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Alt-Wrong: Andy Nowicki on the Jews



In his latest vlog, Alt Right co-editor Andy Nowicki walks the line between insufferable Jew-love and inveterate Jew-hate, considers the many fascinating parallels between anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric, asserts that racial solidarity ought not come at the expense of morality, and shows off his handsome nostrils.

This is an emotional, cathartic rant in which Nowicki displays his shallow understanding of race and discomfort with thinking seriously about “JOOOOOOOOOOOOS”. A more accurate title would have been “LET’S TALK ABOUT INSUFFERABLE JEW-HATE!”, because what Nowicki actually talks about is how “a certain faction” of Alt-Righters and White nationalists annoy him by constantly bringing up the jews.

Nowicki says he’s leery of making a distinction between Whites and jews. What he’s actually leery about is Whites making the distinction. Though jews look “white” to him and he realizes jewish identity is “an elusive thing” he faults more race- and jew-aware Whites for being more wary than he is. Rather than seeing crypsis as a jew feature he mistakes it for a White bug.

Nowicki admits that thinking of jews as a racial Other doesn’t exactly work for him. When he tries to imagine, “for the sake of argument”, that Whites and jews are distinct, it’s clear he cannot even see Whites as equivalent to jews, much less as truly separate and more worthy of his sympathy. In a telling gaffe he imagines Whites as “gentiles”, i.e. racial Other from the point of view of jews. Then, instead of noting distinctions he explains his interest in spotting “parallels”, by which he means seeing criticism from a point of view more sympathetic to jews than Whites.

Nowicki correctly notes that “anti-semitism” means any attempt to blame the jews for anything. When he mentions anti-Whitism, however, he fails to recognize that the jews blame Whites for everything. Never mind that this is directly connected to the most obvious and damning distinction of all: That jews have a homeland, because Whites; whereas Whites have no homeland, because jews.