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This is an archive of the items that appeared in TFeed during 2022.

TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

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30 thoughts on “TFeed Index 2022”

  1. The shattered television is a nice touch I did not notice until now.

    It is the lie-box, one source of narrative control and an instrument of the enemy, destroyer of minds and souls.

  2. Thanks very much for this list you post each year. I am frequently in search of good things to listen to and it is a great source. I appreciate the time and energy you put into it.

  3. Greetings Mr. Tanstaafl,
    Been a fan of your work for awhile. I value your perspective on the JQ as one of the best in the WN/HBD scene and your broadcast provides a clear perspective on the ongoing crisis that present day Europeans worldview are facing with our people. Anyway, its a long shot but I would like to speak with you sometime on these issues on my podcast sometime.

  4. I got to listen to two of them yesterday and today during the truck driving job.

    I will be listening more to Razib Kahn ; he is very polite and human…a “just the facts” sort of scientist, which I truly appreciate. This one was on the death of E.O. Wilson, with the two guests…some insights I really appreciated learning.

    1. Harvard Professors are comfortably middle class and “above it all” when it comes to money.
    It made me wonder about the “nice middle class existence you have there…be a shame if something happened to it…now about your paper on …” and if it exists.

    2. E.O. Wilson was a Southerner…Mobile Alabama…first person to see south american ants in the U.S. That he was very humane to his students comforted me.

    2.a the science mag writer who was interviewed, demonstrated that Wilson was not above being an activist.
    2.b. Gould was a Marxist…
    3. The first interviewee was very informative, giving a glimpse into the world of how that sort of science–social biology (?) was conducted.
    3.b. the insight that “Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation.” (?) could and should be changed to “anything that causes an organism to evolve.
    4. I am going to have to read, “The Blind Watchmaker” as Kahn said that started his career…hmmmm Dawkins

    Listening to the Steve Sailer / Charles Murray interview on Powerline was very painful.
    The two, while very sincere, are trapped in a paradigm that does not exist anymore. They are still thinking in terms of American politics…

    For Example, Murray insisted on his science that “If I had to choose between 2 doctors–one White, one Black, and if I knew nothing else about them , I would choose the White Dr, based on the distribution / mean MCAT scores differences.”

    He then followed up with a “One Asian, One White, One Black” doctor…
    I thought to myself, “What about a choice between 2 White doctors? With Asians and Blacks in their own societies and us in ours?”

    This simple idea is beyond their ken.

    Then a discussion on Blacks being marginalized by Hispanics and republican politics…as if this state of affairs is the natural order of human beings on the world.

    Contrast their thinking with the energy over at Millenial Woes Yule thing..( ). I listened to Blood Sattelites and Black-Pilled.

    The energy and intelligence dwarfed what Sailer and Murray brought to the table.

    Started on Nordic Frontier, but the Ukraine was just starting and now, 10 months later, Putin is kicking the neocons proxy warriors ass and bringing down Nato and the US Dollar. So, I skipped the review.

    Anyway, very nice to be able to listen to these things in the truck. It keeps my mind alive and makes the drive go faster. Thanks for your work.

  5. Hi Tanstaafl,

    If I am thinking of the podcast of the young man that goes by the same name: ‘SurvivingWeimerica’, then he is on weekly on Fridays 9pm-11pm EST [I listen to that site for a few hosts who are generally good on the topics in our sphere] on (show title: SurvivingWeimerica). These are the archived podcasts up to now:

    If you want a general interview with this young man (late 20s as he states in this interview podcast) please listen [to the 2nd hour(different guest in the 1st hour, so skip ahead)] to this archived podcast:

    BTW, I admire your work and have listened to your entire library of archived podcasts already. Too bad you do not make a cameo podcast here or there. In any event, best wishes and thank you for your contributions!


  6. Seymour Hirsch, a jew, goes bravely where /pol went months ago on the matter of the jew, Blinken, blowing up Germany’s energy supply from Russia via the Nordstream pipeline.

    Modified limited hangout?

    Cred maintenance?

    It is, however, in context, ignorable jewing, thanks to the work of you and others .

    FYI, both Putin and Xi have called out the jew in all but name…i.e. by their actions via the subverted and controlled (protestant) u.s. proxy.

    Thanks again for your work.

  7. Tan

    Having just browsed your take on the Enlightenment*
    , your archives are a gold mine.

    The depth of your study and opinions is important and should be part of the mix now.

    Please consider sharing your archives on Gab somehow; @AshaLogos is doing great work along the #teamcultural sphere. Of course @EMichaelJones on the #LogosRising scene.

    @AshaLogos videos on the French Revolution dovetail nicely with your post on the origins of the Enlightenment

    Also, dang-it, I am going to have to go through all of your archives! It is fascinating stuff by a solid thinker.

    Or, if you return to podcasting…a “meta-tan” series would be a good listen and introduction to your thought.


    *I was looking for your podcast on the basics of evolution…so as to post this link to the death of Darwins Origin of Species and TENS.

  8. Feel free to block or ban me if I comment too much….

    I am on Chapter 2 of E.Michael Jones book Logos Rising and it is a dense , gripping read.
    In chapter 2 he gets into the Aryan / Proto-Indo-Europeans (?) and the emergence of civilisation.

    The subject matter is very similar to your podcast on evolution I listened to a while back.

    If you are looking for something to read, the book is an intellectual delight.


  9. I searched your website for “Strauss” and did not find relevant material, so here goes.

    These two articles on the jews’ current war on Russia via the Ukraine proxy are a case study into the machinations of the Straussians.
    Which outlines their grand-strategy ; in it you can see the start of your cognitive dissonance on the war in Iraq and all the israeli flags telling us what to think.

    In that essay, Simplicius links to a history of the neocons …the title gives us the true nature of this war we are in: “Putin declares war on the neocons”

    It is a who’s who and a why’s why of America’s history of late.

    The great news is that Putin is winning handily. The alignment of the BRICS with Russia and

    China leaves zionist eastern flank exposed and the neocon/straussian project in tatters.

    The neocons burned their bridges with the Trump affair, so their ability to trick us again is doubtful.

    They are surrounded by #InformationWarfare tik-tok being an example.

    I thought you would like some good news (:

    thx for your work.

    we. are. winning


  10. Thx.

    I have KMac’s books, but my blood boils about 4 paragrapghs in and I have to put them down.

    The pdf you provide is no exception; I got to paragraph 2 and wanted to wring necks.

    These fscking people enrage me.


  11. The Straussians are not merely idle academics but have a plan of action that they vigorously implement to advance their group interests. What about White Nationalists? Not so much. Advocate for Red State secession? Nope, can’t do that! If you do that then you are “a Jew.”

  12. Here is an important insight into a weakness of the enemy from Larry’s website

    “The anger and obsession with the failed plan in the Ukraine and the West are without doubt the result of the psychology and personality of (((the incredibly uniform Western and Ukrainian leadership class))). —>>>They don’t accept personal failure easily, or the intrusion of reality into their plans.<<<— But that is a matter for another essay, and a long one at that."

    …parenthesis and rudimentary emphasis are mine.

    This opens up an attack vector. This explains the hyper-reaction to the emergence of Trump by the (((neocons)))

    If we break that confidence…and we will…then we break the Universal Plague of Mankind


  13. re: that article
    The Jewish goal in Ukraine has nothing to do with land, but genocide. This is what Putin doesn’t understand. Jews started this war to harvest Russian and Ukrainan lives and genetically deplete both countries, or at least, Ukraine.
    Here’s a rabbi admitting it:
    Putin has prosecuted this war poorly and propagandized for it even worse. If his brain wasn’t so twisted from Soviet WW2 propaganda he would clearly see what’s going on here, and instead of an invasion that cost possibly hundreds of thousands of White lives, would have simply decapitated Ukraine’s Jewish leadership. Unfortunately, Putin has ruled out ever harming Zelensky, which wars the war will go on and on.

  14. I think Putin understands perfectly well the facts of life, he just doesn’t give a shit. His daughter was married to a Jew. He surrounds himself with Jewish oligarchs because they personally enrich him. He is the leader of ZOG East, simple as that.

    In the battle between ZOG East and ZOG West the only positive is that both may be weakened and destabilized. Out of this revolution may grow. Red State secession must be pursued.

  15. Alexander Dugin has created an important incremental expansion of what we call “The Narrative” , by likening the Narrative as a component of an “Operating System” .

    I think it is an important change in perspective that forces a change in strategy, focus and tactics.

    As a bonus, Dugin is quite eloquent in his native Russian language…the “errrrsss”, “ehhhhhhs” are nowhere in the link.

    P.S. if you are thinking of a software project, a “De-Duginator” for filtering his audio/video in English would massivelly expand his popularity in the West.


  16. The amount of lives being cut short in this Russian and Ukrainian war is very depressing to me yet no one really seems to care. The Jews have provoked Russia for this war since 2014 when the warmongering and mass-murdering neocon ugly kike bastards seized the Ukrainian government. Putin could have taken that group of ugly kikes running the Ukraine government out instead of sacrificing innocent russian and ukrainian soldiers that has collective Jewry laughing and giggling as the death of white Europeans, especially via a fratricidal war, gives them the greatest of all pleasures. Of course, Putin and his band of kikes, aka oligarchs, are getting rich off this shameful war just like the neocon kikes in the West and kikes of whatever persuasion, as they are all aligned, are getting rich. Why is Americans, at least 1/3 of us do not drive into the cities and place our large and muscular hands on the bodies of the Jews and drag out of their homes and into the streets so that their punishment is shown to all is unknown to me. I would think that at least 1/3 of us/white European people by now would have had enough as just in the last 23 years jewry has schemed, concocted, and provoked 5 damm wars and the amount of lives lost as a result is so great that jewry as a whole must be held accountable and, if found, guilty must be hung by the neck. Lots of torture will occur if the Jews finally face the consequences of all their most awful and absolutely horrid, horrid, and disgusting crimes against humanity that are the most terrible of sins. The jew bastards have probably killed over 200 million white people of European descent as well as Arabs and Palestinians when combining the three as a cumulative group collective jewry is guilty of murdering and over 90% of these deaths occurred after 1900 AD. I hope to be alive to see jewry suffer the consequences of causing endless bloodshed, terror, and horrible misery. I also would like to enjoy myself a little during the jews’ punishment as I know for a fact that many, many others do so as well. But, I doubt that I will live to see that day as I am getting long in the tooth. Nonetheless, even in my physical absence, I have great confidence that the Almighty will see to it that we are able to view those wonderful days that the Jew will suffer terrible punishments only to end in the impostion of state sanctioned death via mass hangings. I get the giggles and excited wiggle jiggles just thinking of those great and very holy days that jewry has been screaming to get since they began their treachery towards us and even to some of us personally through vicious libel and slander campaigns.

  17. I say this with the utmost respect for you, gratefulness for your tremendous body of work, understanding of the cost and effort of keeping this website going, but frustration in spite of that. What is the point of updating the feed all at once, once a year? I get that you’ve got a life and a family and maybe you’re burnt out by all this, but once a year? We’re just supposed to remember to check age-of-just in January of every year? Is it that hard to add stuff you listen to as you find it, or even several times throughout the year if you can’t do it once a month? Serious question.

  18. Hi Tan

    If you have not read it, E.Michael Jones Logos Rising does a great job of laying out the vista of the philosophies that formed our ways of thinking.

    Since the jews target our minds, how we think (your podcasts on Boaz, MacDonald’s on Freud, etc) we are given an intellectual framework to kick their fscking asses.

    It is also a great way to avoid the labor of the “cognitive dissonance” route you and I took to the JQ.

    Here is an example quote from the book, chapter 9 or so….

    “Hegel used Spinoza’s claim that every determination is a negation as the basis for his dialectic. The Thomists took the same principle as proof of the priority of the principle of non contradiction..Restoring Being, not its negation as the primary metaphysical principle..
    because any determinations based on negation were necessarily posterior to the idea upon which they depended this meant that any primordial judgement must itself be posterior to a prior primordial idea, which was contained implicitly in every other idea. The prior primordial idea on which the principle of contradiction depended was the idea of Being”

    some thoughts…

    assuming that “The Principle of Contradiction” is not a typo, we are witnesses to a war between

    ~(p & ~p ) versus (p & ~p )

    Truth vs. Lie

    “because of the principle of non-contradiction, the mind must conclude..’Being is not Being’, a conclusion that reverses Hegel’s Dialectic”

    This matters immensley because Hegel was huge. His dialectic formed both Prussia and Marx (and if IIRC Luther and the resulting Protestantism)

    This review by a Cultural Marxist gives a good idea of the import of this book.

    All of the above is my way of saying that I think you, a thinker, will find it rewarding.



  19. Thanks for the reply Tan. The rss only shows as html code, for me anyway, but I’ll take it. Cheers

  20. For any other boomertechs struggling like myself- download a reader, I used newsblur-works on Android. Add the AOT rss address. Stay strong gentlemen

  21. T, do you have any tips on how we can create our own similar RSS podcast feeds? Are you simply using a wordpress plugin or is your feed generated using custom code?

    I’ve looked into the Castopod software for self-hosting my own podcast feed, but it’s not really geared towards ‘repackaging’ existing podcast episodes, like your feed does. Using Castopod would involve downloading the original audio files, re-uploading, and then copying and pasting titles, descriptions, and thumbnail images…an unacceptable amount of busywork in my book.

    What I’m trying to do is find a way to create a metafeed like yours, the only difference being that it archives the original audio files in case they later get scrubbed or become unavailable at the original source.

    Any wisdom gained over the year appreciated.

  22. TFeed is produced by custom scripts. They aren’t pretty and I don’t want to even try to generalize and clean them up, much less document how they work.

  23. I’ve made progress on this. Started out by simply copying and then modifying the example iTunes feed here:

    Couple good tools to test and validate your feed:

    BTW, when I searched for Age of Treason at the Podcast Index, three feeds come up that are hard to distinquish. Do you have any ability to rectify that on your end?

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