March Against White Genocide 2015


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#WhiteGenocide – Rise Up Against the Destruction of Your Race

#WhiteGenocide in a Melting Pot

Diversity is a codeword for white genocide

Angelo John Gage addresses the question, Is #WhiteGenocide even real?

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Newcastle: Successful March – But Nine Arrested for Burning Jew and Homo Flags! | Daily Stormer | Footage Of White Man March In Newcastle UK | Angelo Gage Of The National Youth Front Encourages A Weekend Of Pro-White Activism | Footage Shot Today Of Activism Exposing The Jewish Agenda Of White Genocide (Fascist Lemming)

The White Man Marches On! | National Action

The March Against White Genocide – #MAWG – White GeNOcide Project

March Against White Genocide – The report – White GeNOcide Project

BlutundBoden on Twitter: “Two-dozen+ people Marching Against #WhiteGenocide in Christchurch, New Zealand:”

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  1. There’s not going to be a populist, democratic uprising in the West. Whites are not going to stand up for themselves, not even if they’re being exterminated; South Africa is proof of that. Whites need leaders. Protests aren’t going to cut it.

  2. This brings me to smile with pride. Sure, most mock and laugh at us now in ignorance but they will be the ones running to US when shit hits the fan.

    Seeing Whites taking a stand and waking up to fact that we matter. That we cannot ask or beg for jews to let us survive. We must want it and to want it is to fight for it. White Pride World Wide. 14 Words…

  3. #WhiteGenocide Signs Pop Up In Asheville – WLOS – Asheville Top Stories – ABC:

    Seeing the sign for the first time, some people were upset and others were confused.

    “I think it’s pretty bad,” Suzy Morrissey said.

    “I don’t know what that means,” Noah Lundgren said. “I have no idea.”

    It’s becoming a hot topic among people all over the country and even the world no matter what your reaction.

    “I don’t know what it’s about, but I think it’s pretty terrible that somebody would put up a sign like that to influence people or try to influence people, but it certainly wouldn’t influence me,” Morrissey said.

    . . .

    People just about everywhere are expressing concern, not knowing if it’s hate speech and if it applies to them in places like Asheville.

    “It’s terrible especially in this town of such diversity and such acceptance of everyone here, so I’m very sorry to see that,” Morrissey said.

    The signs spotted in Asheville have been removed.

  4. Bob Whitaker went from an absolutely true statement: lack of diversity = too many white people, to a true, but irrelevant statement concerning his use of free speech to a false statement claiming this is not completely racial then ending with another false idea that diversity is a matter of third world “dumping.”

    Lack of diversity = too many white people…

    That’s ^^^ all that needs to be said.

  5. It took 20 years and other people overriding his objections to boil Whitaker’s wordy ramble down to the point: Whites are being genocided.

    Ironically, if not for Whitaker “going off message” here the only thing left in that news report would be the parts I excerpted above – Whites expressing cognitive dissonance, wondering aloud whether opposing genocide of Whites is “hate” speech – which is what his mantra seemed designed to accomplish all along.

  6. @thordaddy:

    I believe you are wrong in your assessment here.

    “Bob Whitaker went from an absolutely true statement: lack of diversity = too many white people,…”

    ^ Agreed.

    “…to a true, but irrelevant statement concerning his use of free speech…”

    ^ “I’m using my freedom of speech,” Whitaker said. “I don’t care if it offends anybody or not.”

    I doubt he spoke in that order, this would be the author of the article’s placement of statements. There is nothing wrong with this statement, he is obviously responding the ever-present and expressed belief that the message is offensive.

    “…to a false statement claiming this is not completely racial…”

    ^ You misunderstand, he is saying that putting out the message that “‘diversity’ = White genocide” has nothing to do with “racism”, i.e. hating people for no reason except the color of their skin and possibly wanting to make slaves out of them.

    “…then ending with another false idea that diversity is a matter of third world “dumping.”

    ^ “This [“diversity”] is not aimed at all races,” Whitaker said. “None of this [“diversity”] has anything to do with any other race except that the overpopulation of the third world [non-White] is to be dumped in the white countries.”

    “Lack of diversity = too many white people…

    That’s ^^^ all that needs to be said.”

    I think you are being too critical.

  7. Hunter Wallace:

    I’m sure lots of WNs really do believe in all that abstract stuff about race and the need for a “White ethnostate,” but they believe in avoiding risk and preserving their middle class lifestyle a whole lot more. That’s why they march to the tune of SJWs. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if they really believe that stuff or not because fear and extreme individualism allows the values and attitudes of faggots with Tumblr blogs to police and dictate their actions in the real world.

    Look at it this way: we live in an age where you can be one of five people in the whole state of Arkansas who isn’t intimidated by this guy

    I have a child.

    Matt Heimbach will be a father soon. So will Shane Long. James Edwards just had his second child. Dr. Hill has children and grandchildren. Several people have brought their children to League protests and CofCC events. In fact, most of the people who I know from our activism have children. There’s so many children running around and pregnancies going on that we often joke around about setting up a League kindergarten.

    That’s actually the reason why I do all of this. What am I going to tell my son when he is my age and the world has gone to hell? Am I going to tell him that I was too afraid to stand up for his future because SJW faggots called me names on their Tumblr blogs? Am I going to spend my whole life marching to their tune? No thanks, I intend to tell my son that I did everything I could do so that his children, my grandchildren, would have a future here.

    I’m long past that.

    That’s just the way it is: most WNs believe in the “White ethnostate” on an abstract level, but because they are so afraid of SJWs like our old pal Spelunker and are averse to taking any risk that might jeopardize their preferred middle class lifestyle, they will outwardly conform to anti-racist norms. They will go along with the status quo. They will never challenge it except through “e-activism” in the anonymity of cyberspace which creates a whole host of problems. The few WNs who do challenge it in real life will disproportionately be “vanguard” non-conformists/sub-culturalists like the tattooed skinhead in Newcastle.

    The bottom line is, if WNs don’t stand up for their own cause, if they are afraid of being “exposed,” it is not going to go anywhere. It’s going to stagnate, their enemies will triumph, and they will lose. The years will continue to roll on by and blur into each other. Life will continue to get worse. That’s really all there is to it.

    Bizarre. Hunter Wallace, which is a pseudonym, says anonymity “creates a whole host of problems”. He advocates a specific abstract White ethnostate but derides the more general concept, writing White ethnostate in sneer quotes. He uses an example of relatively high-profile pro-White non-internet activism as a pretext to bash WNs for “e-activism and cyberracialism”. He accuses WN of being afraid of the real enemy, who he pretends are “SJW faggots”. He claims he does what he does out of concern for his family’s future, but WNs are “averse to taking any risk that might jeopardize their preferred middle class lifestyle”.

  8. It’s a weird combination of “stop doing what I don’t like” and “stop doing what I’m doing”. Along with a big dollop of the same old, “you know who to blame, right? WNs”, that’s served up every day in the mainsteam jewsmedia and their “SJW” useful idiots.

  9. Yeah, its interesting to see how the endless flavors of WN react to the consistent message of the mantra, ie. There is a program of #whitegenocide and they call it diversity & anti-racism is a code word for anti-white. Seems like WN factions do one of the following:

    Completely ignore mantra related efforts and pretend it doesn’t exist
    Openly criticize and reject it for some reason (doesn’t work, counter productive, etc)
    Acknowledge it as a positive force in the WN movement but don’t use it themselves
    Insert the #whitegenocide consistent message in their own efforts
    Become full time BUGSER, mantra meme spreader

    I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t spend much time looking at content coming from the first two groups, the ones that either ignore the mantra completely or 100% criticize. The mantra IS our consistent message. Its simple enough and powerful enough that the average white person can comprehend it and repeat as they wake up to what is happening.

    There are so many WNish podcasts and websites out there that have become dead end circle jerks. Some of them are really entertaining and well produced, but they are accomplishing very little beyond entertaining their tiny splinter of followers. They look down their noses at the “other racists” lol. Its funny how independent and naive white people can be.

    Hammering away with a consistent message works. Its why everyone in the world has heard “They want to wipe Israel off the map”. Things are going to change when everyone in the world has internalized “Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide” and “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”.

  10. Bob’s mantra is pretty good. But I’m not sure whether I’m reading too much into it, or whether other people read too little in it.

    The mantra is supposed to mean this: They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    But I think it means much more. The mantra also explains how phony anti-racism is actually the main weapon of a huge crime committed against White people. The Jews are not just insincere when they say they want to protect non-Whites from the racist Whites. Their phony anti-racism is in itself the chief weapon used to kill us.

    The slogan could be made more explicit: “Phony anti-racism is the main Jewish weapon used to destroy White people”. But then, it becomes too long, and it is no longer a slogan.

    The expanded version of the mantra illustrates how Jewish anti-racism is completely phony: Real anti-racist justice would mean that every established racial group gets to keep its own territory. Instead of that, the Jews want the non-whites to keep their own countries while White people in Western countries get replaced by non-Whites.

    The boiled-down mantra also illustrates the Jewish tactic of inverting reality. The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. At the very same time he tries to destroy your race through race-replacement, he loudly complains that you want to enslave the non-Whites and kill 6 million Jews. They use very offensive/aggressive tactics. White people don’t know how to deal with that, and instead of denouncing the Jews who are killing us, we pathetically start defending ourselves against Jewish accusations of racism.

    But all of this wouldn’t be possible if the Jews did not own the government and the media.

    I think it’s useful to repeat the mantra, but we also need to keep explaining its full meaning. In fact, the mantra is useful as a mnemonic device to help us remember a number of points we have to make.

  11. I don’t remember where, but I once saw someone summarize this conflict very succinctly: “We’re White. Jews are the enemy.” I think this works as an even better mantra since it clearly delineates who the rivals are in this struggle. “Anti-racist is code for anti-White” also works, but the problem is that it’s too reminiscent of the Amren crowd and Jew-defenders. People might look at the Whitaker mantra and think it’s true, but they won’t understand what group of people are behind the rampant White-hatred in the modern West. They won’t understand that anti-racism is not some White egalitarian ideology gone awry, but rather an aggressive attack on Whites by a hostile, virulent, and parasitic non-White race.

  12. I agree with Ripcord:

    “Hammering away with a consistent message works. Its why everyone in the world has heard “They want to wipe Israel off the map”. Things are going to change when everyone in the world has internalized “Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide” and “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white”.”

    Definitely. We could spend all century bickering about the obscure corners of the WN, NS, far right, etc factions and that’s probably never going to end but at a minimum I’m sure we can all agree that this basic and easily digested message can be understood by most of the whites on this planet, even those who are totally oblivious to politics or are good goy liberals.

  13. That nutty rant from Rushkoff perfectly sums up the inherently illogical, hysterical, and self-righteous jewish mentality. Let’s break down his logic here: he says that Jews “smash things that aren’t true.” Then he says that Judaism teaches Jews how to see what’s true and not true. Therefore what he’s actually saying is not that Jews smash things that aren’t true, but that Jews smash things that aren’t Jewish, as by his own logic, what isn’t Jewish isn’t “true.” This, of course, accurately describes what Jews actually do, and have done for centuries.

    Revilo Oliver had very erudite comments on the question of jewish psychosis in The Jewish Strategy:

    “And at the limit, we have no assurance that the psychological process that we call ‘belief,’ and distinguish from hypocrisy and mendacity, occurs in the Jewish mind, which may not distinguish between truth and falsity in terms of some objective reality, as Aryans do even when the reality is merely a product of their imaginations; so far as we can tell, indeed, the racial mentality of this alien species may, by a psychological process beyond our understanding, think only in terms of what is good for the Jewish People, the Divine Race, and may only simulate, in discourse with our species, our distinction between what is objectively true and what is not, much as we train animals by teaching them lessons in terms of their mental conformation.

    Our minds boggle when we try to understand such statements as Rabbi Solomon Goldman’s “God is absorbed [sic] in the nationalism of Israel… He [God] creates the world [sic] in the Hebrew language,” Dr. Joseph Kastein’s “It was not God who willed these people [the Jews]… It was this people [the Jews] who willed this God,” or any one of a hundred comparable statements, which seem to us to be the ravings of madness, but are only typical of the Jewish mind, which, we must remember, has regularly, throughout history, outwitted our race. We, of course, often remark that men create God in their own image, thus stating a psychological and anthropological truth, and what we mean by that statement is that gods do not exist, but are mere figments of the imagination, and if a man of our race, having thus affirmed his atheism, were then to profess belief in the divinity and reality of a god or gods, we should rightly adjudge him insane; but it is obvious that the Jewish mind sees no illogic in worshipping a god it has knowingly created – in worshipping its own image in a mirror. That is insanity – we cannot honestly call it anything else in our terminology – but it is the insanity of a species that has successfully preyed on all others for millennia and is now achieving ownership of the entire earth.”

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the jewish race suffers from a collective mental illness. There’s simply no other way to describe it. Revilo’s observations, plus Rushkoff’s quote, reveal a disturbing lack of ability for Jews to distinguish what’s real from what’s fictional. Jews have always been an anti-intellectual people, though of course they portray themselves as the opposite. They have always opposed science and objectivity, from the days where they burned the libraries of Greece and Rome to today, where they suppress Darwin and racialism in the universities and replace them with the unscientific, egalitarian creationism of Boas, Diamond, Gould, and other Hebrew priests. They do this because an objective understanding of what jews are- parasites who destroy healthy host societies- will lead to what they call “anti-Semitism,” which is really just another term for immunization.

  14. You don’t need to shop for clever slogans.
    .diversity = white genocide

    On a separate sign :

    Jews support diversity

  15. A mantra only faces two obstacles; it must endure a process of truthful evaluation and accept the total unpredictability of gaining broad traction amongst whites.

    IF most “whites” are self-annihilators then “diversity = white genocide” will not resonate.

    IF “diversity = anti-white Supremacy” is MORE TRUTHFUL then “we” have a more particular debate that acknowledges the descending state of the white masses.

  16. If you want to know how our enemies think about this, go to : : article of March 30, 2015 : White Supremacists Protest Against “White Genocide”. To access the many comments, click on the title of the article, then open the button below, left click on it , then chose “renew”. One Jew and several “useful idiots” of course deny that such a thing as “White genocide” is happening. One is a White man who married a mulatta, one is a “dark White” who claims that mass immigration from Latin America is actually making the US “more white”! Especially the Jew (“Aron”) is typical in his duplicity by asserting that Jews and Blacks are genuine ethnic identities, but Whites are not. Everybody who doesn’t agree with that is a “Nazi”. Enjoy.

  17. Some of these people need lessons in personal style. Ditch the beards, baseball caps, t-shirts, and jeans. How are White Nationalists supposed to gain followers by looking like prole slobs with no sartorial standards? We’re supposed to represent a higher ideal.

  18. HCGW…

    It is because “white nationalism” is not a manner of being. WN is a GIVEN (unassailable assertion) in the mind of the genuine white Supremacist. White Supremacy is the white man’s true manner of being. Of course, with a super majority of all “white” males (and “white” females) being liberated then what you “see” in that crowd are anti-white Supremacists. In fact, what you “see” are “white” anti-white Supremacists. Or to be even more exacting, what you “see” are “white” anti-white Supremacists who call themselves white nationalists. In other words, that crowd represents some of the most radical of liberationists.

  19. Most Whites are not supremacists in any way, they just want jobs and families, like most members of most races. When Germany was decaying, Hitler stood up and gave the people a vision of greatness they could rally around. Aesthetics matter. In order for any kind of WNism to gain a following the leaders need to differentiate themselves from the rest of the mob. That means getting rid of the beer-and-pizza way of life and the street dumbass look of baseball caps and jeans. What’s the point of kicking out the jews and blacks only so we could continue to live as degenerates?

  20. hsgw:

    “What’s the point of kicking out the jews and blacks only so we could continue to live as degenerates?”

    That we would continue to *live*?

    I only answer such a question because it’s the third time today I saw an excuse for not supporting pro-Whites based on hairstyles or dress.

    The hippies had it right, you moron, it doesn’t matter how you dress or cut your hair, just get your head right.

  21. Where did I say that I didn’t support them? I simply said that their looks inspire neither confidence nor superiority. Part of the reason why so few people take WN’s seriously is because of the media portrayal of them as rednecks and deadbeats, and when real WN’s dress like that, they fall into the very trap that Jews have set for them. The way a person looks matters greatly, especially when it comes to politics.

  22. HSGW said: ” Part of the reason why so few people take WN’s seriously is because of the media portrayal of them as rednecks and deadbeats, and when real WN’s dress like that, they fall into the very trap that Jews have set for them.”

    I’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s no longer an either/or issue anymore. Andrew Anglin (of The Daily Stormer) got into a squabble with Colin Liddell (of Alternative Right) over this very problem. Anglin and his fans are very overtly NS while Liddell wants to tone down and make a more ‘respectable’ white nationalism (as if that’s even possible, lol). We could argue a thousand years over who makes more sense but why split hairs?

    Anglin clearly has a huge following and his tactics work for him. America isn’t Europe where Golden Dawn got shut down by the useful goyim of the World Jewish Congress. Liddell also pulls in a certain crowd. Others like /pol/ seem to do a great job by attracting people with overtly shocking and pro-NS imagery, while others try to be lower key. If the folks in these pictures are brave enough to do this type of thing and look like trailer trash crazies, who cares? If they get through to just a few white people they have done a good job in my opinion.

    Younger people tend to be drawn to the ‘edgy’ and extreme white fringe groups but may decide to take a more pragmatic approach later on, or vice versa. Who cares? It’s about winning.

    -Meow Blitz

  23. hsgw, White people already agree with active WNs on baseline issues despite false media portrayal. You say there’s a problem here but clearly there isn’t.

  24. Meow blitz…

    Winning = successful perpetuation…

    And successful perpetuation is not merely biological imperative. Successful perpetuation is the spiritual and intellectual juggernaut of white Supremacy. Many at the forefront see the biological question as technologically obsolete. “We” can create white individuals at will. The greater task at hand is perpetuating white Supremacy such that its potential is on the minds, mouths and movements of a super-majority of white males.

  25. Meow Blitz: You’re misunderstanding me. I actually like Anglin’s brazen, aggressive approach to these issues, and I completely disagree with the Taylor/Liddell/Spencer crowd’s strategy of looking nice and speaking softly. Being nice to jews and their minions will get us nowhere.

    I’m simply talking about aesthetics and presentation, nothing more. To put it simply, we need to take the look of the Radix crowd (middle class and upper class) and merge it with the unapologetic “fuck you” attitude of the TDS crowd. Then we might have something. As it stands now we have two methods of combating White-hatred that, by themselves, aren’t amounting to much in the real world, even if they both have significant audiences online.

    We’re an image-based culture. If Anglin ditched the trailer trash look and got some decent clothes and grew his hair (assuming he’s not naturally bald), he’d be an ever bigger draw. If Spencer and Taylor, meanwhile, grew some balls, they’d be bigger draws.

  26. To HSGW and Thor Daddy:

    The Taylor/Liddell/Spencer, as well as NRx types are a good gateway for the uninitiated. They might tap dance around or avoid the JQ but keen eyes can see through it. They serve a function in the same way that the Daily Stormer types do. I know many in the NRx crowd, for example, that are Jew-wise after the WN criticism of Moldbug’s obfuscation. It’s a dialectic approach and dissemination via Internet bleeds over and infects all corners of the WN/NS/NRx/Paleocon/Etc crowd. To draw an analogy: Leftists (and Jews obviously) win by coalition, not but LARPING about absolute ideological purity.

    -Meow Blitz,

  27. Meow Blitz…

    The white man doesn’t seek ideological purity unless he’s been corrupted. The failure of the WN/NS/alt-rite/Neo’s Reaction is that “they” are ALL anti-white Supremacists EQUAL to the radical liberationist of whatever variant –Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist — “they” feign to oppose. In others words, ALL the relevant players DENY objective Supremacy as the white man’s true metaphysical foundation and thus seek to prohibit white man from striving towards this Supremacy both as an individual and in collective fashion. So the WN/NS/alt-rite/Neo’s Reaction serves the purpose of KEEPING the white man LOCKED IN an unwinnable, zero-sum battle for his freedom. So this has nothing to do with the ideologies of the various movements of white males to the “right” side of the political spectrum and everything to do with hiding the fact that the WHOLE DEBATE only involves the different variants of anti-white Supremacist and none advance white man’s free will.

    This is where ^^^ the real awaking starts.

  28. The problem with these movements is that they mimic the various radical liberationist movements where one sacrifices his identity (self-annihilates) in exchange for maximum autonomy gained by the force of the collective.

    This is not the nature of the white Supremacist who understands that true freedom is gained and experienced locally and not psychologically transmitted over a distance more nuanced than mere miles. These various movements on the right want to gain maximum autonomy through collective force AND PRETEND “we” are all in by simply our white skin. It seemingly does not matter that some, or even most, are anti-white Supremacists, metaphysically and ideologically-speaking.

  29. Thordaddy, I was just saying those groups are useful gateways to awaken Whites, not that they are ends in themselves.

    Since the ‘right’ is historically defined as a preference for hierarchy (as opposed to egalitarianism on the left), White Supremacy is implicit to rightist movements of the Western variety (take Libertarianism, for example, which is overwhelmingly White. Even the good goy cucks in the GOP are implicitly White). I would agree with you in that it is a matter of awakening Whites to the realization of mastery.

  30. The left is not egalitarian. They only use egalitarian propaganda to appeal to naïve Whites and achieve power, but once they achieve that power they have no interest in sharing it with others.

    What the “left” supports today is not equality, but the domination of Whites by non-Whites. They have absolutely no intention of letting any White person have any position of power or influence in the West. What they want is the total subjugation of Whites by non-Whites, the total submission of Whites to non-Whites, and the eventual genocide of the White race. That is all that will satisfy them.

    There is no left or right anymore. There is only White and non-White. Watch how the media will turn against Hillary when they realize that even though she’s a Clinton, she’s still White (at least, biologically), and that her election will be a step “backwards” from Obama’s. Left and right are outdated terms. Hitler knew it in 32, we need to know it now.

  31. The radical liberal is anti-Supremacy. The radical liberal denies objective Supremacy. The radical liberal denies Perfection. The radical liberal denies white man’s will to do all right (only undeniably successful path). “Equality” is just the euphemism. The lipstick on the pig.

  32. The Biblical Jews were the first IDENTIFIABLE anti-Supremacists and thus the first and hence archetype ethnic self-annihilator.

    The idea is victory by breaking all the “rules.” It’s simply the anrithesis to Perfection and white man’s will to do all right.

  33. Liberals are not anti-supremacy, they are anti-White supremacy. Most liberals fully believe that non-Whites are morally superior to Whites and that Whites only became powerful by “stealing” the inventions of non-Whites. Liberals are that deranged. They fully support the dominion of non-Whites over Whites, even in White countries. Liberals are not driven by egalitarian ideas or fairness, but a racial hatred of Whites.

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