WSJ and O’Reilly: Deportation Deniers

Video: WSJ editorial board gleefully slanders conservatives

“It’s all about culture. But they can’t say that.”

Memo to the WSJ editors, in case nobody has told you this yet:

I don’t want to live in a filthy violent Third World shithole with a banana republic government whose politics are dictated by mobs in the streets. We are being invaded and I expect my government to protect its territory and its citizens, not to side with the invaders.

I’m also having a problem understanding why we’re letting so many free-speech-hating jihad-prone Muslims in.

Is that cultural enough?

Friday night Bill O’Reilly said: “I agree with Tony Snow, the federal justice system could not possibly deport 12 million people.” “That’s insane, never gonna happen.”

For some reason neither Snow nor O’Reilly applied that same argument to the even larger bureaucracy that will be required to administer Z visas and background checks and fines and the rest of the Senate amnesty bill. That, apparently, is perfectly doable. Why?

Nobody asks. Nobody explains.

O’Reilly also asserted: “The California economy would implode.”

Implode? How could losing 5-10% of the least skilled, below-average educated, above-average unemployed, above-average criminal portion of our society cause the economy to implode? Even if they go gradually?

Nobody asks. Nobody explains.

What about the benefits of losing that 5-10%? Less crowding. Less crime. Less burden on our schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. Less pollution. Less mobs in the streets.

Nobody asks. Nobody explains.

The problem is these big city know-it-alls aren’t troubled by shitholes. They live and work in the skies above the country’s biggest shithole, New York City. They made their peace with it long ago. They don’t care what their open borders idealism costs the rest of us.

The cost of replacing their servant class, on the other hand – their nannies, housekeepers, landscapers, valets, doormen, waiters, cooks – with more expensive and uppity natives…well, that’s just too barbaric to even consider. It is literally unthinkable.

It’s all about their servants. But they can’t say that.

3 thoughts on “WSJ and O’Reilly: Deportation Deniers”

  1. Deporting 12 million vs. Z Visa Administration. Its not the 1850’s – we really cant just round ’em up, put them on an island, pack them into cattle cars and ship them back home. The Zisa Admin on the other hand is far easier – getting 12 million people to stand on line for 4-6 hours? Go to minority voting districts on election day, go to your local INS office any day, go to DMV in New York State, or go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Not something you catch me doing voluntarily, but if its a path to zitizenship…

    Doesn’t change the fact its a stupid idea – so all the “law-abiding” zitizen-wanna-bees will get on line and the criminals the legislation is trying to keep out will lurk in the shadows. Kinda like going into Iraq to secure WMDs only to find out they’ve been shipped out in the lead-up to the war.

    California economy implosion? For every working alien how many go to our k-12 schools? Run up that tab and let me know what you get. (notwithstanding the cost for special ed, meds, lunch and ESL)

    I take offense – New York City is not the biggest shithole in the country:

    OK its not the cleanest city:
    (But Rochester broke the top 10?)

    If you want the data Mr. Econgringo go to the PEW Research for reference to the unauthorized migrants:

    Doormen are actually well-paid in NYC and are generally not associated with unauthorized migrant workers.

  2. Of course handing out Z visas would be easier than deporting them all. It’s the whole bill that isn’t any cheaper or easier.

    The open borders people don’t have any intention of doing anything other than handing out 20 million Z visas. Which is why the consider it cheaper and easier than deportation.

    Then there’s Menendez who says deportation would cost $250B. That’s $20K per illegal alien. Yeah, that’s realistic. If we sent a SWAT team for them one at a time. Does anybody in the media know how to do arithmetic?

    NYC is the biggest shithole, not the worst per capita. I could be wrong. It might be LA or Miami (haven’t been there, can’t say).

  3. Sorry, my own arithmetic has problems.

    $250B divided by 12M (the open border number) aliens is about $20K per.

    $250B divided by 20M (the realistic number) is more like $12K per.

    The point is the same. Put a bounty of $1K on each illegal and let the market demonstrate Menendez’ lie.

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