist might ask questions like this, but as Cuddihy noted, sociology is a sect of jewing.

One Big Lie of the thoroughly jewed anti-White regime is that race is entirely a social construct. Another is that it’s really complicated, which is why an army of professional leeches must constantly jewsplain how non-White is good and White is bad. But then that simple truth falls out of every one of these transracial scandals. What makes these scandals scandalous is the fact that race is a heritable, genetic, biological trait. And despite the jew lies, even the most racially mixed and least intelligent hominins instinctively grasp that truth.

40 thoughts on “Ugh, it’s a Krug”

  1. Jessica Krug is an activist and professor of African American studies at George Washington University. During her tenure she claimed to be of African heritage and she made it her business to seek out racism.

    She now admits that her identity was “built on toxic soil of lies” and is, in fact, a self-hating jewish woman from Kansas City.

    This revelation draws parallels with the case of former civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal. She was exposed in 2005, by her parents, for pretending to be black. She also had made a career of battling racism and blamed self-hate for her deceit. 

    As in Jessisa’s case, and many others, a jew is exposed for blatantly spewing anti-White hate while masquerading as a oppressed minority. All apparently because, as a jew, they didn’t feel victimized enough.

    Then everything is again blamed on While people while the jew happily slinks away to find other ways to provoke us,

    So. Is it our fault? 

    Are we to blame for not heaping upon the jews the piles of hate they seem to enjoy?

    Is there a solution? Is there the possibility of a win-win?


    This is an opportunity and we should snatch it immediately. The Final Solution may be as simple as an old fashioned 1-900 number that provides the soothing humiliation they appear to crave.

    It could go something like this:

    “Oy vey! Does the groveling of the goyum bring you down? Do you yearn for the hard scrutiny of the cold blue Aryan eye, and the crushing weight of his jack boot on your neck? Then call this number immediately you filthy kike! For just $19.99 per minute authentic Nazis will shove sweet, sweet anti-semitism down your throat until piss runs down your legs; and you can finally drift away in a self-righteous cloud of bliss.”

    When confronting an enemy don’t allow him the advantage. Instead mount the attacks were he is weakest. 

    The White man’s naturally superior ingenuity will never lose against a parasite.

  2. Faces of Power: 80% Are White, Even as U.S. Becomes More Diverse – The New York Times ( link)

    There’s that “White jew” lie again. 33% of supreme court justices are jews. The “proud latina” is a crypto. What are the chances? If the goal were to expose overrepresentation, then they would count jews. They don’t because the goal, as usual, is to attack Whites.

    “These are 922 of the most powerful people in America.”

    It’s mainly a list of the most visible administrators and figureheads.

  3. on the SC it’s (((Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor)))


    Jews = 2% of the population, so that’s a 22X over-representation. Pretty much the same in every other upper institutional echelon. And

    the rest are shabbatz goyim.

  4. TAN, the above commentor estimates the population of jews makes up 2% of the US population or roughly 6,564,000. I’ve seen 2% alleged in other sources and I’ve always though it sounded kinda low. I know that counting them all would be the task from hell knowing that there are many varieties, including crypto, however since they are copious breeders and they consider America their promised land I would guess at least 5% or more. I mean, damn, I out just about in the middle of nowhere and still see them around.

    You probably addressed this previously. But when I discuss this with others I would like to think my information comes from the best available source, so if you would can you give your knowledge on the matter?

    I have followed you since your first broadcast on the White Network and I’m always awed by your brilliant analysis of the jewish problem. For that, thank you.

    Kindly yours
    Mean Master

  5. 2% is probably too low. I don’t have any stats to cite, but can point out a couple of things.

    First, it is taboo for goyim to try to determine who is or isn’t a jew, much less count them. Second, jews disguise themselves, making it difficult to get an accurate count even for those who overcome the taboo. Third, the official counts/estimates all come from jews themselves, and jews lie. As a result, any count of jews is bound to be an undercount.

    And that’s not even considering the mischlings, who are more difficult to identify than jews, certainly more numerous than most people would estimate, and have a remarkable tendency to goypose upward.

    The asymmetry in comparison to Whites is striking. There is no taboo whatsoever on identifying or counting Whites. And any count of Whites is bound to be an overcount, because it will include jews and mischlings and other marginal caucasoids, though hardly any of them have anything but antipathy for Whites. The jewsmedia generally counts anyone who isn’t obviously negroid as “white”. The Krug case takes this to an absurd level by miscounting a toxic anti-White jew as “white” and misattributing her typically jewy transracial fraud to her “whiteness”.

  6. Breezy Steve, White-Counting – Taki’s Magazine:

    While The New York Times is quite worked up over White Privilege, which it assumes is proven by white overrepresentation among the powerful, it has never shown any interest in the exactly parallel concept of Jewish Privilege.

    And yet Jews are far more overrepresented among the “Faces of Power” than are whites in general (although possibly less so than you might expect). A Twitter user named Philippus Arabus went through the list and identified 120 Jewish individuals compared with the Times’ count of only 85 blacks, 62 Hispanics, and 32 Asians.

    Jews, who make up about 2 percent of the population, are 13 percent of the NYT’s rankings. One might think that Jewish pundits who promote the concept of White Privilege by pointing to the greater executive power per capita of whites than blacks should ponder that the exact same logic would suffice to demonstrate the existence of Jewish Privilege.

    Jews are most overrepresented among university presidents (56 percent), news editors (40 percent), Hollywood executives (40 percent), Supreme Court justices (33 percent), and sports-team owners (31 percent).

    They numbered fewest among police chiefs (none), Joint Chiefs of Staff (none), governors (4 percent), Trump cabinet members (4 percent), members of the House (6 percent), CEOs (8 percent), and senators (9 percent).

  7. They really get around. Here are some other examples of kosher demographics I was just reading:

    A study by Brandeis University’s Steinhardt Social Research Institute (2017) estimates the total US Jewish population in at 7.5 million, but states it could be as low as 7.1 million or as high as 7.8 million.

    In comparison, the report American Jewish Population Estimates (2012) by Brandeis University estimates that there are currently some 6.8 million Jews in the United States, and comprise more than 1.8 percent of the total population.

    The American Jewish Year Book of 1937 to 1938 claims, Of the total number of 15.5 million Jews in the world, 9,390,113 reside in Europe, 593,736 in Africa, 774,049 in Asia, 26,954 in Australasia, and 4,739,769 in America.

    Now ninety years later The Australian Jewish News reports, The worldwide population of Jews stands at 14.7 million, still falling short of the pre-World War II numbers according to a report by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

    During World War 2, it is indisputable that some jews lost their lives due to Typhus, starvation and other causes related to war. But I believe the vast majority of them had already fled Europe before the start of hostilities. To whitewash their instigation of that terrible conflict, the jews then concocted the Holo-hoax and afterwards attempted to swindle the White race out of the civilization it took a hundred generations to build.

    Though non-jewish records supporting my claim are few, I think turning to excerpts from The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem written by Henry Ford (during the early 1920’s) is informative.

    How many Jews are there in the United States? No Gentile knows.

    For the first time in the history of the United States a national conviction is forming upon this subject. From Europe came the first news. The reports told of vast mobilizations of Jewish people and of Jewish secret societies, here, to expedite “passport work,” as it is termed. Immigration into the United States became a business — a strictly Jewish business.

    Why is that statement made? — “a strictly Jewish business.” For this reason: From Germany, from Russia, from Poland, it is with the utmost difficulty that even one person can enter this country. But Jews from Poland, Germany, and Russia by the thousands come in most freely. It is like a moving army, which having done duty in Europe for the subjugation of that continent, is now being transferred to America.

    Even the ordinary immigration officials, who for years have watched the human stream as it flowed over Ellis Island, have this year been startled to attention. And what has startled them?

    First, it is composed almost entirely of Jews. Real Ukranians, real Russians, real Germans cannot come in. But Jews can come from anywhere, and are coming from almost everywhere.

    Second, they do not come as refugees, as people fleeing from hunger and persecution: they come as if they own the country. They arrive as special guests. The laws are set aside. Health regulations are ignored.

    Third, there is a perfect organization which overcomes the numerous objections which arise against admission of known revolutionary Jews. European Jews are potential revolutionists. They are the revolutionists of Italy, Germany, Russia and Poland.

    It is an invasion — nothing but an invasion. It is thinly cloaked with sentiment — “these people are fleeing from persecution.” It is cleverly assisted by photographs showing groups of forlorn looking women and children — never by photographs showing the groups of husky young revolutionists who are just as ready to despoil the United States as they were to despoil Russia.
    — How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength Volume 2, Chapter 21

    Best regards.

  8. “But I believe the vast majority of them had already fled Europe before the start of hostilities.”

    The Soviet government evacuated around 4 million Jews to Western Asia ahead of the German advance. That’s the simple answer to the stupid question that morons ask, “But where did all the Jews go?”

  9. Not great in number but undoubtedly large in impact, an estimated 2,000 Jewish academics entered the U.S. between 1933 and 1945 in the refugee scholars program of The Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars, funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation.This is documented in this article:

    and a book, Well Worth Saving: American Universities’ Life-and-Death Decisions on Refugees from Nazi Europe, by Laurel Leff.

  10. Tan, do you think the Jews actually wish to exterminate us? If so, why? It seems to me that a rational parasite would wish to keep the host that it is so adept at manipulating alive in perpetuity. That is of course assuming the Jews are collectively rational. They may be essentially insane; driven mad by a psychotic hatred for their ancient enemy.

  11. Revilo P. Oliver: The Jewish Strategy. Extermination of Aryans a Logical Step:

    Early in the Twentieth Century, Aryans had, for all practical purposes, subjugated the entire world and made it everywhere both safe and convenient for the Jews, whereas events in Germany in the 1930s proved that Aryans could be dangerous to the Master Race, if they got out of control. Elimination of the species seems therefore a logical step for the self-styled ‘God-people.’

    Perfectly rational. The parasite has other hosts to exploit.

  12. Fuck!
    Look at this hideous creature..
    Get the fuck off of our planet you repellent, satanic kikes! Get out!

  13. Captainchaos “Tan, do you think the Jews actually wish to exterminate us? If so, why? It seems to me that a rational parasite would wish to keep the host that it is so adept at manipulating alive in perpetuity. ”
    Look at all the irreversible damage the jews have done to their latest “host” target: 30 trillion dollars of debt and counting, 900 trillion dollars of worth dervivitives, (that is nothing but stocks created from subprime debts), a world littered with dead bodies from the endless warfare the jews have waged in our name, our manufacturing capabilities outsourced to enemy states like china while tens of millions of porr blue collar latinos flood over our borders, and on and on. The reason jews have been able to hijack the nations wealth and left nothing but trails of violence, poverty and homelessness, is because they’ve monopolized our media, entertainmant industry, government, courts and education systems, and then used these mediums to dumb us down, atomize us, polarize us and then misdirect us. It’s how these grubby, ugly, stubby little jews wage war. So, in answer to your question: NO, jews are not interested in milking the cow indefinately…they want us dead. Look at the tragectory this nation is on. It is unsustainable. Jews know Slaves eventually wake up. Tipping points are eventually reached, and jews have always suffered backlashes.

  14. @Captainchaos
    Do you know if anyone intends on raising another site for the Northwest Front? What a time to disband, huh? I’ve sent 2 msgs to Jason, unanswered. No surprise, there. I thought of launching a site I could call the Northwest-Lighthouse, searchable under some appropriate keywords. It wouldn’t be much more than a message/comment site, for now, a gathering place.

    @Tan, Vespasian
    On Revilo P Oliver – The jewish Strategy. The recent century makes the desire for our total elimination rational, enough. But I think the issue is somewhat more complicated. I share the question made by Captainchaos.

    Amid the inestimable destruction upon us led by jews in the past century, there was an unprecedented leap in Aryan ingenuity. While I’ve no doubt that the jewish top of the pyramid works tirelessly for our extinction, the Cabal yet loves it’s high tech toys. This implies some constraints. In a way, they need us to kill us. The arsenal of a global tyrant has graduated well beyond guns and bombs. But scientists would not work well in captivity, aware that their race is undergoing genocide at the hands of their employers.

    Above all, what complicates the matter, for me, is the occult(ed) programs, like Paperclip and the alleged Antarctic Neu-Schwabenland.

    I’m as skeptical as anyone has the right to be. And I would dismiss all allegations of super technologies. But two things, primarily, prevent me.

    My mother was an eye witness to a saucer craft levitating over a bridge, circa ~1966, near Colebrook, NH, close enough to kill the electricity in her car, dead on the highway. It hovered 30 sec to a min. She described its luminescent outline in the night sky, while appearing virtually translucent within. After repeated attempts to start her car, it started only after the craft left, too fast for the eye to see which direction. She brushed it off, thinking her mind was playing tricks. But photos of it were in the paper the next day, along with other sighting testimonials.

    Sept 11, 2001, there was the Hutchison effect around the collapsing buildings, an electromagnetic tornado. 9-11 was a chilling demonstration of Tesla technology.

    For many years, there has been a fanatical lockdown on all Tesla-like electrical experimentation. The elite are afraid of something they feel is a very real threat, either to their oil economy or monopoly on weapons.

    Even in our Frankfurt school university classrooms, Physics professors are finding it increasingly troublesome to promulgate politically correct lies. The Electric Universe Model (championed by White physicists and electrical Phd’s) is capturing the attention of many physics students who are throwing Einstein out the window. I was one of them.

    The black projects do exist. And they (must) have extensive societies of their own while necessitating all manner of modern manufacturing conveniences, which in turn require the financial support of currency backed by production. They’ve been a money sink to the tune of trillions, already, if you count the liars at NASA, alone.

    It’s rumored that the black projects are fragmented, intentionally so, working independently. They’re used by the psychotic Cabal through military or para-military authority. But I can’t imagine this research is purely the providence of jewish scientists (almost an oxymoron) or their pet niggers. There must be a large, albeit isolated, network of White ‘goyim’ who are scientifically privy while whose questionable loyalty to a bunch of greedy banksters leaves the Cabal in one hell of a dilemma. This precarious balancing act is accomplished by a two fold policy called ‘compartmentalization’ and ‘need to know basis’.

    This is hypothetical, but I think probable. If the Germans were indeed successful with their breakaway society (which requires no outside props), whatever pre and post WWII truces were made are but paper thin and brittle with time. It does not follow, however, that they’d lift a finger for us, especially if they see we’re not fighting with armed resistance. Substandard Aryans, they’d think. (Another reason I’m pissed at the NWF HQ for folding up.)

    Let alone China, Iran, etc, it’s entirely possible that the jew’s most dangerous enemy is still at large. But whatever the case, it’s unlikely the Cabal can mothball their high tech research and must continue to pander to those racially sleeping Whites capable of sustaining counter technology.

  15. Forresttales, I haven’t heard about anyone setting up a successor site to the Northwest Front. You should do it, but instead call it “Northern Lights.” That title is suggestive of a larger portion of land we will need for the ethnostate than merely the Pacific Northwest. I’m thinking everything from the Pacific coast to the Pennsylvania border, of course excluding the Sun Belt. Most Americans of German descent tend to live in those regions, which is of course fortuitous.

    As for Jason, he apparently experienced a fit of pique when I pointed out that his boyfriend Andy Dorker is a gamma male. (Lulz)

  16. @forresttales. UFOs?? Your bringing up UFOs on this thread? The only UFOs (unidentified financial objects) on this planet are the 900 trillion dollars of worthless derivatives that were created in the aftermath of Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Stegal, and the enactment of the Commodites Modernization Act, which deregulated over the counter credit default swaps among other nefarious criminal scams. That’s what all this destabilization is about. The pyramid scam is coming undone and the jews need a smoke screen while they escape to their bugout spots (Canada, NZ, Australia) with our nuclear weapons. Some even say this ponzi derivative market could be as high as two quadrillion dollars, which is 570 years of the WORLDS GDP. UFOs??? You know the one thing the UFO people never talk about is astronomy, because if they did, people would see very quickly long distance space travel is impossible. Not only would it take thousands of years for spacecraft to get here from possible “life supporting” goldielock zone planets, but the universe is rapidly expanding as we speak. I suggest your focus should be on who is going to get to all those nuclear missile silos and trident storage bunkers after the collapse. Who is going to get into all the military armorys. You a jew by any chance?

  17. @Vespasian, greetings. I’m no jew. I beg a little latitude on the UFO report. I was thinking out loud about the question of our final extermination vs the societies behind high tech whom I believe are very influential. Got carried away.

    For what I can even understand about economics, I share your outrage at how jewish banking and high finance has left us a ruined nation. But it’s no longer the final crash that offends me. The multi-racial cesspool does. I don’t want to save the country. I want balkanization. It’s the reset, the globalist reconstruction, that I want to prevent.

    The jew cockroaches are going to scatter to other countries? For the love of all the gods, I hope so.

    Take our nuclear weapons? Where, now? They’ve already armed Israel to the teeth.

    “Who is going to get into all the military armorys.” It’s a wise consideration, one that’s been on my mind the past 3 years.

    “You know the one thing the UFO people never talk about is astronomy.” Yup. And that’s still the case. It’s the straight jacket of bad science. To understand my irreverence, look into the Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill.

    @Captainchaos, Your comments over there were most refreshing! HQ, with it’s evasive excuses, was coddled enough by people in the responses. You weren’t one of them.

    I like your idea, “Northern Lights” and extending to the Great Lakes. I can check if this DNS is available or come up with some permutation. The sites I build now for my company are a handy template. But it still might be 2 to 4 weeks out. I’ve downloaded the NWF html pages, but I won’t use them.

    Should I go ahead and raise a new site, HAC’s materials and podcasts will be available, all I can gather. NS principles will be explicit. It will be a site under construction, pretty clunky. But that’s ok. We are at liberty, albeit obligated, to rewrite some rules. Hopefully, the old NWF pod-casters, Gretchen, Count of Letis, the Trucker, will find the site.

  18. Lately “Hunter Wallace” has been placing blame for the decline of Western societies with the likes of Baudelaire and modernism, not Jews. At least that is the view from his parents’ basement. Lulz

  19. “And that’s not even considering the mischlings, who are more difficult to identify than jews, certainly more numerous than most people would estimate, and have a remarkable tendency to goypose upward.”

    On this half-jew tendency to goypose, the only literature I have encountered on this subject is from Revilo Oliver’s “Jewish Plague” where he briefly mentions the work of the Jew Alfred Nossig on the dominance of Jewish genes. I admit complete ignorance on the particulars of the subject, but I assume that the hereditary dominance of something akin to an “ethnocentrism” gene could function analogously to hair or eye colours. Also, the Jewy conduct of the self-proclaimed mischlings who frequent the alt-kike channels, as well as the historical precedent of the Marranos has affirmed this theory for me. When one thinks of Christopher Hitchens’s late revelation, how many cryptos go through life without even knowing (not that it matters)…that said, in Hitchens’ case it was probably a conceit given that it was his virulence towards “Islamo-Fascism™” that stirred his Jewish blood out of slumber.

    If anyone has delved deeper into the subject of the heritability of Jewish genes I would appreciate your insight.

  20. I’ve heard a lot of Mark Cuban interviews, mostly by (((Jim Rome))), but that one Megyn Kelly gave him was hilarious. His jew was definitely showing in that one. His level of coping with the low NBA ratings was off the charts! She actually asked him tough questions and he tried to convince her the ratings numbers were fake lmao whatta filthy, subversive kike!

    Thanks for posting that one in the RSS feed, Tan. Would have never heard it otherwise.

  21. Over at Counter Currents Greg Johnson has hired Jim Goad (alt light poser fake tough guy) as a writer after he resigned from Takis mag. He has written a grand total of three articles for them and has had some critical comments and one critical article and has reacted in hysterics. I am almost certain that he is some kind of Jew. The whole package is there- being an alt-light grifter, arguing in bad faith, attempting to shame people for being White collectivists, posing as a victim (he laughably claims to be autistic in the article-which provides cover for his ‘lack of group identification’-but on a podcast two weeks ago with Johnson said he was a sociopath and not autistic), treating the commenters there with a disdain borne of unearned intellectual superiority (‘herd thinkers’ indeed), resorting to personal insults etc.

    The whole thing has given me a massive sense of deja vu going back to when Tan was arguing with Lawrence Auster. I know you are not interested in Johnson or Counter Currents Tan but the whole thing is quite a shit show.

    Can you even really call it infiltration when it is done in such a ham fisted hysterical way? Then again his supposed honesty is all part of his act.

  22. @ Alt Jew Network “If anyone has delved deeper into the subject of the heritability of Jewish genes I would appreciate your insight.”

    Read Mark Brahmin’s blog “The Apollonian Transmission,” where he shows how the Jews are a Semitic bride-gathering cult. Judaism is a parasitic strategy whereby male Jews infiltrate Aryan societies and seek to capture Aryan women to use as breeding stock for the creation of more Jews.

    The genetic evidence that the Ashkenazic line is patrileneally Jewish and matrilineally White, in addition to the endless movies Jews make about attaining White women and cucking “jocks” (White men) supports this thesis. Almost all Jewish media is about that.

    I’d also recommend listening to his podcasts with Richard Spencer where he talks about what Christianity actually is and how Jews control host societies through the creation of religious movements and art.

  23. Jew caught jerking his gherkin…fiddling his trouser’s violin…a gentleman’s show by any standard. Say you’ve seen this? that you’re aware of it?

    Also, why haven’t you written anything of merit regarding Goyvid-19? They’re hoaxing the whole world with an illusive super-scary invisible plague…and you are silent on this too? Sweden — the most domesticated utterly judaized nation on earth — has no enforced jewish medical tyranny;
    but the European nations with the greatest potential for rebellion (Italy, France) are all under “lockdown” … likewise the American states with the greatest percentage of conservative gun-owners coincidentally enough are the worst affected. Jewish media have literally changed the terms of reality in less than a year. What does this say about human psychology? They have proclaimed a viral ghost as real as the chair you sit in, and the goyim do happily obey. The jewish appetite for control of others’ lives cannot be sated by reason nor surpassing wealth nor the passage of 4000 years of unbroken unbelievably brutal racial conflict. Perhaps the jews are meant to win? Isn’t their power astounding?

  24. A Semitic bride gathering cult? Lol. I can’t believe people spend so much time coming up with and talking about these theories.

  25. Guy: How do you explain the Kushner brothers? Sacha Baron Cohen? Any number of rich Jews who seek out White women to use as breeding stock? Jeffrey Epstein spent his life hunting down White girls to defile. The guy had birthing stations on his island FFS. Brahmin is very esoteric but he’s one of the most important voices on the racial right.

  26. I mean, its much more likely they married someone they liked, just like anyone does. Some marry in, some marry out in todays secular society. I don’t see how it’s helpful to concoct these theories that can be much better explained by everyday normal motivations. If using breeding stock was their main goal, why get married? Why not keep a harem of women and have as many kids as possible. And then there’s Epstein, the billionaire who had a grand total of 0 children. I mean its entertaining but just kinda crazy lol.

  27. You can’t be this naive. Jews do not have “normal, everyday motivations.” They are purpose-driven on a collective, racial level and have been for millennia. They coordinate across countries and across generations. Your skepticism towards this is all too typical of many Whites. It’s the reason why Jews run circles around Whites, and why they have so much unchallenged power.
    Jews do behave like this. After so many centuries we cannot be so naive as to underestimate them, because that’s always been our downfall. Look at this Jew who used his sperm to father 1,000 children in England. This is the behavior of a malevolent parasite. Also anyone who believes Epstein, who was obsessively interested in eugenics, didn’t have any children is a fool.

  28. Epstein was an asset of Israeli intelligence; a pimp and blackmailer working for the Mossad. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about “breeding stock.”

  29. Toxic jews doing their “fellow white” shtick: The European Man Tweet Archive

    This indefatigable hero, who was banned repeatedly for “hate”, created and posted screenshots highlighting hundreds of examples of goyposing, often triggering jews to respond by explicitly screeching as jews.

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