Seemingly Schizophrenic Yet Complementary

Here’s an interesting anthropological conversation concerning primarily characteristically White psychological and civilizational traits, seemingly schizophrenic yet complementary, arising in particular (I think) from our race’s fusion of hunter-gather and Aryan heritage.

Substack: Dodcast #32: Stone Age Herbalist – Two-Spirits and other anthropological curiosities

h/t Posis1959: mp3

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  1. Tan! Do you publish anywhere else? Been dying to hear your thoughts on the recent events surrounding Kayne, Kyrie, etc.

    I’ve turned a couple friends on to your page and they’re starting to come around. Sad that it took 2 black celebrities to do that, but I’m trying to use these events in a positive manner.

    I’m curious to see how organized jewry is going to slap down two blacks (that are heroes to millions of young ones) without incurring some wrath/penalty.

    Anyways, great to see you’re still around. Came to look for an email for ya, just to drop a line and inquire as to whether you still do podcasts. Our people need you now, more than ever. Strike while the iron is hot!

    All my best.

    (Here’s an interesting vid I came across that you may find worth commenting on.)

  2. Is Bankster-Fraud a relative of Tim Wise?

    Haha – classic case of “my fellow Whites” (when it’s the doings of ‘very naughty figs’ [Jeremiah 24:2]).

    No doubt (in his mind) it was the Goyim who made him do it! (To quote Madoff’s wife).

    PS: Does anyone have that audio clip in which the Tribe was proudly reciting all its members who were involved [sc.: implicated] in developing the COVID “vaxx”?

  3. I imagine there is, but I figured I would ask you first….

    Is there a discipline that shows the evolution of the genes?

    One that overlays this?

    I am creating a postgres db schema of that table to use as a “template” upon which other timelines can be overlayed. My immediate personal project is the study of Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment for use as a discipline in teaching myself history.

    But, it seems that the idea of having these things in a database and sql to retrieve sets/unions, etc will be extremely useful.


  4. Nick Fuentes now took it to a different level. A tectonic shift. He was rare in his focus on Palestine rights. Which is why the forces are enraged. With a fanatic government in Israel now, the ADL will be busy busy busy. Lol

  5. Nick Fuentes is in a precarious position. After years of ridiculing and lampooning ‘the bad optics of cartoon Nazis’, (the label he used to describe folks like Mike Enoch and Handsome Truth), he now finds himself the sidekick of — and advisor to — the most outspoken public admirer of Adolf Hitler in living memory, namely, Ye.

    Hence forth, Nick’s followers will no longer settle for his usual brand of Christian/Catholic Nationalism, but will instead expect him to speak unapologetically about the Fuhrer’s strengths and admirable qualities. Should be fun to watch.

  6. Its not a small thing when a Russian uses the term ‘Advenruroys Race’

    “The first and perhaps most important set of problems that Russia has to solve in the course of the Goldilocks War is internal. The goal is to rearrange Russian society, economy and financial system so as to prepare it for a de-Westernized future. Since the collapse of the USSR, various Western agents, such as the National Endowment for Democracy, the US State Department, various Soros-owned foundations and a wide assortment of Western grants and exchange programs have made serious inroads into Russia. The overall goal was to weaken and eventually dismember and destroy Russia, turning it into a compliant servant of Western governments and transnational corporations that would supply them with cheap labor and raw materials. To help this process along, these Western organizations did whatever they could to drive the Russian people toward eventual biological extinction and replace them with a more docile and less adventurous race.”

    Via The Saker

  7. Alex Jones, Kanye and Fuentes smashed the walls. There is now no turning back. Yeism trumped Trumpism. Lol

  8. Not understanding why you aren’t writing about this whole West/Black/Jew/hilarious dichotomy that’s going on.
    I would have thought at this point, you would have ripped this subject a new Jew-hole….I’m sorry , I meant wrinkled kike asshole.
    What is everybody waiting for? I don’t get it.

    These Moulinyans talking about these filthy termitic shit-stains is at least a starting point.
    They aren’t going to be articulate enough to really bring it though …that’s why we all gotta pitch in
    and keep this ball a rolling!

    On a different tip : I’ll die wondering where the racially conscious billionaires are? Overly-satiated faggots, all. Hell, I’ll settle for a multi-millionaire who can still finds his nut sack in the morning. Some WHITE fuck with some kind of platform – SAY FUCKING SOMETHING!

  9. Peter Panzerfaust,

    Yeah. The Ye thing exposed a lot of things. Exposed a lot of people. Revealed a lot and is still revealing more and more.
    I agree totally. Ye and Co. are wall breakers. Taboo busters. The shifted the ground. But left alone they’ll fizzle out. The Paleos have to come of the closet. And other stuff. You are right. It needs momentum. No doubt the walls were brought down.
    I always expected the revolt will start from Tyrone. He has the most to lose. Outnumbered by Latinos and outer resourced by Asians I knew something going to give. But I thought it was going to come from the ghetto Nation of Islam / Black Hebrew type. Never from a celebrity who is from the Christian Right.
    God works in mysterious ways. Exciting times.

  10. I posted the following on Gab. I think your readers will agree with the rhetorical tactic.

    ” am going to start using “The Jewish Race” when referring to “The Jews” .

    I am doing this for a number of reasons.

    1. It is a true statement. Jews are a race.
    2. It explicitly introduces ‘race’ into the conversation when discussing the jewish race.
    3. I expect it is excellent rhetoric.


  11. @Tim

    Every podcast I’ve ever appeared on or produced is under Radio.

    Speaking with others who are friendly and drive the conversation is easy.

    For solo podcasts I would select a topic, usually something that had been on my mind for months or years. In the week or so before recording I would gather notes and organize my understanding, trying to describe it to someone a few steps behind me. A few times I wrote it all out and just read what was effectively a blog post. More often I used a rough outline and some snippets to quote.

  12. @Tan

    Thank you so much for your time.

    There are several things I like about your approach…in no particular order:

    1. Your obvious intelligence
    2. Your “coder” instinct to get the detail correctly and to not gloss over details that are not clear at first (That Yockey podcast…for example)
    3. The fact that the podcast “cements” your learning of the subject at hand (the evolution of Whites and the differences at the genetic level) even if it is not at the expert level on that particular subject (this is extremely important for any newbie…what is the general lay of the land)
    4. Thinking out loud.
    5. The act of teaching others forces us to closely study the subject and question what we are thinking (Do I really know that x is not y? How did I come to this conclusion? Am I conveying the ideas clearly)

    That said, I must have been unclear in my question. To clarify…what software/platform did you use? I am running Slackware Linux…and prefer to remain in Linux if I venture into podcasting, but I am not a “media” sort of guy who is always on top of the latest artistic creation stuff.

    I can dual boot to dos* 10 on a fairly powerful workstation if needed.



    *Windows 10. Left dos back in the Windows NT days and am very glad I did !

  13. I prefer Linux. I wrote a custom plugin to record calls to our tWn Skype server, and even our solo podcasts were recorded that way. Out of habit I continued to use that setup through 2015.

    All along I used Audacity to edit audio files. Excellent free software. Eventually I realized it would be simpler to also use it for recording. That’s what I would use now, at least for solo stuff.

    I wouldn’t know what to recommend to manage calls or overlay sound clips in real time.

  14. Awesome!…Audacious it is;

    thanks for saving me too many afternoons hunting for software…

    FWIW my current “keep me sane” project is a Postgres schema for encapsulating this:

    The idea, is totally for my benefit, but the idea is to place “history” within the context of something I can query for relationships using SQL.

    When I get it done, I will put it up on the github for use by others. Several days work remaining on it.

    The relevant impetus for the project is Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment and his suggestion that “everybody should hold 8000 years of human history in their head at least once”

    He divides Human history (human accomplishment, really, hominids and humans exist on that GTS somewhere…you covered it in a blog post) into 400 year chunks.

    What I plan to do is “overlay” another database table (perhaps…the design will suggest itself as the problem is defined) on that GTS. That GTS, (will) may be overlayed on an other timeline of Deep Time.

    A similar overlay is Van Doren’s A History of Knowledge.

    Or classical music…etc…

    Or Languages…

    Or genetic “stuff”…

    The point being, if I am going to be putting history into context, it makes sense to have the relevant superset available as a matter of basic prudence. Even if all of human history is a hang-nail on the arm of time.

    One other thing while I am rambling with second cup of coffee in hand…

    This book Geological Time Scale 2020

    is, apparentl, “the reference” on the GTS but more importantly it contains a list of both the dating methods used and the statistical methods used to arrive at the dates.

    It seems to me that any debate on YEC, or creationism must be conversant in these topics as a matter of common courtesy.

    I thought you might enjoy seeing all those techniques in one place for easy reference.

    Cordially, and thank you again for the Audacious!


    Anyway, 400 years at a time, subject by subject in Human Accomplishment, educate myself on what happened. and, as I study, try a podcast on it to ensure I have learned what is covered.

  15. The Audacity is addictive and the documentation is ubiquitous, thanks.

    I am doing what you did….use ‘podcasts’ as a means of educating myself and refining my thought. I drive a truck for a living, so podcasts keep my mind active and me sane.

    I am working on the Classical Virtues now…Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude, Justice and their sub-virtues….in Latin, as I am teaching myself Latin via Rosetta Stone and what I find on the web.

    A cool feature of the Audacity is that I can take the pronunciation voice and direct it to Audacity to record via pavucontrol and compare to my pronunciation.

    Like all open source, I expect a rewarding learning experience going forward.

    When I get to JQ stuff, it will be on “the doctrinal reasons the protestants send their sons to die in wars for israel” and also “the views of R.P. Oliver on Christianity , their origins…etc”

    Each one of those requires educating myself so as to educate others…it keeps the mind alive (!)

    thx again.

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