What We Cannot Do

Gates of Vienna has posted an essay titled What We Can Do proposing that the West destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, reject muslim immigrants, deport non-citizen muslims, forbid any predominantly muslim country from building or obtaining nuclear weapons, reduce our dependence on oil, require our governments to persistently denounce islam, and finally, shatter the muslim faith by preemptively destroying mecca and medina.

This is by far the most aliberal collection of anti-islam proposals I have ever read in my life. The premise is unapologetically pro-Western and it elicits many comments questioning just how far the West can go to defend itself.

Lawrence Auster links the essay and writes:

It remains a remarkable fact that free political debate about a life and death issue facing our civilization only takes place on the Web.

It is a boring and hardly remarkable fact that Auster, from his lofty moral high ground, considers it his duty to define “free political debate”. Thus he shows up to let us know what we cannot do. For instance, we cannot use words like “vermin”. That and any similarly dehumanizing labels are reserved for anti-semites. You know, anyone who recognizes that the West has enemies beside islam and people to defend beside jews.

What I find remarkable, and commented about, is the role of PC and cultural marxism in hobbling the West. The problem, very clear here amongst the discussion of who to bomb and how many to kill, is illustrated in the pavlovian anti-anti-semitic reaction to any questioning of the conflation of White and jewish interests in what “we” call “the West”.

As long as White Westerners permit their speech and ideas to be constrained and their interests subordinated to pushy self-interested minorities we will continue to be invaded by turd worlders invited by our greedy and White-hating rulers. Under a regime where we may only argue about the symptoms and misdiagnose the disease there is no hope for any defense of the West.

Anyone who cannot stand to hear such ideas is part of the problem.

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  1. I think you should lighten up on Lawrence a bit. Clearly he is more right about a lot of things than 99% of the media and bloggers out there. He is, as you have pointed out, picky about words. He’s a prickly personality and seems to have a bit of a penchant for butting heads with other right wingers, mostly in arguments over “who is more correct”. He sometimes descends to the petty, in my opinion. Sadly I think you are too in bashing him. Lets go bash McCain or Obama instead of never-ending fratricidal war.

  2. The use of the terms “vermin” and “turd worlders” does us no favors. We have few enough balanced writers with whom we might recruit from people who now identify as “conservative”.

    On the other hand, we have no shortage of Julius Streichers who can only recruit from among the ranks of the intellectually, socially and financially marginal. We don’t really need any more from that side of the tracks, and even if we did, Alex Linder and company are still better at that than you are.

    Your talents are more useful to our common cause. I’m not criticizing from a position of moral superiority, since from extreme frustration at the double standards, implicit threat of loss of friendships and livelihood, and the pervading sense of injustice, isolation, and despair, I have on occasion descended to the sort of emotional states and resultant rhetoric which I list above.

    If you find yourself descending into these emotional states, take a week off. You, more than just about anyone I know of online, need to keep your wits and bearing for the long haul. Don’t succumb to soul killing rages. Our cause is righteous, but also tragic. It’s enough that partition, decitizenization, and even expulsion will probably be necessary to save the West, to say nothing of the intermediate political forms that would be required to accomplish all of these goals. It is not also required that we gnaw away at our faith, our hope or even our charity. I’m not a Christian, and so see no need to love our enemies, but even when you fall back to Classical standards of conduct, you are required not to hate them.

    And if you reject both Classical and Christian standards, then how can the West in any sense be preserved?

    Here’s a good rule and a way to acquire a healthy perspective. Go online and find a dozen speeches by Hitler (see especially his announcement of war against the Soviet Union) and a dozen broadcasts by Goebbels. Observe, in contradiction to what we have been told, how measured and restrained their rhetoric is in comparison to so much of what passes for “pro-White” writing on the Web. Set as a goal for yourself to never exceed the National Socialists in the virulence of your rhetoric and you’ll be fine.

    Having had the scales ripped from your eyes so recently, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you need to look to the dangers that your soul is in. Ask yourself, how can I best be of use to my race and civilization in the long term? I don’t know the answer to that in your case, but I do know and can say what it isn’t: succumbing to frustration and despair and finally, a true rhetoric of hate. Consult the ancients on this question and you’ll see that I’m right: nothing presents a more direct threat to moral or mental health than anger.

    You should perhaps look into acquiring a co-blogger so that regular vacations, during which you might make use of visits to nature, comtemplation on your faith, or simply the company of family and friends, to anchor yourself. A hobby can’t hurt, either.

    In my estimation, you’re one of the top five online writers on our side, and because your position is so close to that of conservatives, being very recently in that belief system yourself, you are in a unique position to help other conservatives transition into what ultimately will be required to preserve our race and civilization. This won’t be an easy task, for you or for them, and none of us may live to see it completed. Hence, my advice that you plan for the long haul.

    I’d be happy to make my services available to you as a co-blogger, but after seven years in the trenches, I’m more than worn out. I didnt’ take sufficent breaks or cultivate enough mental refuges against the enormity of our situation, and am therefore, currently out of the game. However, if I can serve to prevent the same from happening to others engaged in the struggle, then I am happy to help.

    Remember: try not to exceed the Nazis in rhetoric. There are plenty of other people for that. My apologies if I’ve misconstrued the sense in which you use the terms I list above. It’s just that I couldn’t help but read them as an expression of anguish, which is both preventable and never fully justified.

  3. zeke: Fratricide? I point out contradictions in his positions and he calls me names. I know this series of exchanges with Auster has helped me understand the jewish question. I sincerely hope it helps other Whites realize that Auster and dissimulators like him are enemies, not allies.

  4. colin: Welcome back. I’ve just reread the thread where you first commented here. In revisiting it I am embarrassed to see the gaps in my understanding, but I noted then and can appreciate even better now the things you wrote.

    The advice you provide now is also much appreciated.

    I write turd world specifically to call attention to it. I don’t want to live in the turd world, and neither do millions of turd worlders. Third world is euphemism. Turd world is truth.

    When I use the euphemism, as I do for instance at GoV, it is for the reasons you express. Here however I enjoy violating certain liberal norms, even if it is off-putting to those who are still in the matrix. Our enemies will hate and attack us anyway, no matter how proper our language is. Kevin MacDonald is a perfect gentleman and scholar. Look how they smear him.

    For the time being I don’t want a co-blogger. I realize and accept that I’m not able to provide a constant stream of output. Consciously rejecting that as a requirement avoids stress.

    Unfortunately I am in anguish, spiritually and emotionally. I’m angry with what I see going on around me. I’m dismayed that so many are sleep-walking through it.

    However my private life, turd world invasion aside, is more fulfilling than ever. I know that I’m not crazy or driven by hate. I realize that most people who say that are just brainwashed. The rest, like Auster, do me the favor of identifying themselves as enemies.

    I appreciate your concerns and the spirit in which you express them. Please drop by and comment more frequently. Is there someplace where your writing is archived?

  5. Tanstaafl,

    I am perplexed by the mindset held by any White Nationalist that it is somehow in our interests to oppose or otherwise do harm to Iran and/or Islam. Just the opposite.

    We should look at Iran and even Islam as potential allies. It seems a bit odd that we would look at the one place in the world where Jewry’s holy of holies can be questioned as worthy of destruction.

    Of all 3rd World immigration the Muslim flavor is the least poisonous since they are less likely to want to “blend in” and miscegenate with us. Their separateness is more likely to still have been maintained in the future if/when we retake our lands. Then they can be dealt with as fairly as possible.

    Once Islam is “reformed” (i.e. made kosher) the last institutional barrier to the NWO will be gone. Do we really think that is in our interests?

    BTW, great blog.

  6. We should look at Iran and even Islam as potential allies. It seems a bit odd that we would look at the one place in the world where Jewry’s holy of holies can be questioned as worthy of destruction.

    White survival does not call for the destruction of iran or islam. But I don’t think jewish domination is so complete that we must accept muslim domination as an alternative. We can and should be free from both.

  7. Kevin V. writes:

    I’ve been following your latest series of posts on this topic with great interest, because, as with much of what you write about, this particular issue is one that transformed me from a leftist to a traditionalist who believes strongly that race does matter.
    I remember when I was in college hearing of a Stanford student named Amy Biehl who had been killed by a black crowd in one of the townships in South Africa. She had gone there to help. Since my roommate at the time was a South African graduate student, I had been receiving a great education about current events there. Even though he was a liberal, he explained to me why Biehl’s activities were near suicidal in nature.

    It was the television reports that got to me. I remember very clearly watching the ABC News reports on the trial of the men who had stoned and stabbed Biehl to death as she begged for her life. The courtroom was packed with the relatives and friends of the accused, who had to be admonished by the judge over and over to maintain order during the proceedings. The ABC newsman focused on one dramatic event during that day’s testimony. As a witness for the prosecution described in detail Biehl’s begging while a knife was being driven into her chest down to the hilt, the black women in the crowd began to laugh and perform a mocking ululating while a few performed mock begging motions. The black men yowled in glee and the entire courtroom broke out into hysterics as the black crowd mocked this white girl’s final moments.

    Sitting in the courtroom, fresh from lily-white and very wealthy Newport Beach, California, were Biehl’s parents, Linda and Peter Biehl. The news report then cut to an interview of the parents after the day’s testimony, in which they declared that understood the anger of the crowd and that their fondest hope was that their daughter’s murder trial would lead to an opportunity for reconciliation and forgiveness. It was seeing this despicable reaction that made me realize that what I was seeing around me in Berkeley was, in fact, true: there is no black depravity against whites that white liberals will not excuse or forgive. We have it coming. Even our own daughters have it coming.

    In case you think that this was an instance of shell-shocked parents not thinking clearly, I should note that the Biehls have gone on to form a charity, the Amy Biehl Foundation, which “continues Amy’s work in South Africa.” The website of Beyond Intractability, which describes itself as a site dedicated to finding “more constructive approaches to destructive conflict,” has this report on Linda Biehl from December, 2005:

    Eventually, Peter and Linda quit their jobs in California and started a South African organization, running after-school programs and small businesses in the townships.
    “We had already determined that Amy was killed during a very violent time, but there was still violence. It was mostly economic-based, there were no schools. We wanted to help make functional young people,” says Linda.

    In 1997, Desmond Tutu created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Created to deal with the horrors of apartheid, the TRC allowed perpetrators of racial crimes to receive amnesty for a full confession. Victims could also receive reparations for the pain they had suffered. The four men convicted of Amy’s murder applied.

    The Biehls wanted to be respectful of the TRC process because they knew that Amy would have supported it. They granted all four men amnesty. At the hearing, Peter addressed the Commission saying, “The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue … we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.” However, despite what Peter had said at the hearing, probably nobody expected what happened next.

    After they were released from prison, Easy Nofemela and Ntobeko Peni, two of the men convicted of Amy’s murder had come to much the same conclusion the Biehls had about the townships.

    “They were shocked to see things hadn’t changed. Things were worse. Their friends were not in school. There was a lot of drinking and drugs,” Linda remembers. The two men started a youth group in their township and they wanted to show the Biehls what they had done. An anthropologist who had been interviewing them offered to contact the Biehls. They agreed.

    The Biehls took Nofemela and Peni out to dinner. That night was the beginning of a strong friendship between the four. The Biehls hired the two men to help out with their organization.

    [end of excerpt]

    She helps the murderers obtain amnesty, she dines out with them, and she hires them, the savages who murdered her own daughter.
    Simply put, this is monstrously inhuman. This is liberalism.

    If we, as a movement, are waiting for whites to “wake up,” we will fail. The Biehl experience shows that even under such circumstances, liberalism remains a terminal disease.


  8. Tan and WJG,

    I recommend some writings of Revillo P. Oliver. The main link is at the bottom of the following linked article:


    “PERSONS WHO expect the Jews’ government in Washington to show some consistency in its operations, just to keep the boobs from thinking, were astonished when, within the space of a week, the righteous Iranians, whom we were supplying with weapons so that they could destroy the people of Iraq, who are so wicked they want to retain property the Jews want, were suddenly transformed into the wicked Iranians, who are outlaws because, in their war against Iraq, they try to control shipping in the Persian Gulf. That was a transformation so sudden as to be almost miraculous, but, of course, American naval vessels and a large expeditionary force of troops were rushed to the Persian Gulf to create a plausible preliminary for a war in which many Americans can be killed and the remaining resources of our ruined nation squandered to make the United States even more contemptible than it was made by our shameful and skillfully engineered defeats in Korea and Vietnam.

    It now appears that the United States continues to supply weapons to Iran to facilitate its attacks on our ships. That it does is alleged by Mansur Raftzadeh, former Chief of the Iranian Secret Service, who says that he maintains contacts within the present government. (See Spotlight, 12 October 1987.) It would be only logical for Washington to provide Iran with weapons for use against our sitting ducks in the Persian Gulf — what better way of creating pretexts for the desired war? — and the supply could be arranged in the usual way, i.e., Washington gives the weapons to the Israelites, who sell them to the Iranians at a handsome profit and doubtless find opportunities to swindle the Iranians besides.”

    TP, This one is for you.


    “”Whether people like us or hate us is irrelevant. Our choice is to be feared or to be the victim. There is no other choice.”

    That is a clear statement of reality in this world, and you may use it as a criterion. If the person who hears it squawks, he is either a peddler or an addict of the hallucinatory drug that is driving Aryans to mass suicide.

    What the drug has done to our race in South Africa, and is now doing here, is apparent from the concluding paragraphs of the article:

    “If some White South Africans wish to ignore the lessons of history and of daily life in Africa and subject themselves to Black rule, that is their business. They apparently do so wish, and have made it abundantly clear at the polls that they do. They are adults. On their own heads be it. Yet we have a responsibility to our children, who trust us. To subject them to the mental, moral, and physical degradation… in store for them is an act of such appalling cruelty as to be almost unbelievable.
    “Here we have an instance of an intelligent body of people so bemused by egalitarian propaganda that they willingly condemn their own children to destruction. For this monstrous crime they fully deserve the racial extinction which will inevitably come with Black rule. Yet one pities the innocent children.”

    That is the epitaph for South Africans, and will be the epitaph for Americans.”

  9. Tan, you write…

    White survival does not call for the destruction of iran or islam. But I don’t think jewish domination is so complete that we must accept muslim domination as an alternative. We can and should be free from both.

    Your point raises several questions:

    1) Which dominance – Islamic or Jewish – is currently destroying and corrupting us in every conceivable way?

    2) Even if we were completely under Islamic control is it as poisonous and demonic to body, mind, and spirit as Talmudic control?

    3) Given that both are unacceptable to Aryans – albeit one far less malignant than the other – are we strong enough to fight a two front war?

    4) Is it not far wiser to use the far lesser of the foes to combat the more vile in the short term?

  10. Flanders,

    I think I have read every one of RPO’s essays that are on the web and they very valuable so thanks for the lead. He’s pointing out in that one article one of Judah’s preferred models of “assistance”.

    Then as now the kosher resolution to the “Iran Question” involves profiting from arming Iran, instigating a war against them that is the fought and “won” at much cost in blood and treasure by their slaves, and lastly the defeated enemy of non-Aryans is invited to our homelands to both replace and mix with us. Jewry’s “friends” are always blessed with such “help”.

    What Judah has done, is doing, and will continue to do until a people – seemingly better than Aryans – defeats them is follow this same model. They have other shell games they play with their suckers but that is one of their favorites.

    Their malice and greed and boldness in its implementation seemingly grows with each new generation.

  11. wjg,

    1) Jewish. Consider however that what we face in welcoming islam is simply a new jewish golden age. As in the past jews will make the arrangements necessary for them to survive, even thrive. Muslims, especially arabs, will replace jews at the top, and we will still be at the bottom.

    2) Poisonous in a different way. Is being stoned worse than getting stoned?

    3) No. I agree we are currently too enfeebled to fight even the domestic struggle we must win first. I also agree that if by some miracle we win that then we would not have much difficulty defeating our other enemies.

    4) Permit them to destroy each other, yes. Side with one against the other, no. They both seek to use us againt each other. We should not serve as the fodder for either.

  12. In the Middle Eastern country where I live, Steve Sailer, Gates of Vienna, Hibernia Girl, English Rose and Brussel’s Journal cannot be accessed this morning. Vdare and American Renaissance along with David Irving are permanently bloacked. The internet censorship software for this country is composed in the USA.

  13. teacher, try Tor. It’s slow but it may get you around the block. Then again, depending on which state you’re in, it may also get you a visit from the authorities.

  14. wjg, you assume the only thing muslims care about is Israel. That’s just not true.

    Even if you deliver them Israel, they won’t do the one thing that you most want them to: leave your country.

    One must be absolutely soaking in jew-hatred to consider cozying up to muslims. Your question (2) says it all, really. If one considers shariah an improvement on liberalism, there’s really not much left to discuss.

  15. Tan,

    1. “Welcoming” Islam is going too far. A more appropriate response is not fighting it as Judah wants us too. Let them fight it and let us sit on the side and point fingers at them for their “intolerance”.

    2. Getting stoned is MUCH worse than being stoned. The latter is a condition from without that is evidence of manliness and vigor. It creates martyrs and strengthens a people. The former is rot from within that is evidence of effeminacy. It perpetuates a death spiral.

    3. Fully agree.

    4. We should not be fodder for either but the degree to which Talmudism is worse for us than Islam should now be clear to most awakened Aryans. Islam can be a temporary ally. Jewry corrupts all it touches.

  16. Silver,

    You say…

    “If one considers shariah an improvement on liberalism, there’s really not much left to discuss.”

    I’ll invert that:

    Anyone who considers judeo-liberalism desirable to sharia has made it clear there is not much left to discuss.

    Sharia in its caricatured worse is a physical bondage. It is an imposition from without. When the chains are broken the people are then free.

    Judeo-liberalism is spiritual corruption. It poisons from within. It can’t be cast off nearly as easily because it has given its victims a handful of coins in exchange for being men.

    Euro-Man has survived centuries of Sharia. It doesn’t look like we will survive even one of Judeo-Liberalism.

    And this is all moot anyway. My point is that it is Jewry who is our prime enemy not Osama Bin Laden. Regardless of the stated desires of Wahabist Islam for world conquest they just do not have the means. The only reason it is in question at all is due to jewish-imposed race replacement much of which involves Muslims.

    Let us not cover for Judah’s tactical error here (letting in their mortal enemies) by doing their dirty work for them. Let them draw the ire of the Islamic world – not us. We have enough enemies as it is and few – if any – friends.

    We can defeat Islam after we first cleanse ourselves of Judah.

    Please explain how the reverse (fight off Islam then defeat Jewry) can be accomplished. Or is it that you have no interest in freeing us of the even more malignant form of dhimmitude we are currently under?

  17. Silver,

    BTW I am not assuming that all of Islam is only concerned with Israel. There is an element bent on world domination but it is not much of a threat to us now in the scheme of things.

    Enemies must be dealt with in their due course base on their real threat to our long-term survival and progress.

  18. We can chew gum and walk at the same time. I would really question how “racial aware” any White is that buys into the whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing. Let’s leave that sort of stuff to the desert peoples.

  19. Much humor at GofV where Mr.Auster has been losing friends while GofV proclaims its openness while deleting posts that do not live up to its standards of Judeophilia.

  20. “We can chew gum and walk at the same time.”

    I’d like to see evidence that we can do either much less both. Whatever. Let’s keep acting like we can snap our fingers and take care of all our problems at once.

  21. In my estimation, you’re one of the top five online writers on our side, and because your position is so close to that of conservatives, being very recently in that belief system yourself, you are in a unique position to help other conservatives transition into what ultimately will be required to preserve our race and civilization.

    I went through this phase sevefral years before Colin did, and his is sage advice. He is right in everything he has said above.

  22. A woman I knew that had converted to Conservative Judasim, told me that as part of her training her Rabbi had stressed to her how much closer Jews were to Muslims than to Christians. They had much more in common.

    Wasn’t news to me. I live in Southern California. But if it is to any of you, I pass this along.

    A good example of the Rabbi’s point would the recent malevolent actions of Denise Spellberg in stopping the publication of a historical novel about Muhammad’s child bride Aisha.

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