Talking with Andreas Johansson

Andreas is the host of Nordic Frontier, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s longest running English-language podcast, and I’ve been a regular listener (and fan) since the beginning.

I’ll be appearing as a guest on Tuesday the 15th. Join us live on Odysee at 20:00 Swedish time.

Tune in here: NORDIC FRONTIER #220: TANSTAAFL and the concept of Jewing

TANSTAAFL from joins us this week to talk about the concept of Jewing and we will find out if there are any reasonable levels of antisemitism.

The program page is here.

I started using the term jewing regularly in 2016, and used the term more frequently as the jewing became increasingly overt during the Trump era. In my opinion the jewsmedia deliberately shifted its screeching more toward BLM and “wokeness” in mid 2020 exactly because they could sense that the jewing was becoming a bit too overt.

To put it simply jewing is what jews do, especially with regards to their hapless hosts, the goyim. I’ve said quite a lot on the topic, but I think you can get the gist of it in any of these links: Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White (Dec 2016), Discussing Jewing and Alt-Jewing with John Friend (Jan 2017), Intersectional Jewing (June 2017), Ron Unz on Jewing (July 2018), The Open Celebration of Jews and their Jewing (March 2019), The Tautology of Jewing (April 2019), “Wokeness” is a Jew Construct (July 2020).

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  1. I was just introduced to your content by your appearance on Nordic Frontier; it’s an absolute treasure trove of valuable and maturely presented content!
    For the mature man seeking more than mere entertainment and buddies to “shit post” with—men like you are desperately needed.

  2. Tan I got to say that your work had a major influence on me. I first heard you on red ice radio (when they still had a YouTube channel) and then I went to your website and man I loved all the work you did on the JQ and other stuff. I went back and listened and read your old stuff. I have a YT channel and a bitchute and totally agree with all of you that putting in work and setting aside time to do it is really something. But it pays off in the end.

  3. Tan,
    Love your work.
    But….hard to understand why you are so hard on yourself (and your half jewish wife)
    You didn’t “fuck up.” You fell in love with a woman and surely she is a great lady.
    Her mother wasn’t jewish…..she’s not really jewish.
    She doesn’t practice judaism.
    In any case, the way you flog yourself over this makes me feel just awful for you.
    In addition….it’s not ALL jews doing the jewing….it’s organized jewry.
    Your half jewish wife never harmed anybody.
    So, if you want to do full disclosure that’s fine, but no need for the big apologies.
    It’s insanely difficult to find love in this world so it’s best to be thankful for what you have.

  4. You’re right imo not to ignore the Nossig “just a drop” phenomenon.

    (Messenger from Mars Unz who was mentioned in the show also figured as guest in Red Ice’s February 3rd, 2022 “Covid: An American Biowarfare Attack”
    When I heard it I thought he came across as mildly defensive, passim).

    Absolutely right to flag up the obfuscators of the problem and I agree most that are in appearance goyim should probably be suspected of biological affiliations among others. The prime example of interest to me currently is “ex”GCHQ SIGINT officer Alex Thomson who ‘reports’ on the Wednesday edition of the UK Column News as well as ad hoc contributing. The objective seems to be downplaying organized Jewish involvement in subversion and herding awakening goyim away from nationalist sources to the UK Column website where they may be plied more fully with anaesthetising pabulum.
    e.g. @1h 17m 20s he’s now running Telegram channel Eastern Approaches / Alex Thomson “…the whole point is to funnel people towards UK Column output…”

    Here interviewed by UK Patriotic Alternative

    However the piece de resistance of deflection probably appears here:
    – first speaker after the intro, about 47m of (((historical))) background. Commenters seem to have lapped it up. Or maybe they’re mainly just claque.

    Conversely to that and more realistically: “So today the conspiracy is like a highjacked airliner. Many of the passengers, still hypnotised by the Rhodes “vision” think they know where they are going, while the highjackers, with 2000 years of conspiratorial training and experience behind them, K N O W where they are going—and it is not the destination the passengers have in mind.” – Ivor Benson, Introduction: ‘The Grand Design’ by Douglas Read:

    Just as the enemy wartime transmissions of the fossil media promote their lies by constant repetition, maybe now if you feel re-energized is the time to resume podcasting to drive home by repetition the objective message of reality – to inform, educate – and warn.

    PS: Two for the TFeed perhaps: Howe / Martinez discussing current affairs etc. Expect the usual duelling banjos of bad language – an adolescent failing they should both drop.

    Jared Howe – February 10th, 2022 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 838 | The Martinez Perspective
    S o T o S p e a k

    Jared Howe – February 18th, 2022 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 841 | Rehabilitating Communism
    S o T o S p e a k

  5. Well, I fucked up a lot worse than Tanstaafl in a choice of a mate. I met mine in college when I was young and naive about Jews. His father was Irish Catholic, his mother was a Jewish woman who looked like Debbie Reynolds, blonde and blue-eyed. The father was a serial adulterer and they divorced. The mother had a history of mental illness, subsequently diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenia. She had electroshock therapy back in the day.

    Her son had emotional scars from his unhappy childhood, and he appealed to my maternal side like a wounded puppy. I thought he would eventually be happy with the love of a good woman! He was intelligent, ambitious, fun and charming, when he wasn’t in a bad mood. I thought Judaism was a religion only.

    30 years and two children later, I needed a divorce. Only after he had left, on a hunch I searched “narcissistic personality disorder.” Sam Vaknin’s website at described my husband’s behavior exactly (the “cerebral narcissist.”) I think Jews are disproportionately likely to have problems like his. In fact, Sam Vaknin is an Israeli Jew who was the first person to self-diagnose his NPD and describe it in articles and a book.

    Students of the Jewish problem should acquaint themselves with NPD as part of their research. Self-centered, believing they are entitled to the best of everything, exploitative of other people, expert in playing mind games–who does that sound like? I know not all Jews have a personality disorder, but the teachings of the Talmud encourage narcissistic thought and behavior and a history of inbreeding doesn’t help.

    My mother-in-law never approved of me or any of the gentile spouses of her other grown children. It was a source of unhappiness. She could say things that really pushed my buttons! Incidentally, she married a Jew, became more outwardly Jewish and became active in Hadassah, the Zionist organization for women. She raised money for Israel.

    In one of her mental breakdowns, the psychiatrist said she may have been sexually abused by her adoptive father. Many years ago, he had been an assemblyman in New York and according to Political Graveyard, a Freemason. Apparently adoptions were made to Jews only of Jewish children so she presumably had Jewish genes and I’ve often wondered what her unknown biological parents were like.

    Like Tan, I wish I had made children who would carry on only White European genes.

  6. Gaslighting and Solipsism and Narcissism expand on what I said to Andreas and Mike about “white pathology”. The point is that jewy hostility and narcissism drive the toxic relationship, while White denial and excuse-making enables it.

    An essential ingredient of jewing is to shift the blame for that jewing onto the goyim getting jewed. Anyone waving their hands about “white pathology” or “pathological altruism” or “white suicide” while not addressing the jewing (or worse, excusing it) is part of the problem they’re misidentifying.

  7. The white-jewish discourse does seem to be utterly explained by narcissism. There’s a sadomasochistic, codependent relationship between whites and jews. Whites can’t think rationally about jews because they’re indoctrinated from childhood to see them as victims of whites.

    Out of curiosity, do you have an opinion on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

  8. The Protocols are a glimpse into the cold, calculating, ruthless, manipulative, alien mindset behind jewing. I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Linder’s reading, with his inimitable insights. The series was on TFeed in 2016.

  9. The Protocols are actually very accurate. The jews tell us that the Protocols are a forgery or fake….and they gaslight like mad on this topic simply because the Protocols lay bare the behavior of organized jewry in a very unflattering manner.

    It’s quite alright that the Protocols are fictional because fiction can reveal truth as well.

  10. Went back and listened to the Luke Ford interview and am commenting here.

    Talking with Luke Ford

    Luke asking why Jews would be nice to him, etc., if they don’t accept him. They would certainly use a stupid goyim that has a relatively large (?) podcast to keep championing their cause. Some of them probably view it as a duty to their people (something Luke doesn’t understand) to make Luke think he’s not rejected.

    On the out-marriage point, I believe Dr. David Duke covers this in one or some of his books (maybe Jewish Supremacism). The community sheds the non-extermists/lost, but I’d bet nearly all of these mischlings do identify as Jews and would always champion the Jewish cause(s). I knew a girl that was half Jewish and resentful about the Jewish community/patriarchy, but got super bent out of shape when I compared the holocaust to something (what, I don’t remember, but I remember her reaction, and this was very near to my awakening).

  11. Tanstaafl,

    Remember Dr Ricardo Duschene? The one who writes for Counter Currents? I have had a few interactions recently on social media with him where he has called Chechens White, called Marx a ‘great thinker’ and generally just proved his subversive bona fides. It just goes to show your instinct was correct when you noticed he would not called out the Jews. They

    Again thank you for your great work

  12. Susan, I think you are right that studying of the Dark Triad traits and psychopathy specially, is crucial to understanding the jews.
    Remember that religion is created by man. So, if the Talmud is psychopathic (which it is), it is because it is written by and for psychopaths.
    Are anyone aware on a book on this topic, similar to Lynns book on Race and psychopathic personality?

  13. Tan,

    I’ve been an admirer since Edmund Connelly published his recent profile of you in TOO. I’ve devoured about 80% of your audio content and plan to savor what’s left as slowly as possible. You’ve helped me notice what for so long I inexplicably could not see or chose to ignore. Here are a couple quick examples, now among hundreds:

    Just after discovering your work, I came across a recent video of “canceled” Roseanne Barr, who was explaining to the interviewer why she veered right. When I was growing up in the 1990s, she was the degenerate lard ass who grabbed her crotch and defiled the national anthem before a baseball game. To be honest, I had wondered why this vulgarian had cozied up to Trump and now called herself conservative. That we now had shared interests and values was highly suspect. Sure enough, she tells the interviewer that her uppity left-leaning social circle had made her increasingly uncomfortable with their pro-Palestine views. I’m sure that revelation is about as surprising to you as her Early Life.

    Then shortly after that one of my favorite songs came on the radio: “Sail Away” by Randy Newman. He writes from the 1st-person perspective of a slave trader trying to coax a negro out of the African wilds back to America where they will “sing about Jesus and drink wine all day.” What I’d long thought of as an especially clever and edgy example of songcraft is yet another anti-White hit job from a jew jewing in the comfort of his goyische stronghold in southern Mexifornia.

  14. I’m rather curious what your thoughts on “Asians” are. I am an Asian-American that’s been here for about 5 generations, so a bit different than most Asians in America. I don’t expect to (and don’t think I should) qualify as “White”, but I would argue that White Christians have more of a shared interest with Asians than you might think. Because my family has been here so long, I’d consider myself fairly assimilated, but to what? The original WASP culture to which my ancestors had assimilated and that had been transmitted down to me is all but dead; what stands in its wake is an alien culture that I do not recognize, much less identify with, even if some of its purveyors “look” like me.

    Much is made about how “Asians are the New Jews”, but I think this skirts the underlying issue here. Jews phenotypically resemble White Christians; Asians don’t. A Jew can change his name and blend in; Asians, can’t. Asians will never be that subversive because they can’t: you know they’re Asian.

    I am well aware of the catastrophic damage that a phenotypically similar ethnicity can inflict on a host population. Japan has a similar problem with Zainichi Koreans functioning as a fifth column beholden to globalist capital. Many intermediaries at Japanese branches of multinational corporations are Korean or Chinese as they can be trusted to: A) fit in with the local population on a superficial level and B) have a disdain for the Japanese population, which ensures that will have no moral reservations about plundering the local economy.

    Since the Second World War, it has become increasingly difficult to talk in terms of ethnic background; people are educated via the media, academia, and popular culture to not think in such terms. This narrowing of the Overton Window is convenient for those that wish to obfuscate the difference between the parasite and the host. This problem is not limited to America, but can be seen in many other countries, including Japan.

  15. Internationally organized jews screeching about the Nordic Resistance Movement:

    Pursuing its openly stated goal of overthrowing the Nordic democracies, it has inspired American white supremacists, forged ties with German fascists and trained with Russian paramilitaries. Its members and sympathizers have carried out violent attacks on members of the public, on Jewish properties, on political opponents and asylum seekers (whom they term “traitors to the people” and “race aliens”) across the Nordic region – all in the name of its antisemitic war of resistance against “the global Zionist elite.”

  16. A lot has happened since this was posted in February, at least, for me. Had to listen, again.

    This podcast was thick with content. But I’ll pick on one point. Tan commented on free speech, Liberalism, and dueling to the death over words.

    @Susan, first on a personal note, I don’t think there are many of us coming to this ‘movement’ who feel that there has never been some compromise in our lives. Had I been more charming, I’d have married my first love whom I met in Israel on a vacation when I was 19. Yes, she was full jewish. Had I succeeded, I’d have ended up even more worthless than I am, already, for the White nationalist cause.

    But it is encouraging when those more talented and debonair than me (Tan) come out of the woodwork and speak their conscience. That, too, is a powerful example that needs to be shared.

    On the subject of resolve in the face of hardship or pain, some rides on my newly purchased Harley this summer took me back to a childhood hero.

    Evel Knievel died in 2007. But he left behind many clever blue collar witticisms.

    Evel Knievel earned 10’s of millions when his motorcycle with figure toy hit the stores (one of my favorite toys when I wasn’t jumping bicycles). Yet for all his success, it didn’t prevent him from landing himself in jail in 1977 for assault, something Knievel never did seem to regret, despite the cost. His toys were taken off the market. His ‘victim’ sued him for millions, a court award never paid.

    Knievel boasted in his old age that he had broken the arms of sports promoter and author, Sheldon (Shelly) Saltman. (Knievels own legs were in casts at the time.) Saltman’s book, Knievel held, told lies about him and his family. Knievel still wanted to flatten him, that old anger still burning long into his 70’s.

    When I saw a photo of Saltman, I just knew. Here is Wikipedia,

    Saltman was perhaps best known to the public as the man that Evel Knievel tried to beat to death with a baseball bat in 1977. ..Shelly Saltman grew up during the Great Depression years as the child of Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Jewish parents in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Of course, attempted murder is an exaggeration, although had dueling been suggested, I’m sure Knievel would have accepted.

    So much of the ‘evil’ going on in America goes unchecked because good men are afraid to go to jail. It’s a moral dilemma, or is it? How far would the jews and their patsies have screwed us if 1 out of 1000 of us were Knievels?

    Harold Covington was implicated unjustly in the Dylann Roof affair. He didn’t deem wise the Hail Mary act of desperation, although he did say, if it were up to him, the boy would receive a full pardon. But it was Tan whose remarks on Roof taught me to withhold judgement. Roughly as I recall it, what else does one do when we, collectively, can’t organize an effort?

    More than any other year, this year feels as if the world was sucked dry of all joy. Is it just me? It’s hard to motivate. My father died in February. I received an estate with land in northern Minnesota. As a programmer, I can live anywhere with Internet. And I had been overseas for 14 years. I had been living in the heart of Ukraine. I still rent my apartment, there, in Dnipro, along the west side of the river. I was happy. I wasn’t in the states for one week before I remembered why I had originally decided to leave.

    I still have a conscience about leaving Ukraine. Nationalism is a worthwhile cause. I could have stayed and fought. But the damn politics. I loathed the idea of another brothers’ war waged between two presidents, a bawdy jew and a filo jew (crypto?), pretending that they care.

  17. I hear in some podcasts “that Trump might be Jewish” and let me clear this “might” up to “is”. Trump IS Jewish. His great Grandmother Katharina Kober was an Ashkenazi Jewess. Just Google her surname Kober and you will see that’s a Jewish surname just like almost all surnames that have the ‘-er’ suffix. I like to keep lists of Jewish surnames and add new Jew names to those lists as I learn of them. One thing I noticed is that names ending in -er, -son (like Johnson is VERY Jewish surname), and -ing, -man, -mann, -berg, -burg, -stein, -steen, -baum and names of colors (like Green, Gold, Black, White, and Red/Roth) are Jewish surnames.

    It is said names ending in ‘z’ in Latin American countries are Jewish spicks hence why all the spicks in Hollywood are a Lopez, Martinez, etc. Finally surnames that are a first name like Martin, (Ricky Martin), Douglas (Michael Douglas), Joel(Billy Joel), etc are also Jews.

    Off-topic: Tan, it was a pleasant surprise to find out you’re a programmer. I would enjoy chatting with you about coding and operating systems. If you’re on IRC or use Toxic (encrypted messenger) let me know.

    What coding language do you use? I’ve been teaching myself C++ off and on for the past 20 years, along with OpenGL (so I can better understand Vulkan). I want to get into graphics programming and game dev to start making videos and games about what Jews are doing to our people. Basically survival and shooter games where the enemy are Jews/bankers/communists since the Jews are making games like Wolfenstein and games today are very diverse with the characters you can play. The Aryan Nations I believe created a video game but it’s old and out-dated. IIRC it resembled Doom.

    Anyway I think it’s paramount that Whites fight back using the same instruments the Jews use. The media. We need to make music, movies and games to un-brainwash our people and re-educate them.

    A great example was how someone made a Christmas animation movie called something like How the Jew Stole Christmas where the grinch was a Jew. It was really good with the messages it relayed. It would’ve been better if it had a higher quality animation but it was a good start. Another example was the story The Duck and the Hens by George Lincoln Rockwell which I believe is an amazing story that was meant to teach children about the Jews. That story alone sends a powerful message and was made into video picture book. I think that story would be great if it was animated. For those who aren’t as sharp we could even put little rabbi beards, Kippas, and even the Star of Remphan/David on them.

    Also you said you removed yourself from being a leader in this war but you honestly have a really good understanding of the Jews better than most I’ve heard. You of all people should be a leader and if not a leader you better be an advisor to who will be our leader(s). Yes it a dilemma your wife and kids are yids but because of it you understand the enemy more than anyone. Your podcasts are evidence of your understanding and why I continue to listen to you. I won’t listen to Mike Peinovich however because I am certain he’s a Jew and controlled opposition. I can read people and my instincts are usually dead on. That person is not to be trusted and should not be acknowledged as a white man.

    Lastly I heard you mention Christian Identity but I can tell you have either not listened to CI shows (on Kingdom Identity website which is currently down) or shows by Bertrand Comparet or Colonel William P. Gale (served under Patton and MacArthur who was friends with both. Patton and MacArthur were both based on the Jews which is why Jews removed the office of a five star general after both of these “dangerous” men died so the jew wouldn’t have to worry about another Patton/MacArthur using the military to take back America and Europe.

    Anyway I mention CI because Jesus wasn’t a Jew. King David wasn’ a Jew. Moses wasn’t a jew hence those who were enslaved by Egyptians weren’t Jews. They were Israelites. The Jews weren’t the Israelites they were Edomites, Canaanites and Khazars (who went into Canaan to learn the Babylonian Talmud/Judaism much later). As the one host said on the podcast he’s no Bible scholar and it shows. If he read the scriptures or even listened to CI pastors he would know the Jews hijacked our identity since Israelites were White. There’s lots of evidence on Scriptures to support this claim which is what CI is all about. They relay the proof to the Whites how we are the Israelites. The Jews know we are the Israelites because I met multiple Jews over the years who admitted this. One even said there was a Rabbinical Council 200 years ago where the head rabbis disclosed this to the Jews and that they must be our servants s God will not curse them. The jew told me majority of the Jews went crazy over this revelation and only two of the “tribes” since they group themselves in tribes by various names accepted this. The Jew I talked to was a young female of one of these two tribes. I asked her why would you tell me this information when you are our enemy and she said that is why. She said her tribe has been seen as outcasts in the Jewish community for helping the White/Israelites and practically excommunicated. I asked how such a young woman even knew such knowledge of history because it was somewhat impressive and she said Jews pass down historical knowledge through the women. The head Rabbis explained to the Jews how none of the prophecies came true with their people. Not one. They said however there is a race of people who these prophecies be been coming true and that is the Whites.

    This is why the Jews hate us and want us exterminated. This war is biblical and has been going on since Esau and Jacob. God said He hates Esau but loves Jacob. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright and inheritance. Esau has never forgiven us for that and want their birthright back but God will never allow it. This is why Jews continue to fight us and pretend to be Israel. CI also teaches this.

    Jews went from “we are Israel” to “we are all the tribes of Israel except this one, those are the Whites” to “ok Whites are all the tribes, except the Royal Tribe of Judah who are the warriors and kings of Europe, the tribe of Judah and Benjamin are Jewish”. They know we are waking up and changing their story. I just want to end this digression with saying the language of Wales is almost identical to Hebrew. Also the ancient names of the land of Ireland, Scotland and Spain were called Hibernia and Ibernia/Iberia. Ibernia/Hibernia literally translates to “Land of Iber” or Eber which is where the word Hebrew comes from being that Eber was the first Hebrew. You will also notice the Israelites symbols that were on their flags on the crests of Europe such as the lions of Judah (Judah had twin sons, Pharez and Zarah) Pharez and Zarah used Lions as their symbol. One lions symbol used red lions in he other yellow lions. Today the children of Zarah and Pharez are the Irish/Scottish people and the Germans.

    I think the White nations should all learn Christian Identity. It fills in the holes of history and explains the Jews. Also the Scriptures begin to make perfect sense once you replace “Jew” with Israelite or better “Whites”.

  18. My apologies if this is the wrong comment thread, but in the spirit of kicking the fcking bucket here goes.

    I am almost done with your podcast on the genetic basis of race and the dissolving of the out of africa psyop….lots of fun.

    When you got to CRISPR, i was a bit shocked at your suggestion, but it is worth exploring…put the damn enemy on defence for a change.

    The purpiseful destruction of a sub-race via crispr by a battered, but resolute aryan geek in a garage would make a dynamit film noir movie. (I bet Mel Gibson would produce it too…)

    Here is the “lose talmudic discource, kick the bucket” angle. The West/Christendom has a plethora of narratives were the killer is thwarted by a diverse team of…

    Flip the narrative. Celebrate the warrior, watch the enemy wither. It, like The 300 , will change our culture for the good.

    Also, are others here cheere by Putin’s ass kicking of the jewcoup in Ukraine?

  19. Hi TAN

    Again, off topic, but it might interest you.

    “Dating methods”

    It is one of those core fundamental subjects I take for granted, is semi controversial, rejected by protestants, cross functional accross domains….historical, linguistically, geologically, cosmology…maybe others…

    It is in my todo list, but I am a working class truck driver hauling dirt and minerals while listening to podcasts.

    If I hit the mega millions, I will get it produced, but if you are bored and interested….(:


  20. About Trump – Erwin Rommel’s comments. A few years ago, Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her creepy husband had a baby boy, and I recall Trump Hisself bragging how the after-cut party was going to be the biggest ever. So maybe you are right.

    Here’s a bunch of photos of the whole demonic gang heading for the baby torture ceremony. Scroll down and see a photo of the preternaturally ugly first wife of Trump, Ivana, in a blue fur coat and babushka. The old bitch died this very day, July 14th, 2022 A.D. Ha ha ha.

  21. I listened to your interview with William Scott and enjoyed it. I agree. Folk tales are rich vein to mine.

    I had a copy of The Brothers Grimm as a boy, but the version I had is lost to me. I bought Complete First Edition of Brothers Grimm, late in life to sort of relive how I was thinking as a boy. Snow White and Rose Red are not in that version , but I did find “Der Jud in Dorn” or “The Jew in the Thorn Bush”. It is basically, how to beat the jew at his own game…
    It did cheer me up, in that it demonstrates that we have been wise to them.

    Hypothesis: Protestantism is the fairy tale that replaced all the fairy tales. For, if you are Protestant, it is a sin to read fairy tales.

    That is how we beat them. We create fairy tales and narratives with them specifically in the titles….also an analysis like the one you and W. Scott discussed would be a great listen.

    your links to the Ayla conversation have been deleted , as is usual with the enemy.

    Does William post elsewhere?

    In that vein, AshaLogos is a guy right up your alley.

    He is soft-spoken, methodical and erudite. While he is only lately naming the jew, he has been approaching the issue from the “Cultural” angle, much like the late Roger Scruton approached it from “The Importance of Beauty” angle.

    Asha is on gab…

    and his audience there is growing quite well.

    On the “meat space” side, Michael Yon clearly sees that we are at war with the jews (although, he does not name “the jew” explicitly yet). Currently he is chronicling the attempted displacement of the Dutch in the Netherlands. What is nice about Mike is that he has no qualms about making them fear us, to hear the sound of boots stomping on their rooftops…

    I am currently working my way through Revilo P. Oliver. It is very good. I like the Edict of Claudius in Alexandria. This is important.

    God bless.


  22. “Translating Chinese concepts like shengren into “saints” and zhongyong into “the middle way” appeased the West quite a bit. The West cannot learn correct Chinese thought and Chinese technology. So, China has to lower its standards for weaker forms of intelligence. This is pretty normal elsewhere. The Semitic people for example have long realized that Hebrew thought cannot be taught to goys (non-Jews). Non-Jews are given English or German translations of Jewish marching orders, and so on.”

    I like the Chinese approach to the rational discussion of the semites.

    My apologies for all the non related comments. I
    am new to these communities. Vnn wants my identifying info, or i would post there.

  23. ChrisLangan argues that Ashkenazi Jews are white .

    I will probably never learn the genetics enough to argue one way or another, but hete is the relevant section from the linked gab…

    “But when it comes to genetics, and the evolution and adaptation of various populations to shared geographical territory, we must stay in touch with reality. So here’s a dose of scientific reality for you.

    Ashkenazi Jews run the world banking system, the US, and Israel, and often claim to be a “race” with this as its destiny. But despite Jewish pretensions to be “Middle Eastern”, recent genetic studies reveal that the Ashkenazim are in fact European and Turkic.

    Jewish heritage is matrilineal, so is mitochondrial DNA, and the mitochondrial DNA of the Ashkenazim is European, period. If a Greek, an Italian, or a Yugoslavian is White – and by any reasonable standards, he/she certainly is – then so is an Ashkenazi Jew, and any attempt to draw a hard racial distinction between Ashkenazi Jews and European Whites is crazy.

    This is from the prestigious journal Nature: “At least 80% of Ashkenazi maternal ancestry is due to the assimilation of mtDNAs indigenous to Europe … the most frequent of the Ashkenazi mtDNA lineages were assimilated in Western Europe, ~2 ka or slightly earlier. Some in particular, including N1b2, M1a1b, K1a9 and perhaps even the major K1a1b1, point to a north Mediterranean source. It seems likely that the major founders were the result of the earliest and presumably most profound wave of founder effects, from the Mediterranean northwards into central Europe, and that most of the minor founders were assimilated in west/central Europe within the last 1,500 years.”

    In short, if you’re Ashkenazi, you’re White. The Chinese know it, mestizo Latinos know it, Indians know it, and Africans know it. If you think you can get away with snuffing Whitey and blend in with your oppressed non-White bruthaz an sistaz, you’d better get yourself a mirror. Whites are an increasingly hated and rapidly diminishing world minority, and if we lose, we all lose.

    In short: whatever the “eternal differences and opposite natures” of European Whites and Ashkenazi Jews, they apparently have little or nothing to do with ancestral genetics. Rather, it comes down to the will of certain powerful, nefarious Jews to “win the evolutionary race” by inbreeding and artificial self-selection, deliberately isolating their genetics and displacing “inferior” Europeans from the White gene pool by forced migration and miscegenation. In the non-White future they are engineering, that’s not only genocidal, but suicidal.”

    hope you find it relevant.


  24. Regarding the Chris Langan comment….

    Chris does not consider your point of the “core” that is obsessed with race and identity that persists across nations and time, is fertile.
    To me, that seems key, for, since , if the “hikite(*?) conjecture (as Linder reads in the jewish strategy) by Oliver is correct, they have endured since 1700 BC.

    I do not think Chris’s point can is a variant of “we are all white people now”.

    A rigorous or compelling statistical account / rebuttal is way out of my league and I will not even try to engage.

    Chris has my primary gab account blocked, so I only lurk on another account to keep tabs on what the reported highest i.q. guy on the planet has to say. It would be counterproductive for me to comment without a full arsenal.

    Thank you again for your work. the podcasts are a life-saver while I now make my living hauling minerals in a truck across 3 states. From it, I learned that Revilo P. Oliver was there before buckley began national review. The disgust I have for buckley, national review, and most importantly, myself for taking it at face value has transformed into anger and working to defeat the poison.

    Listening to Linder read Oliver, I notice that Linder is very fair and truthful. He will make a great Catholic scholar some day! For, unflinching courage and perseverance towards the truth is the key to getting to know God. And, when/if he tells me to fuck off…it will be an honest man’s “fuck off” which is always a good thing.

    Oliver, at least in “The jewish Strategy”, in his “pitching the woo” vignette, shows only personal experience with protestants, not catholics . I wonder if this is formative in his contempt for the Christianity . Linder, commented on vatican II and speaks plainly on the “defeat” of the Church by it. There are some threads there to explore.

    On the big picture, your approach is absolutely fascinating and a Godsend..

    While I thing TENS is on the way out, the evolutionary/genetic/historical approach is entirely consistent and rock solid. Catholicism/Thomists must come to terms with it.

    Andrew Joyce (?) gab account mentions the Beloc, “The Jews” is his goto source after MacDonald. Ergo…Truth brings all true peoples unto itself.

    In that vein of “all true peoples” , maybe instead of “Whites” we should be “True Peoples”.
    By putting it in that realm (whatever realm “True Peoples” is in) and removing it from the genetic/evolutionary realm that “White” is in, we flank the enemy; we utterly break its frame.

    The True Peoples of Germany
    The True Peoples of Poland
    The True Peoples of Russia
    The True Peoples of Appalachia (America has 7 or more nations in its landmass)

    What this approach does is merge geography, traditions and culture with the meta-physical commonality that “White People” or “Aryans–the noble people” have..that, what you conjecture is a genetic predisposition, I a spiritual one…is the #Logos that defines us.

    This can bridge race and be entirely consistent with race for the bell curve will still apply and it is independent from physicality, in that it allows growth from The False, to The True.


    The True Peoples of Africa
    The True Peoples of China
    The True Peoples of …xyz.

    Also, the “No true Scotsman” attack is rebutted with…go ask The True Peoples of Scotland!!

    Also, …

    “you are a fake American” is excellent rhetoric against the jews; it elicits, as all good rhetoric must, an emotional response; “you are not the True People of Germany” will be excellent rhetoric in the same vein and bridge the German Daughter /Polish Plumber divide you and MajorityRights discussed on this problem

    The False People.
    People, not Peoples.
    Notice that.
    It is axiomatic that “False” is embodied in one people.
    That is important.
    One false people to rule them all….

    Then Frodo happened (:

    Grace and Peace…


  25. Tan,

    Thanks for the comment on Langan.

    Is Natural Law a thing in the “biological” circles?

    I would think not, but just checking. Charles Murray (?) wrote “The Moral Sense” which still strikes me as an attempt to peddle The Natural Law to the secularist set.

    What spurs this question is my desire to define a working common ground to fight the common enemy .

    For, if The Natural Law is a thing in secular circles, then we have an opening.

    About 45 minutes in to this discussion …

    Fr. Ripperger “quotes” St. Thomas Aquinas when he remarks that our speech is designed (has evolved, in your frame of reference) to speak the truth.

    The jew, breaks this law as part if its survival strategy; because of this breach, it must silence our speech.

    Imho, this tack … pits the jew against The Natural Law (or whatever your secular nomenclature is) …or…to embrace ny inner berserker…”lets you, jew, and the Natural Law fight”

    This approach does not need “White” to unite the clans .

    Thanks again for your diligent work

  26. Well, crap..

    I paused the vid in my last comment before I posted the link.

    Today, I restart it and Ripperger makes the case for deception using the jew not on the porch example.

    My apologies ; this is unfortunate. Ripperger is solid on race and Flanders (the man on the right) is solid on the JQ .

    “We are designed for truth” still holds per my last comment and may provide a link between the evolutionist perspective and the Christian perspective
    that we can utilize to unite the clans.



  27. You will like this word…anthroinsulae

    Michael Yon, former Green Beret, now a war correspondent, frequently on with Steve Bannon is seeing things clearer than most.

    I think the gentleman who does the folks stories will think the above important too.

    I give it less than a year, and Bannon will be naming the jew.

    Thanks for all you have done. There is a lot to navigate. You have been a big help.

  28. Chris Langan is a mischling.

    All you have to do is point out Jews are not at all like other middle man minorities and he will throw a temper tantrum.

    He is full of shit and his CTMU theory is just Hinduism for idiots.

  29. Harris is bluntly expressing the typical jew mindset – any and all jewing is moral and justified, because whatever the goyim/amalek are up to is stupid/crazy/evil – while posing as a dissident and pretending (mostly) that none of it has anything whatsoever to do with jews or their jewing.

    “Democracy” is just a mask for unlimited no-holds-barred jewing. Meanwhile, these IDW/”right”-posing jews spend all their time oy veying about goyim tribalism.

    It’s the same theme on all these upcoming items on TFeed:

    The Commentary Magazine Podcast
    How Conspiracy Theories Are Born 55472923 audio/mpeg

    Honestly with Bari Weiss
    Election Denial: A Roundtable 134431312 audio/mpeg

    Sam Harris: Trump, Religion, Wokeness 94670457 audio/mpeg

  30. Am I the only one who sometimes just looks at a jew and cannot stand the sight?

    I clicked on the Triggernometry link and lasted maybe 4 seconds.

    That former head of Disney, Eisner, has the same effect on me.

  31. Don’t be fooled by the ‘noble lie’ we live in a democratic West:

    As westerners, we are deeply attached to the idea not only that we live in democracies but that our way of life is economically, socially and morally superior to that of citizens in authoritarian states.

    Following on from these two assumptions is a further one – today held less consciously, for the obvious reason that it smacks a little too uncomfortably of racism – that we, as the people who fought for and created our democracies, are superior to those who did not.

    Our largely unexamined premise is that modernity and democracy grew out of the particular circumstances of a western Enlightenment. A combination of rationality, a superior culture and richer public sensibility provided the soil in which democracy, uniquely, could flourish.

    But what if that is nonsense? What if we have the story all wrong?

    It was, after all, an earlier idea of an enlightened, rational west that justified colonialism – resource theft from the “dark continents” across the seas. Industrial processes that were the flowering of that enlightenment made feasible, for example, the slave trade: the design and building of huge vessels to carry humans as cargo, the development of technologies to help those ships ply precise routes across vast oceans, and the production of ever more powerful weapons to subjugate “inferior” dark-skinned peoples.

    What if it was not a superior morality but callousness and self-interest that brought about democracy? We were simply first off the blocks in the race to strip the planet of its riches.

    What if the constant influx of wealth plundered from around the globe provided greater latitude for western rulers to gradually indulge the demands of their publics for a slightly bigger share of the spoils, a slightly bigger voice in how they were ruled? Western elites found it simpler to buy domestic consent rather than exact it by force.

    What if our democracies are built not on reason and virtue but greed and depravity?

    One question holier-than-thou anti-White anti-“racist” Cook never asks: What if all this moral superiority, modernity, democracy, authoritarian states, enlightenment, colonialism, and “racism” he’s going on about is just jewing?

    What if Cook (and “leftists” like him) is just describing a fraudulent jew-excusing jew-media-promoted narrative that effectively serves jews and their jewing with its every twist and turn? The answer is, oy vey, saying that might stoke “anti-semitism”, which Cook regards as worse.

    The constant theme of “the West”, even before The Enlightenment, has been that the goyim must combat each other to serve and protect the jews and their jewing. This is because “western rulers” and “Western elites” have for centuries been increasingly thoroughly jewed. This explains the increasingly apparent anti-White/pro-jew agenda of their regime. It also explains the biggest twists in their own narrative. In the past their jewy moralizing justified White goyim colonizing non-White goyim, which served jew slavers and financiers. Nowadays their moralizing favors a reversal, flipping the races of goyim they sanctify and demonize, which still serves jew slavers and financiers.

    All in all it’s just more of the same jewing that has been going on forever.

  32. I have lost the reference to the comment thread of the place at where you are interviewed by GuessedWorker and I cannot find that comment thread there….so….


    I am doing some study for my personal #teamtheological and ran into that word.

    From Lewis and Short, A Latin Dictionary ( we have the above word, that means “White” but “Dead White” as opposed to “Shiny White”….

    Perhaps the solution to the Polish Plumber Problem lies in antiquity….

    Abion (?)


    Somewhere in our civilizations’ past is an acceptable term to all; something that is “catchy” and “completely innocent” to our present age, yet has the power of Shakespeare….

  33. @Tan,

    thx, posted at MR.



    p.s. Alex got me access to the vnn forum, so I will not be cluttering up your comment thread so much. Again, thanks for all the work you have done…and most importantly…demonstrating the power of what Andrew Joyce named “the rational discussion of jews” . Now, if I can actually refrain from emoting and your approach.

  34. “they use the language of virtue while working malevolence”

    The jews behind biden do that. however, I can hear their teeth gnashing as they get closer t0 full control over Christendom.

  35. I do not think I can stop emoting, but I can do both.

    I finished Alex’ narration of the appendices and supplements of Butz’ work yesterday. Today, I started listening to the main book.

    Just like the introduction to MacDonald’s book, I became furious as I listened to the overview of the facts.

    Just two examples of common behaviours…

    Robert H. Jackson as figurehead with Murray C. Bernays’ as the active agent behind him.
    Compare with
    Robert Meuller with Weisman as the active agent behind him.
    ->this is similar to the “crypsis” technique…but needs a different name.

    During the ‘trials’ extermination was deemed ‘true’ and not subject to questioning.
    That still holds today.
    I am furious at the civnats who think it is virtuous to not examine the source of their assumed moral superiority when they say that the holocaust is not open to debate given the horrors of what happened to the jews and the self-evident evil of Hitler.

    3. (ok, 3)
    the stated ideals of the Nuremberg trials cloaking the demonic maleveloence of the jews behind the scenes.
    We see that all the time with cloaks of “our democracy” “our shared values” “the soul of our country” being uttered by the degenerate biden while the jews run him.

    4. (ok, 4)
    we are going to beat them.

    I am not quite sure of the protocol at VNN, and I needed to vent, so here it is.

  36. So we paint a something on all the jewbras; maybe the term “jewbra” is enough to tempt some more lions.

  37. Close, but does not , yet, say “jew”…

    Assuming The Federalist is not a variant of The Gates of Vienna, then vanilla goy normie Sean Davis comes very close…

    related, I listened to Alex P. narrate chapter 3 of Butz..on the propaganda of the same-old-same-old* of the century and the exact same dynamics normie Davis lists were in play then.

    1. Bush (the dumbass version of an owned pol)
    2. Lie
    3. Otherize the opposition
    4. etc…

    I post this, because this is the closest I have seen a “normal” journal get to the JQ since Ann Coulter asked “how many jews are there?”

    We will win this.`

    *”hoax” in Butz’s view at that time, but same-old-same-old to us…

  38. The “Wokal Distance” works wonderfully as a filter…
    stuff like…

    @A debates @B on “Not It, but it is in the list of Not It” can be safely ignored.

    On another subject…I started reading RPO’s Origins of Christianity as it appears that it is not available on podcast at Linder’s place…
    From the intro, RPO writes:

    “It is unfortunate that in the present state of knowledge we cannot trace our species, the Aryans, to the species of Homo erectus or Homo habilis from which it is descended.”

    But this has been done, IIRC you placed Arya as CroMagna (?sp) and placed it in a genetic evolutionary tree…

    Finally, if you have not read Butz great hoax of the 20’th century, chapter 3 will suffice to educate you. They by now obvious narrative op was in play then and it succeeded spectacularly. This was all I needed to convince me, but I will finish listening to Linder’s podcast for completeness sake.

  39. “How to think like our enemy”

    Has work been done on this?

    As part of #teamtheological, I think that is is diabolical…think like a demon, think like a malevolent jew*.

    The stuff that I have seen from #teambiological is …well, biological…so, how , in biological terms does a jew think?

    Can this explain the underlying malevolence? or does malevolence not exist ….are lions malevolent? Hyenas? Starfish? Is malevolence not a thing in biology?



    *Fr. Chad Ripperger, a practicing exorcist and Thomistic scholar compares communists to demons he has encountered:
    It is apparent to me that the word “communist” can be replaced by “jew” without conflict.

    To me, this is the better explanation of their abject hatred of Christendom (“White people” in most conceptions in this community of people seeking truth , strategy, victory and clarity) rather than genetics.

  40. The stuff that I have seen from #teambiological is …well, biological…so, how , in biological terms does a jew think?

    Can this explain the underlying malevolence? or does malevolence not exist ….are lions malevolent? Hyenas? Starfish? Is malevolence not a thing in biology?

    “Malevolence” is just moral shorthand for “how enemies think of and treat each other”.

    The jew thinks like a parasite. He regards his host the goyim as an enemy, if not an entirely different species.

  41. ““Malevolence” is just moral shorthand for “how enemies think of and treat each other”.

    The jew thinks like a parasite. He regards his host the goyim as an enemy, if not an entirely different species.”

    I will think on this.

    Thanks for your reply.

    It does not strike me as sufficient…take the Shark and its approach to killing. Its prey is not its enemy. The shark is deadly, like the jew, the shark treats us with complete indifference, like the jew, but the shark is not malevolent, the jew is.

    This is not to say , that jews cannot be indifferent to us…Bourla certaintly is, Kristol is…we literally do not matter to them. But, Freud did not invert the model of the human soul because he wishes us well.

    I cannot let go of the moral component in this. I do not see the world on biological terms, which is a shorthand for materialism.


    I will keep an ear open on this sort of question going forward.

    One more thing…let’s flip this.

    I wish them ill will. I want the complete destruction of their ability to foment evil ever again in this world. My impulse does not strike me as “how enemies think and treat each other”, rather it is a moral impulse, one rooted in justice.

    Again, thanks for your reply and hard work.

    One more thing! In church last Sunday at Mass, I was praying and sort of wrestling with me being drawn into these subjects due to the (wrong, irrelevant) moral taboos surrounding the subjects and it dawned on me that God wanted me doing what I do; that I could rest easy in this pursuit..that it is necessary and useful and good.

    In the back of my mind is the idea that we are living through the death of Modernism–i.e. since the French Revolution…and we will revert to a politics that does its moral duty in keeping the jew away from us (or eradicating them–I am fine with either).

  42. Thinking about my last reply, perhaps the extended phenotype you mentioned in one of your podcasts can account for what I label as malevolence.

    Having rejected materialism, it is difficult to limit my frame of reference to its structures.


    thank you for your work. It is vitally important.


  43. I am tired of playing defense and want to go on offence; where / how do we hit these guys in the nose.

    The Saker has a link to an RAND document…..

    Direct link to the document:

    This is their mechanism. This is how we beat them worldwide.

    It will require, as Arch Biship Vigano has called for, a worldwide , coordinated response to this evil.

    Now…how to do that ?

  44. I cannot let go of the moral component in this. I do not see the world on biological terms, which is a shorthand for materialism.

    It isn’t one or the other. Morality is a sociobiological phenomenon.

  45. “Morality is a sociobiological phenomenon”

    Thanks for your patience, Tan. Much appreciated.

    “Sociobiological” is that a MacDonald thing? Something from Dawkins extended phenotype that you talked about on one of your podcasts?

    The term looks broad enough to drive three semi-trucks through, so I am assuming it is more of a model, largely statistics driven…

    never mind, found it:,%2C%20archaeology%2C%20and%20population%20genetics.

    Good Lord, I am going to need years to get up to speed on how you guys think, much less become fluent in it.

    Anyway, I am enjoying the new intellectual adventures.

    To reiterate, the philosophical (and scientific) problems of macro-evolution leave me rejecting the materialist position. I see these things as useful models, with large elements of truth that point to Intelligence, not random chance. I am not arguing this with you, just re-clarifying ; I appreciate your work, and, again, I am having fun exploring this stuff and learning new things.


  46. Chicago-area AOT readers: You can now earn that long-awaited executive leadership certificate in Combatting Antisemitism.

    Grow and develop your consulting grift for the low price of $1,500.

    And why stop there? They’ve got masters and doctoral programs too! All accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    And lest you think the Spertus Institute is a modest educational operation, the org is housed in an ultramodern high rise on one of the most exclusive stretches on Michigan Ave.

  47. @Bryant

    In the operating system wars of the 90’s IBM adopted Linux to , in ESR’s words, “Commoditize the Competition”

    “Higher Education” is the Cathedral to ESR’s Bazaar.

    If we view “Higher Education” as a credentialing system…which New College obviously was when the jews created it, then we can out-jew the jew by creating a free version but with a “twist”.

    The “twist” is a rock solid education…in the subject the pupil wants to master and credentials modeled after those from Aviation.

    In Aviation, once I earn my certificate, it is mine for life. It is a record I did that.
    Concurrent with that certificate are two things: Recency of experience and demonstrated competency; Stated differently….”I did that once” , “I did that within the last two years” , “I am certified as competent this year” and “I have demonstrated competency for the last 5 decades every year.

    It seems to me that …

    firstly this benefits the individual…much like the Guild System that built the magnificent cathedrals of Christendom.

    Secondly, it rips from the claws of jewry a control node.

  48. Is anybody aware of a podcast of Oliver’s “Origins of Christianity”?

    I have a PDF , but my work days are minimal 16 hours, bordering on 18 hours and time to read is limited by other matters. In my job, I have plenty of time to listen.

    A link would be much appreciated.


  49. Been meaning to ask whether you saw this when it came out, or since. I forgot all about it till late summer, running across it in MM’s list of updates. Interesting to revisit, what with things unfolding as they have. (Bret pretends to be an evolutionary biologist; Eric pretends to be a physicist; Black Science Man pretends to be an astrophysicist; and on; and on.)

    Obviously MM is describing jewing.

  50. I think I found a vulnerability….

    ““Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.””

    It looks like the narrative engineers are at work, but recently bourlah remarked on the possibilities for societal control with his “vaccines”

    Notice the repeated word: “control”

    That is a vulnerability. Make them feel that they are losing control and they will freak.

  51. TAN

    Charles Murray has made his Human Accomplishment database available here:

    I am working on understanding History using a couple of frameworks to provide context for time and space…

    One of those is Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment which divides time into 400 year chunks from about 500 b.c. forward to 1950.

    I thought you might find it interesting.


  52. this kenye* news cycle thing is interesting on several levels.

    1. All it took was one culturally famous “victim” siding with “the oppressors” to blow up years of “the formation of public opinion”.

    2. Given 1. it follows that in fighting the jews at this level, ‘celebrity’ matters. We see now a purpose in all those award shows and awards they are always promoting.

    3. Trump is a celebrity that appeals to the wrong people.

    4. “The formation of public opinion” is surprisingly brittle. This is good news.

    Thanks for your work.

  53. Regarding E.O.Wilson….

    “Sociobiological theory, he explains, is compatible with a broadly humane and egalitarian outlook. Human diversity is to be treasured, not merely tolerated, he argues. Discrimination against ethnic groups, homosexuals, and women is based on a complete misunderstanding of biological fact. But biological facts can never take the place of ethical choices. Once we understand our human nature, we must choose how “human” in the fullest, biological sense, we wish to remain. We cannot make this choice with the aid of external guides or absolute ethical principles, –>because our very concept of right and wrong is wholly rooted in our own biological past. This paradox is fundamental to the evolution of consciousness in any species; there is no formula for escaping it.<– The book is published by Harvard University Press."

    I can see now why Gould rejected Wilson when one accepts the exclusively materialistic view of humanity. A parasite must not allow a "human" to reject external guides on its behaviour…


  54. I bought a Remarkable2 “paper” tablet; the creators are Norwegian.

    Some thoughts.

    1. The packaging was an aesthetic pleasure. Alex Linder commented on the importance of careful thought in everyday things in one of his podcasts where the Dutch (?) had put a lot of thought into the layout of his student room.

    1.b. Contrast that simple act with the chaos and ugliness of say an android tablet’s packaging.
    Designed primarily to prevent the vice of theft.

    2. The linux review of it wrote that some authors have commented that the act of writing is more “in flow” with creativity than typing. (I agree with this. Emacs is great, but it requires typing (or speech) at the computer. most of our creative activities are not in front of the computer and the computer limits the bounds of our creativity. i.e. most great literature was written before ball point pens. Newton wrote on vellum.

    2.b cursive is not taught in American schools anymore.

    3. Noble culture continues to thrive.

    4. It seems we are waiting on the collapse of the internal contradictions of the jewish mind.


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