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This is an archive of the items that appeared in TFeed during 2023.

TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

You can send suggestions (please include link) for audio to put in the feed to tanstaafl at age-of-treason dot com.

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7 thoughts on “TFeed Index 2023”

  1. Hello Tan, thank you for keeping TFeed going. Your voice and work was a stabilizing force when I first discovered this information, and continues to be so.

    I’d like to point you in the direction of Jasun Horsley, who has been having some high level and original conversations on these matters over on his substack.

    blog :
    podcast feed :

    His previous podcast laid some of the ground for his current direction, coming at the subject from an apolitical position with an interest in social engineering and culture as trauma based mind control.

    He’s recently spoken with Kevin Barrett, Nick Kollerstrom, and James Kunstler, but his dialogues with further fringe voices have been equally edifying.

    I’d recommend his conversation with Rurik Skywalker ( as a good taster of how he is approaching this information.

    Thank you again, Tan.

  2. Putin’s latest speech all but names the Jews by name..

    “As for the United States itself, the ongoing attempts by the liberal-globalist elites ruling there today to spread their ideology worldwide by any means, to maintain their imperial status, their dominance, only further exhaust the country, lead it to degradation, and directly contradict the true interests of the American people. If it weren’t for this dead-end path, aggressive messianism, mixed with a belief in their own chosenness and exceptionalism, international relations would have long been stabilized.”


    I do not know how to do it, but good minds reading you do, we can and should by-pass “our elites” and establish ties with Putin directly.

    Assuming that folks here agree with Putin’s (Dugin’s) model of a global order.


  3. Hi Tan.

    I think it is this one, but give me through the weekend to verify…

    More importantly is Angelo John Cage…A man on twitter who was very leary of me mentioning the jew….who once did and was attacked. I got banned from twitter for telling Lawrence Tribe of the the tribe that IF he tried to take our guns away, we would kill him; this cation was an act of Christian Charity, btw….

    He was at something called the JP conference and he has evolved like we all have. He was U.S. Marine “normie” now, he is a U.S. Marine awake and yelling as all good men do.

    Cordially, and thank you.

  4. Hi Tan

    This one~ 3 minutes in.

    btw, look at the expression and demeanor of the normally polished Gardner who was like your typical TV professional.

    Give him a year and it will be a buzz cut …

    The larger story is how this is bubbling up from the bottom.
    The jew always works to control the heights, but their strategies only work when they control the heights.

    Remove the heights, defeat the jew.


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