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Reconsider Columbus Day appeared on YouTube last year. Links to it are circulating again this year.

October 12 is Columbus Day
A day that “our” government has deemed worthy of rememberance
But with all due respect
With all due respect
With all due respect
There’s an ugly truth that has been overlooked
For waaay too long
Columbus committed heinous crimes
Against the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean
And millions of natives throughout the Americas
And Columbus set the stage for the slave trade in the New World
So please
Please reconsider if this is a man you want to honor
Reconsider if you want to celebrate the crimes of Columbus
It’s not your fault
It happened a long time ago
But remaining neutral
And pretending like it didn’t happen
Or that it doesn’t still impact us today
So please
Take the day to learn the whole story
Celebrate the people who were here first
Petition for a nationally-recognized indigenous holiday
So please
Reconsider how you plan to spend October 12th
Reconsider the story of Columbus

Yes, let’s stop pretending. Let’s reconsider multiculturalism, reconsider multiracialism, and reconsider anti-racism. The people pushing these ideas are disingenuous. They don’t oppose discrimination, oppression, or genocide. They’re animated by hate and anger. They blame Whites for all the world’s ills. In their mind it’s payback time. Scapegoating Columbus is just the tip of an anti-White iceberg.

The purpose of the Reconsider Columbus Day campaign isn’t to hold Columbus accountable for his “crimes”. That was 500 years ago. The purpose isn’t to celebrate “the people who were here first” either. “Our” government has already dedicated 30 days to celebrating them.

This campaign is aimed at White people. It’s about guilt-tripping, criminalizing, and pathologizing us. It’s telling us to stop enjoying a Eurocentric view of history, to stop having a sense of pride in our European heritage, and to instead feel ashamed and be more concerned about everyone else’s point of view. The purpose is to convince us to celebrate and put the interests of other people above our own. It isn’t an argument for non-discrimination or race-blindness. The people driving this campaign despise us and our point of view.

Instead of going along with the browbeating of people who hate us, or even simply ignoring them, I’m inclined to do just the opposite of what they want. Therefore I encourage Whites to reconsider the mestizo holiday Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the killing of Europeans and swimming the Rio Grande (not necessarily in that order). And the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, commemorating “racists” not acting quickly enough to help black looters. And the mother of all anti-White guilt-tripping, The Holocaust TM – which academia and media and politicians commemorate day in and day out.

The common theme here is: Whites suck. Why should we go along with that? Reconsider who does or doesn’t care about you. Reconsider what they tell you to care about. Reconsider whether it’s all about doing what’s “right” or “moral” or whether they just want you to better serve them. Respond accordingly.

Columbus: Continuation of a Genocidal Legacy is a Mexica Movement video connecting the dots from Columbus, to Cortez, to Custer, to Hitler. It presents a thoroughly one-sided view of the brutal facts of past conquest and war. Unlike the original blood-thirsty, slave-trading indigenous people, White newcomers kept relatively detailed records. But why dwell on the past? Do the job the anti-White moralizers in the media won’t do. Compile in your mind a video of current events – the robbery, rape, and murder “people of color” perpetrate against Whites no matter when or where we have the misfortune of living together.

Reconsider the never-ending lectures we’re fed about defamation, discrimination, stereotypes, blood libels. Think about these lectures the next time somebody quickly and blithely ticks off the usual politically correct litany of White “crimes”. Think about what they will rationalize as right and just once they gain the upper hand completely. If you need a hand, that Mexica video graphically depicts what they have in mind.

Happy Columbus Day.

17 thoughts on “Consider This”

  1. Tan, I used your post w/o attribution because by doing so, taken out of the context of your site, I thought it would be very effective.

    My local paper made ZERO mention of Columbus Day today, and yes, we are a mestizo-infected area in California.

    But I did use quotations, just so people wouldn’t accuse me of stealing it if anyone here reads your site.

    This whole “whiteout” of White history is really pissing me off. More people need to read what you wrote …. so I “stole” it. Hope you don’t mind ….

    Here’s the link to my “theft” of your excellent work:

  2. Need help visualizing contemporary non-White violence? Here are two small bits ripped from today’s headlines on Drudge:

    Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake case beheaded, officials say

    Chandler police arrest man in stabbing, decapitation

    The past decade’s worth of violent crime like this probably amounts to as many deaths as all the centuries of conquistadors put together. The difference is that it’s happening right here, right now. Why reconsider the past? Let’s reconsider the here and now.

  3. Tan,

    In light of the fact that you link to the venomous little toad “n/a” from race/history/evolution notes, as well as other Nerdicists,you may wish to reconsider your celebration of Columbus. See here:

    Nordicists and coloreds united yet again!

  4. Just for giggles let’s assume Columbus himself was a venomous little toad. It changes absolutely nothing about what I wrote above. So evidently your point was to simply stir shit.

  5. Don’t forget that Columbus was from a family of converso Jews.

    Is that so? If more people knew that or knew what it meant the ADL might be denouncing as “anti-semitic”.

    The thing is, we could strike Columbus from history, change the name of the holiday to White Man First Conquers and Eventually Foolishly Shares Living Space and Carrying Capacity Day and the attack on it would be the same, minus any mention of Columbus. We could change it to Native/Indigenous/First People’s Day and again, the attack would remain the same. For them it will always be Bash Whites Day, as it is already.

    The important thing for us to consider is how we should think of this day, and that we regard our past, present, and future with our own concerns foremost in mind.

  6. Just for giggles let’s assume Columbus himself was a venomous little toad. It changes absolutely nothing about what I wrote above.

    Technically you are correct. But it was the non-technical(and no less important) aspect of the matter that I was pointing to.

    It would be more accurate to say Sicilians are from semites…

    Dream on, White boy.

    Hollywood productions aren’t exactly known for their accuracy on racial issues.

    And Nerdicists aren’t exactly known for their accuracy, or probity on sub-racial issues.

  7. Speaking of stirring shit, here’s another video that was posted in a comment at Mangans.

    The Sopranos – “We’re soldiers”

    I remember seeing a very similar rant against WASPs in The Godfather, and Goodfellas I think, and maybe Casino, and …

    The only time I’ve ever heard guidos rant about WASPs is in Hollywood productions. Not one I’ve actually known has made such a whine in my presence. If some of them do feel this way maybe it’s because they’ve seen the same movies.

    There is another group however that I do regularly find venting grievances against WASPs in print media and the internet. Their complaints are much like Soprano’s, but more subtly delivered. There’s less shouting and profanity, more snark and woe-is-me. These people nurse their grudges for centuries. They also have a great deal of influence in Hollywood.

    Guess who.

    Nope. Not the Irish. Though we’ve all seen those movies too.

  8. The Sopranos – Columbus Day

    Here the writers put the same ethnocentric attitude Tony Soprano expressed in the video above in another goomba’s mouth, and they have Soprano instead tell us how unimportant groups are. Soprano invokes old Westerns starring Gary Cooper as an ideal, which the other goomba dismisses as Hollywood make believe.

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