Glenn Beck, the Weather Underground, and SDS

Today Glenn Beck was talking about the “socialist” agenda of the Weather Underground and SDS. He didn’t point out anybody’s jewishness, of course, but he did make a subtle analogy. I’ll paraphrase:

Suppose you’re sitting on the couch, watching TV, and you say to your wife, “Hey, I think I smell smoke. Do you smell smoke?” And she answers, “Why do you always have to HATE people?!?”

He went on to say how weird it would be if you tried to get up to see if there was a fire and your wife actually obstructed your investigation. You’d begin to suspect maybe she had something to do with setting the fire.

It’s a good metaphor for how a literally “anti-racist” White with a clear conscience feels when they finally come face-to-face with the “racist”/”anti-semite”/”hate” zeitgeist. You go to a Tea Party because you’re disturbed by what’s happening in your country. You’re confused about why. Then the black, brown, and jewish organizations, voices full of venom, faces twisted with hatred, yell “racist”, as if you’re doing something wrong. The media paints them as moral giants, paragons of virtue, and paint you as a paranoid “hater”.

You start thinking race just might have something to do with this.

Beck is an entertainer. At best he’s cashing in on some timely pandering tuned to the instincts of the huge number of kosher “conservative” Whites still foolishly watching TV. At worst he’s souring and demeaning those instincts by conflating and confounding them with the clownish schtick he so often indulges in. Today, however, there were shades of Saul Rodgers, the subversive preacher character from William Pierce’s Hunter.

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The following excerpts are taken from Mark Rudd’s Why were there so many Jews in SDS? (or, The Ordeal of Civility).

The author Paul Berman, himself a Jewish veteran of Columbia SDS, in his excellent book, “A Tale of Two Utopias,” gives the following data from reliable sources: two-thirds of the white Freedom Riders who traveled to Mississippi were Jewish; a majority of the steering committee of the 1964 Berkeley Free Speech Movement were Jewish; the SDS chapters at Columbia and the University of Michigan were more than half Jewish; at Kent State in Ohio, where only 5 percent of the student body was Jewish, Jews constituted 19 percent of the chapter. I might add a strange statistic which I became aware of in the course of two trips to Kent State to commemorate the events of May, 1970: three of the four students shot by the National Guard at Kent State were Jewish. This, of course, defies all odds.

Indeed. The “tiny minority” excuse doesn’t fly when that minority is vastly overrepresented where it matters.

I invoke [writer Philip] Roth to let you in on the insularity of the world I grew up in. My family carried the Jewish ghettos of Newark and Elizabeth with them to the suburbs. We may have lived in integrated neighborhoods, that is integrated with goyim (there were only a few blacks in the town) and we may have gone to integrated schools, (of course there were no blacks in my elementary school) but we were far from assimilated, if that means replacing a Jewish identity with an American one. At about the age of nine or ten I remember eating lunch at the house of a non-Jewish friend and reporting back that the hamburgers had onion and parsley in them. “Oh, that’s goyish hamburger,” my mother said. I lived a Philip Roth existence in which the distinction between Jews and gentiles was present in all things: having dogs and cats was goyish, for example, as was a church-sponsored hay-ride which I was invited to by the cute red-haired girl who sat in front of me in my seventh grade home-room. My parents didn’t allow me to go, and, since repression breeds resistance, that was probably a signal event in my career of fascination with shiksas and things goyish, a career which paralleled that of young Alexander Portnoy in “Portnoy’s Complaint.”

Steve Sailer sheds some light on Roth’s significance to jews:

In other words, in the classic example of Jewish guilt, Portnoy’s Complaint, Jewish guilt is the opposite of white guilt: Portnoy’s feelings of Jewish guilt stem not from his ancestors being too ethnocentric (as in “white guilt”) but from himself not being ethnocentric enough to please his ancestors. His parents make him feel guilty because he’s individualistically ignoring his racial duty to settle down and propagate the Jewish race.

Back to Rudd:

As a teenager, Congregation Beth El seemed to me just another aspect of the suburban scene: materialist and hypocritical. This was the time of the civil rights movement, but the lily-white suburbs existed in order to escape the “schvartzes.” Jews in my parents’ and grandparents’ milieu used this derogatory term in exactly the same way southerners used “nigger.” “The schvartze is coming to clean the house.” “The schvartzes robbed my hardware store in Newark.” “I had to sell the apartments on Clinton Avenue because schvartzes moved next door.” There was no phony liberalism about the race war in Newark and Maplewood, at least not that I could see.

Race consciousness coming through loud and clear.

The Harlan County miners’ “Which Side Are You On?” was not the music of the Jewish suburbs.

Indifference to working class Whites.

I got to Columbia University as a freshman, age 18, in September, 1965, a few months after the United States attacked Vietnam with main force troops. There I found a small but vibrant anti-war movement. In my first semester I was recruited by David Gilbert, a senior who had written a pamphlet on imperialism for national SDS, Students for a Democratic Society. David was one of the founders of the Columbia SDS chapter, along with John Fuerst, the chapter Chairman. Both were Jewish, of course, as were my mentors and friends, Michael Josefowicz, Harvey Blume, Michael Neumann, and John Jacobs. Ted Kaptchuk and Ted Gold were Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Columbia SDS the year before I was elected Chairman, along with my Vice-Chairman, Nick Freudenberg. All of us were Jewish. It’s hard to remember the names of non-Jewish Columbia SDS’ers; it was as much a Jewish fraternity as Sammie. There were probably a greater proportion of gentile women than guys in SDS, and of course I got to know them.

Here “gentile women” means useful idiot revolutionary shiksas.

Identifying with the oppressed seemed to me at Columbia and since a natural Jewish value, though one we never spoke of as being Jewish.

Stay home and identify with the oppressed schvartzes in Newark? LOL!

But World War II and the holocaust were our fixed reference points. This was only twenty years after the end of the war. We often talked about the moral imperative to not be Good Germans. Many of my older comrades had mobilized for the civil rights movement; we were all anti-racists. We saw American racism as akin to German racism toward the Jews. As we learned more about the war, we discovered that killing Vietnamese en masse was of no moral consequence to American war planners. So we started describing the war as racist genocide, reflecting the genocide of the holocaust. American imperialist goals around the world were to us little different from the Nazi goal of global conquest. If you really didn’t like somebody—and we loathed President Lyndon B. Johnson—you might call him a fascist.

I’m sure it’s “fascist” to note that this rationale, which starts from the premise, “what’s good for jews?”, is the driving force behind genocidal immigration and “people of color” supremacism. The Tea Party should disband and Arizona should surrender because anything else is a violation of the jewish moral imperative to “not be Good Germans”.

Certainly I reveled in my role of head barbarian within the gates.

A shameless crypto-warrior for his race.

More than twenty years ago I read a book called, “The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Levi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle With Modernity.” The author, an Irish-American sociologist named John Murray Cuddihy, advances a fascinating theory on the origins of Marxism and Freudianism. Jews were newly emancipated, that is, given legal and political rights, in Western Europe in the mid to late nineteenth century. But even bourgeois Jews were still excluded from civil society by customs and especially by manners. As Jewish (or formerly Jewish) outsiders ostensibly allowed in, but not really, Marx and Freud brought critical eyes to European bourgeois society. Marx said, in effect, “You think you’ve got yourself a fine little democracy here, well let me tell you about the class exploitation and misery that’s underlying it.” Similarly, Freud exposed the seamy, sexuality-driven motives, the up-raised penises controlling the unconscious minds of civilized, well-mannered bourgeois society.

We Jews at Columbia—and I would guess at colleges throughout the country—brought the same outsider view to the campuses we had been allowed into.

Kevin MacDonald offers an insider view on Rudd and friends.

Only a few of us came to Columbia from red-diaper backgrounds, children of communists. We were good Jewish kids, the cream of the crop, who had accepted the myths of America—democracy, opportunity for all, good intentions toward the world—and of the university—free and open inquiry toward the truth. We were betrayed by our country and the university when we learned, in a relative instant, that the reality wasn’t even close to these myths. We third generation American Jews suddenly woke up and realized this country may have been a blessing for us, but not for so many others who couldn’t pass for white.

Like al Qaeda – good muslim kids, the cream of the crop. Note that Rudd doesn’t consider jews White.

From my own experience I’m forced to disagree with the theory that there’s something special and inherent in our religion which leads us to social activism, altruism, and the left. My former rabbi, Lynn Gottlieb, was fond of telling us that the Torah enjoins us to “honor the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt” forty-six or one hundred and seventeen times. Whatever the number, it was probably one of those laws that needed to be reiterated continually because nobody was observing it.

Dr. Israel Shahak, recently deceased, was a Hebrew University Chemistry Professor, President of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, and a holocaust survivor. For many years he occupied a place in Israeli politics roughly the same as Noam Chomsky in this country. In a book entitled, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years,” he argues that as a reaction to being the victims of racism throughout the centuries, we developed a religion which itself enshrined racism toward the other. This is especially true of the rabbinical commentaries developed in Eastern Europe over the almost one thousand years in which we occupied a middle position between the landlords, whom we served, and the peasants who despised us and whom we in turn despised. How could it have been otherwise? In my family, if you wanted to say somebody was stupid you said they had a “goyishe kup,” a goyish head.

This is not “racist”. A White noticing the hypocrisy here is “racist”.

I am so obviously Jewish that no matter how much carne adovada or fry bread I eat, I’m instantly recognizable as a Jew. I proudly acknowledge the drive for education in Jewish culture which made me want to read about the world and to understand it and to become a teacher. I also recognize that in my social activism I am one of thousands working in the grand tradition of Jewish leftists, the Trotskys and the Emma Goldmans and the Goodmans and Schwerners of the twentieth century. I honor this lineage. As Jews our advantage in the past, though, was that we were outsiders critically looking in; today Jews sit at the right hand of the goy in the White House advising him whom to bomb next in order to advance the Empire.

To be outsiders in a nation or an empire is not such a terrible thing. Keeping critical and alert has allowed the Jewish people to survive all sorts of imperial disasters over the millennia—the Greeks, the Romans, Islam in Spain (which went from Golden Age to Inquisition in a few centuries), the Crusades, Reformation Europe, the Russian Czars, Nazism. This particular empire is neither the first nor the last to attempt to seduce us to join up. But we’d better not: it’s our job to be critical outsiders, both for our own survival and for that of the planet.

As a child I never fell for the seduction of patriotism. It seemed so arbitrary, who’s an American and who’s not. If my relatives hadn’t emigrated, who would I be? Since I was also at core an idealist and a utopian—another Jewish tradition?—I wanted to skip all that obviously stupid and dangerous stuff that gave rise to wars and racism. In 1965 I began to identify myself as a socialist and an internationalist. I still am an internationalist since old religions die hard.

Again, Rudd is not a “racist”. “Anti-racism” is anti-White.

Here Rudd shrugs off the “racism” of the jewish ethnostate.

I am heartbroken over the moral and spiritual costs of the Jewish State to the Jewish People. I challenge anyone who thinks of me as a traitor to my people or a self-hating Jew, both of which I’ve been called, to visit Palestinians in the West Bank or East Jerusalem for as little as one-half day. Every Jew needs to see the misery and humiliation which our Jewish nationalism and racism have wrought. These are not Jewish values, or at least my Jewish values.

Nor does the Jewish state guarantee Jewish safety and survival. My father was a military man and as such was always pessimistic about the long-term survival of Israel. He easily perceived Israel’s strategic weaknesses in both geography and demographics. The only way Israel has survived so far has been to ally with the sole remaining imperial power in the world. But all empires fall, as Jewish history so clearly tells us. Maybe they should have allied with China.

This year I visited Israel with my family for the first time. I learned that far from being culturally retro, which is the way I used to think of it—a small, socialist, anti-materialist nation—Israel is really an avatar, way ahead even of California. Israel is America’s future: militarized, racist, religio-nationalist, corporate, riven with so many internal splits and hatreds that only the existence of a perpetual enemy keeps the nation from exploding. If we don’t organize to stop the current direction in this country, thirty years from now we will be Israel.

Rudd is heartbroken about Israel having a government that defends the interests of its people using deadly force. So naturally he wants to make sure that never happens here. What’s that? He should make aliyah and be a revolutionary in Israel? What are you, some kind of “racist”?

Mark Rudd – Wikipedia:

Mark William Rudd (born June 2, 1947) is a political organizer, mathematics instructor, and anti-war activist, most well known for his involvement with the Weather Underground. Rudd became a member of the Columbia University chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in 1963. By 1968, he had emerged as a leader for Columbia’s SDS chapter. During the 1968 Columbia Student Revolt, he served as spokesperson for dissident students protesting a variety of issues, most notably the Vietnam War. As the war escalated, Mark Rudd worked with other youth movement leaders to take SDS in a more militant direction. When the general membership of SDS refused to go in a more violent and pro-Communist direction, Rudd together with some other prominent SDS members formed a radical, violence-oriented organization, referring to themselves collectively as “Weatherman” after the lyrics from a famous Bob Dylan song.

After seven years as a fugitive, Rudd turned himself in.

He received a small fine and ultimately spent less than one year in jail for all his crimes.

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  1. Bob Mathews died in a standoff with the feds. David Lane died in prison while serving multiple life sentences.

    Meanwhile, Jewish terrorists go free.


    TMT –Episode #28.5 – Using Edgar Steele, Getting a hunka, hunka burning Whigger-Whimperer. Edgar Steele has been imprisoned by ZOG for nearly eight weeks, and what we see in the bowel Movement are whiggers wanting to use the Whigger-Whimperer for their own selfish interests or own personal demons. jewdass ‘Roid Rage Retard’ Giles wants to find Edgar Steele guilty and created his own v-bulletin forum for that same thing. Some dodgy whigger, who in better times Steele kept at a distance named Robert Magnuson, has managed to get Steele’s daughter Kelsey to sign on. Alex Linder is using this case in order to prop up his own tattered credibility, given that he dropped the dime on Bitch-Tits Bill White/Weiss on Dec. 15, 2009. Almost every single critter wants to use the Whigger-Whimperer for his own advancement just like Edgar Steele used Pastor Richard Butler for his own advancement back in 2000. Edgar Steele used Pastor Butler in order to gain his own name, and I suppose you could say that what goes around comes around. ZOGbots and whiggers want to feast on a hunka hunka burning Whigger-Whimperer. This is why the bowel Movement shits out nothing but turds. There is no strategic planning, nothing to sacrifice, nothing but each and every whigger and ZOGbot for itzself. The end result is inevitably betrayal. So what is your solution, Pastor Lindstedt? For all your bullshit, you do have a solution, one which can be done, don’t you? Sure I do. Simple. Reduce the case to its basics: Do you believe ZOG/Babylon or do you believe the Resistance? What side are you on? Are you a criminal regimeist or a Racial Revolutionist? No, not whine about what ZOG/Babylon is doing to you but rather make ZOG/Babylon worry about what the Resistance will do to the regime criminals. Edgar Steele must never give any legitimacy to ZOG/Babylon or the bogus charges. Therefore, no competing professional whore witnesses posing as ‘experts’, and certainly no ‘officers of the regimeist kort’ and certainly no pub[l]ic pretender to play at ‘defending’ him from ZOG/Babylon. YHWH decides who lives, who dies in the overall scheme of things. And the duty of the Resistance: Not to Free Edgar Steele, but rather to Avenge Edgar Steele, along with all victims of ZOG/Babylon who have become casualties of [civil] war on our side. So tune in and watch me pin the tails on the jackasses/ass-clowns.

  3. This whole post, and the original from Rudd that you link to, leaves me speechless. The bastard is bragging about his insularity, his disdain for whites and Christians and for the founders of this country, and at the same time he’s insisting that being Jewish had nothing to do with it! It’s all a big, damned joke to him – but it’s an insider’s joke, that he trusts his listeners will understand. Yet if anyone sees a conspiracy here, or a tribal intent, or any sort of connection at all between Jewish SDS members and Jews advising mulatto presidents, they’re tarried with the “Jew hater” brush and pushed aside. Meanwhile, he blithely asserts the importance of remaining a “critical outside.” The gall, the hypocrisy, the hubris of these people astounds and enrages me.

    I haven’t watched Beck’s show in ages; given his usual careful correctness about race, I’m amazed you even found a glimmer of an abstruse mention of the Jewish element in his words. Of course, he’s part of the all-inclusive, non-hating right, so would immediately deny any such intent. Still, given his propensity to discover links and follow connections, this one must have been too glaring to ignore. I’d love to believe his listeners would have picked up on it, but most whites have been denying the obvious for so long that I don’t think they retain the capacity to acknowledge the truth. Thank you for bringing this abomination to light.

  4. “If we look at this argument from a jew who claims a postion on one side of the “brutal Israel” argument (or is he claiming neutrality?), we can find his argument useful. Not just on Israel, but on immigration where all jews, not just the “MESSIANIC ZIONIST’s” & “POLITICAL ZIONIST’s”, act as “a cadre of radical, fundamental, dogmatists, more akin to the Taliban than the Knesset”, are pressing immigration against the wishes of Americans and insisting upon thrusting unlimited numbers of invaders into the borders of America. It’s clear that jews are much more in tune with other jews on the point of forcing Americans to accept invasions than they are on the subject of Israel. And if you note it properly, there is no true disagreement there on the “brutal Israel” except for the more draconian methods employed.

    What all of jewry does agree upon is that America and Americans have no right to exist within their own borders so long as those borders are not open to the entire third world. The jews are saying that the American State cannot be defended.”

    More and the links are at the 9:17 and 9:49am comments.

  5. A close reading of the copy I made earlier, of a commentary from Jewish Internet Task Force, indicates that Beck (despite the useful entertainer viewpoint used in Tan’s paraphrased example) is viewed by JIDF, as being a fellow Hasbarat, though one who “just doesn’t quite do it” for JIDF.

    Glenn Beck vs. Charles Johnson vs. Robert Spencer?
    To be honest, none of them really “do it” for the JIDF, though we can appreciate each of their contributions. If they fully “did it” for the JIDF, then we wouldn’t be here, doing our thing. Perhaps some have been in the game too long. Impossible to keep up or take sides in all the mishegas, though we do like Elder of Ziyon’s POV:

    “when….powerful players fight each other,
    the only loss is to the cause itself”

    Anyway, everyone should just stop with the nonsense and take their little ego squabbles into private realms. Go into opposite corners and take a “time out” until you can all play nicely and get along and focus on the real tasks at hand.

    And finally? Speaking of “doing it,” “taking a time out” and “the real tasks at hand?”

    Shabbat Shalom!

    Categories charles johnson, elder of ziyon, fox news, glenn beck, shabbat shalom, Shabbos
    [It’s shared! – Flanders]
    [*Mishegas – comes from the Hebrew word ‘meshuga’ which means crazy person. It means craziness or madness. – Flanders]

  6. Auster’s latest outburst (abridged version)

    Auster writes: ” … these “traditional rightists” are anti-Semites. … he is promoting the very anti-Semitism he claims to be concerned about … The anti-Jewish statements made by Taki and by Paul Gottfried (the anti-Semites’ favorite Jew) are, disgustingly, what you would expect. What is utterly shocking and appalling is Serge Trifkovic’s statement. … [Trifkovic] engages in a demonization of the Jewish people that goes beyond Kevin MacDonald, if that is possible. … given the way Trifkovic talks about the Jews prior to that–as the enemy, period–his notion of a Jewish-Gentile reconciliation comes across as hollow and unbelievable.”

    Auster writes to Mangan: “… anti-Semitic … anti-Semitism … Anti-Semitism … Anti-Semitism … anti-Semitism … anti-Semitism … wicked and irrational hatred of and opposition to the Jewish people … anti-Jewish … anti-Jewish … anti-Semitism … anti-Jewishness … anti-Semitism … the paleocons are anti-Jewish … the paleocons regard the Jews as the enemy.”

    LA replies: “They are opposed to the Jews as such, as I will show later. Anti-Semites always include double language in their writings which gives them deniability. It doesn’t fool me.”

    EK writes: “I think about you daily and pray that you continue your good work for many years to come”

    Kilroy M. writes: “What mediocrity. … [The symposium] is just pitiful. I had high hopes for Alt Right but have given up on reading it altogether. I also had a great deal of respect for people such as James Kalb, but I must confess that his presence there has decisively taken away a deal of that respect.”

    LA replies: “anti-Semitism … the three symposiasts … are neurotically obsessed with the evil of Israel and with how neoconservatives have personally harmed them, and who see the Jewish people as the primary enemy of the West”

    LA writes: “To those who disagree with my view that the symposium is anti-Semitic, I would say that they are not seeing the three contributions as a totality, whether individually or together. … [Trifkovic] is treating the Jewish people as The Enemy. … If Trifkovic had written his contribution with more care and more qualifications, he might have saved himself from the appearance of anti-Semitism. However, my feeling about his essay, with its sweeping portrayal of the Jews as the enemy, is that he is expressing something within himself which he has long held back. His sloppy outpouring is as revealing of his inner thoughts as Mel Gibson’s drunken rant in the back of a police car that all wars have been caused by the Jews.”

    Bill Carpenter writes: “American WASPs have abdicated their leadership and have permitted liberal Jews to undermine historic American culture, the notion that it is Jews who are destoying the historic West is preposterous. … Jews, if anything, are Johnny-come-latelies to Enlightenment irreligion, universalism, and Jacobinism. Thus, Mr. Trifkovic is simply wrong to attribute Western self-destruction to the Jews. … The anti-Semites … I hope Mr. Trifkovic will recognize that Jews have not led or caused the self-destruction of the West, but at most have participated in it energetically with their fellow Westerners.”

    LA replies: “[Trifkovic] is indinstinuiguishable from any number of whacked-out anti-Semites … nuance free portrayal of the Jews as the Enemy of the West … an anti-Semitic argument … releasing an explicit paleocon anti-Semitism never seen before … has made such anti-Semitism seem the defining feature of paleoconservatism”

  7. Auster’s latest outburst (abridged version)


    LA replies: “Trifkovic’s arguments are pathetic … Israel is not like other, multiethnic countries–for intrinsic and necessary reasons. The paleocons’ endless moronic whining about the “double standard” is beyond pathetic and is really just a front for their anti-Semitism. … they are denying the reality of the Nazi Holocaust … they demonize Israel … What they believe in is destroying Israel. … the paleocons hate the things they hate–namely the Jews and Israel–more than they love the things they pretend to love–namely ethnonationalism … I don’t believe that such a gross error by Trifkovic can be explained by some prudent design on his part to reach out to the more mild anti-Semites; in my view it can only be explained as the impulsive outpouring of an anti-Israelism that he has concealed up to now.”

    LA replies: “anti-Semites … anti-Semitism … standard anti-Semitism … rotten and sick inside and out … their pathological anti-Semitism”

    Kilroy M. writes: “Their anti-Semitism is built on the foundations of envy.”

    LA replies: “I think it’s build on the foundation of hatred of Jews. … resentment at Jewish accomplishments and smarts–accomplishments and smarts which become unbearable when combined with Jewish distinctiveness. … Jews’ enduring distinctiveness with their above average abilities … [the solution is for] the majority group to act like the majority group, like the leaders of society, not like whining losers … The anti-Jewish paleocons are no more capable of exercising intellectual and moral leadership than a black street thug is capable of arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    Roland D. writes: “I’m a paleocon and I’m not anti-Semitic.”

    LA replies: “Your personal definition of paleoconservatism is not relevant. What is relevant is what representative, well known paleoconservatives say paleoconservatism is. And that’s what the Alt-Right symposium was about. They make opposition to the Jews qua Jews central to paleoconservatism.”

    LA replies: “anti-Semitic … anti-Semitic”

    LA replies: “anti-Semites … moderately pathological anti-Semites … extremely pathological anti-Semites … anti-Semites … anti-Semitism … anti-Semitism … My calling is to remain completely removed from anti-Semites.”

    Robert B. writes: “as the left ratchets up its anti-Israel (and now anti-Jew) rhetoric, the Far right is also doing so … anti-Jew rhetoric … the left is openly anti-Jew, the Far right is increasingly anti-Jew … anti-Jew … anti-Semitism … anti-Jewish … My dad’s best friend is Jewish … for me, to hear anti-Jewish comments for first time, it was shocking (my father explained it as ignorance on the part of lowly born people) and dismaying … the anti-Jewish comments were made by little Irish Catholic school children … should I blame America’s pending downfall on the Irish? … your point about middle class people disliking/distrusting smart people is true, in general … There were even notes by Romans that certain tribes East of the Danube would deliberately kill those who were too smart. These would be mostly Slavic types the Romans were referring to but also those that made up modern day Hungary and Romania.”

  8. Auster writes to Mangan: “… anti-Semitic … anti-Semitism … Anti-Semitism … Anti-Semitism … anti-Semitism … anti-Semitism … wicked and irrational hatred of and opposition to the Jewish people … anti-Jewish … anti-Jewish … anti-Semitism … anti-Jewishness … anti-Semitism … the paleocons are anti-Jewish … the paleocons regard the Jews as the enemy.”

    That sums up Auster all right.

  9. Tan, Just to let you know in case you are not aware that Vanishing American is back in operation.


  10. These would be mostly Slavic types the Romans were referring to but also those that made up modern day Hungary and Romania.” – Some Austerite sycophant/creep

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Jews have an unreasoning hatred for Slavs which surpasses even their hatred for Germans.

    The comment quoted above, by the way, is bollocks. The “east of the Danube” tribes in those days were not even Slavic, what utter tosh, and they never practiced behaviors like this typical lying Jew claims.

  11. I can recommend “Bringing the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the Sixties and Seventies” by Jeremy Varon. In the book David Gilbert, Rudd’s SDS recruiter, is one of several SDS/WU Jews whose political activities are traced to Jewish motivations. Gilbert for example “first being sensitized to injustice through education about the Holocaust”.

    The best, or at least most amusing, sections deal with the Jewish Weathermen’s efforts to inspire White working class kids to become a “white fighting force” under Jewish Weathermen leadership. The author quotes Rudd, Susan Stern, Jeff Shero, Phoebe Hirsch, Russell Neufeld and others, puzzling over these kids’ reluctance to join them in any significant numbers. Stern:

    “Mr. and Mrs. America would . . . see our bodies being blasted by shotguns, our terrified faces as we marched trembling but proud, to attack the armed might of the Nazi state of ours. Running blood, young, white human blood spilling and splattering all over the streets of Chicago for NBC and CBS to pick up in gory gory Technicolor.”

    Varon was happy to note the Jewish motivation when the Weathermen were talking blandly about ‘civil rights’ and ‘equality’, but fails to make the connection explicit here, when ‘equality’ turned out to mean Jewish leaders demanding the literal suicide of young Whites to help de-Nazify their parents’ civilisation.

  12. LA replies: “Trifkovic’s arguments are pathetic … Israel is not like other, multiethnic countries–for intrinsic and necessary reasons.

    Auster’s such a lowbrow he stoops to special pleading (a textbook logical fallacy) at the speed of light.

  13. Jews, if anything, are Johnny-come-latelies to Enlightenment irreligion, universalism, and Jacobinism.

    I’m so sick of this idiocy. The Jews came up with these ideals and sold them to the goyim as the ultimate in maladaptive strategies.

    Both theory and the facts tell us this must be true.

  14. Over here in the UK we’ve got a lot of Poles moving in. I like them, quite good friends with a couple of them now. Some of them seem to have quite ‘robust’ views about the jews rarely heard amongst the tame British population.

    Occidental – One thing I’ve noticed is that Jews have an unreasoning hatred for Slavs which surpasses even their hatred for Germans.

    With a character reference like that, I like them even more!

  15. Lawrence Auster on Mark Rudd on Jewishness and Sixties radicalism, 2 June 2006.

    Auster starts by making a frank assessment of Rudd’s statements “about his Jewishness and the central role he says Jewishness played in the student radical movement”. He calls Rudd “an unrepentant anti-American radical”, whose “political and cultural loyalty is to secular Jewish leftist internationalism, not to America.” He describes the “mysterious parallelism” between them:

    By the way, I went to the same high school as Mark Rudd, Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey, which he discusses in his talk, and where I was two years behind him; in my sophomore year I was a member of the political science club of which he was president. We also went to the same university, Columbia. Furthermore, as I learn from his talk, his father was born two years before my father, and his mother was born two years before my mother. His family lived in Newark before moving to the suburbs, as my family did. And of course his family was Jewish, as mine was (though I must confess that I did not know until I read the speech that he was Jewish; I had always assumed he wasn’t.) So there would seem to be some kind of mysterious correspondence or parallelism between us. But there’s none that I can see, other than the external facts already mentioned. The intensely ethnocentric attitude, “We Jews versus those gentiles,” “We Jews as outsiders in America,” which he expresses throughout his talk and claims was the ubiquitous atmosphere in which he lived, did not exist in my family, in the development of my consciousness of the world, and in my America.

    I looked for a deeper condemnation of Rudd and those like him. Something like a call for all right-thinking Americans to shun “the unrepentant anti-American radicals”, or consigning them to hell. Not there. Auster doesn’t think they’re the real problem. Who is?

    Only in an America where the majority culture had already given up any belief in itself, could people get away with saying the kinds of things Rudd says.

    America! “The majority”, i.e. Whites, are the real problem. All that tsk-tsking about Rudd turns out to be just so much jibberjabber for the gallery, served up because Auster’s pose as a champion of America compels him to “deal with” Rudd’s statements, somehow. So America’s champion blames America. And the bottom line in the critique, as usual, is that we did it to “ourselves”, it wasn’t those secular jewish leftist internationalists he was just waving his hands about.

    Auster goes on to speculate that Rudd’s parents shouldn’t have been permitted to immigrate. Someone else suggests jews like Rudd should make aliyah. Of course, when such statements appear elsewhere Auster and his “conservative” friends join the “secular jewish leftist internationalists” in condemning it as “serious anti-semitism” and wondering which circle of hell to consign the subhuman offenders to.

    Auster’s discussion eventually turns to questioning Rudd’s jewishness. He concludes:

    Very interesting. This is a discussion I’ve had many times, with most every Jew I’ve talked to insisting that Jewishness is only a religion and not an ethnicity. Recently, however, I got a Jewish friend to agree that Jewishness consists both of religion and ethnicity.

    This is classic Auster. He deals with “the central role [Rudd] says Jewishness played in the student radical movement” by blaming America, specifically “the majority”, collectively. Then wanders off copying and pasting dissembling about who’s a jew, to bury the “central role”.

    Secular Jewish leftist internationalist Rudd is more forthright than “jewish fifth-columnist” Auster.

  16. Neither the Black students of the Student Afro-Society [SAS] nor Paul Rockwell and Juan Gonzalez(two of Columbia SDS’s main speakers during the 1968 Columbia Student Revolt) were of Jewish religious background. And neither SDS founder Tom Hayden nor 1964 Berkeley Student Revolt leader Mario Savio were of Jewish religious background. So it’s historically inaccurate for Mark to, in retrospect, attempt to portray the 1968 Columbia Student revolt as something other than mainly a reflection of an ongoing class conflict between African-American and white working-class and middle-class students and community residents in Manhattan and the upper-class white folks who still control elite Ivy League universities like Columbia University.

    The notion that the 1960s campus revolt represented primarily some kind of Jewish ethnic response to U.S. elite institutions like Columbia & Harvard then being controlled by people who weren’t of Jewish background is also disproven by the fact that when Mark visited the campus of Brooklyn College(whose student body was then predominantly of Jewish background) later in 1968, large numbers of more politically conservative Brooklyn College students apparently protested at his appearance and jeered at him until he retreated from the Brooklyn College campus.

    Ironically, in 2010 the militaristic U.S. power elite and upper class folks that anti-war and anti-racist students confronted in the late 1960s at Columbia and elsewhere are still making life more miserable for most U.S. working-class and middle-class people of all ethnic backgrounds by waging endless war abroad and creating endless economic recession at home.

  17. Mark Rudd: “As Jews our advantage in the past, though, was that we were outsiders critically looking in; today Jews sit at the right hand of the goy in the White House advising him whom to bomb next in order to advance the Empire.

    It’s amazing that Rudd writes this openly. It almost reads like satire.

    Who was his intended audience, I wonder?

  18. It’s funny to read Lawrence Auster’s serious “cognitive dissonance” (posted 8/26/2010 08:25:00 AM above…links to specific comments do not work here for some reason).

    He explains at length how his background is so similar to Rudd’s, then turns on a dime and claims his Jewish ethnic background does not factor into his thinking at all. It is…baffling how Auster could ignore how much energy he devotes to “anti-anti-Semitism”, and his endless focus on Israel.

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