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March Against White Genocide 2015


Promotional videos:


#WhiteGenocide – Rise Up Against the Destruction of Your Race

#WhiteGenocide in a Melting Pot

Diversity is a codeword for white genocide

Angelo John Gage addresses the question, Is #WhiteGenocide even real?

Pro-White reports:

Newcastle: Successful March – But Nine Arrested for Burning Jew and Homo Flags! | Daily Stormer

Dailyslave.com | Footage Of White Man March In Newcastle UK

Dailyslave.com | Angelo Gage Of The National Youth Front Encourages A Weekend Of Pro-White Activism

Dailyslave.com | Footage Shot Today Of Activism Exposing The Jewish Agenda Of White Genocide (Fascist Lemming)

The White Man Marches On! | National Action

The March Against White Genocide – #MAWG – White GeNOcide Project

March Against White Genocide – The report – White GeNOcide Project

BlutundBoden on Twitter: “Two-dozen+ people Marching Against #WhiteGenocide in Christchurch, New Zealand: http://s24.photobucket.com/user/FightWG/media/IMG_0214_zpsc3h5fbno.mp4.html”

More pictures and video via Twitter:

White Man March – 15 March 2014

White Man March WorlWide at LiveLeak.

This video was originally posted at YouTube, but was quickly “removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech”.

As march organizer Kyle Hunt points out in the video, “diversity” is White genocide. YouTube is simply making it clear (for Whites who don’t yet understand) that opposition to White genocide is “hate”.

See also:

http://whitemanmarch.com and http://whitemanmarch.tumblr.com.

#WhiteManMarch on Twitter.

Why The White Man March is Important.

White Man March 15/03/2014 and White Man March update at Birmingham Nationalist.