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  1. Looking at his twitter feed, this jew faggot seems to be doubling down on his “angry white male” bashing. Of course, I don’t know whether it’s new territory or simply his usual gimmick*. Notice that when Sirota cranks out “controversy” (ie bashing white males and “privilege”), he’s still the one that suffers for it. The precious Moors are the scapegoats of bigots, but the real aggrieved party is always the Wandering Undesirables and their hallowed Six Million. This stomach-wrenching kike cannot even conjure a third-party victim narrative without jumping to the front of the stage and shouting “me! me! me!”

    * I make a point not to use the word “schtick” in any context so as not to sound like a ridiculous, hook-nosed NYC heeb.

  2. I went to a wedding recently for a couple of “diasporic jews”, the secular types who might pay lip service to the holidays but do not observe any regular custom or waste breath stumping for Israel. To my surprise, their goofy rabbi still straightened up his shoulders momentarily to address the Six Million fallen brothers and sisters of the Holocaust(tm) who could not be there in the audience. Whereas Christians give thanks to their martyr, jews are their own martyrs, and they consider themselves Christ-like simply for existing.

    I asked myself what jews might have done before their WW2 victory in terms of mustering up crocodile tears in their own honor. Of course, jews have been self-pitying for 3000 years, tailoring history to fit the narrative all along the way. So instead, my profound little thought of the moment was just how antithetical this attitude was to a sustainable ruling class. You can’t have a hostile elite that oppresses the proles by winning the victimhood pissing contest. It does not inspire fear or stave off resentment. The modern jew gambit of multiculturalism is that Whites will be weakened past their ability to rebel. But if Whites do become so marginalized, jews won’t have anything left worth lording over. They will wander off as usual, and the cycle will repeat.

  3. I got a chuckle from a commenter at Vox Day. A loquacious automotive part calling itself “The Master Cylinder” mused:

    –Pity us, O Dutchmen! We are the wandering, persecuted, homeless Jews, always feeling unwelcome, always ill at ease, always persecuted, wandering the earth without a home…

    –Look, here’s a home for you! It’s this very nice, sunny, rich pleasant country called Israel. You’ll feel very much at home there, I assure you.

    (long pause.)

    –As I was saying, we are the piteous, wandering, homeless Jews, who have wandered here into Holland…

  4. The Jew cries out in pain over holocaust denial while other Jews pay naive feminists to saw down memorial crosses to the Holodomor.

  5. More disappointing news for Sirota:

    2 accomplices have been arrested, Muslim illegal immigrants from Kazakistan.

  6. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev friends: Owners of ‘Terrorista #1’ license plate revealed to be classmates of bombing suspect | Mail Online

    A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but in this case two words suffice to sum up the most important aspect of this news: Not White.

    The Times Square picture, without any faces blurred out, was on the internet the day after the FBI released the first Tsarnaev pictures almost two weeks ago.

    As with John King’s “dark-skinned” report we see once again the FBI deliberately delaying the release of pictures of “persons of interest”, at least when they are also “persons of color”. Once again the jewsmedia also demonstrates a distinct lack of interest in getting such pictures or inquiring as to the reason for such delays.

    This is evidently a form of non-White privilege. Fearing a tantrum from professional non-Whites, amplified and broadcast by the jewsmedia, the FBI puts off implicating non-Whites as long as possible.

    This development will not humble, humiliate, or in any way alter the attitudes of Sirota, Wise, Walsh or the jewsmedia in general. They fault Whites by default and will continue to do so. It isn’t because they’re stupid or crazy. It’s because race is real and jews aren’t White.

  7. In Sirota’s latest he literally pathologizes Whites, Rise of the conservative revolutionaries:

    Up until today, you might have been able to write all that anti-democratic pathology off as a pathology infecting only the Republican Party’s politicians and institutional leadership, but not its rank-and-file voters. But then this poll from Fairleigh-Dickinson University was released showing that authoritarianism runs throughout the the entire party.

    . . .

    According to the Farleigh Dickinson poll, 44 percent of rank-and-file Republicans seem to believe that because they aren’t getting their way through the ballot box, bloodshed may be justified to impose their will on everyone else. Think of it as sore loser-ism juiced by violence.

    How does this square with the argument he makes about blowback in the article just before this one? Why doesn’t he see White anger as blowback?

    Americans should expect acts of terror

    Simple. Sirota’s sympathies for and excusing of immigrants/aliens/Others go hand in hand with his antipathy for and scapegoating of Whites. These are two sides of the same coin. Sirota perfectly embodies the anti-White animus shared by the leftwing jewsmedia as a whole.

  8. Carjacking victim: Tsarnaev brothers let me go because I wasn’t American, Washington Times, 22 Apr 2013.

    Carjacking victim recalls differing demeanors of bombing suspects, CNN.com, 1 May 2013:

    He barked out orders, detailed his hatred of Americans and asked his carjacking victim to remain calm.

    Tsarnaev kept asking about the 26-year-old driver’s heritage and family.

    The driver is a “Chinese entrepreneur”. So here’s a life-changing example of non-American privilege.

    It’s possible Tsarnaev, like Sirota and Wise, actually detailed a hatred of Whites but somewhere along the line that got white-washed into “Americans”.

    Imagine how it would have gone down if Sirota and Wise had been the ones who got carjacked. “Don’t shoot dudes! We’re not White Americans! We’re jews! We’re on YOUR SIDE!”

  9. The government wants to put psychological pressure on Whites to radicalize us. They want civil war and so I suspect the CNN and Washington Post articles are apart of this.

    This from a troll on another site. Note only Islamist are excluded…must have been a Buddhist troll(:

    In the near future and after the civil wars of Europe then there no longer will be place for the islamist and socalled human right worker from Sweden seen in this film. He and his kind will be expelled and sent to Saudi Arabia., never to return. Europe will get rid of his kind !

  10. Quick Zhid Glossary:

    Holocaust Denier: anyone who engages in Holocaust Denial
    Holocaust Denial: treating the Jewish holocaust like it’s real history, and thus subject to inquiry.

    99% of all Jews are religious fanatics, and Holocaustianity is the current fad in Jewish fanaticism. But ultimately, their fanaticism always boils down to ethnic autofellatio.

  11. Jews are by far the world heavyweight champions of racism. This is pretty much the only interesting thing about them. Everything else that seems interesting about them is simply a consequence of what’s really interesting about Jews: that they’re (by far) the most racist people ever to walk the Earth.

  12. 99% of all Jews are religious fanatics, and Holocaustianity is the current fad in Jewish fanaticism.

    Vic Alhadeff…chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and a member of the NSW Human Rights Award judging panel, recently concluded his essay on the “misuse” of Nazi and holocaust with:

    Misuse of ”Nazi” borders on blasphemy, yet it invariably falls safely within the ambit of free speech. No one owns the word, yet it connotes the most catastrophic regime of modern times.


    So, there you have it, plain and simple; anything other than what the Jews say about our history is blasphemy.

    What happened to the Jews is THE holocaust of which there are no others. The Nazi government was “the most catastrophic regime of modern times”. More catastrophic than the Soviet/Bolshevik gulags, mass starvations and executions on the scale of >20 million White people.

    More catastrophic than Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung “whose rule is estimated to have caused the deaths of 40–70 million people through starvation, forced labor and executions, ranking his tenure as the top incidence of democide in human history” (wiki).

    The list could go on and on but that’s the picture.

    Note, Vic Alhadeff and the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, along with The president of the NSW Anti- Discrimination Board, Stepan Kerkyasharian (another Jew), have called on the premier of NSW to change our racial vilification laws to ensure more prosecutions.

    Alhadeff “said the NSW law was ”completely ineffective in that for all practical purposes it is impossible to prove the elements of the offence in any specific case”.

    This man, who thinks of any use of the term Nazi not approved by him is tantamount to blasphemy, who also regards the greater genocide of our people as a mere blip of history, is going to have our laws changed to ensure more prosecutions of us.

  13. Misuse of ”Nazi” borders on blasphemy

    God Jews are so in love with themselves.

    The Jewish g-d = Jews.

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