A Grim and Terrible Fact


Revilo Oliver begins The Jewish Strategy with an insight which only becomes more relevant as jewish power and the elaborate efforts to disguise or excuse it make themselves ever more obvious:

IT IS A GRIM AND TERRIBLE FACT that most of the members of our own race have had their minds so deformed by centuries of cunning Jewish propaganda that they have been conditioned, as effectively as well-trained dogs, to snarl and bite when their Jewish masters utter certain key-words, such as “fascist,” “racist,” and the like, which take the place of the “sic ’em” to which dogs respond. They are, furthermore, so emotionally addicted to narcotic fantasies that many of them are both unwilling and unable to endure the distress of looking at the real world about them and thinking rationally about it. They understandably prefer to close tightly the eyes of their minds and live in the dream-world of pleasurable fairy tales, such as they heard in the childhood to which they subconsciously long to regress. As Kipling neatly characterized them, “If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, ‘It has never been!'”

It is a tragic and potentially disastrous fact that any candid and reasonably comprehensive analysis of our present plight not only exposes its author to surreptitious or open reprisals, but also alienates many members of our befuddled and perhaps doomed race, making them snarl and want to bite the man who would make them face an unpleasant reality. Many more are so timorous that even a hint of disrespect for Jews sends them running for cover, like frightened cats, lest the Jews punish them for having listened to impious words.

This pattern recurs in every jewed facet of reaction to jewing for the same reason “anti-semitism” follows the jews wherever they go. Jewish parasitism comprises infiltration, manipulation and exploitation. Naturally, they seek to neutralize and overcome the resentment and resistance their behavior engenders in their hosts by applying ever more of the same. From the jewish hammer’s point of view everything else really is just a jew-hating nail.

Apropos “jewish manipulation of White vulnerabilities”, as discussed in the comments of Gaslighting, Oliver’s insight also accounts for the vector, the characteric elements of White racial mentality jews manipulate. Oliver laid out a total of seven elements in What We Owe Our Parasites. In the two paragraphs above he points to the White capacity for imagination being driven to “narcotic fantasies” and the White capacity for compassion misdirected into either snarling or sniveling. These latter symptoms are analogous to an auto-immune response – a pathological response which is, of course, instigated by and serves the interests of the pathogen, the jews.

The cure, or at least the first step toward one, is to “wake up”. To recognize the fantasies and misdirections as such. To face reality, no matter how unpleasant. As Oliver put it:

A dream is by definition a series of sensations that occur in the brain when both our senses of perception and our powers of will and reason are in abeyance, so that we have no control over that flux of sensations. But it is, of course, a well-known phenomenon that when we dream that we are dreaming, the dream ends and we awaken. Then the conscious mind takes over and we are again responsible for our thoughts, and must face a day in which we must be responsible for our actions, which, by their wisdom or folly, may determine the rest of our lives. Our dreams may give expression, pleasant or painful, to our subconscious desires or fears. But in our waking hours we must, if we are rational, make our decisions on the basis of the most objective and cold-blooded estimates that we can make: estimates of the forces and tendencies in the world about us; estimates of the realities with which we must deal; remembering always that nothing is likely to happen just because we think it’s good, or unlikely to happen just because we think it’s evil.

If ever we have had need to appraise carefully and rationally our position and prospects, the time is now.

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  1. Jews do what they do because they are what they are: a tiny Tribal minority, ravenous for total power. Oliver understood this, and in a sense admired the Jews for it. The shabbatz goyim – currently including the entire White American political and chattering class – are, on the other hand, conscious destroyers of their own race and civilization on behalf of the Jews. When the time comes, and come it will, I intend to speak at least as harshly to the Jews’ collaborators as to the Jews themselves

  2. I have been aware of Oliver’s writings for many years now and have a copy of
    “Against the Grain, volume 1” (but have been unable to acquire volume 2 or other of his writings) and it is excellent reading. Tan, I wonder if you can direct me to a source of his collected works, if you know of such? I do know of Strom’s website which has a few of Oliver’s essays posted there and I am glad those are available, but I know that professor Oliver published much more than that (and gave speeches as well) so that there must be more material out there somewhere, but I am at a loss as to where to find it.

  3. Kevin;

    Thanks so much for the links! Anything that professor Oliver wrote makes for informative reading and any speech he gave is a pleasure to listen to. I really appreciate the information and look forward to delving into it.


  4. Also most issues of the Liberty Bell. had articles by Dr. Oliver. Ceased publishing about a year after his death.

  5. JD;

    I read the article at The Atlantic that you linked to. It really couldn’t be any more amusing- here are French Jews with their “Oy Vey, we are being poisecuted again”, only this time by Muslims. How predictable is that? They, that is, French Jews with political pull are the reason for their own grief in this instance and the same is true throughout Europe. It was Jewish influence that brought the Muslim aliens into Europe (against the will of the host nations that had to endure the presence of these people who are only a burden to Europeans) and now these same Jews are paying the price and complaining that they are being beaten, robbed and spit at by these Muslims that they (Jews) forced on the Europe. But of course, it is NEVER the Jew’s fault when they are persecuted! Oh the astonishment! “Why, oh why are we being so mistreated?”.

  6. Jews whine about “persecution” as a matter of course, usually to distract from some very real harm they themselves are causing. Plainly it is Europeans who suffer most from the invasion and colonization of Europe. A few of us may see that the jews have caused this situation, but most of them know it well. Whether their screeching in unison about their victimhood is the product of an instinctive emotional reflex or a conscious ruse hardly matters. It works.

  7. @ Tanstaafl;

    “Plainly it is Europeans who suffer most from the invasion and colonization of Europe. A few of us may see that the jews have caused this situation, but most of them know it well…”

    – Of course! The whining deflects attention from the fact that the Jews are to blame for bringing the Muslims into Europe in the first place; “classic” Jew tactic. Damn, I was so entranced with shadenfreude that I failed to see the obvious- that it is a classic Jewish ruse to begin with…sigh. I forgot that Jews are quite capable of sacrificing a few of their own for the sake of their greater goal and to tailor public perception of an event to their favor.

  8. George,

    It was truly amusing, wasn’t it? Glad you “enjoyed” it. It was sent to me by a philo-Semite friend whom I am in the process of changing. I broke down the article bit by bit for him a few days ago. I have not heard back, although I consider this a sign of progress because a year ago I would have gotten an emotional, irrational accusation of being “obscenely anti-Semitic” from him. Baby steps, yes. But every step counts. We have to keep pushing and pushing as many people as we can, as many places as we can.


  9. “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you” as the old Polish proverb says (although sources vary). That statement alone sums up so much.

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