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This is an archive of the items that appeared in TFeed during 2022.

TFeed is an RSS feed for audio files I’m either interested in hearing or have already heard but think might appeal to others with similar interests.

You can send suggestions (please include link) for audio to put in the feed to tanstaafl at age-of-treason dot com.

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5 thoughts on “TFeed Index 2022”

  1. The shattered television is a nice touch I did not notice until now.

    It is the lie-box, one source of narrative control and an instrument of the enemy, destroyer of minds and souls.

  2. Thanks very much for this list you post each year. I am frequently in search of good things to listen to and it is a great source. I appreciate the time and energy you put into it.

  3. Greetings Mr. Tanstaafl,
    Been a fan of your work for awhile. I value your perspective on the JQ as one of the best in the WN/HBD scene and your broadcast provides a clear perspective on the ongoing crisis that present day Europeans worldview are facing with our people. Anyway, its a long shot but I would like to speak with you sometime on these issues on my podcast sometime.

  4. I got to listen to two of them yesterday and today during the truck driving job.

    I will be listening more to Razib Kahn ; he is very polite and human…a “just the facts” sort of scientist, which I truly appreciate. This one was on the death of E.O. Wilson, with the two guests…some insights I really appreciated learning.

    1. Harvard Professors are comfortably middle class and “above it all” when it comes to money.
    It made me wonder about the “nice middle class existence you have there…be a shame if something happened to it…now about your paper on …” and if it exists.

    2. E.O. Wilson was a Southerner…Mobile Alabama…first person to see south american ants in the U.S. That he was very humane to his students comforted me.

    2.a the science mag writer who was interviewed, demonstrated that Wilson was not above being an activist.
    2.b. Gould was a Marxist…
    3. The first interviewee was very informative, giving a glimpse into the world of how that sort of science–social biology (?) was conducted.
    3.b. the insight that “Variation, Inheritance, Selection, Time and Adaptation.” (?) could and should be changed to “anything that causes an organism to evolve.
    4. I am going to have to read, “The Blind Watchmaker” as Kahn said that started his career…hmmmm Dawkins

    Listening to the Steve Sailer / Charles Murray interview on Powerline was very painful.
    The two, while very sincere, are trapped in a paradigm that does not exist anymore. They are still thinking in terms of American politics…

    For Example, Murray insisted on his science that “If I had to choose between 2 doctors–one White, one Black, and if I knew nothing else about them , I would choose the White Dr, based on the distribution / mean MCAT scores differences.”

    He then followed up with a “One Asian, One White, One Black” doctor…
    I thought to myself, “What about a choice between 2 White doctors? With Asians and Blacks in their own societies and us in ours?”

    This simple idea is beyond their ken.

    Then a discussion on Blacks being marginalized by Hispanics and republican politics…as if this state of affairs is the natural order of human beings on the world.

    Contrast their thinking with the energy over at Millenial Woes Yule thing..( ). I listened to Blood Sattelites and Black-Pilled.

    The energy and intelligence dwarfed what Sailer and Murray brought to the table.

    Started on Nordic Frontier, but the Ukraine was just starting and now, 10 months later, Putin is kicking the neocons proxy warriors ass and bringing down Nato and the US Dollar. So, I skipped the review.

    Anyway, very nice to be able to listen to these things in the truck. It keeps my mind alive and makes the drive go faster. Thanks for your work.

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