Methinks the Psychoanalyst Doth Project Too Much

In Are monocausalists paranoid?, Chechar writes:

Yesterday and today I received some emails from Tanstaafl asking me if I have Jewish blood in my veins! Apparently Tanstaafl is now trying to see a Jew under the wrong stone because he’s extremely upset about my recent posts criticizing his pet theory, “monocausalism.” However upset he may be, that is no excuse for his rudeness in his recent emails. Here there are some sentences of our email exchanges.

The post is pretty brief. The bit above is the most melodramatic portion. I haven’t seen projection like this in quite a while.

I have to admit I am disturbed, but not for the reasons Chechar thinks.

It’s clear that he’s deluded. “Monocausalism” is Chechar’s pet theory, not mine. I think I’m patient zero in this theory, and I think it has something to do with the suicide meme.

It’s clear that he’s angry. Though he’s been quite actively bad-mouthing “monocausalism” and “monocausalists” for months now, on his own blog and elsewhere, in his mind I’m the aggressor. He was finally compelled to “respond” after I had the audacity to challenge his theory when he started pimping it on tWn.

Chechar claims to be incensed by my rudeness. I don’t buy it. I think he decided quite a while ago that he didn’t like my opinions on some things. He wrote about it. And he wrote about it. The lack of interest from me made him seethe, and eventually it turned into a personal hatred.

Whatever the cause I note now his hostility. I still see nothing of substance to respond to. “Monocausalism” seems to me just another name for an old smear.

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  1. I find it odd that you would be accused of being a ‘monocauslist’ Tanstaafl. You strike me as a fellow who has chosen to focus on the Jewish Question, not a conspiratorial nut. Where do you stand on this? Does your ‘suicide meme’ excuse Whites who have become soft basically due to our success (as has happened in many great societies).

  2. The suicide meme is the idea that Whites are to blame, not jews. In the examples I’ve noted it is presented in absolute or near-absolute form. The part about excusing jews turns out to be the primary point, and proponents themselves introduce it. They also tend to project their absolutism onto those who disagree with them.

    I believe Whites have faults and failings. Falling for the suicide meme is one of them. I would like to go beyond simply talking about problems, in general, to try to understand the nature of specific problems. The goal in my mind is to identify and addresses the causes, or at least mitigate the deleterious effects.

    An argument against one absolute is not necessarily advocacy for it’s opposite. Chechar makes that error in calling me a “monocausalist”.

  3. Cameron, while I appreciate your occasional lucid moments, the comments containing profanity and abuse aren’t welcome. If they continue even your lucid ones will be deleted.

  4. Chechar’s best work was on the Aztecs. He drones on about his emotional issues. He is becoming the Woody Allen of the right.

  5. Chechar’s ridiculous. He clearly views himself as some sort of genius and is disappointed that nobody else looks at him the same way. He doesn’t seem to get that he’s just finally coming around to a basic understanding of the racial/Jewish situation now, when he’s in what I assume is his late 40’s at least, when a lot of us came to this realization much earlier in life and have been thinking about the problem for a lot longer. He has more to learn than to teach.

  6. Couldn’t you keep this private. I don’t think its appropriate to public private emails. It seems to me you just want support rather than debating him on your own. I don’t respect you for that. I haven’t read his ideas so this has nothing to do with taking sides. I just don’t think we need to be fighting with each other.

  7. What debate? I must have done a poor job describing what’s going on. Let me try again.

    Chechar has been waging a very public crusade against “monocausalism” for months. That isn’t my position so I see nothing to defend. All I did was finally ask him, in private, why he was doing it.

    In response Chechar has made a big deal about my asking whether he’s a marrano, and offers it as evidence that I’m a bad person. Yet his own angry reaction to the question means he recognizes it’s importance.

    I was actually interested to know what motivates Chechar to wage his crusade. He never answered that. In fact he edited those parts of the email out.

    Chechar craves attention. I probably shouldn’t have given him any. I regret doing so now but I thought it was better than just letting him attack me with no answer at all.

  8. Monocausalism seems like another jewish tactic to keep us divided and blaming ourselves so we’re not focused on the real enemy.

    Thanks, I appreciate what you’re doing.

  9. What is referred to as “monocausalism” is essentially nothing more than the invocation of the germ theory of disease. In other words it’s the employment of uncensored science.

    But of course the germ theory is not truly monocausal. It also requires the existence of a host possessing characteristics that make it susceptible to the pathogen.

    From Chechar’s site:

    Here is the audio response by Severus Niflson to a couple of commenters that apparently believe that our current Western malaise is not, in part, the fault of Whites—but of Jews alone.

    “Fault” is a moral concept.

    Members of a moral community owe duties to one another, and, when they breach those duties, they are at fault. A moral community (like Whites), however, has no duties to itself. So “we” cannot be at “fault” for our own problems.

    The Jewish community, moreover, while pretending to be part of our community, is not. They recognize no moral duties to us and therefore cannot breach duties and be at “fault” for our problems.

    The concept of “fault” is wholly inapplicable.

  10. I probably shouldn’t have given him any. I regret doing so now


    I much preferred you guys as allies.

    I have great time for Chechar but I feel he is moving through positions (and people) too quickly and without fair dues to some of the folks he once admired.

  11. Blaming white ‘elites’ for our current situation is an exercise in futility. What do we do now, in our current powerless situation, is the problem we need to address.

    No matter who’s to blame, whites or jews, what do we do now?

  12. Blaming white ‘elites’ for our current situation is an exercise in futility. What do we do now, in our current powerless situation, is the problem we need to address.

    The only thing that matters is getting the ball rolling on some significant opposition to the ruling jewish elite. Of course, that’s difficult to do, since the jews shut down anyone who starts doing anything effective.

  13. Clearly,I can’t keep up. Last time I looked in on Chechar’s blog he was a monocausalist without parallel.

  14. daniel j- well said! I went through the same thing and freaked out a few people by using the j word. I’ve reigned it in and avoid the subject with those who are alienated by it. No reason to antagonize them.

  15. ben:
    “Members of a moral community owe duties to one another, and, when they breach those duties, they are at fault. A moral community (like Whites), however, has no duties to itself.”

    The first sentence, I understand. The second sentence, I don’t. What do you mean? What is the distinction between the community in relation to itself, and the collective of those who comprise it in relation to themselves?

  16. Chechar should be invited on the next episode of Age of Treason Radio so the subject of his being a Jew or not can be fully debated.

    “You’re a Jew!”

    “Am not.”

    “Are so!”

    “Am not!”

    “You’re also a neurotic attention seeker!”

    “Am not.”

    “Are so!”


  17. GW is another who likes to triangulate against the crazee monocausalists.

    Jews have plenty of defenders outside nationalism and plenty of people outside nationalism will lie about our views — neither group needs nationalists’ help.

  18. Or his last little bit of Britishness.

    It’s the British that love the Jews and hate Germans, Englishmen know better.

  19. The suicide meme is anti-white monocausalism.

    “Chechar’s best work was on the Aztecs.”

    True. That is very well worth reading.

  20. @ben tillman
    “But of course the germ theory is not truly monocausal. It also requires the existence of a host possessing characteristics that make it susceptible to the pathogen.”

    Spot on.

  21. I stopped giving any credence to Checar when he stated frequently that the jews could not be responsible for the mess in Mexico as there were no jews in Mexico. Spain and any country colonised by Spain has always been plagued by jews and crypto jews.
    Ferdinand and Isabella chose to expel the jews rather than convert them as they realised that crypto jews were just as dangerous ,if not more so, than practising jews. However,many crypto jews reamained in Sapin after the expulsion and went with the Spanish to all their colonies to continue their goal of destroying Christianity and Western Civilisation.

  22. According to Louis Farrakhan, a small number of Jewish families owned over 9,000 slaves in Suriname alone.

  23. Sephardic jews dominated the Atlantic slave trade but in the Spielberg film and history books it is always White Christians.
    It’s amazing how jews have been able to hide their role in the Opium Wars, the Boer wars, “carpetbagging”,the Bolshevik revolution and the two World Wars. When it comes to misinformation and lies they have no equals.

  24. @Tanstaafl,i’m a recent visitor to your site.It’s evident they’re some quasi-jews blogging here.I love what i’ve read so far,as far as the jewish problem.I would’nt respond to them more than may be necessary after they “out” themselves.But that’s just me,you keep doing what you’re doing.

  25. Initially, I bought into the “monocausalism” theory purveyed by Chechar. Now that I have read your reply, however, I see this is sheer libel. Of course, Revilo Oliver was correct that Christianity (in essence a Jewish heresy adopted by degenerate Romans, who had stupidly awarded citizenship to many Jews) weakened Whites by imbuing them with a sense of suicidal universalism, and I would argue, as I’m sure most of you would, that subsequent Jewish movements — such as Communism, Cultural Marxism, libertarianism (as promoted by such open-borders zealots as Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman), and neoconservatism — are similar in their furtherance of the one-world mentality for Whites while allowing Jews their tribalism. To some extent, this is backfiring, as some brainwashed Whites have noticed the Jewish hypocrisy, and have inadvertently done the right thing by promoting anti-Zionist ideology, bans on circumcision, etc. These actions have, of course, been fought tooth and nail by the Jews, who have denounced them as “anti-Semitic”, even though they are being done in the furtherance of the one-world ideology that was largely a product of the Jewish influence. What goes around comes around.

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