Seemingly Schizophrenic Yet Complementary

Here’s an interesting anthropological conversation concerning primarily characteristically White psychological and civilizational traits, seemingly schizophrenic yet complementary, arising in particular (I think) from our race’s fusion of hunter-gather and Aryan heritage.

Substack: Dodcast #32: Stone Age Herbalist – Two-Spirits and other anthropological curiosities

h/t Posis1959: mp3

6 thoughts on “Seemingly Schizophrenic Yet Complementary”

  1. Tan! Do you publish anywhere else? Been dying to hear your thoughts on the recent events surrounding Kayne, Kyrie, etc.

    I’ve turned a couple friends on to your page and they’re starting to come around. Sad that it took 2 black celebrities to do that, but I’m trying to use these events in a positive manner.

    I’m curious to see how organized jewry is going to slap down two blacks (that are heroes to millions of young ones) without incurring some wrath/penalty.

    Anyways, great to see you’re still around. Came to look for an email for ya, just to drop a line and inquire as to whether you still do podcasts. Our people need you now, more than ever. Strike while the iron is hot!

    All my best.

    (Here’s an interesting vid I came across that you may find worth commenting on.)

  2. Is Bankster-Fraud a relative of Tim Wise?

    Haha – classic case of “my fellow Whites” (when it’s the doings of ‘very naughty figs’ [Jeremiah 24:2]).

    No doubt (in his mind) it was the Goyim who made him do it! (To quote Madoff’s wife).

    PS: Does anyone have that audio clip in which the Tribe was proudly reciting all its members who were involved [sc.: implicated] in developing the COVID “vaxx”?

  3. I imagine there is, but I figured I would ask you first….

    Is there a discipline that shows the evolution of the genes?

    One that overlays this?

    I am creating a postgres db schema of that table to use as a “template” upon which other timelines can be overlayed. My immediate personal project is the study of Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment for use as a discipline in teaching myself history.

    But, it seems that the idea of having these things in a database and sql to retrieve sets/unions, etc will be extremely useful.


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