How to Create Grotesque, Toxic Stereotypes

Oliver Stone Controversy – Media Decoder Blog –

In an interview with The Times to promote his documentary “South of the Border,” which is about South American politics, Mr. Stone defended Hitler. “Hitler was a Frankenstein, but there was also a Dr. Frankenstein,” he said. “German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support. Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people.”

Mr. Stone then proceeded to discuss what he called “the Jewish domination of the media,” adding with an expletive that Israel had messed up “United States foreign policy for years.” Bloggers quickly picked up on the comments, and the American Jewish Committee issued a news release condemning him. “By invoking this grotesque, toxic stereotype, Oliver Stone has outed himself as an anti-Semite,” the committee’s executive director, David Harris, said in the release.

In January the director told a gathering of television critics that “Hitler is an easy scapegoat” while discussing his Showtime nonfiction mini-series, “Secret History of America.” At that time the Simon Wiesenthal Center harshly rebuked him for the remarks.

On Monday afternoon, Mr. Stone released this statement:
“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry.”

Turns out Stone is as easy to scapegoat as Hitler. The poor guy was just trying to say that the Germans (and Americans and British) are worse than Hitler. No big deal. Now that he’s apologized for implying that jewish influence was hindering that work he can get back to it.

Billionaire Haim Saban crusades against Oliver Stone | Hollywood Jew | Jewish Journal:

The Israeli-American billionaire is reportedly campaigning among Hollywood’s higher-ups to have Stone—and his upcoming 10-part series, “A Secret History of America,” blacklisted. According to, Saban called CBS chief Les Moonves to urge him to cancel the Showtime series, becoming the first industry figurehead to criticize the director’s controversial remarks from earlier this week.

“This guy should be helped in joining Mel Gibson into the land of retirement, where he can preach his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism in the wilderness where he belongs,” Saban told TheWrap.

Saban, who is a huge supporter of Israel and a major donor to the Democratic party, told The by email that he had also called William Morris Endeavor chairman Ari Emanuel to help pressure CBS.

That Saban is launching a crusade against Stone isn’t surprising: In a New Yorker profile of Saban published last May, Saban said, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”

Whoops. Turns out the “conservative” side of the “grotesque, toxic stereotype” won’t forgive so easily. I see a film hugely supporting Israel in Stone’s movie-making future – if he has one.

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  1. Everybody who is anybody can see through the transparency in Stone’s apology. The simple fact that he HAD to apologize showcases Jewish influence and power more then not apologizing.

    Slowly, more and more are coming out against Jewish Supremacy. First there was Brando, then Gibson, now Stone. The wick is weakening. It won’t be too long before the Jewish stranglehold on everything American loosens it’s grasp.

  2. I don’t even see what is supposed to be controversial in Stone’s statement.

    The official story regarding WW2 must now be: Hitler was a lone actor, and the Jews suffered ten times more than everybody else, plus infinity plus one.

    Didn’t Saban make $1.5 billion tax free from the fraudulent sale of Fox Family to Disney?

    Public debate in America regarding power, money, and influence has become so stilted lately. It is silly to ignore the elephant in the room and everybody knows it, but too many are still relying on it for a paycheck.

    I wonder if “everyday” Jews realize what will happen to them when these Saban types flee with all the cash and the game is up.

  3. Chairman and CEO, Saban Capital Group, Inc. Haim Saban takes his stereotypical jewish influence to HuffPo, Shame on Oliver Stone:

    Oliver Stone should be given a helping hand — indeed, a vigorous shove — into the land of forced retirement. There, in the professional wilderness where he belongs, standing on a splintered soapbox right next to Mel Gibson’s, he can preach his anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism into the wind.

    Anyone who works with this guy should be ashamed of himself/herself, and shouldn’t share this distasteful fact with their neighbors — and especially their kids.

    Deja vu, all over again. See CEO, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Ari Emanuel’s The Bottom Line on Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Remarks.

  4. I’m suspicious about Stone. I’ve never trusted him or the “historical” perspectives he presents through his movies. I would be considerably more inclined to suspect that this incident is pre-arranged in order to be presented to a viewing audience which will then be more likely to buy into a cleverly presented disinformation package.

    In the meantime the jews get a public “whippping boy” who does public “penance” for his dastardly sins. Controlling both sides? – not difficult at all when dealing with opportunists. Besides, the jews love to set the limits on the opposition envelope by setting one of their stooges into place to represent that controlled limit, a control point past which no one shall dare publicly cross.

    Garnering a hyped audience for a planned disinformation campaign… Priceless!


  5. O.Stone: “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people.”

    That statement sounds a little like a phony criticism of the Jewish narrative, like an effort to create confusion.

    Many people say that Jewish activists pushed Britain and the United States into the war against Germany, resulting in a few million German deaths. It is also said that the Jewish bolsheviks killed millions in Russia, Ukraine, Poland… In order to speak like a real revisionist, Oliver Stone should have said that the Jews had killed more millions of Russians than of Germans. The reaction of the media would have been interesting.

  6. he had also called William Morris Endeavor chairman Ari Emanuel to help pressure CBS

    Emanuel, Emanuel? Funny, that name rings a bell, let me see, on the tip of my tongue…no…no..its gone, cant place it.

  7. An article about Haim Saban from The New Yorker, The Influencer, subtitled An entertainment mogul sets his sights on foreign policy.:

    Saban is not given to modest ambitions. Sixty-five years old, with a broad, dynamic countenance and slicked-down wavy black hair, he is known in Los Angeles as the man who brought the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from Japan to America; the chairman and part owner of Univision, the nation’s leading Spanish-language media company; a staunch supporter of Israel (he has dual citizenship); and one of the largest individual donors to the Democratic Party.

    . . .

    “Let me give you an example of this access, and why it’s completely O.K.,” Saban responded. “I hosted the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, in my home. I was informed that he refused to sign a letter to Obama, which was signed by most of the senators, supporting Israel, before the speech in Cairo. . . . I got the message on Saturday and he was at my house on Sunday. I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you sign?’

    “So he said, ‘Because I don’t sign other people’s initiatives,’ as the leader, as head of the Democratic Party.

    “I said, ‘So send a letter of your own.’ ” And, Saban added, smiling, and with hesitation, as though he did not like to boast, “He did.”

    via a comment on Mangan’s Haim Saban: Bring Back the Blacklists.

  8. As a fanatically Zionist Democrat, Haim Saban puts the lie to a number of the anti-anti-semites’ tired old arguments, like the idea that the Jews problem is simply that they’re too liberal, or Moldbug’s fantastical notion that the Jews behave the way they do because they’re imitating WASPs.

    It would also be amusing to hear the anti-anti-semites try and explain to Saban how he’s not actually a supporter of the Jews because he’s a Democrat, and the Democratic party is, like firmly in the pocket of the Palestinians, or something.

  9. No such thing as bad press. It may just be early whoring for his “documentary”.

    Interesting – random word verification is antstm. OK maybe it isnt close enough to anti-semitism to be interesting.

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