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  1. Tan, do you take topic requests? I have some articles, video clips where your reaction would be interesting


  2. Off topic but for those who periodically read Auster I thought today’s post “Whom do I like?” was instructive. In it he laments the (undeniable) tendency of conservatives to stand firm on some few discrete issues, while subscribing holistically to a liberal worldview—thus rendering them fairly worthless and as such worthy objects of scorn.

    I read this thinking, well Larry there certainly are many people on the right who do not subscribe to the liberal worldview whatsoever—yet they are never extolled in your pages. We can only guess but why.

    He then goes on linking to an earlier comment where he cites his conservative influences. Before clicking through I thought his list certain to include Shakespeare…and if it did (as it does), what would ole Lar have to say about the Merchant of Venice?

    Well I was not disappointed:
    though I re-read it recently and realized to my distress that it is a seriously anti-semitic play, a view I had previously rejected. Well so much for The Bard’s conservative bona fides.

    Which circles us around to Auster’s dilemma—shared by many race realists on the mainstream frontier. I.e. there are no solid right traditionalists, except for those bad people we don’t talk about since they don’t like those good people we don’t talk about. And the weak worthless conservatives who do like those good people we don’t talk about tend to either be those good people or are terrestrial cephalopods with names like “Rich Lowry.”

    And so the good conservatives are bad people and the bad conservatives are good people. And Larry ends up with no date for the prom.

  3. Porter, you are hilarious :)
    You’ve got ole Larry nailed ….
    I only hope more of his White readers are looking at his work through a knowing lens…..too many seem to slobber over him.

    @ Tan: love your work and wish you continued success with The White Network.

  4. Thanks Tan, but I am not worthy, lol.

    Truth is I would still be going no-where fast on the “Counter-Jihad” train without you and many of the amazing people that comment here.

    I am not kidding, I probably refer to you, this blog, and now TheWhiteNetwork at least once a day somewhere on the web, and for a variety of reasons. You (and the extended folks who hang here) really are the best :)

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