TJB: Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Jeer

The twit:

Happy stealing life & land from a people who only ever knew how to share Day!

She made a similar crack in 2010.

Get the joke? It’s ineffably jewish.

The joke is that every jewish holiday is a celebration of outwitting/outplaying/outlasting some other people.

The joke is that the jews have gotten so many of the people around them throughout history to see the jews as the victims.

The joke is that jews jeer like this, for all to hear, all the time, and so many of the people around them still don’t get that it’s not a joke. It’s a taunt from a deadly serious enemy.

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  1. Can you imagine a prominent Gentile living in Israel* who had the audacity to mock, in a hostile manner, Jewish holidays and traditions? Can you imagine the reaction?

    * obviously this is entirely hypothetical as they don’t let non-Jews move there.

  2. Creature like this better stay in her well-protected bubble. Sh*t changes, and that bubble ever busts, reality could come down awfully hard.

  3. “The joke is that every jewish holiday is a celebration of outwitting/outplaying/outlasting some other people.”

    Don’t most of them celebrate the massacre of non-Jews?

  4. At first I thought she was referring to the Israeli settlement of Palestine. I really don’t think the jews can help it though, they obsessively must attack the perceived enemy, the scorpion and the frog syndrome, which btw is a fable that originates in the 11th century Middle East. A similar fable going back to ancient Greece is the “farmer and the viper”, with the moral being, “Did you not know that there is enmity and natural antipathy between your kind and mine? Did you not know that a serpent in the bosom, a mouse in a bag and fire in a barn give their hosts an ill reward?”

  5. “Don’t most of them celebrate the massacre of non-Jews?”

    In a nutshell.

    This comment at VNN quotes Duke’s brief descriptions of three major jewish holidays.

    If history continues as it has for the past several thousand years, the jews will eventually adopt Thanksgiving as a jewish holiday. Their narrative will be that the evil Indians wanted to exterminate the jews, but the heroic jewish princess who had married the leader of the evil Pilgrims tricked them into exterminating the evil Indians instead, after which they exterminated their evil Pilgrim selves. It will be a standard part of every Chinese child’s education. Courses in Thanksgiving studies will be taught in every major university. Thanksgiving denial will be a serious problem.

  6. It’s not verified, on a comment I read elsewhere on another blog that it was the Rothschild family who supplied funds to purchase the weapons stock for White pioneer settlers and the U.S. federal government in the 19th century to continue the ongoing Native Ameican genocide.

  7. Here’s one source:

    I chose the topic of the Native American genocide because it is one of the least known to have a Jewish connection. In spite of being one of the biggest monstrosities committed in human history, most people know very little about it and regard it as a white man’s crime. I suspect that lack of public knowledge has as much to do with the fact that there are no Jewish victims, as the fact that – if people studied the Native American genocide in great detail – they might find out about the extent to which Jews were responsible for it.

    The Native American genocide was the biggest and longest lasting genocide in human history. It went on for 500 years, with a death toll of 100 million lives. [1] That beats even world record holder Joseph Stalin’s Ukrainian genocide of 70 million Ukrainians conducted by Christian-hating Jewish Bolsheviks.

    The Jewish leading role in the genocide against Native Americans started with Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus’ second trip to the Americas. A lot of people are aware that the brothers were not Spanish, but Italians from Genoa. What very few people know is that they mass murdered some two million of the Taino people on the island of Hispaniola in just four years and the bestiality with which they did it. What even less people know is that Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus weren’t Christians but Jews.[2]

  8. Feminism,abortion,contraception and divorce,all promoted by jews but adopted willingly by secular whites have all contributed to the destruction of the White race. Perhaps the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church was right all along?
    You cannot divorce spiritual values from the destiny of the White race. Do you think that the Spanish would have managed to defend and reclaim their country from the muslims, jews and jewish communists if it wasn’t for their Catholic faith?
    It was the Catholic and Orthodox Churches that imposed some control on the talmudists. The Protestants emancipated them and the devil was released. After the take over of the Catholic Church by the crypto -jews we have lost our spiritual defence.
    Look at these brave white Argentinian men defending their Church from attack by pro abotion feminists.Do you honestly think that secular or pagan white men would do the same?

  9. I’ve seen her naked (many have) and she’s not that hawt for a supposed big-breasted Khazar.

    Jimmy Kimmel fucked her for a few years… I try not to pay attention to these things but I think that was her only significant “relationship” of her life. Not sure who really benefited from that unholy liaison; I think the goy boy is now more rich and famous, but I am sure there was some casting couch jew beating off in the corner watching them bang.

    Faggots are disgusting and all, but despite his repulsive predilections, I’m pretty sure Bret Easton Ellis wrote the best modern non-fiction documentary of our time with ‘Glamorama’.

  10. JMR: “Do you honestly think that a pagan white men would do the same?

    Nero ordered the burning down of the temples of Jeruselum 2 millenia ago, and there’s a theory parts of the Bible rail against it.

  11. Josh Lambert Talks Jews and Sexual Obscenity in American Culture, at Tablet.

    Four-Letter Words: Why Jews Have Led the Making and Defense of Obscenity in America
    Does sexually graphic material help Jewish continuity? ‘Unclean Lips’ argues for the unseemliness of Bruce, Roth, and their ilk.

    You cannot make this stuff up.

    According to this Tablet podcast jewish obscenity is a stereotype, but it’s not true, because jews only indulge in obscenity to fight “anti-semitism”, to prove how false the stereotype is. Who’s to blame for Sarah Silverman’s obscenity? Why it’s all those dirty Christian evangelicals who and are trying to curb free speech of course.

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