Talking with Andreas Johansson

Andreas is the host of Nordic Frontier, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s longest running English-language podcast, and I’ve been a regular listener (and fan) since the beginning.

I’ll be appearing as a guest on Tuesday the 15th. Join us live on Odysee at 20:00 Swedish time.

Tune in here: NORDIC FRONTIER #220: TANSTAAFL and the concept of Jewing

TANSTAAFL from joins us this week to talk about the concept of Jewing and we will find out if there are any reasonable levels of antisemitism.

The program page is here.

I started using the term jewing regularly in 2016, and used the term more frequently as the jewing became increasingly overt during the Trump era. In my opinion the jewsmedia deliberately shifted its screeching more toward BLM and “wokeness” in mid 2020 exactly because they could sense that the jewing was becoming a bit too overt.

To put it simply jewing is what jews do, especially with regards to their hapless hosts, the goyim. I’ve said quite a lot on the topic, but I think you can get the gist of it in any of these links: Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White (Dec 2016), Discussing Jewing and Alt-Jewing with John Friend (Jan 2017), Intersectional Jewing (June 2017), Ron Unz on Jewing (July 2018), The Open Celebration of Jews and their Jewing (March 2019), The Tautology of Jewing (April 2019), “Wokeness” is a Jew Construct (July 2020).

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20 thoughts on “Talking with Andreas Johansson”

  1. I was just introduced to your content by your appearance on Nordic Frontier; it’s an absolute treasure trove of valuable and maturely presented content!
    For the mature man seeking more than mere entertainment and buddies to “shit post” with—men like you are desperately needed.

  2. Tan I got to say that your work had a major influence on me. I first heard you on red ice radio (when they still had a YouTube channel) and then I went to your website and man I loved all the work you did on the JQ and other stuff. I went back and listened and read your old stuff. I have a YT channel and a bitchute and totally agree with all of you that putting in work and setting aside time to do it is really something. But it pays off in the end.

  3. Tan,
    Love your work.
    But….hard to understand why you are so hard on yourself (and your half jewish wife)
    You didn’t “fuck up.” You fell in love with a woman and surely she is a great lady.
    Her mother wasn’t jewish…..she’s not really jewish.
    She doesn’t practice judaism.
    In any case, the way you flog yourself over this makes me feel just awful for you.
    In addition….it’s not ALL jews doing the jewing….it’s organized jewry.
    Your half jewish wife never harmed anybody.
    So, if you want to do full disclosure that’s fine, but no need for the big apologies.
    It’s insanely difficult to find love in this world so it’s best to be thankful for what you have.

  4. You’re right imo not to ignore the Nossig “just a drop” phenomenon.

    (Messenger from Mars Unz who was mentioned in the show also figured as guest in Red Ice’s February 3rd, 2022 “Covid: An American Biowarfare Attack”
    When I heard it I thought he came across as mildly defensive, passim).

    Absolutely right to flag up the obfuscators of the problem and I agree most that are in appearance goyim should probably be suspected of biological affiliations among others. The prime example of interest to me currently is “ex”GCHQ SIGINT officer Alex Thomson who ‘reports’ on the Wednesday edition of the UK Column News as well as ad hoc contributing. The objective seems to be downplaying organized Jewish involvement in subversion and herding awakening goyim away from nationalist sources to the UK Column website where they may be plied more fully with anaesthetising pabulum.
    e.g. @1h 17m 20s he’s now running Telegram channel Eastern Approaches / Alex Thomson “…the whole point is to funnel people towards UK Column output…”

    Here interviewed by UK Patriotic Alternative

    However the piece de resistance of deflection probably appears here:
    – first speaker after the intro, about 47m of (((historical))) background. Commenters seem to have lapped it up. Or maybe they’re mainly just claque.

    Conversely to that and more realistically: “So today the conspiracy is like a highjacked airliner. Many of the passengers, still hypnotised by the Rhodes “vision” think they know where they are going, while the highjackers, with 2000 years of conspiratorial training and experience behind them, K N O W where they are going—and it is not the destination the passengers have in mind.” – Ivor Benson, Introduction: ‘The Grand Design’ by Douglas Read:

    Just as the enemy wartime transmissions of the fossil media promote their lies by constant repetition, maybe now if you feel re-energized is the time to resume podcasting to drive home by repetition the objective message of reality – to inform, educate – and warn.

    PS: Two for the TFeed perhaps: Howe / Martinez discussing current affairs etc. Expect the usual duelling banjos of bad language – an adolescent failing they should both drop.

    Jared Howe – February 10th, 2022 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 838 | The Martinez Perspective
    S o T o S p e a k

    Jared Howe – February 18th, 2022 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 841 | Rehabilitating Communism
    S o T o S p e a k

  5. Well, I fucked up a lot worse than Tanstaafl in a choice of a mate. I met mine in college when I was young and naive about Jews. His father was Irish Catholic, his mother was a Jewish woman who looked like Debbie Reynolds, blonde and blue-eyed. The father was a serial adulterer and they divorced. The mother had a history of mental illness, subsequently diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenia. She had electroshock therapy back in the day.

    Her son had emotional scars from his unhappy childhood, and he appealed to my maternal side like a wounded puppy. I thought he would eventually be happy with the love of a good woman! He was intelligent, ambitious, fun and charming, when he wasn’t in a bad mood. I thought Judaism was a religion only.

    30 years and two children later, I needed a divorce. Only after he had left, on a hunch I searched “narcissistic personality disorder.” Sam Vaknin’s website at described my husband’s behavior exactly (the “cerebral narcissist.”) I think Jews are disproportionately likely to have problems like his. In fact, Sam Vaknin is an Israeli Jew who was the first person to self-diagnose his NPD and describe it in articles and a book.

    Students of the Jewish problem should acquaint themselves with NPD as part of their research. Self-centered, believing they are entitled to the best of everything, exploitative of other people, expert in playing mind games–who does that sound like? I know not all Jews have a personality disorder, but the teachings of the Talmud encourage narcissistic thought and behavior and a history of inbreeding doesn’t help.

    My mother-in-law never approved of me or any of the gentile spouses of her other grown children. It was a source of unhappiness. She could say things that really pushed my buttons! Incidentally, she married a Jew, became more outwardly Jewish and became active in Hadassah, the Zionist organization for women. She raised money for Israel.

    In one of her mental breakdowns, the psychiatrist said she may have been sexually abused by her adoptive father. Many years ago, he had been an assemblyman in New York and according to Political Graveyard, a Freemason. Apparently adoptions were made to Jews only of Jewish children so she presumably had Jewish genes and I’ve often wondered what her unknown biological parents were like.

    Like Tan, I wish I had made children who would carry on only White European genes.

  6. Gaslighting and Solipsism and Narcissism expand on what I said to Andreas and Mike about “white pathology”. The point is that jewy hostility and narcissism drive the toxic relationship, while White denial and excuse-making enables it.

    An essential ingredient of jewing is to shift the blame for that jewing onto the goyim getting jewed. Anyone waving their hands about “white pathology” or “pathological altruism” or “white suicide” while not addressing the jewing (or worse, excusing it) is part of the problem they’re misidentifying.

  7. The white-jewish discourse does seem to be utterly explained by narcissism. There’s a sadomasochistic, codependent relationship between whites and jews. Whites can’t think rationally about jews because they’re indoctrinated from childhood to see them as victims of whites.

    Out of curiosity, do you have an opinion on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

  8. The Protocols are a glimpse into the cold, calculating, ruthless, manipulative, alien mindset behind jewing. I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Linder’s reading, with his inimitable insights. The series was on TFeed in 2016.

  9. The Protocols are actually very accurate. The jews tell us that the Protocols are a forgery or fake….and they gaslight like mad on this topic simply because the Protocols lay bare the behavior of organized jewry in a very unflattering manner.

    It’s quite alright that the Protocols are fictional because fiction can reveal truth as well.

  10. Went back and listened to the Luke Ford interview and am commenting here.

    Talking with Luke Ford

    Luke asking why Jews would be nice to him, etc., if they don’t accept him. They would certainly use a stupid goyim that has a relatively large (?) podcast to keep championing their cause. Some of them probably view it as a duty to their people (something Luke doesn’t understand) to make Luke think he’s not rejected.

    On the out-marriage point, I believe Dr. David Duke covers this in one or some of his books (maybe Jewish Supremacism). The community sheds the non-extermists/lost, but I’d bet nearly all of these mischlings do identify as Jews and would always champion the Jewish cause(s). I knew a girl that was half Jewish and resentful about the Jewish community/patriarchy, but got super bent out of shape when I compared the holocaust to something (what, I don’t remember, but I remember her reaction, and this was very near to my awakening).

  11. Tanstaafl,

    Remember Dr Ricardo Duschene? The one who writes for Counter Currents? I have had a few interactions recently on social media with him where he has called Chechens White, called Marx a ‘great thinker’ and generally just proved his subversive bona fides. It just goes to show your instinct was correct when you noticed he would not called out the Jews. They

    Again thank you for your great work

  12. Susan, I think you are right that studying of the Dark Triad traits and psychopathy specially, is crucial to understanding the jews.
    Remember that religion is created by man. So, if the Talmud is psychopathic (which it is), it is because it is written by and for psychopaths.
    Are anyone aware on a book on this topic, similar to Lynns book on Race and psychopathic personality?

  13. Tan,

    I’ve been an admirer since Edmund Connelly published his recent profile of you in TOO. I’ve devoured about 80% of your audio content and plan to savor what’s left as slowly as possible. You’ve helped me notice what for so long I inexplicably could not see or chose to ignore. Here are a couple quick examples, now among hundreds:

    Just after discovering your work, I came across a recent video of “canceled” Roseanne Barr, who was explaining to the interviewer why she veered right. When I was growing up in the 1990s, she was the degenerate lard ass who grabbed her crotch and defiled the national anthem before a baseball game. To be honest, I had wondered why this vulgarian had cozied up to Trump and now called herself conservative. That we now had shared interests and values was highly suspect. Sure enough, she tells the interviewer that her uppity left-leaning social circle had made her increasingly uncomfortable with their pro-Palestine views. I’m sure that revelation is about as surprising to you as her Early Life.

    Then shortly after that one of my favorite songs came on the radio: “Sail Away” by Randy Newman. He writes from the 1st-person perspective of a slave trader trying to coax a negro out of the African wilds back to America where they will “sing about Jesus and drink wine all day.” What I’d long thought of as an especially clever and edgy example of songcraft is yet another anti-White hit job from a jew jewing in the comfort of his goyische stronghold in southern Mexifornia.

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