Liberalism vs Wokeism – The Fix is In

Michael Tracey started a Clubhouse chat to discuss how the Clubhouse chats he’s in always devolve into a criticism of “wokeism”, and how nobody in his “liberal” bubble ever tries to defend it. For about 90 minutes that’s exactly what happens. Very boring, very politically correct – with everyone trying to sound like a deep thinker, unable to plainly state what they’re thinking.

Somebody recorded the bulk of the conversation and uploaded it to YouTube: “Is Clubhouse Obsessed with “Wokeism”?” Feb 26th 2021. I transcoded it to mp3.

Without the aid of Clubhouse avatars it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s speaking. The speaker’s race is easier to guess. Tracey bragged that there were plenty of non-White participants from various countries, but for the most part they conformed to White social norms. The jewy-behaving moderators carefully curated the conversation, allowing a series of jewy- and black-sounding voices to “popcorn in” and say their little piece of nothing.

The conversation finally got interesting at about 1:20:00, when the first overt defender of “wokeism” spoke. The mood becomes increasingly fraught. Within ten minutes someone was announcing that “the milquetoast stuff needs to stop” and the conversation needs to be about “White supremacy”.

About two hours in an aggressive nigress named Brooklyn enters, starts berating Tracey, gets admin privileges, and bounces Tracey out of his own chat. The mood changes dramatically. Niggers now control the room, whooping and high-fiving, talking over each other.

Even as they settle down it becomes clear that black social norms are very different. Brooklyn and the other field niggers are incensed that White people had the audacity to speak about proprietary black topics using proprietary black words. They giggle as they silence non-blacks. They institute “stack”-style moderation, explicitly privileging blacks. Brooklyn asserts the term and tactic were invented by blacks.

House niggers who were in the room from the start drop their masks and denounce the previous long boring politically correct conversation as “anti-black” and “violent”. They praise the field niggers for swooping in and saving them. The field niggers castigate the house niggers, accusing them of “cooning“.

One of the milquetoast nigresses says Tracey made her a moderator, and that she was the one who started the coup by elevating Brooklyn. They share a knowing laugh about their virtual “Haitian revolution“.

Tracey never saw any defense of “wokeism” because it’s proponents don’t defend, they attack. Like jews, blacks imagine themselves as victims of oppression, at the hands of Whites, and in their minds this naturally justifies the hostility and aggression they direct at Whites. They act offended at the idea that they have to argue with or even explain what they want.

At 2:45:00 Brooklyn notices Bret Weinstein is in the room. Saying Weinstein is a “mad racist” who is supposedly promoted by Clubhouse, she invites him to speak.

For years Weinstein has danced around what he is and what he believes. Here he finally copped to it, and did so even more bluntly than his older brother recently has.

Weinstein: Can I ask something of you, before I answer your questions?

Brooklyn: Did you answer those questions? Do you support White supremacy, are you anti-“racist”…

Someone else: and transphobia.

W: Okay. I’m happy to do all these things, but I would ask you to try to listen…

B: Listen, white man, we’re in charge here, okay? We axed you some questions. You can answer or you can go.

Some black male: Here’s da problem Bret. It’s the same thing as if I was to axe the president of the United States, or the previous president…

B: We’re not gonna do dat. Axe him, bro. Are you anti-racist? Are you transphobic? Are you anti-black, like give us the answers right now and quickly or you gonna get off the stage.

W: Sure, sure. 100%. But let me correct something Marcy said first.

B: 100% what? Are you 100% anti-black or are you 100% anti-racist? What’s goin on?

W: I am 100%…


B: Can you all stop trying to let this man wiggle out of answering the questions?

W: First of all, I’m not a classical liberal, I’m an actual liberal. Okay? Far left. Have been my whole life. I am thoroughly anti-racist by any normal definition, but I don’t like Kendi’s definition of anti-racist, it doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a White supremacist. As a matter of fact I’m not even sure I qualify as White. I’m jewish. It’s a different thing. My people have been persecuted by Europeans…

B: You are just spicy white, but continue.

W: Okay, fine, I’ll take that. I just don’t think it’s a simple issue. And to be honest I’m…was there a third question? Oh, am I transphobic? I am not the least bit transphobic. As a matter of fact I…

B: Stop right there.

At this point the discussion goes off into the “transphobia” weeds, with everyone involved oddly eager to drop any further discussion of the difference between Whites and jews. Shortly thereafter Weinstein describes himself as an evolutionary biologist. Brooklyn says, “A eugenicist. Dats what you mean.” A minute later they call Weinstein a White supremacist and mute him.

There is no reason to listen to the entire 5 hour and 20 minute recording. The 8 or so minutes with Weinstein are the most telling, capturing the essence of the farce, which is itself a microcosm of the shift in the broader jew agenda, the replacement of “liberalism” with “wokeism”.

Dissembling dissimulating jews, authors of the oppression narrative, posing as White liberals, leading the White surrender to non-Whites. To the extent the Weinsteins ever argue with non-Whites it is only to get across their point that, as jews, they also see Whites as their enemy.

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  1. The original anti-White non-Whites, who wrote the playbook for all the rest, doing the original “oppression” shtick: here and here.

  2. Design firm takes responsibility for CPAC stage – The Forward

    “ACU and CPAC have no interest in promoting antisemitism from our stage, whether it’s what happens on the stage or the design of the stage itself,” Walters added. “It’s clear that the company we retained designed a stage that has become an unwelcome distraction. As a result, we will not be using that company’s services going forward at future events.”

    Design Foundry said it was “saddened and horrified at the accusations that this was a deliberate act. Design Foundry denounces all hate speech and acts of racism, prejudice, or bigotry in all forms.”

    Disavowing “anti-semitism” and denouncing “bigotry in all forms” while swarming jews are screeching at and cancelling you.

  3. None of the things described in this post even qualify as farce; it is literally Jews going to the zoo to feed monkeys some peanuts.

  4. Glenn Greenwald:

    How come these blacklists are so often overwhelmingly – in this case almost entirely – filled with Jews and homosexuals?

    The list:

    Matt Yglesias, Glenn Greenwald, Andy Ngo, Michael Tracey, Bari Weiss, Jesse Singal, anyone from the NYT editorial desk.

    We’re quickly approaching the point where the only accounts left on social media are jews screeching “muh holocaust” at each other 24/7.

  5. The entire thing, start to finish, was farce, or more specifically a minstrel show. From the ambiguously jewy anti-“racist” journalist who pretends he can’t figure out what “wokeism” is, to the coy anti-“racist” jew who knows very well that it’s jewing but is deeply deeply concerned because he imagines the goyim cargo cultists are getting it wrong.

    These two characters, masquerading as “white” men, staged a fake debate with a bunch of fake-ass Krugs masquerading as their tormentors, then took a dive. To the extent there were any actual blacks present, their performances were a mix of crude caricatures – house-broken Urkels, lispy queers, gangsta rappers – every one animated by the delusion that “we da real hebrews”.

    Like all jew comedy, the joke is on the goyim.

  6. It seems this Tanstaafl needs to talk and talk and explain what his problems with Jews are.
    But with Blacks it comes natural for him. He never really needs to explain.

  7. ‘These two characters, masquerading as “white” men, staged a fake debate with a bunch of fake-ass Krugs masquerading as their tormentors, then took a dive. To the extent there were any actual blacks present, their performances were a mix of crude caricatures – house-broken Urkels, lispy queers, gangsta rappers – every one animated by the delusion that “we da real hebrews”.’

    Crypto jew blacks?

  8. ADL demands apology from NBA center Meyers Leonard’s for ‘kike’ slur on Twitch – The Forward:

    The remark adds to the list of professional athletes targeting Jewish people since the racial justice movement following the death of George Floyd.

    The original “wokeness” on display – kikes swarming and screeching as if they are oppressed victims, because somebody had the audacity to utter one of their proprietary words on their internet without their authorization.

  9. James Lindsay:

    Been reading Marcuse’s “Essay on Liberation” (1969) again. It’s a very insightful document if you want to understand the madness of the day. “Liberation” is, for Marcuse and radicals since the middle of the 20th c., the new socialism that “hasn’t been tried”—so, today’s project.

    The intentionally utopian character of liberationism, which is the conceptual basis of Wokeness at the practical level, isn’t merely to be inferred. It’s explicit. Marcuse’s point here is that it’s time for utopia! And he has a plan (subversion and Aufhebung of existing society).

    The “explicit” “conceptual basis of Wokeness” is “liberation”, promoted by “Marcuse and radicals since the middle of the 20th c”.

    I.e. “Wokeness” jewing is just the new name for the post-goyim-uprising phase of “liberalism” jewing.

  10. I wondered why I was suddenly getting e-mails from “conservative” and “Republican” and “libertarian” and “Christian” acquaintances on how intrepid hero Bret Weinstein–the only knight of western civ and !!!SCIENCE!!! to stand up to the dastardly Turbo Commies at Evergreen State–is Taking On Big Tech…by writing a Dr. Seuss flavored net graffito.

    Is his brother’s boss’s Big Data propaganda team rolling out some new plan, or is this latest bunch of netmedia exposure just the old golem pushing the already installed buttons?

    The abovementioned people get extremely agitated and hostile when one points out certain prominent events and themes in Reb Bret’s life-long career of gnattering at white people. Then they proceed to shut down conversation…while claiming it’s the LEFT that’s the First Amendment problem.

    So I’ve provisionally concluded that Reb Bret has been maneuvered some time recently (?) into being a hero of the “RIGHT.” (As though the “LEFT” isn’t a bunch of globojew corporate mercenary information/spy agents’ realtime reality TV.)

    > the jew-first regime is making it literally illegal to vex jews.

    Their entire schtik arises out of a family structure grounded in causing each other vexation. Including with lawyers. It is a mistake ever to assume they are peace-seeking people. In their families, and particularly their maternal structures, is where they have installed the module that makes them so greedy for external validation while turning around and fanging anyone who offers it.

    *wer- (2) here:*wer-?ref=etymonline_crossreference#etymonline_v_52647

    Adversary, controversy, wrangle, writhe, pervert, subvert, vermiform, vermin, wriggle, and writhe.

    In line with this etymology, the “debate” above is pure Wrestlemania.

    > proprietary words

    This is far more to the point…and a concept that your average altruistic trusting White person cannot comprehend. I.e., turning EVERYTHING into real estate. I remember being the only individual where I worked at the time who didn’t laugh when The Onion had a story, “Microsoft Patents Zeroes, Ones.” It wasn’t funny on several levels.

    But then I was the only one aware of this, thanks to spending the ’90s reading Forverts in Yiddish (where they’d hide stuff from the goyim):

    Meanwhile, at work, all the Catlicks and some of the Prots were having the vapors over THE HOLOCAUST.

  11. Justin Baragona:

    Tucker Carlson to Michael Tracey: “I should say, I’ve never touted anything, but I think you’re one of the smartest voices on Twitter.”

    Cucker touts many similar farcical “left”-posing alt-jew figures, e.g. Bret Weinstein, Dave Rubin, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Wolf. And all they do is wring their hands and kvetch about how the new fast-and-furious “wokeness” anti-White jewing is quickly displacing the slow-and-steady “liberal” anti-White jewing they prefer – without ever mentioning that any of it is anti-White or has anything to do with jews jewing.

  12. Jeremy Slevin:

    “Ilhan Omar…is bristling with racial hostility.”

    “Barack Obama is a racial arsonist.”

    This is Tucker’s schtick distilled. Putting prominent Black leaders on the screen and calling them the real racists. It is designed to incite.

    Indeed. Designed to incite distraction.

    Shtick is the jew word for this farcical jewy behavior. The precise jew shtick here is, “let’s you blacks and Whites fight”. Both protagonists in this fake jew-driven jew-promoted fight are jew tools who agree that the real enemy is “racism”, but especially “anti-semitism”.

  13. David French:

    Theory: Right and left put way too much stock in the content of diversity training materials. They treat it as culture-changing stuff when most folks approach it with a sense of bored irritation, a box they have to check before they get back to their days.

    A cuckservative is someone who stands athwart history yelling, “Nothing to see here, goyim!”

  14. The point of this “Clubhouse” chat is for Jews to lift up a new ideal, or rather rightly viewed an anti-ideal. Limp-wristed, black queers barely capable of speaking the king’s English are to be celebrated whilst straight, White masculinity is to be shown all the deference usually afforded a public urinal located in an inner-city bus station. It is a Nietzschean “transvaluation of values.”

  15. Holocaust denier Alison Chabloz jailed over barrage of antisemitic abuse | Jewish News:

    Alison Chabloz, 57, of St John’s Wood, was found guilty of a communications offence on Wednesday and was handed an eighteen-week prison sentence, of which she will serve nine weeks behind bars.

    Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard how Chabloz claimed on the social media network Gab that “anything that’s worth controlling will have Jews there controlling it” and accused Jews of turning their children into “psychopathic maniacs”.

    She also stated that Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany because they “had been behaving in a certain fashion, as we’re seeing again today”, and that some Jews should be deported.

    . . .

    “Despite already having been convicted of similar offences, she continued, while serving her suspended sentence, to use the internet to attempt to radicalise others and convert them to her hateful way of thinking about Jewish people.

    “Today’s verdict and sentence finally give the Jewish community justice and protection from someone who has made a vocation out of denying the Holocaust and baiting Jews.

    “It also sends a clear message to those who might be tempted to go down the same path.”

    Swarming screeching jews jewing.

  16. Some interesting discussions regarding secession/Balkanization have been going on at Vox Day’s blog lately. Most of it involves a lot of irresolute dithering and hairsplitting, but at least the issue is finally getting on the table.

    Most of it boils down to this: where should the White ethnostate be located and what if ZOG won’t let us have it?

    As to the first question, most of the arable land in America is located in the Midwest and Great Plains regions. Most of the people of German descent also live in those regions. So, he who controls those regions not only effectively controls the food supply but commands the most racially superior folk humanity has to offer. Of course an ocean coastline will be needed to avoid blockade, but the aforementioned regions really are just about the whole ball of wax.

    As to the second question, if we can get tens of millions of Germans to show up for the cause I really don’t see how we can lose.

    This stuff really isn’t rocket science.

  17. ‘As to the first question, most of the arable land in America is located in the Midwest and Great Plains regions. Most of the people of German descent also live in those regions. So, he who controls those regions not only effectively controls the food supply but commands the most racially superior folk humanity has to offer’

    The thing I lobe about you captainchaos is that as a Jew youare always thinking about human capital. Human resources in a literal way.

    Vox day is a nasty crypto-Jewish grifter.

  18. Vox Day is an uber-touchy prima donna and firstly a businessman, but he does have his uses. What I find fascinating is the speed with which the regular commentators at his blog have abandoned their nauseating Trump worship and have taken to ever so meek mumblings of racial separation. These are just the type of people who need to be led to a clear sighted vision of the topic.

    I believe I have the outline of a plan to create a geostrategically viable White ethnostate in North America, yet done in a way that minimizes bloodshed. The idea is one of population exchange. Non-Whites will be paid to leave the great cities of the Midwest for the Sunbelt region and Whites from the Sunbelt will be encouraged to move to those cities. The plan is to rebuild the infrastructure and industries of those once great cities, populated exclusively by White people.

    If we’ve got the food supply and the Krauts, that’s all the muscle we need to make it happen.

  19. TRIGGERnometry:

    Professor of politics @epkaufm (Eric “White Shift” Kaufmann) “Wokeness is the sacralisation of historically marginalised groups”

    New Report: Political Discrimination Rife at Universities – Eric Kaufmann

    Do Kaufmann and the Triggernometry clowns realize this is a restatement of Auster’s Law?

    Do they discuss how the description fits jews? How “wokeness” is just the age-old jew narrative extending the jew starring role as oppressed victims to non-Whites generally?

    “Wokeness” is the sacralization of non-Whites, especially jews. But you’re not going to hear that from alt-jew charlatans.

  20. the Jew Bloc swarming all over this basketball player for using the word KIKE is exactly how
    Tanstaff has outlined it: another warning shot as each and everything that offends the KIKE is purged from the ether….imagine if these plague-rats weren’t powerless and oppressed…the terror they could wield?

  21. In light of the latest jew screeching, Michael Tracey decided to publish a piece he wrote in March 2019 defending Ilhan Omar from the IDW jewhadis. The Most Ardent Practitioners Of “Identity Politics” Are “Pro-Israel” Advocates:

    But have you noticed that the IDW’s disdain for “identity politics” and all its attendant excesses — the cheap performative outrage, capricious offense-taking, and over-eagerness to ascribe bigoted motivations — seem to go completely out the window when when the discussion turns to Israel? Leading figures in the Intellectual Dark Web responded with such ferocious, emotionally-reactive indignation to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s recent allegedly “anti-semitic” comments that they began to deploy exactly the same stultifying argumentative tactics they’d almost certainly deplore in virtually any other context.

    Tracey clearly sees what the IDW is doing. He can see that it is in essence a cabal of tribalist jews screeching that everyone else’s tribalism is wrong.

    What he doesn’t mention is their fictitious conflict with “wokeness” jewing, the larger and more dominant cabal of tribalist jews screeching that tribalism is great for everyone, except Whites.

    That’s because like all these jews, Tracey’s utmost concern is that the goyim not notice the collective jew-first nature of all this collective jewing:

    A sadly necessary disclaimer: any attempts to explain the US-Israel relationship by reference to the innate subversive qualities of Jews — a tendency one often encounters on nasty, conspiratorial corners of the internet — should be rightly denounced as anti-semitic because these theories dwell irrationally on Jews’ supposed inborn features, and encourage animus on that basis.

    The jewsmedia is wall to wall with jews screeching at jews about “White supremacism” and the jew-first jew-only state – it’s all just so random, nothing to see here goyim!

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