Weinstein’s Complaint

Eric Weinstein, who organized and gave the Intellectual Dark Web cabal its name, and who, like his brother Bret, has generally tried to downplay his jewy identity, had an epic meltdown over #jewishprivilege trending on Twitter.

This is noteworthy because Weinstein and his cabal have for several years made a point of publicly posturing as if they oppose “identity politics” and “tribalism”, supposedly because they regard these things as a violation of their “liberal” principles. Yet the inclusion of full-time full-throated jew-firster Ben Shapiro in the IDW made it clear from the beginning that their “liberalism”, like all “liberalism”, is just a swindle, an indirect way for jews to advance their collective interests while advising Whites to abandon ours.

Shapiro has always been the most flamboyantly out jew most directly connected to the cabal, but IDW-orbiting jewess Bari Weiss is comparable. Most of the rest of the cabal has instead followed the lead of the Weinstein brothers, mostly leaving the “as a jew” part out of their (public) moralizing. It is there, burning furiously, driving their words and deeds. They just pretend it isn’t.

I first noticed Weinstein beginning to crack and reveal the significance of his inner jew in February 2019, when kinda-sorta down-low fellow tribemate Glenn Greenwald called Dave Rubin in particular and the IDW in general “self-serving, tribalistic frauds”. This prompted Weinstein to respond with an odd ramble he titled Glenn Greenwald, @IlhanMN, the Rosenbergs, Anti-semitism, Progressives, Silence, Speech and the IDW: a thread. His key point: “I’m pretty sure we are moving to normalize anti-semitism through clear support for BDS in the Democratic Party”.

In this Weinstein revealed that he is animated by the same consciously jewy concerns as any other jew. They just disagree over how the current two-party system, which is effectively controlled by jews, might better serve their tribe. The more blatant and thorough-going jew control gets, the more shrilly jews screech as if uppity goyim are the real problem. Though many jews pretend that being a jew has nothing to do with their politics, they give the game away when they start screeching about “anti-semitism”. The “liberal” mild-mannered Clark Kent jew suddenly transforms into Superjew, the messiah swooping in to fight for his tribe.

Anyway, I’ve previously noted that Weinstein’s older, more subtle form of “liberal” jewing led directly to the newer, more explicitly anti-White BLM/”wokeness” form of jewing. Many jews are already on board with the new program, but a substantial subset are like Weinstein – deeply, deeply concerned that the non-White goyim waging open war on the White goyim might not be the best thing for the jews right now.

Bret Weinstein expressed his concerns along these lines in June 2017, and that led to the formation of the IDW cabal. Bret has always been painfully careful in choosing his words, and became even more so over time. His brother Eric is much less reserved. Like so many other jews, Eric Weinstein was pushed over the edge by uppity goyim talking about jew privilege on his internet. He literally began his rant with MUH HOLOCAUST:

My #JewishPrivilege: I’ve never spent a night hungry. There was always a roof over our heads. Never went to jail or onto food stamps. First cousin froze to death escaping Babi Yar. Attended the top school in Los Angeles. My cousins Eva & Miriam Kor were a Mengle Twin experiment.

Weinstein made several more posts in this vein, making it very clear that he equates being a jew with being a victim, with being oppressed. What’s more, he conveys this view in a deeply personal way, recounting a string of stories he and his extended family have been stewing over and passing along for generations. He specifically cites supposed oppression of his family by Russians, Germans, and Americans. He airs his hostility shamelessly, revealing not just his own tribalist mentality, but his understanding that this hostile attitude is shared and regarded as perfectly normal by his brother, his family, and his tribe.

The outburst gets really eye-opening when he tries to jewsplain that jews like himself support BLM/”wokeness” to the extent it is anti-White, but oppose it splashing over onto the jew ethnostate:

So, if you want to know where this cashes out: We have *finally* become mildly well to do. Precarious, but more fortunate than many.

The word “Privilege” makes me laugh however. Every person who has Jews they know and love, knows the truth: we are always simply between pogroms.

Anyone who refers to Jews as having “White Privilege” as in “above the real problems” is either:

  • A) Ignorant of history and one book away from understanding the honest error.
  • B) An idiot.
  • C) An out and out anti-Semite.

Yes, some of us are now doing ok.

Yet it’s never for long.

And this is why so many of us Left leaning Jews are so confused by our black brothers and sisters. We see your pain. We see the invisible bigotry against you. We saw the FBI’s war on your community. We fought along side you based on your reasoned grievances. For almost 100 years.

But as you see we are open that things have gotten much better for us. As they have for you. Yes 1865 is more recent than others imagine. So is 1945. Yes lynchings are horrific. So are pogroms. You face structural oppression. So do we. Your pain is invisible to many. Ours too.

Cards on the table: I‘m in awe of Black *achievement* and am shocked by desires to tell others like us that we‘re all fine because we are pink and may finally have 2 sheckles to rub together. Our two communities don’t belong in the oppression Olympics. We‘re both superachievers.

Why do I oppose #BlackLivesMatter when I am committed to Black Lives Mattering and an end to structural oppression? Because you can’t call a community more vulnerable than even Blacks “genocidal” in your platform. Israel has issues, but “genocide” is like modern blood libel.

So let’s cut the crap. We have a deeply flawed country to fix & you can count on my support. But it isn’t as bad as it once was for Blacks or Jews & money doesn’t do as much as folks think in the face of murderous rage. Let’s all ease up on “Privilege” as a way of avoiding this.

This is so much solid gold that it makes me wonder if he’s trolling. I don’t follow him closely, but I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he’s completely serious.

“we are always simply between pogroms” (t.jew)

“our black brothers and sisters . . . We fought along side you” (against Whites)

“Yes 1865 is more recent than others imagine. So is 1945. Yes lynchings are horrific. So are pogroms. You face structural oppression. So do we. Your pain is invisible to many. Ours too.” (“hello my fellow victims of Whites”)

“We‘re both superachievers.” (lolwut)

Weinstein is making a tribalist appeal. He’s not arguing as an individual, as a “liberal”, or even as a leader of the IDW cabal. He’s speaking to blacks as a member of The Tribe. He’s saying that blacks who mistake jews for Whites are A) stupid, B) stupid, or C) crazy. He sees blacks and jews as more similar, and thus as natural allies against Whites.

Myron Wallik may have been better known, but Weinstein’s mask drop is more comprehensive.

Israel has issues, but “genocide” is like modern blood libel.

There’s the rub. First, you can see that jews regard their own oppression narrative as a weapon in the way they sneer and hiss when it’s aimed at themselves. Second, to jews the black goyim are still just goyim, and though most jews wouldn’t spell it out as clearly as Weinstein does, they all think the goyim must never forget that jews make the rules.

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  1. “The word “Privilege” makes me laugh however. Every person who has Jews they know and love, knows the truth: we are always simply between pogroms.” — Eric W.

    This is just a bad paraphrase of the late Jerry Pournelle’s aphorism, “We only know of peace because there are intervals between wars.”

    Except Dr Pournelle knew it applies to all humans. The downsizing and Rust Belt era blighted or destroyed millions of Whites, both old stock American and the newer arrivals from Greece to Poland. Do we hit the world over the heads with the pain they went through?

    Fact is, the biggest pain the Rust Belters felt was delivered to them by their co-ethnics. Professionals especially were likely to treat their working class brothers with contempt, a condition unknown to the poorest black, much less the tribe.

    As annoyed as we can be with endless iterations of variations of their Primal Myth (“slaves in Egypt” which they never were) we should also learn from their loyalty, however crude it might be. Whites have to learn their own version of it.

  2. “Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.”
    – Protocol 9

    Watcha doin’ Rabbi?

    “There is a Viennese joke which used to be occasionally quoted in the old days: Anti-Semitism will not have a political future until it is taken in hand by a clever Jew.”
    Tragedy of Errors: The Chronicle of a European (1939) – Count Hans Huyn

    ((( #jewishprivilege)))

  3. How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob:

    Moreover, the notion that Jews of any background are the oppressors rather than the oppressed erases our history — including the Holocaust and pogroms of many decades past, but more recent chapters, like the plight of the Ethiopian Jews who escaped persecution in Ethiopia by airlifts to Israel in the 1980s and ’90s.

    . . .

    It’s extremely painful to watch anti-racists, who are natural allies with Jewish people, take this anti-Semitic bait. We need to grasp that dangerous forces are attempting to create tension between Jews and people of color. Anyone blaming Jews for systemic racism is doing the bidding of organized white supremacists, to the detriment of Jews of color like me.

    Without serious changes from social media giants, we can’t stop the bigots.

    Interesting. This is NBC, i.e. news for the goyim, not the Forward, Tablet, or Jerusalem Post.

    The world-historic erasers cry out in pain as they erase you. Calling jews “racist” is “anti-semitic”. Checkmate goyim.

    CANCEL CULTURE is just a new version of SHUT IT DOWN. Where these different versions of jewing intersect, SHUT IT DOWN always prevails.

  4. (((Yair Rosenberg))):

    This headline illustrates why anti-Semitism is so hard to uproot: it’s a self-affirming conspiracy theory. The anti-Semite claims Jews control everything. Then, if they get penalized for their bigotry, they point to that as confirmation. Heads they win, tails Jews lose. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EdA4szsXgAMi-HU?format=png&name=large

    Jewy McJewface’s twit illustrates why “anti-semitism” follows the jews through time and space.

  5. Jewy McJewface’s twits are, of course, being approvingly retwitted by IDWers Ben Shapiro and Christina Sommers.

  6. Excellent.

    In the same vein, Dennis Prager (a jew) is herding black conservatives, but takes every chance available to push jewish victimology by discussing 6 Million, holohoaxes and Nazis, using Marxist talking points to blame Nazis of anti-Semitism, etc.

  7. jews bully, abuse, rape, and kill everyone around them and then not only claim innocence, but project their violence onto their victims. jewishness is psychopathy. imagine a race composed entirely of Ted Bundys; that’s jews.

    Weinstein: “First cousin froze to death escaping Babi Yar.”

    LOL that’s rich. The so-called “Babi Yar massacre” allegedly happened in September, when temperatures in Ukraine are still in the 50s and 60s. Not only that, but the massacre was a hoax cooked up by the Soviet Extraordinary Commission, who were also responsible for projecting the Katyn massacre onto the Germans.

    There’s no evidence that a massacre of jews ever happened at Babi Yar, but there is evidence that Ukrainians were killed there by the heavily-jewish NKVD in the 30s. Typical jewish projection and reality-inversion.

    These kikes don’t even try to make their lies believable. They have so much power they don’t even care if you know they’re lying.

  8. How many Jews genuinely believe in the holohoax myth? I’d be willing to bet that most of them do.

  9. I think most jews know it’s a big lie. On Jewish Deception:

    Joyce’s subject is really jewish deception, which includes jewish deception about jewish deception. Yes, the jews promote a narrative which tends to allow them to do what they want and justify what they have done. But it differs from ordinary self-deception in that the behavior is consistent and collective. It is about jews collectively lying to non-jews collectively to serve the interests of jews collectively. To call this plainly sociopathological behavior self-deception is to stretch the term beyond reason. Better to simply call it jewish deception, or jew lies, though even lie fails to capture the repetitive, in-your-face, black-is-white, now-white-is-black nature of it. Deception of others is at the very heart of jewish identity. It is a feature, not a bug.

    To the extent either of the truer senses of self-deception plays a part, it seems to apply best to how non-jews try to cope with the otherwise inconceivably awful reality of jewish behavior. We may hypothesize, for instance, that the jews must be unconsciously deceiving themselves, that they know not what they do. Or we may say that jewish behavior is simply instinctive, that they can’t help what they do. But the reality is that jews behave as they do exactly because they are hyper-conscious of their collective identity and interests, not unconscious. Whatever portion of it is instinctive is very deliberately supplemented by indoctrination.

    White minds recoil from such thoughts, but the lies jews tell about why jews lie are, in fact, just more jew lies. Jews tell these lies upon lies with the best interests of jews in mind, implicitly if not explicitly. It’s that simple.

  10. I would add that there are critical collective racial psychological differences between jews and Whites. The relevent ones here are that jews tend to be more particularist and Whites more universalist. Also, jews find lying easier than Whites. Another way of putting it is that Whites seek an objective truth, whereas jews seek a truth that is “good for jews”.

    So when jews lie to Whites, Whites tend to be credulous. Whites imagine that jews think like us and can not imagine jews lying in a given situation because we cannot imagine ourselves behaving like that.

    This is compounded by the jews’ relatively greater collective awareness and tendency to organize. Among other things this manifests in their propensity to swarm and screech. Whites assume when jews do this there must be some real grievance behind it, even if we can’t see it, again because we have trouble imagining swarming and screeching like this unless something really bad has happened to us. Most Whites don’t realize that jews swarm and screech exactly because they see there has been some wrong-doing, by jews, and they are anticipating and trying to defuse any White reaction that might be “bad for jews”.

    Put all this together with their ruthlessness in dealing with anyone who isn’t fooled by their mind tricks, how they simply silence or drown out non-jew dissent, and you get exactly what you see happening around #jewprivilege.

  11. excellent visual. Somewhat misleading though:

    if you race-analyze just the 100 richest in the billionaire class, you discover that MORE THAN 60% are Jews, and many of the others (cf. JP Morgan honcho Jaime Dimon’s Jew wife) have Jewish controllers.

  12. So from childhood on, in addition to being taught the traditional Holocaust story, Jews are also schooled in the finer points of Holocaust revisionism? That is absurd on its face.

    Most people, including most Jews, are neither particularly intelligent nor intellectually curious. They believe what authority figures tell them to believe. This is especially true regarding what people are taught in their formative years.

  13. CaptainChaos: yes. jews absolutely know both. They are schooled in the traditional narrative to maintain their solidarity and anti-Whiteness, and the more intellectual types also read revisionist literature to come up with arguments against it. They devote tremendous amounts of energy to maintaining their lies.

  14. Most Jews know nothing of Revisionist history and look upon it as crazy talk, similar to most normies. Just look at Lipstadt. She considered Irving and others to be the equivalent of flat Earthers before writing a book about deniers and being pulled into that crazy trail with him. Very few actually read into or research revisionism.

  15. Just look at Lipstadt.


    Deborah Lipstadt wrote a new book on anti-Semitism. Then Pittsburgh happened. | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    So what should we do to fight anti-Semitism?

    I compare anti-Semitism to herpes. For most of the time we’ve had herpes, it couldn’t be cured. And if you were suddenly under stress, boom, up would come a herpes infection. Anti-Semitism is like herpes. When a society is under stress, it appears.

    . . .

    A healthy democratic society cannot tolerate anti-Semitism and racism. If that is festering in its midst, it says something is unhealthy about the society. It’s not just Jews for whom this is dangerous. This should terrify you. Because if this is happening to Jews, it may start with the Jews but it doesn’t end with the Jews.

    The current anti-White/pro-jew regime’s moral imperative to combat “racism” and “anti-semitism” comes directly from shameless hyper-conscious in-your-face jew-first jews who think like Lipstadt. What matters is that their way of thinking predominates, not what they know or don’t know. It is irrelevant what relatively less influential jews think or know.

  16. America Is Fast Becoming a Woke Theocracy | Opinion

    Wokeism is fast becoming the new state religion.

    Should it overtake our government, in making identity politics paramount it will unmake any semblance of a unifying American identity.

    In so doing, it will serve as the ultimate tool of cynical, radically leftist power-grabbers, who will be dividing and conquering under the guise of a fraudulent virtue, justice and morality.

    The Woke’s core views have been bubbling up from elite classrooms to the commanding heights of society for decades. The idea that America is a deplorable, irredeemable nation, marked by and rooted in racism, sexism, imperialism and the like, is not new. Nor is the idea that racism, and its manifestations, beginning with slavery, and then pervading every other part of our “system,” drives all disparities in society—disparities that must be “fixed” with reverse racism.

    What is different is that now such views have been legitimated by the authorities and mainstreamed in our culture. If you dare to challenge them, you are liable to end up excommunicated from American life—canceled. After all, dissenting from the Woke orthodoxy makes you a racist.

    Great description of jewing, new and old, Weingarten.

  17. A few days after signing the Harper’s letter, toxic jewess Bari Weiss wrote her own personal version, containing a more explicitly jewy complaint about “wokeness”/”cancel culture”.

    Bari We Hardly Knew You, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

    Her resignation letter, which was quickly made public, depicts her as a brave non-conformist, a “conservative” among liberals (though she describes herself as a “centrist”), and someone who was willing to write stories that others at the Times would not touch.

    . . .

    Bari Weiss’s letter included an overwrought description of Pulitzer Prize winning black writer Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, as “a proud anti-Semite who believes in lizard Illuminati,” suggesting that she does indeed nurture an agenda focused on Jewish-related issues. Glenn Greenwald recalls how she, in 2012, speaking before a conference of the American Zionist Movement, stated that she had dedicated herself to the “connection between advocacy journalism and Zionism.” Greenwald has also documented how she, starting when she was a sophomore at Columbia, was in the forefront of efforts to silence all criticism of Israel, particularly that which was allegedly coming from professors of Arab background. He observes that her objective was no less than “trying to suppress criticisms of Israel from college campuses

    In Weiss’ mind the Jew York Times is “anti-semitic”.

  18. The hyper-tribalist jewess is deeply concerned about the new school “wokeness”/”cancel culture” jewing, favors the old school anti-tribal “liberal”/”enlightened” jewing:

    But the lessons that ought to have followed the election [of Trump]—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

  19. There is a strange sort of mental block in Jews, especially in the the more stereotypical kind, that makes them unable to see the the negative things Jews have done and obsessively focus on the tiniest (or indeed often imaginary) slight towards Jews. I say this from close experience with many (Im from NYC). I think upbringing has a lot to do with it, constantly being reminded of how horribly victimized Jews have always been. So I do not think practically any of them question the Holocaust, or any other supposed instance of antisemitism. I recently had a chat with Jew who married into my family, a wealthy attorney from New York. He was furious that blacks were running amok in his city and outraged that many had called out Jews. He said, “Don’t they know Jews funded the whole civil rights movement!?” So here is a Jew who knows full well that it was his tribe who unleashed the black Gollum that has now reached its logical end. A Jew who also knows very well that blacks in New York have Jewish slumlords and pay Jewish attorneys and are beholden to Jewish power. Yet he can see neither that his tribe has in any way held unfair power and advantage over ghetto blacks (which they have), nor that his tribe bears any responsibility for the current madness consuming the country (which they do), nor that they should be responsible as white in the same way other whites are. In all things they are blameless. They manage to play every side of every game, and then claim later that they were innocent spectators.

    This piece by David Cole (a rare Jew in media I respect though not always agree with) is a pretty brilliant explanation of what I’m talking about.


  20. Another woke house nigger gets cancelled by jews.

    Wiley dropped by management over anti-Semitic posts – BBC News:

    Wiley, 41, known as the “godfather of grime”, shared conspiracy theories and insulted Jewish people on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, which together have more than 940,000 followers.

    . . .

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism said it had reported Wiley to the Metropolitan Police and asked Twitter and Facebook, which owns Instagram, to close his accounts to “prevent further outpouring of anti-Jewish venom”.

    “We consider that Wiley has committed the offence of incitement to racial hatred, which can carry a substantial prison sentence,” a statement read.

    It added that it would contact the Cabinet Office to ask for his MBE be forfeited.

    Lord Mann, an adviser to the government on anti-Semitism, called on Twitter and Instagram to remove him from their platforms.

    MBE = Order of the British Empire. A creature of jewing indeed.

    The yids are flipping their lids, swarming and screeching, e.g. on the hashtag #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate, complaining bitterly that Twitter and Instagram aren’t immediately cancelling whoever jews tell them to cancel.

    To teach the goyim a lesson, jews are organizing a 48 hour boycott of social media, starting Monday. By then they may have worked themselves into such a frenzy that they demand cancellation for anyone failing to participate in their boycott, or demand that all social media sites simply shut themselves off for 48 hours. Boy, I sure hope so.

  21. Campaign Against Antisemitism:

    What is wrong with you @Twitter? 1 minute on why we are leaving Twitter for 48 hours from Monday morning. There can be #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate. Show your support by walking out too and adding the #TogetherAgainstAntisemitism badge to your profile photo at togetheragainstantisemitism.com! https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1287353476314537984/pu/vid/720×720/7A6_t8qrQadIFu97.mp4?tag=10

    The subtitles of this short video capture the essence of this particular jew-swarm’s screech: Twitter hasn’t been cancelling (or uncancelling) whatever swarming screeching jews command them to cancel (or uncancel) as quickly as the swarming screeching jews demand it. It’s a one-minute guide to jewing more generally: Playing the oppressed victim while dictating what the goyim must not think or say or do.

    Accompanied by irritatingly plaintive atonal music the slick slideshow depicts examples of what jews regard as “anti-semitism”, which they take for granted governments must illegalize and corporations must punish. As usual it is merely a dim reflection of the toxic rhetoric jews continuously aim at Whites.

  22. Dr. Mengele must have been the busiest doctor that ever lived. Literally every Jew in the world seems to be able to recount an anecdote of Mengele coming into contact with a relative or friend. Forget ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’. For the Jews, it’s ‘Two Degrees of Dr. Mengele’.

    I recently listened to Eric Weinstein in conversation with the rabbi, David Wolpe, on Weinstein’s podcast, The Portal. What soon became evident to me was their Jewish ethnocentrism and their all-consuming fears and paranoia about when and where the next pogrom will arise. At some point during their conversation, Weinstein even assured Wolpe that when (not if) the time comes, he will have a safe place for him under his floorboards.

    This level of pathology would be amusing if it wasn’t so consequential for the rest of us given that these impostors have almost complete control over Western media, finance and politics.

    The jew’s half-packed suitcase under the bed and second property back in Israel is on some level a confession of guilt as well as fear. It’s akin to the gangster’s quick getaway villa in the Algarve. They fear the backlash because they know they deserve the backlash. They know they can’t keep getting away with it forever.

    The Jews have a saying, which derives from their holy books: “If you suspect your enemy is going to kill you, get up two hours earlier and and kill him first.” I think this is quite revealing. This concept is so much part of their mindset that it even spawned a recent book with the title ‘Rise and Kill First’ documenting Mossad’s record number of political assassinations over the past several decades.

    The lack of self-awareness on their part, though, is incredible. Do they never think for a second that the “suitcase under the bed” mindset might be helping, in a self-fulfilling way, to bring about the very backlash they claim to want to avoid?

    The cycle works as follows:

    1. Act out your paranoia by insinuating yourselves into the financial, political, mass media, judicial and academic institutions of western societies. Then proceed to foist open borders on your goyim hosts while tyrannising them with hate speech laws to stifle the inevitable dissent.

    2. Get deported.

    3. Due to a complete lack of self-reflection, assume the outcome in step two vindicated your actions in step one.

    4. Find new host and repeat.

  23. I spotted this comment on a recent uploaded to youtube video of the ‘Fash the Nation’ crew, and then, when I came back a hour later, the comment had been ‘disapppeared’.

    “These Judas Goat clowns who host FTN are sure doing their very best to help the diabolically evil Democrats and Mr. Dementia win this November. These guys have been working a demoralization agenda aimed directly at convincing as many of the 62 million red state voters who voted for the Orange Man in 2016 to stay home this November because there is no possible way for him to defeat a hard core, anti-White, White Genocide Endorsing, feeble, old, white liberal fart and whoever he eventually drags out of some inner city black ghetto to be his black female VP running mate.

    FTN is controlled opposition, folks. These guys have never been legitimate and they’ve proven that by their non-stop efforts over the last 2 years to help the left drain as much enthusiasm as possible out of the 2016 red state voters who wisely prevented the Hildebeast from seizing control of the White House. It would not surprise me in the least to find out that the FTN crew are being financed by George Soros. They are certainly following the Soros agenda. ”

    I’ve been an occasional listener of these FTN podcasts, and I would have to agree with this comment for the most part. It’s not that Trump has not been a huge disappointment – he certainly has been. But, no truly sane, pro-White individual who is legitimately on the side of the principles of the ‘Alt-Right’ and the ideology of White Nationalism – and I do mean authentically pro-White survival – would want to help the enemies of all White men, women and children – to defeat Trump in November and to hand permanent, peacefully unbreakable, dictatorial power to the openly Communist controlled Democrat Party.

    There are two ways to criticize Trump. The correct way – from the base of voters who elected him – is to criticize him and to put intense pressure on him to follow through on the promises he made in 2016 on the topics of ‘the border wall’, drastic reductions in both legal and illegal immigration, and no more of these neo-con regime change wars all over the planet. Add in deportations of illegal aliens and NO AMNESTIES of any flavor, not even for these DACA illegal criminal aliens. The second way to criticize Trump is how the left is going about it. Pounce on every tweet the guy sends and shovel mountains of jewy manure on it and no matter what Trump does on any issue, always dissect it and try to find some angle surrounding it to help demonize Trump and to demoralize the 62 million voters who put him in office in 2016. Pump up the brain damaged Joe Biden and claim that Trump voters may as well stay home, because Creepy Joe is a shoo-in and is going to blow Trump out in a landslide.

    Over the last 2 years, the poster of the above ‘disappeared’ comment is right. FTN has been working a demoralization agenda against the Trump base. How can that not be a clue that they are controlled opposition and working for the left?

  24. I find FtN informative and insightful. What others deride as “black pilling” seems to me like nothing more than an honest enough appraisal of reality. I’m glad Jazzhands got over his penchant for searching out and imagining he had found “white pills” to share.

  25. https://www.simplypsychology.org/asch-conformity.html There is no need to listen to a leaked video conference about how the jews plan to undermine white culture when its in your face. It is interesting that they would attack spatial dimensions as a jewiest of jews interviewing orange bafoon had a head shape manifestly different than his shabbot goy.

  26. You might check out “Mountebank’s Monster and his Mom” at https://scarsvale.net. There’s a free online story which claims to detail ritual maiming that took place in New England. It may or may not be credible but it may be worth a look. It made me wonder if biological warfare is part of the war against whites as well as psychological. From a comment on an Unz Review article on Semitophobia:

    “You left out poison and lobotomize them. Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom: a peculiar resurrection https://scarsvale.net/

    Good article, but UR and TOO are too much in the clouds of history and generalities. The war is being lost on the ground where people who speak are individually savaged in ways that are not clear even to themselves or their families. Sudden abnormal behaviors are blamed on drugs, mental illness, depression, divorce. What’s worse is savagery can happen with no provocation at all. To be attacked, all you need have is talent, intelligence, leadership abilities, even sex-appeal. Destroying outstanding individuals inside their communities disables the entire group. Maybe this is why IQs are going down.

    Here is a link to a short essay that describes the strategy: Military thought experiment Part 1 https://americanbuddhist.net/2019/08/19/military-thought-experiment-part-1/

  27. I remember the evil Chinese family in my neighborhood and their evil father making cracks like filling your cup with a couple drops after you asked for a little more lemonade. Nothing at all like the kikess teacher mocking any laughter with personal insults and forcing us to watch propaganda films about the you kipper war. These stories are only anecdotal and thus meaningless, oops just jewed myself. If only I could be absolutely sure about things that are manifestly false I could break free from the reality that I am surrounded by and remember. Obannana eater was right anecdotal evidence Isn’t a basis to form opinions.

  28. Jazz and James deconstruct the recent article by Ron Unz, “The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism”, its obvious omissions, along with many of the same subtle patterns we’ve observed elsewhere, and how it will fit neatly with the narratives already being prepped for a post-Trump postmortem on the state of American conservatism.


  29. Israel just bombed the Lebanese capital (which also happens to be the principal port city of the entire country). Present Jewish propaganda are identifying the source of the explosion as being fireworks. Probably a strike against a major Hezbollah weapons cache? All these (((people))) do is murder innocent life and then impute the blame to an innocent party. They are utterly demented. Jews live to create as much conflict between as many opposing ethnic groups as is strategically possible.


    I was just reading perhaps it was a drone strike and not a bomb?

  30. There is no truth or law for the Jew.

    The Jew decides what those two things should be as he goes along…in real time.

  31. Kevin MacDonald: “The TOO website is down because Sucuri says we violated their terms of service. They provide services to secure websites against hacking, etc. First it was PayPal, then credit card processors, now this. It will take a while to get it back up and running.”

  32. The crackdown is getting quite serious.

    Last month, blog regular Norvin Hobbs was doxxed by one of the jews lurking in the Luke Ford cesspool. Antifa Sacramento have put him on their hitlist.

    Zoltanous HN who ran a depository of Third Position, mainly Fascist YouTube videos was doxxed by an infiltrator in his discord.

    The situation Jan Lamprecht is in seems to getting worse too.

  33. Fash The Nation is freakin awesome! Jazz and Jesse expose jewry every single episode. Anyone who thinks they are with Finkledick are retards,

  34. I would like to see Tan join Jazz, and/or Strike & Mike for a really deep dive into the JQ sometime soon.

  35. America is a Christian biracial nation. Not uni racial or multi racial. Any other arguments is a waste of time.

  36. There’s an extremely Jewy “mischling” called Mike the Kike (he goes by Alt-Right Talk) who recorded the stream Norvin did with TAN and most likely leaked the recording via this youtube video to antifa.

    I sincerely hope Norvin gets through this in one piece.

    In retrospect it wasn’t wise to publish this info on a public blog.

  37. “America is a Christian biracial nation.”

    America doesn’t exist anymore. The Jews have destroyed it. Frauds like Tucker Carlson want to trick dumb goys into believing America still exists by selling them the snake oil race-blind conservatism in order to keep them voting Republican and shuffling listlessly towards their racial demise.

    The only solution is to create a new nation, a White-only ethnostate in North America. How could this be done? Harold Covington outlined how in his novels.

  38. Discussing DNA and White Origins with Norvin Hobbs

    Best conversation I ever had. Norvin and I spent two or so hours reviewing a decade’s worth of things I’ve learned about race, specifically the origins of Whites, knowledge that jews have tried for a century to psychopathologize and criminalize. Then we discussed the implications of these things in light of CRISPR, which could be a game changer.

    As we know now, in the 1930s a cabal of jews came to understand that a terrible new form of bomb could be constructed based on atomic fission. They then conspired to manipulate the gullible goyim in America into helping them fund and develop the weapon, their intent being to use it to incinerate the uppity goyim in Germany. While jews like Theodore Kaufman were screeching their “Germany Must Perish” fantasies out loud, the jews driving the Manhattan project had a similar end in mind, they simply pursued that end more subtly, with the backing of the most powerful state on the planet, under cover of war.

    That war never ended. The current regime is today effectively pursuing a broadened version of the Kaufman plan, increasingly openly anti-White because it is so thoroughly jewed. At this point the fact that two White men can still use the internet to discuss anything is enough to make the jews screech as if they’re about to be exterminated. That’s how they’re wired. They know what they’re doing. They know what’s at stake. They know what it will take to stop them. They know what they deserve.

  39. > As we know now, in the 1930s a cabal of jews came to understand that a terrible new form of bomb could be constructed based on atomic fission. They then conspired to manipulate the gullible goyim in America into helping them fund and develop the weapon, their intent being to use it to incinerate the uppity goyim in Germany. While jews like Theodore Kaufman were screeching their “Germany Must Perish” fantasies out loud, the jews driving the Manhattan project had a similar end in mind, they simply pursued that end more subtly, with the backing of the most powerful state on the planet, under cover of war.

    And need we be reminded:


    Remember Arlen Specter’s role–along with pathologist Michael Baden–in the “magic bullet theory” fed to the Warren Commission?

  40. Sorry Tan my phrasing was poor.
    Allow me to clarify, it was premature of *me* to have commented on these doxxings here, as silence on the matter is the wiser course.

    That said, all your conversations with Norvin have been great. It’s remarkable how characteristically Jewish, even the lowest-level loser Jews who crawled out of Luke Ford’s cesspool could be. I foolishly thought they were here for “entertainment”, but, as you had noted to Norvin in that podcast about Cofnas, the altkikes were playing games from the very beginning in these “YouTube scene”.

  41. Norvin’s streams were entertaining. But what was he expecting with his activities? Yeah neighbors tend not to like it when your’e advocating for their elimination. Is he still doing anything these days?

  42. Everyone here is talking about Norvin Hobbs as though he’s already dead (that is, in the past tense). Wtf?

  43. In the early 2000s, my siblings visited Israel on free “Birthright” trips which were available to any Jewish person under the age of 25 who could show that they are at least semi-serious about being Jewish. I had exactly no interest whatsoever in going, and found the idea of living in a desert repulsive even in first grade

    So if a jew doesn’t like sand, Whites have to accept them?

    This is their age-old strategic advantage. The parasite’s advantage. They maintain their own exclusive identity and spaces, but also infiltrate and undermine those of their host.

    I do strongly disavow what has been done by Jews and in the name of Jews. That said, I don’t believe in collective guilt. I don’t believe that lay Jews are responsible for the actions of elite Jews any more than I believe that White people are responsible on the whole for “racism” or “colonialism,” although it is more than fair to identify certain phenomenon as having Jewish origins or being Jewish in nature.

    I know from my own experience that run-of-the-mill Jews believe all the same lies as everyone else, but view them from a different perspective. Although there are very disturbing patterns indeed, there does not seem to be, for most people from my experience, an articulated conspiracy that is shared by your average Jew. You will have to trust me when I say that most of the elite Jews who are orchestrating subversion are not the same ones studying the Talmud.

    “Trust me, goyim, when I tell you that the jews are not a monolith.”

    This is what they do. This is why jews, and even mischlings, should be shunned by Whites. While they’re telling you they’re not a jew, that they’re a “fellow white”, they’re feeding you other lies too, minimizing jew malevolence and malfeasance, making excuses for the tribe they’ve supposedly left. How does this help Whites? It doesn’t. These entryist jews are legion, and they cause as much harm as the “elite jews” who operate as open enemies.

  44. ‘These entryist jews are legion, and they cause as much harm as the “elite jews” who operate as open enemies.’

    Yeah seems like every mischling I have ever debated online has run that whole ‘Jews are not a monolith’ game- if there was any group that has ever stood a chance of being a monoloth it is the people that has survived for 4000 years while all other tribes around them have been destroyed.

    Elite Jews and ordinary Jews are one in the same. Traditionally they gave patronage to poorer Jews and today even ordinary Jews run cover for their powerful overlords.

    The author of that article E. Furlong lacked much of the hysterical bitterness that Jews/mischlings show when the possibility of them being excluded from Whites arises, but in the end she was still talking nonsense.

  45. Half the article is, “OYYYY VEEEEYYYYY I’M BEING EXCLUDED!”, and the rest is, “OYYYY VEEEEYYYYY NOT ALL JEWS!” There’s nothing new to it. Just another example of jewy perfidy. And to the extent “pathological altruism” is real, the gushing softer-headed TOO commenters provide an example of that.

    Fruit eater does a good job of answering the article point by point.

  46. “This is why jews, and even mischlings, should be shunned by Whites.”

    Just shunned? What happened to throwing all of them head first into the gas chamber?

  47. Any thoughts on the barn burner speech Mike Enoch gave, Tan? I’m guessing most people have heard it by now but I’ll post a link for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I thought it was a good speech. I know Kyle Hunt and Jared Howe think they’re all “duginists” and “nazbols”. Just wondering your thoughts on them launching a new political party 3 months before the election.


  48. Here’s that speech that Aryan Diablo mentions.

    Tyler Dunn – National Justice Party Founding Speech – Mike Peinovich – Aug 15, 2020 — Transcript


    [Mike Peinovich (Enoch), of The Right Stuff, gives a rousing speech, to loud applause and cheering, announcing the founding of the National Justice Party in the United States.

    Mike pulls no punches in naming organized jewry as the enemy of the American people, and Whites the world over, and that the Republican Party, and Trump, just like the Democrat Party are tools of orgjew and are anti-White.

    — KATANA]

  49. Great speech. It looks like Enoch/Peinovich fixed the fat, but his smiling and laughing was at odds with the message. As before, my concern is that the joke will be on the goyim.

    Among all those men is there nobody else better qualified to speak and lead? Like TRS, the party probably only exists because of him. And by leading rather than puppeteerring it, he maybe hopes to redeem himself.

  50. Looks like the jews have shut down the comments on bitchute. I guess it was only a matter of time.

  51. So white advocacy’s face is now a fat shock jock holocaust denier and James Fields defender? It’s no wonder white advocacy always loses. It’ll be entertaining though.

  52. Kyle Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to kill niggers but wound up killing some Jews instead. Lulz

  53. Andrew Joyce – T&T 8 – SEMITISM – Aug 28, 2020 — Transcript


    [The is the 8th video in the Talmud & Taboo series from The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his newly created BitChute channel.

    Here Joyce discusses the origins of the terms “semitism” and “anti-semitism“, or as the jews would prefer the un-hyphenated version “antisemitism“, as it hides the existence of something to be “anti” against.

    He then goes on to discuss the nature of semitism and its anti-European nature, using Ireland as an example and the jewish academic Ronit Lentin and her deceptive version of recent history and how Ireland needs more non-Whites. She cites how Ireland’s poor record of accepting jews into Ireland whilst they were being “burnt” in Europe during WW2 is evidence supporting her promotion of more non-White intake.

    Joyce then talks about how “semitism” is not only about jews who support semitism, but also non-jews, like Christian Zionists, who carry water for jews.

    He then cuts to the chase. Those who support semitism are anti-European, while anti-semites support Europe and Europeans.

    And never the twain shall meet.

    — KATANA]

  54. Eric Weinstein at it again:

    I can at long last explain to everyone what the “Intellectual Dark Web was about”.

    It was about this.

    And what comes next if you the media and you the Democratic Party and You Trump and you the Tech Platforms and You the Universities don’t stop playing. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1305009617928220673/pu/vid/444×960/c1V6WoKPVilQATx2.mp4

    The IDW cabal is a jewed reaction to jewing. It’s about trying to keep the wheels on the “liberal” anti-White jewing, their main concern being that the more explicit “woke” anti-White jewing will maybe somehow splash over onto jews.

    In his last hysterical outburst we saw Weinstein respond to the idea that jews have privilege (as jews constantly accuse Whites of having) by blubbering about Mengele and how “us left leaning jews” side with blacks against Whites.

    Here he’s responding to his tribe’s “black brothers and sisters” taking the jewsmedia’s cops-murdering-blacks Big Lie to heart, “airing out” some cops and celebrating it. As obvious as their role has been, Weinstein can’t totally shift blame away from the jewsmedia, so he just tries to spread the blame as broadly as possible, to “RNC/BLM/ACAB/MSM/DNC/1619/ANTIFA/AltRight/ETC”, tacking the ETC on the end just in case the goyim don’t get his point.

    The point is that somehow this all could have been prevented if the ADL jews hadn’t banned his brother’s Articles of Unity alt-jewing from Twitter. And if only Trump and Charlottesville and roman salutes didn’t make yids flip their lids.

    If you think it’s easy being a not-so-down-low warrior for your tribe while making excuses for the blacks and pretending you oppose tribalism, then you just don’t understand the IDW.

  55. https://theportal.group/37-surfing-the-wake-of-the-woke/

    Recorded in November of 2019, Eric Weinstein discusses “wokeness” with tribemate Andrew Marantz. The older Weinstein is upset that this newer more aggressive mode of “social justice” jewing is displacing the slower stealthier “liberal” mode he prefers. The younger Marantz is there as a jewsmedia jew to listen to Weinstein’s complaint and make his case for “wokeness”.

    Their exchange @54:18 gets to the heart of it:

    Marantz: You know, I am often perceived as, you know, a White guy, just as you’re saying. I mean the people- alot of the nazis I report on don’t think I’m White and that’s another discussion, but I think I’m White and most of the people I speak to do, and so it’s not like I think I get a pass, and I…

    Weinstein: But look, let’s try to figure out who’s out here. Right? So there really is a umm nascent dangerous right that is trying to emerge into ahh the mainstream and through social media. We’re agreed on that?

    M: Yep.

    W: And you’ve been sort of embedded with them and talking to them.

    M: And I think it is kind of the story of our time, I mean that’s why I devoted three years to charting it, and we can get into the specifics of it because I think it’s important.

    W: So let me cede and agree with you that not only does that exist… in some sense almost ultimately what’s motivating me because I want to keep that thing in the bottle and I don’t want it getting out. Alright? If it gets out if it gets out of its petri dish we’ve got real trouble.

    M: Yeah.

    W: There’s also this other thing, which I don’t understand at all, which is a bunch of people who are anything but that who are constantly lumped with that by people who are employed by uhh legacy media structures like Harpers, the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the New York Times, NPR. What’s going on with that?

    M: Wellll… I mean, it depends, right?

    Weinstein is admitting here that he sees himself and his IDW cabal as essentially another kind of antifa, and he’s trying to jewsplain to the jewsmedia jew, “WE’RE ON YOUR SIDE!”

  56. In this conversation we can see that the seeds of Weinstein’s very jewy complaint long predates the #jewishprivilege hashtag. @57:00

    W: I see this [“wokeness”] thing so clearly as, this is a terrible perversion of whatever we were on, umm, when we were taking a trajectory toward social justice, like, we took some crazy off-ramp and became lunatics. That’s how I see this. It’s not that I don’t believe in the original mission, but I certainly dont see how things got wildly worse racially.

    I mean I think the fact that we elected a half-white half-black president was very interesting thing, it definitely caused alot of feelings to well up. But i think there’s a ton of misattribution as to why we are where we are. And the thing is it’s not the underlying ideas. I don’t believe in trapping people in logical loops and running them around like they’re idiot children told to sit in the corner of a round room, and then laughing when they don’t know what to do. Is that not evil?

    M: Yeah, that is.

    Weinstein is trying to express his anger at how the jewsmedia calls jews who are trying to stick to the old-school “liberal” jewing “nazis”. He sees this clearly enough. He just has trouble describing it plainly.

    Marantz responds with a long digression on the “patron saint” of his book, Richard McKay Rorty, to argue that post-Enlightenment European philosophy was horribly Euro-centric, that Whites voting for Obama can still be “racist”, and that anti-Whites must not stop bending the arc of history towards social justice.

    Weinstein is angry, tries to jewsplain why again. @1:01:00

    W: I’m talking about the evil of using this network of, I’m gonna say semi-public institutions, like the New York Times or the Democratic party to troll umm, like, the center of the country, the median individual and tell them there’s like…

    You know, we’re more interested in showing that we can speak Spanish because uhh we believe no one is illegal you know so like let’s get rid of the concept of illegal immigrants. Umm, let’s not worry about diluting the vote. We’ll never talk about that. Let’s make sure that trans is something that we’re talking about in early stages of development in school. I don’t know. There’s like a ton of weird stuff where it feels like a giant troll. Right? And we’re gonna do stuff and if you object to it it’s just gonna tell us how bad you are and we’re gonna take victory laps and try to bury your career.

    And I think that that thing is, I’ve called if left McCarthyism. And, like, where this comes down for me, is that my family suffered under McCarthyism, and I’m against McCarthyism as a tactic. I don’t like it any better when we do it.

    Marantz: Yeah, so again, I mean…

    W: And by the way, I’m just gonna come at it again. I don’t think this is sloppy journalism. I think that everyone knows that Ben Shapiro isn’t a nazi. I don’t think that there’s anyone who thinks Ben Shapiro is a nazi. I think Ben Shapiro’s said alot of things I don’t like. And I’ve called him out, you know, I call almost nobody out because I don’t like call out culture, but I’ve said, “hey Ben, you know, you’re over the line on this one or that one.”

    Ben Shapiro isn’t a nazi. Period. The end. Am I wrong?

    M: No.

    W: Okay. Does anyone think Ben Shapiro’s a nazi? Or even let’s go further. The concept of naziism…

    M: Um hmm.

    W: Right, in some sense, if if if the black world is gonna tell us what words we can and cannot use, I feel like the jewish world should tell people stop using the word nazis to describe bad people if they’re not actually nazis, because that belongs to us. We suffered.

    M: Sure.

    W: And, you know, I’ll take that along with the Roma, you know, the physically disabled and homosexuals. But you don’t have a right to call everybody a nazi. Ya punk. I mean it’s really an embittering and angering stupidity to be found in a bunch of people who went to Ivy League schools and are now writing for, you know, the nation’s preeminent organs.

    . . .

    Or my brother is a racist.

    This is what the “Intellectual Dark Web” is all about. It was started by the Weinstein brothers (and tribemates Ben Shapiro, Sam Harris, and Dave Rubin) because they don’t like that mainstream anti-White jewing is getting so “crazy” that it is starting to splash back onto jews like themselves.

  57. 1:04:56

    W: Or my brother is a racist.

    M: Right. Okay. So…

    W: Like, I mean, what fantasy maliced planet do you have to live on to believe that?

    M: Right. So those are good examples. Look, I don’t think there are people who think Ben Shapiro is a nazi. I think there are people who…

    W: But they call him that because it’s fun…

    M: No, no, they call him alt-right. And I think, so, again, like, there is an Occam’s Razor thing where I think the most likely solution there, and I don’t know the people, I don’t remember which publication it was, I don’t know who they were, but I think the most likely solution is that they don’t know that alt-right means White supremacist anti-semite. I think they just think alt-right means high energy, bellicose, anti-establishment, far-right, whatever.

    W: I don’t… I don’t think there is ummm. I don’t know what to say about this. The term alt-right got thrown around by supposed grownups.

    M: Yeah.

    W: So liberally.

    M: Yeah, I chart this very carefully in my book, and go through how the term got widened to the point where it, this supposedly fringe movement included everyone, including the Republican nominee for president. And all of his chief advisers, and all of these massive media institutions, like…

    W: Is Sam Harris alt-right?

    M: Look. The actual technical definition is that it was a term that Richard Spencer made up to describe himself and his fellow anti-semitic cronies. But the thing is, you know, we can ascribe malice and kind of collusion or we can, you know, what’s the thing that’s always easier to ascribe, you know, stupidity rather than…

    W: I hate that thing.

    M: Well I know.

    W: That aphorism is just wrong.

    M: I don’t think it is though. Because, you know, …

    W: No, it starts with the word never.

    M: Oh, okay, well so then that version of it is wrong. It’s certainly true that an Occam’s Razor explanation… certainly in the world of journalism is often…

    W: No, you got something very different. You got a bunch of people who talk to each other and think this is a hoot. They think it’s funny.

    Behind their superficial argument, Marantz and Weinstein agree that “alt-right” means “nazi” means “White supremacist anti-semite”, i.e. the enemy. Weinstein’s point is that this is the opposite of what jews like himself actually are. Marantz agrees. He is only trying to point out that there are, like, you know, ummm, some goyische-kopfs in the media who don’t understand that you’re not supposed to use terms weaponized by jews against jews.

  58. Marantz blames Steve Bannon for all the confusion. 1:07:00

    M: Well, so, let’s take this example, right, the expansion and subsequent contraction of the definition of the term alt-right. Steve Bannon gave an interview to Mother Jones in August of 2016 where he said, “I want Breitbart to be the platform for the alt-right.”

    W: Okay.

    M: So to the extent mainstream journalists were confused about who was or wasn’t alt-right, largely it was Steve Bannon’s fault, because he was telling them, “I’m alt-right, my publication is alt-right, everyone who likes me and likes Trump is alt-right”. That, either the innocent explanation is that he didn’t know Richard Spencer was behind the term…

    W: But, like, whatever. You know, Breitbart, Steve Bannon, yada yada yada, just for a second. Umm. There’s such different thought patterns on the left at the moment that I don’t even think that we get to this level.

    M: But I thought we want to talk about specific cases.

    W: Let’s come back to it. Just the pattern of umm guilt-by-association that the left now uses inferentially. Like, the left constantly, and again, I’m gonna use this as a generalization, feels that there’s no problem assuming that because I work for and with my friend Peter Thiel that I must be somehow a crypto-conservative. I mean how could you be anything else if you don’t immediately disavow this person from planet earth?

    M: Ummhmm.

    W: Well, that’s not a legitimate thought pattern, and for to have it so widely spread…

    M: Well, of course it’s not. I mean people have disagreements, and I I I get this all the time, and I I hope we don’t fall into it here, where I’m held accountable for everything the New Yorker has ever published.

    W: I’m not trying to do that at all. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it strikes me that these patterns have to be called out on our own side. I’m always much more focused… I would like to go back to fighting the excesses of the right directly, but if I have to think about how I’m going to use my efforts to try and contain the evil that is naziism or White supremacy or anti-semitism or any of these things, it’s by focusing on my own team and saying, “What are you doing? Did somebody pay us all off? Did the Republican party pay us to antagonize people?” I mean, Obama is talking about this, about circular firing squads and whatnot. Umm…

    M: Well yeah but Obama has always had a kind of has always had this view. He didn’t just… yes, he added the word woke to his lexicon cause it didn’t exist when he was president.

    “[O]ur own side”, “my own team”. In case anyone is confused, just like Marantz and his cabal, Weinstein and his cabal only oppose identity politics and tribalism for the goyim who are White.

  59. Eric Weinstein:

    I thought a lot about Holocaust Remembrance Day and a thought came to me which was as shocking as it was clear to me.

    I have no *right* to listen politely to Critical Theory or MAGA or any other movement that insists on lecturing Jews about *real* suffering and vulnerability.

    Never forget, goyim, that jews see themselves as the original victims, the primary victims, the only victims who really matter, always. And this is true even when they imagine themselves as victims of blowback from the oppression narrative their own tribe created and have milked to their benefit for millennia.

    Never forget that, goyim.

  60. It’s another epic rant.

    In fact I have an *obligation* to stop excusing anti-Semitism in struggling communities just because the last 75 years in the US have been pretty good for the Jewish community. To us, 75 years is the blink of an eye in our long history.

    Here I am “saluting” at the arch of Titus.

    Here are two newspaper notices telling Jews & Japanese to report in Kiev and San Francisco respectively. I have made pilgrimages to Manzanar where we sent Japanese Americans whose possessions we often took. It is sickening what we did to our fellow citizens. My heart breaks.

    And so I know I take the suffering of others seriously because what happened to Jews is incomparable. No financial success or trip to Manzanar will ever prepared you for your first trip to Babi Yar. It’s a full body sickness. A trauma that sits on your soul and never fully lifts.

    This year I was repeatedly lectured about “Jewish Privilege”, “Jewish Fragility” and (I swear I am not making this up) invited to “Sit in my discomfort” for “laughably” claiming that Jews are vulnerable. Often by ethnic minorities who’ve been indoctrinated within the Ivy League.

    Ahem. It’s all over. From this moment forward, I refuse to be polite about Pepe the Frog, BLM nonsense about the Israelis as genocidal, Stars and Bars enthusiasts, defunding/abolishing the Police who protect synagogue and Masjid alike, etc.

    I’m *done* babying our lunatic cults.

    So, the basic change is this. If you start speaking to me with the same invariant phrases associated with these groups (BLM, CRT, Militias, “Race Realists” and on and on) I’m not going to politely hear your madness out. I’m going to say you are running malware between your ears.

    Suffice it to say, you can whine about privilege & micro-aggressions, cultural appropriation and you can sit in your own discomfort. You can get off on Pepe the Frog in your parents basement and Roman salute the Stars and Bars. But I have dead relatives to honor. And I’m now out.

    No amount of financial success ever fully compensates for having to locate the exits every time you enter a synagogue. We all know it’s only a matter of time before the loony Left and Right will try their hand again to get rid of Jews. And I’m not babying this madness ever again.

    It’s essentially the same complaint Weinstein made last July, and in smaller spasms before and since that. It’s the same bile that started coming out right after his brother Bret’s personal holohoax at Evergreen, which triggered the formation of the Intellectual Dark Web cabal.

    Weinstein favors blacks and other non-Whites because he sees them as similar to jews, specifically as fellow victims of Whites. He is screeching because he sees that the “privilege” and “fragility” critiques designed (by jews) for use against Whites can be used even more effectively against his own tribe.

    This situation infuriates him (and other jews) because, as he screeches, he is a JEW. Though he usually hides it, he cares deeply about and is in fact obsessed with the interests of his tribe. He knows his tribe invented this oppression narrative and uses this narrative to its advantage. He sees it as a weapon, as an existential threat to his tribe if it is aimed at them. He demonstrates its use himself, specifically to claim moral superiority over all other tribes. He sees his tribe as the owners of this weapon, who thus can (MUST!) dictate who else uses it and for what purpose.

    Like other jews, it enrages Weinstein when he imagines he sees even a dim reflection of jewy thinking in the minds of non-jews. He calls it “malware”. It is his own jewy “malware” that makes him feel entitled to publicly pronounce his disgust with the goyim, to lash out at the goyim for being such uppity and ignorant goyim.

    It is a sight to behold, especially when you realize similar inconceivably jewy “malware” is running in the head of every jew, even those who do a better job of keeping it hidden from the goyim.

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