The Screeching Will Continue Until Democracy is Saved

Rob Reiner, 15 Oct 2021:

We are being ruled by an unchecked disturbed Sociopath, his lunatic White Supremacist followers, and Joe Manchin. We no longer live in a Democracy.

Rob Reiner, 30 Oct 2021:

No prosecution of Donald Trump for his violent attack to overthrow our Government. No Voting Rights. We are watching Democracy slip away and die.

We are seeing jewing. As Ezra Pound put it decades ago, “Democracy” is just jewspeak for “a country run by jews”.

“Anti-semitism” is on the rise, goyim. “White supremacism” is to blame for this, goyim. “Liberalism” must go into “Wokeness” mode or “Democracy” won’t survive, goyim.

For 75 years jewing has run rampant, completely unopposed. They make the rules. They’re changing them. Every day the jewsmedia narrative gets insaner in its attempt to either distract from or jewsplain the totally jewed regime’s latest violation of its own previous political, medical, economic, financal, social, and legal norms. Covid, BLM/antifa, trannies, caravans – and why won’t you filthy uppity goyim ever save the jews from Hitler?

Every day more goyim must be wondering, is this peak jewing? And every day the jewsmedia figures out some way to take it to the next level. Sorry goyim, it’s a feature not a bug. The more obvious the jewing becomes, the louder and more kooky their screeching becomes. They screech as if all this jewing isn’t jewing, yet they’re only screeching to begin with because they know it is.

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  1. everyday is a new, sickening adventure in this Talmudic Jew Matrix. They get more brazen by the hour, as they have exactly zero respect for our non-Kike sensibilities , and give not a bowl of matzah soup about what we think of them….More frequently i find myself closing my eyes and daydreaming , imagining what this life could of been like without these cyclopic insects in it.

  2. Hi Tan,

    To borrow a Borzoi expression, the “extremely online” contingent of this sphere which upon close inspection often are meds or mixed race types who one would wager hold resentment towards the implicitly excluded from the Nordic centric White Nationalist groups. As shown by their repeated use of the pejorative “Wignats/Siegetards” etc. They seem to be growing in numbers and influence around here. Ostensibly they would be aligned with our cause, however they frequently expose a gross misunderstanding of what the Jew truly is as they fall for the various updates on the “pathological altruism” meme. In place of the racialism which they condemn for being uninspiring “materialism”, they fall to pan-European Fascism, and then downplay the omnipresent Jewish role in history, excusing their omission of the subject as some Machiavellian ploy to avoid breaching YouTube TOS or the age-old “you blame Jews for everything” strawman that intellectual “truth-seeker” types aka The Recycle Bins love to spew.

    Far more alarming to me is the budding controlled “antisemitism” in “based Xtianity”, which is gripping new entrants into the podcast nationalist sphere. They are exactly like the meme in that they will take the magic water nigger over a white non-jeebus believer whenever pressed on the issue. This mode of thinking dovetails with the pan-European Fascist types who wish to collaborate with non-white nationalists/leftoid nationalists, but don’t want to associate with low-class (trailer park) whites. Adam Green is doing a solid job repelling these types.

    The main reason I don’t believe these new Christtards can be easily dismissed is that a majority of the spurious fed accusations/gossip mongering against White Nationalists come from this contingent and they are growing in numbers due to being the last remnants of Jew-naming on youtube and have sway over Zoomer meme culture.

    *apologies for the excessive sprinkling of sneer quotes.

  3. I couldn’t stand Rob Reiner as Meathead in the reruns of All in the Family. His character’s role in the mockery of the traditional White male turned out to be an extension of the actor, himself. He says,

    We are watching Democracy slip away and die.

    For the love of all the gods, I hope so.

    …the budding controlled “antisemitism” in “based Xtianity”

    @Ken, thx for the link. Adam Green vs Myles Poland was exasperating. Descending into the dark and narrow recesses of what amounts to the Christtard’s universe of discourse is always a knife in a gunfight. And Poland is a quick draw with logic buzz words. It’s both insulting and infuriating, because a thorough application of academic logic is devastating to his argument. The show was an excellent exhibition of Christian arrogance and the smug circular reasoning so critical to their existence.

    As fundamentalist pastor’s kid, and having often found myself in Adam Green’s situation, I made note of a few things. In these debates, a couple elements always emerge as Christian apologetic axioms.

    1 Yahwey = God. The jew God is the only conceivable God. Rejection of this is atheism by definition. Any other God belief is idolatry.

    2 Christianity raised the proto-Indo-European above his naturally brutish and primitive behavior and became the sole institution of ethics grounding and facilitating European innovation and civilization.

    Of course, there’s also their scripture. See Excavating The Empty Tomb for the Greek fictional origins of the Gospels.

    Beyond axioms, there’s Christian apologetic debate strategy.

    1 Humiliate one’s opponent through his ignorance of the Bible.

    2 Employ hyper technicality, whether historical or oratorical. Do not anticipate nor address the intent, by spirit or context, of the opponent’s question or statement. Instead, attack him through openings left by his failure to express it accurately or eloquently.

    We could observe a thousand ways how the two axioms are used to counter reason that brings valid challenges into the argument. Double standards riddled Poland’s premises whenever blood offerings came up. His assumption, implied, was that such practice was evidence of holy edict, not an abhorrent ritual common to other peoples and based on superstitions of that time. If it’s jews, it’s God. If it’s the Romans or Carthaginians, it’s demons.

    The creation myth is a shelter for those loathe to entertain Whites descending from niggers. Real science doesn’t conclude this, anyway. Still, the first axiom reduces our ancestors to unprincipled, spiritually evil ‘pagans’. The second trivializes or dismisses the accomplishments of pre-Christian Greece and Rome and any racially particular instincts or virtues as contributory to European success. Likewise, any derivation of ethics by natural law or the sake of survival is, accordingly, illegitimate. Worse, said consideration is heresy or a species of idolatry.

    The mind is habit and conscience requires courage. Cognitive dissonance results in a little trauma when it’s self-implicating or incriminating. It can feel like a hot, searing rod through the brain, a sensation that usually doesn’t last more than a minute. Nevertheless, there are many intellectual snobs who do not suffer themselves this transient, psychic discomfort. They’d rather throw their ancestors, their progeny, and their entire race under the bus.

    That Christianity at large ignores the inestimable harm to Whites caused by racial integration is simply deflected through personal exception. A progressive or conservative doctrinal posturing is often adopted in an effort to distinguish one’s brand of Christianity, a superficial difference that yields nothing consequential. It’s a predictable phenomenon that watching Western societies fall apart hits home close enough to agitate some Christians into a semi-waking trance. They sleep walk their way into White nationalist circles. And with them, they invariably drag the Abrahamic carcass of their rotting excuse of a religion which aided and abetted, and indeed, continues to champion, the defilement and obliteration of all they claim to hold dear.

    It appears that Myles Poland (anonymous name) targets WNists and neo-Nazis for evangelism, “The Dissident Right”, as he says. He is pro-White by self-proclamation, although I don’t know how he substantiates that. Distilled, his antisemitism is that Christians are the true jews.

    Christianity doesn’t need the further infestation of jews, exceeding its present saturation point, in order to animate creatures like Poland when Frankenstein would do. If not for their black belt skills of self-delusion, I doubt they’d haunt WNist circles for longer than 10 minutes. True to form, their ilk goes on full time damage control when confronted with the reality that worshiping a jew might, just might, have something to do with jews. It’s been a life long fascination for me how it is that intelligence, almost to the level of occult mental powers, could be employed in such a disingenuous and self-destructive way.

  4. The show was an excellent exhibition of Christian arrogance and the smug circular reasoning so critical to their existence.

    I heard the debate. And the above long-speech-maker is the same-old-same-old example of the inability of the majority of people to simply be capable of objectivity. It’s biases all-the-way-down. I would give Poland a “C” for effort. Nothing edifying was really accomplished. Both sides simply asserted their religious beliefs. Poland didn’t deny this and his charging Green with a complete lack of substance to his conspiracy faith was obviously true other than – you see this and now we have this…over and over again. What annoyed me was Green’s non-stop talking over virtually anything said by Poland or a caller. Two or three words in or at most a sentence or two and here comes the over-talking by Green. I would have thought Poland would have called him on it. He did once but Green was unaffected. Seems to me when one is so impatient with a disputant he’s just fearful of contradiction. No need to be afraid if you’ve got the goods. Which should be revealed presently if you’re confident of having such.

  5. I heard the debate.

    You heard the tone of the standoff. Then you assessed it for its entertainment value.

    I don’t know what your angle is, but “objectivity” does not excuse perception. Despite their fair trials, many innocent people have gone to prison because their courtroom etiquette was lousy and their lawyer was worse.

    Ken’s remark was over a trend he sees gathering steam in the “podcast nationalist sphere. ..This mode of thinking dovetails with the pan-European Fascist types who wish to collaborate with non-white nationalists/leftoid nationalists”. This describes Poland.

    Loosely, the topic was the jewish long game. I don’t frame this as inflexibly as Green. But you see, this isn’t the point. Poland doesn’t take issue with Green over any of this. As a queer is his aberration, Myles Poland is a religious fanatic. He doesn’t give a damn whether or not the jews are or have been up to something. He used the debate topic as a platform to attack Green for being a nonbeliever.

    Poland kept his sights rigidly on the topic. He went straight for the jugular. He deployed terms such as “conspiracy” like a Democrat bashing Alex Jones. He dropped his share of F bombs, and more than once, (elliptically) called Green “stupid”. Poland mercilessly left Green looking like a 2 cent conspiracy theorist. Mission accomplished.

    Because Green didn’t argue it well, it wasn’t obvious to those who don’t have the background. But he was entirely right over the ‘Eusebius’ insertion in Josephus Antiquities of the jews. Poland’s Arabic text rebuttal was the lamest come back I’ve ever heard from a Christian apologist. Early on, it was clear that whatever Green could throw out, Poland shed it like a plastic duck in acid rain. Other than snide dismissals of the conclusions of scholars and proud ejaculations over his faith, Poland brought NOTHING to the debate.

    Green fell apart as he felt himself under attack. He incessantly interrupted other speakers, resorted to juvenile remarks, and should have shown a sense of humor. I’m not defending this. And if he, indeed, had evidence (he did), it was woefully unapparent or poorly presented. And even if he had been better prepared, it would have made no difference. That’s how these ‘debates’ proceed.

    One contestant, Green, was struggling to make historical and causal sense out of our complex and dire situation. He dedicates life and resources to this work and passion. The other, Poland, was trying to force Christianity down our throats. That anyone could glibly wave this away as a clash of “religious beliefs”, placing both men on equal moral footing, is shocking. Yes, I am biased.

    Poland says he’s pro-White, when in fact, he doesn’t belong within a mile of a White nationalist. He has made WNism a quest of evangelism, not a cause, itself. The full rejection of judeo-Christianity, he feels, is a fundamental flaw, not in regards to nationalist efforts, but in regards to individual character. White separatism, as he expressed, is not integral. It’s a side luxury. So, I am not going to tip-toe around his “faith”. He’s an adult and can take upon himself the responsibility of reaching a broader perspective that includes acknowledging the consequences of his actions and ideology. And if he can’t do that, then WNists should recognize him for what he is – controlled opposition.

    In the debate, they brought up Dr Richard Carrier. Although Carrier is an insufferable Leftist, I find one of his recent quotes insightful.

    I don’t think it’s correct to say you have to be unintelligent to buy into this (judeo-Christianity). We actually have evidence it’s the other way around because the smarter you are the more capable you are of rationalizing a delusion. So the people who are more out and about, the people who are in your face, who are doing lectures, who are arguing, they’re more likely to be smarter than the average bear because that’s what’s kept them trapped. ..I bet if you did IQ tests of Christian apologists…their IQ would be above average. ..The problem is not intelligence. The problem is epistemology. ..The smartest person in the world can believe the most ridiculously false things and believe them adamantly.

  6. Max Berger:

    The right-wing defense of Kyle Rittenhouse is an extremely dark portent for our democracy.

    He’s like an evil John Brown — willing to use violence to defend the racial hierarchy against the rising tide of multiracial democracy. Defending him is an endorsement of apartheid.

    The Rittenhouse trial is triggering toxic anti-White jews to swarm and screech.

  7. Democracy is Jewish government.

    “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Karl Marx

    “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    “Modern Socialism is inseperable from political democracy.” Spargo, John (1912) Elements of Socialism. pg 337.

    “The view that democracy and Socialism are inwardly related spread far and wide in the decades which preceded the Bolshevist revolution. Many came to believe that democracy and Socialism meant the same thing, and that democracy without Socialism or Socialism without democracy would not be possible.” Socialism, Ludwig von Mises, pg 67.

    “The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable.” Adolf Hitler as a young man watching the Social Democracy marches in Vienna. (Mein Kampf, pg 78. Manheim translation, Mariner paperback)

    “For Bernstein democracy was both means and ends of the struggle to achieve socialism, the belief in a future new dawn when the dust of the apocalypse had cleared a utopian chimera.” Weisberger, Adam M. (1997) The Jewish Ethic and the Spirit of Socialism. Peter Lang: New York. pg 146

    “But the tents of Shem are communism, internationalism, democracy, the equality of the races, nations and peoples, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class, and the human society.” Wanton, Harry (1939) A Program for the Jews; An Answer to all Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity. Committee for the Preservation of the Jews Astoria Press: NY. pg 74.

    Democracy is evil. Plato pointed that out long time ago.

  8. Thanks for the quotes about democracy, wlindsaywheeler. “Progressive” educators were/are big on democracy and the quotes explain why.

    The Educational Policy Commission (composed of members of the National Education Association of the United States and the American Association of School Administrators) published these books (and I’m sure many more to follow): “The Unique Function of Education in American Democracy,” 1937; “The Purposes of Education in American Democracy”, 1938; “Learning the Ways of Democracy,” 1940; “The Education of Free Men in American Democracy,” 1941; and “Policies for Education in American Democracy,” 1946. William Heard Kilpatrick wrote “Group Education for a Democracy,” 1940, published under the auspices of the American Association for the Study of Group Work. The copyright was held by The International Committee of Young Men’s Christian Associations. I note that because of the discussion of Christianity in the comments. Group work has since become required in classrooms everywhere.

  9. Kevin MacDonald:

    In other words, there is a contradiction between Zionism as it has developed in Israel and progressive values (which serve Jewish ethnic interests in the diaspora). But when there is a conflict between Jewish ethnic interests and progressive values, ethnic interests win.

    Two jews, three opinions on what’s best for jews.

    Their fictitious conflicts are all sideshows.

  10. Where originated that saying, “a people that forgets God, will be ruled by Jews”? Voltaire or maybe Kevin Alfred Strom perhaps?

    Well, the creaking pod-aggregator Mami’s Shit still comes up with an occasional diamond in the Zitsplat dung; here’s two for the TFeed:

    (A) Bonnie Faulkner – November 29th 2021 – Dr. Michael Rectenwald: Resisting Totalitarianism: The Power of the Powerless (Guns and Butter.)

    Your silence is violence, goyim! A Jewish psychosis dressed up in pilpul with nowhere to go. Breathtakingly moronic and unparalleled in malevolence. A schtick well and often examined by Mr Swearbox, Jared Howe.

    (B) Kevin Barrett – November 18th, 2021 – Michael Hudson’s “Super Imperialism” explains how Wall Street plunders the world (Truth Jihad Radio)

    Hudson must be pushing his 90s or even the ton by now. Still, he unveils some of the subtler effects yielded where monetary manipulation is deployed in asymmetric warfare. Babylonian Woe, but more nearly Economic Hit Man.

    btw any guesses as to the ethnicity of respective show-hosts Faulkner and Barrett?

    For the UK goyim:
    Staged false flag a la Rabbinic high jinks, or just some of their imported pets biting the hand that embedded them? Spitting on people is a singularly Jewish habit if you recall what Jews in Israel do when passing Xian Churches and the spitstorm Benjamin H. Freedman used to get in the elevator of his NYC apartment when his dissentient co-tribalists saw him.

    The UK state has long been captured, and decapitated. Now it is an automaton animated only by the usurers’ political frontmen and gofers; the mockery is compounded by all the leading offices of State in the Cabinet being occupied by biological aliens.
    Bit like the USA in fact, just not quite so obvious…?

  11. @forresttales An overdue thank you for putting the pieces together for me! Very well said.

    Years later and you’re still occupying premium headspace in Daniel Spergowitz rent-free.
    50 minute mark & 3:35:00 onwards

    Broke: Hitler Bad!
    Woke: Hitler was a forlorn hope against Jewish tyranny over Europeans.
    Bespoke: Hitler was a North European Imperialist who would make slavs into Helots if given the chance

  12. Editor For ‘The Atlantic’ Claims ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Phone Call Is ‘About Insurrection’:

    “I don’t think it’s fundamentally about incivility. I think it’s fundamentally about insurrection,” Brownstein said.

    “The whole ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ motif is the reflection of the view [that] two-thirds of the Republican base — driven by Trump’s false claims and the Big Lie that Biden is an illegitimate President,” he continued. “And, it reflects the findings in multiple polls by the American Enterprise Institute, Vanderbilt University, and others, that a majority of Republican voters now say the American way of life is disappearing so fast that … we may have to use force to save it.”

    Ronald Brownstein advised the shift to overt anti-White politics. Here he is jewsplaining it in 2013: With New Support Base, Obama Doesn’t Need Right-Leaning Whites Anymore –

    Hyper-conscious jews have been screeching about a (mostly unconscious and incoherent) White insurrection against their anti-White jewing for a long time.

  13. Tan, we need you. What is to be done? What’s your take on the JWO that seems to be accelerating to completion?

  14. mortal goyal – I do my best on even the worst days to limit my negative expression of thought. However, in these last 2 years with this intentional and likely well thought-out double wallop of the SCAM-demic and the anti-White-on-steroids program they’re simultaneously running on us, I’m struggling to not have days where I think & feel exactly what you stated. I keep hanging in there, however, and delve into a new area of study when my mind gets too overcast with kosher clouds – it helps, if only temporarily.

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