Coming Up From Behind

This is of course a joke. Only candidates who will keep the world safe for plutocracy and thus put the interests of immigrants and israelis over American citizens have any chance of being elected.

4 thoughts on “Coming Up From Behind”

  1. You too Flanders.

    Here’s why you should vote for Tan Staafl:

    + It will make you feel good about yourself. But only because you’re so thoughtful and caring.

    + It will make you instantly and fabulously wealthy, and nobody deserves that more than you do.

    + It will rejuvenate the air and water, end world hunger, solve global warming and the energy crisis. Then poverty will end and peace will break out everywhere.

    Remember, Tan “O” Staafl is INEVITABLE. Years of experience as a “community organizer”* have prepared him for this job.

    Get on board, like everyone else. It’s the cool thing to do, you want to be cool, right?

    (Any similarity to Barack Obama’s campaign is purely coincidental.)

    * Online, part-time, unpaid, anonymous.

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