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Brother Nathanael Kapner Gives me the Creeps

To pick just one example, in Can White America Survive? Kapner cites “prominent White identity leaders” Peter Brimelow, Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, James Edwards, and Harold Covington without demonizing them. Hallelujah. Then he tacks on this conclusion:

American jewry with its anti-Christian position now rules over America’s multi-racial fragmentation. Only a return to historic Christianity that could unite our nation with one common language and one common faith and where jewry is granted no special status or privileges can save America from ruin and a very possible next civil war.

Kapner is not praising the “prominent White identity leaders” he cited, he’s criticizing them. None of them (excluding perhaps Edwards) express a strong Christian identity or advocate “a return to historic Christianity”.

Though Kapner is critical of jewish rule he still wishes to secure a future for America that includes them. His America is an oxymoronic multi-racial nation, which he imagines can somehow rally around a single religion and language regardless of underlying racial differences.

Kapner reminds me of Lawrence Auster. Jew converts to Christianity; criticizes jewish rule (or the symptoms of it in Auster’s case); advocates in favor of a return to the traditional, to some point in the past where jews were free to operate and prosper without being so obviously noxious and destructive; and, in the end, blames Whites for not keeping house well enough.

People like this may seem to serve White interests by criticizing jews, but ultimately they are inimical to White identity and separation from jews. They aren’t us.