Hate Speech Pinheads Really Hate Speech

Here’s a wonderful example of a petty little ethnocentric pro-invasion mind at work. Note that it’s fueled by hypocrisy and denial. Since such minds have no rational arguments their impulses tend toward muffling those who oppose them.

‘Anchor babies’ is hate speech

Today’s North County Times readers can’t find an article that uses the infamous N-word, the Q-word (queer) or words like “homo” for homosexual.

What they find is the use of the words “anchor babies” in letters or Opinion pieces.

“Anchor babies” are words used by extremists to define babies born of illegal alien parents in the United States.

Most of these children are born to Mexican parents illegally in the United States. Shamefully, the anti-illegal alien cohort also applies the term to any Mexican-American regardless of the legality of one or both parents, grandparents or great-grandparents.

Oh my. "Anchor babies" is hate speech? How about your word "extremists" Raoul, you hypocrite? How about the racist, fascist, bigot, xenophobe, and nativist slurs so effortlessly tossed around by your colleagues in the media Raoul? How about the guero, pilgrim, gabacho, and gringo labels your La Raza carnales prefer Raoul? Shame on you and your myopic ethnocentrism. Of course we hate invaders. And you hate us for hating "your people". Pot, meet kettle.

Anchor baby is a perfectly descriptive phrase. It describes exactly what these babies represent. It reflects how their own parents feel about them. Which is of course why Raoul would like to see the phrase banned. That truth is embarassing, thus he wants it obscured. Do us all a favor Raoul – take your censorship, your politically correct N-word games, and shove them up your A-word. Nice try at hooking your victimology wagon to niggers and homos though. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your baggage.

Oh, did I violate your politically correct censorship laws? It’s ok. Take a deep breath and pull the panties out of your crack. They’re called "words". We use them to "communicate". And this endeavor is only infantilized and impeded if we play pig-latin-like games with every word that somebody like you might be offended by. I will not play those games. People like you obviously want to nullify the First Amendment by outlawing anything you don’t want to hear as "hate speech". The constitution describes the legitimate process, but you’ll find it much easier to have your pro-invasion dictators in black robes divine an emanation of a penumbra that enables you to call for state-backed violence against me simply for offending you.

Until then I’ll say anchor baby all I want, thanks. But just for giggles let’s brainstorm a few alternatives, shall we?

jackpot baby – Hmmm. Good second choice. Positive rather than negative connotations. And who can deny the literal windfall the proud alien parents reap? It starts with free health care (including delivery) and extends to free education, WIC, and the occasional free trip to your real homeland! Such a deal!

undocumented American babyHarry Reid’s personal favorite. They’re just Americans who lost their documents. And we all know how hard-working they are. Harry might even someday call them hard-working undocumented American worker babies with great family values. Note the near perfect reality-inversion. The parents are not Americans, never had any documents, and exhibit a way below average ability to stay employed, in school, and out of jail – so let’s claim exactly the opposite! Brilliant! No other country in the world awards citizenship to a baby just because of where they get dropped. Ssssh! Don’t ever mention that.

illegitimate baby – While technically correct illegitimate already has another meaning. And it sure is useful to be able to distinguish an illegitimate anchor baby (like Elivra’s bastard – oops, have the PC-police banned that perfectly descriptive word?) from a legitimate anchor baby (like Bill "call me Lopez" Richardson).

natural-born United States citizen baby – Raoul’s preference. Of course. Because then we wouldn’t be able to distinguish babies born to parents who are here legally from those born to parents here illegally. At least not without bogging down every conversation about immigration. Mission accomplished, right Raoul? No person is illegal, right Raoul? Words have no meaning, right Raoul?

invader baby – My preference. The 14th Amendment (whose plain language pro-invaders like Raoul love to misread) was not intended and has never been interpreted to grant citizenship to the babies of foreign diplomats or invaders. If you "migrate" here without "documentation" then you are by definition an invader. Raoul denies this reality. Talk about an inconvenient truth. Actually, this is precisely what Raoul and his friends want us not to talk about.

So answering Raoul hasn’t been a complete waste of time. By trying to shut down debate he actually inspired one, and in answering his absurd logic I’ve arrived at a deeper truth. From this point on I for one shall use the term invader baby – which is even more descriptive and correct than anchor baby, and thus is sure to piss off Raoul and his pro-invasion friends even more.

Gracias Raoul! You wouldn’t by any chance be an invader baby would you? Write some more of your thoughts about immigration, please.

17 thoughts on “Hate Speech Pinheads Really Hate Speech”

  1. Bravo! Great post.

    I had the same reaction when I first heard people complaining about our calling them anchor babies. It is a perfectly neutral description of what the American born child of an illegal alien does. There’s nothing derogatory about being compared to an anchor. It’s not like Ann Coulter’s “Roach Motel” metaphor, for instance. Yeah, I get why it’s insulting to compare a person to a roach.

    The only thing that makes it “hateful” is that it expresses the truth, and, in this case, the more Americans know and are aware of the truth, the more angry they are at the way our government is betraying us. They know by our mere willingness to speak the truth that we are not on their side, so we must be silenced.
    I remember when I first discovered that the 14th amendment was being interpreted that way as a child. I was downright furious!

    They don’t want us to think about the whole concept of anchor babies: they understand how subversive it really is. They want us to think that the children of illegals are no different from any other American– that they will grow up to be every bit as American as anyone else. I remember hearing the argument trotted out, when people attempted to pass laws denying services to illegals, including school, I think, that most of the people getting all the public services were not illegals, but citizens, because they were children. As if we shouldn’t mind giving services to anchor babies! After all, they are citizens, how can they be any different? They are always stressing how many illegals have American citizens children: as if that means, we shouldn’t be angry about the goodies their children are entitled to, because it would be like denying our own children things.

    But they are not our children: no, they are like cuckoo eggs, false chicks that pretend to be entitled to be fed and nurtured while they push the true nestlings out. No wonder open border maniacs don’t want us to recognize them for what they are. The adult songbirds will only feed and care for the cuckoo chick if they don’t realize what has happened.

    Given that the neutral truth is quite enough for our side to have the winning argument, I don’t feel the need to call them anything other than anchor baby, but it is fun to brainstorm.

    How about:
    Tiny bundles of constitutional headaches?
    Fruits of Enduring legal error?
    Infant harbringers of America’s Demise?
    Pint-sized embodiments of our government’s perfidy?

    well, we could go on and on…

  2. Wow Cassandra, your post is very well put. As a mother with young children who are experiencing a second rate education because of the Latino invasion, I can tell you that it is costing our future — our children — dearly. My children are being discriminated against because they are American citizens. Money, resources, and time are taken from their education in order to educate the illegal children and anchor babies.

    And it’s far more costly to our future and the lives of American children than one might think. Our school district is 65% Latino the majority of which are classified as ESL (“English Second Language”). Many of these kids come to this country having little and often no education or school experience at all. It has reeked havoc on our school system.

    The school district is afraid of being sued by the ACLU, La Raza, etc. So they do not put these kids in their own classrooms to be taught at a level that they need. That would be segregation! That would be racist! Rather, they classify them strictly by age without regard for their educational level. For example, a group of 9-year-old illegals will be put into a fourth grade class of American kids, even though they have had very little if any education in Mexico. The result is that the teacher not only has to spend his/her time trying to teach these children English, but also has to teach them 1rst, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade material as well.

    Add to this time also the extra paper work and government required evaluations. The federal and state government require that these children be tested and evaluated every 30 days. It’s killing the teachers, they are exhausted.

    It’s easy to see that our future, American children, are at the back of the bus. The teachers must focus on illegals before American kids. More scrutiny is given of their education than the education of our own children — that is the requirement of our government! And, moreover, the school does it because they and the school district fear that if they put American children first that they will be decried as “racist” and sued by the ACLU, La Raza, and other hate groups. These are the true racists.

    Our children have a right to be treated like the gold they are. This is their birthright. It’s time to stand up to the racists and do what is best for our children. The more our children are deprived of education time and resources, the more our country will suffer in innovation, leadership, and wisdom.

  3. You are so right AC. Cuckoo eggs indeed. That is the perfect analogy.

    cuckoo baby – Because like a Cuckoo chick they pretend to be entitled to be fed and nurtured while they push the true nestlings out. Besides that, Americans are cuckoo to treat these babies like citizens.

    I love your other euphemisms too, even though they make me angry.

  4. I agree with the other commenters. We’ve got to take back our language, and not be afraid to call things what they are.

    Phactoid is right about the school situation. We’re constantly told how much our schools are in decline, and we tend to blame it on ourselves. Well, raising standards is great, but complaining that we haven’t made progress when the immigrant children are draggint the numbers down is crazy. It’s a way of making us blame ourselves for a problem that’s not about us.

  5. john, you may be interested in a post I did recently about how the media beats up America for the negative effects of the invasion without mentioning immigration!

    Most of these stories don’t even make immigration news sites as they don’t contain any immigration-related keywords. To even suggest that they do have something to do with immigration gets you called a “hater” who is just trying to blame the failure of his own country on aliens.

    As a bonus, dee posted a comment I can see now in retrospect completely typifies her. She found my post boring and said I was uninformed! Then she cited immigration law from 1924. At least didn’t call me a hater. Instead she called me a xenophobe dolt.

  6. Truly, the cuckoo chick is a great metaphor. I can’t take the credit, others have mentioned before that immigrants who outbreed natives are quite a lot like cuckoo chicks.

    Perhaps we should indeed call them the “cuckoo chicks” or the “cuckoo babies” in a widespread way, and seek to replace “anchor baby.” It captures the outrage so well, and it is startling enough that people will ask what it means and probably listen to the explanation with interest.

    Plus, how can left wing activists denounce the term as insulting? If they mention it, people will want to know what it means. Hey– they asked for a new term.

    I am actually glad that Elvira is making such a BIG deal about how her child is a citizen. It draws attention to this.

    Phactoid: I really sympathize with you. That is horrible. I know a number of teachers, and truly, handling all the Mexican immigrant children is exhausting for them. It doesn’t get any better in high school, because then it takes heroic efforts not only to teach them but to stop them from doing drugs and joining gangs.
    Sadly though, some of the teachers welcome Mexicans because they think they themselves would be teaching black students otherwise, and they find it somewhat less exhausting teaching Hispanics than teaching blacks.

    Truly, whenever people gripe about falling test scores, I want to ask: did you separate out the children of the post ’65 immigration?

    Our education system is simply the most deluded, self-important, and incompetent institution that America has. (Well, perhaps leaving out the U.S. Senate). When confronted with the idea that immigration is lowering our standards, they will say: then we need to spend more on education. But they vastly overestimate the capacity of an education to shape a student. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, no matter how much money you spend.

  7. We’re getting shorter! We’re getting dumber! We’re getting fatter! We’ve got 40 million without healthcare! Our carbon footprint is too large!

    Gee. We can beat the shit out of Americans all day every day. But it’s “racist” to try and figure out why all these things are happening. We’re supposed to just accept the blame and stop reproducing. At least those of use who speak English.

  8. I have to disagree with the “invader” baby moniker – “invader” assumes the government is trying to repel them.

    anchor-, jackpot-, cuckoo-, glaze-, brown-water-down-

    whatever tickles your fancy. As long as youre not inciting – its all free speech to me.

  9. The invaders have a thousand Trojan horses and a fifth column ensconced in the most powerful places – including the White House itself – but that doesn’t make the people coming here or their cuckoo eggs any less deserving of the label “invader”.

    It’s certainly more apt than “immigrant”.

  10. Uninvited?
    Colonist(a) has a nice folksy ring to it.
    Blitz krieg baby? (I wonder how that translates?
    Ah – I guess invader will have to do…

  11. Thanks for your support.

    Before anything else can happen we need to find the courage to use the proper words. We must ignore the bedwetters, the oh-so-compassionate thought police who will gladly have us dragged off to a gulag for disagreeing with them.

    American minds are literally enslaved by political correctness. “Diversity” amounts to “kill Whitey”. “Multiculturalism” amounts to genocide against Americans. Help others shake this stupid shit off.

  12. Listen whitey…
    If I call you my nigger – I dont know if I crossed the PC line anymore…
    The reality is what the emphasis behind the slogan is – invader is apt. Illegal alien apt.

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