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In his latest vlog, Alt Right co-editor Andy Nowicki walks the line between insufferable Jew-love and inveterate Jew-hate, considers the many fascinating parallels between anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric, asserts that racial solidarity ought not come at the expense of morality, and shows off his handsome nostrils.

This is an emotional, cathartic rant in which Nowicki displays his shallow understanding of race and discomfort with thinking seriously about “JOOOOOOOOOOOOS”. A more accurate title would have been “LET’S TALK ABOUT INSUFFERABLE JEW-HATE!”, because what Nowicki actually talks about is how “a certain faction” of Alt-Righters and White nationalists annoy him by constantly bringing up the jews.

Nowicki says he’s leery of making a distinction between Whites and jews. What he’s actually leery about is Whites making the distinction. Though jews look “white” to him and he realizes jewish identity is “an elusive thing” he faults more race- and jew-aware Whites for being more wary than he is. Rather than seeing crypsis as a jew feature he mistakes it for a White bug.

Nowicki admits that thinking of jews as a racial Other doesn’t exactly work for him. When he tries to imagine, “for the sake of argument”, that Whites and jews are distinct, it’s clear he cannot even see Whites as equivalent to jews, much less as truly separate and more worthy of his sympathy. In a telling gaffe he imagines Whites as “gentiles”, i.e. racial Other from the point of view of jews. Then, instead of noting distinctions he explains his interest in spotting “parallels”, by which he means seeing criticism from a point of view more sympathetic to jews than Whites.

Nowicki correctly notes that “anti-semitism” means any attempt to blame the jews for anything. When he mentions anti-Whitism, however, he fails to recognize that the jews blame Whites for everything. Never mind that this is directly connected to the most obvious and damning distinction of all: That jews have a homeland, because Whites; whereas Whites have no homeland, because jews.

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  1. Whatever Nowicki’s private thoughts on jews might be, he reported that his status as an educator was jeopardized a few months ago for failing to toe the proglib line, so he may be partly motivated here to sandbag himself against the marxoids who’d like to deep six his career.

  2. “Nowicki admits that thinking of jews as a racial Other doesn’t exactly work for him.”

    How can one even arrive at that conclusion? When jews themselves, admit and openly boast of their RACIAL superiority. Good grief.

    “The power of jewish rule is having the public not be able to question jewish rule”\
    I am paraphrasing the above quote, I forget who said it or where I saw it.

  3. To be fair, Nowicki is more deeply rooted in morally serious cultures hostile to normal White life than most people his age and younger – the intellectual Christian and conservative corrals. It’s reasonable to suppose he’ll take longer than most to overcome the relevant taboos. People like me who grew up taking their cues from Hollywood and the BBC actually have an easier job finding their natural centre and appropriate orientation because the culture we were provided was so shallow and unsatisfying. Christianity and conservatism have at least some depth compared to the average media complexes.

    To be honest, it’s no loss if he never sorts himself out. Not everyone should be a blogger or novelist.

  4. here’s the Juice, Andy: thanks to the Hollywood/NY Kosher Culture of Death, in particular the f**k for negroes or you be ray/cisss, lesbian, and have-career-not-baby propaganda, all aimed squarely at White girls and women by the Jew MSM, White reproduction in America and the West has collapsed below replacement and Whites are already a birth-minority in their own country. Add in the Jew-forced open-borders insourcing of hostile black/brown/yellow population, and Whites will be a numerical minority no later than 2030. Shortly thereafter to be Palestine’d. And, before the end of this century physically exterminated (see: statements of intent by Sontag, Wise, Ignatiev, and many other Chosen) by the Jew-officer’d Army of Diversity. Clearly, Nowicki has ethnic paycheck issues

  5. Idiotproof way of identifying who’s who.
    Jewish people have right of return to Israel, Gentiles do NOT.

  6. “”””In a telling gaffe he imagines Whites as “gentiles”, i.e. racial Other from the point of view of jews. “””””

    When dealing with Jews you always have to remember they divide the world in two, Jews on one side and Gentiles on the other.

    That is why they generally don’t care who is immigrating into the US, they are just Gentiles, some might be White Gentiles, some Black Gentiles, some Brown Gentiles but no matter their color or religion or culture they are just Gentiles.

    Since all the Gentiles are foreign they only base their decision on who should immigrate to the US on “What’s Good For The Jews”. That is why you hear a few Jews complaining about Muslims immigrating to the US, not because they think its bad for the US, but they think its bad for the Jews. Most Jews think that mass immigration overwhelming the majority White population is good for the Jew since the Jews like being just one minority out of many since they can hide their behavior in such a mix.

  7. idiot-proof way to spot a jew-firster: they claim jews are “white” and describe Whites as “gentiles”

  8. That’s exactly the point I make when explaining to others, that you see jewish individuals and organizations promoting jewish interests but never those of persons explicitly European-originating in their whiteness, i.e. below the skin and in the bloodline. The white/jewish flip-flop is of a piece with Israelis and jews identifying themselves as a nation, a race, or a religion according to whichever framing they deem most profitable in a given moment, or for a given purpose.

  9. Actually replace “a race” with “a people” in that instance since they’ve taken great pains to delegitimize the former in the popular mind, and the latter retains more of an “aw shucks” folksy vibe.

  10. We’ve heard a million times that we shouldn’t criticize the Jews because not all Jews are bad. It is particularly annoying to hear that argument from Nowicki because he should know better. He talks lightly, as if he had no real idea of the problem. He’s right that not all Jews are necessarily bad, but the same can be said of Blacks. Will he be doing a similar video to explain why it’s wrong to lump all Blacks together? Probably not. So, what is his point?

    The real question is not whether we like the Jews, whether they are all bad, whether they are a monolithic group. The real question is whether the main driving force behind the race-replacement program is Jewish. Is it the case that the Jews own the media and that Netanyahu received 29 standing ovations when he visited the US Congress? Is it true that the neocons launched the 2003 US invasion of Iraq in order to serve Israeli interests? Should we keep quiet about the control of government and the media by anti-White Jews?

    Nowicki compares how White people have been demonized by the leftists and how the Jews are demonized by the anti-replacement right. But it isn’t a fair comparison: there is really a Jewish effort to destroy the White race, and no similar effort by White people to destroy other races.

    His points about Jews not being monolithic and not being all bad are especially annoying because that’s what we hear constantly from dishonest anti-White Jews. Every time we say there is a specifically Jewish problem with the control of government and the media by anti-White Jews, the systematic Jewish reply is that it’s wrong to collectively attack the Jews. According to them, any denunciation of the anti-White Jewish mafia amounts to a collective attack against all Jews, including those who stay away from politics and anti-White activities. It reminds us of how the Germans have been accused of having a plan to kill every Jew in the universe.

    Whether Jews are monolithic or not, they have a tradition of hostility to White people. It is seen in the talmud and the continuing study of the talmud, it has been seen in Eastern Europe under the rule of the Jewish Bolsheviks, and it is apparent today with the Jewish advocacy of race-replacement. If the Jews think it is legitimate for them to take Palestine, it is far more legitimate for us to expel the Jews from our governments, our media, and our countries. There is no moral imperative for White people to live together with Blacks and Jews.

    Nowicki mentions Jared Taylor’s name. Jared Taylor is an excellent journalist, and I think he’s been doing a good job as a White nationalist too, even though he won’t name the Jew. But in a recent article he wrote (“To Understand the Ferguson Riots, Look to Africa“), I find it difficult not to think of the Jews when he writes this about Blacks and the Western judicial process:

    “This is a Western procedure that evolved over many centuries, and is designed to be as fair as possible. It is based on the presumption of innocence, and withholds judgment until all evidence is considered. It derives, in other words, from a deliberative, reasoned approach to the truth that is obviously alien to large numbers of blacks.”

    I’m sure he’s right, and we know that White people cannot expect justice from a jury made up of Blacks. But even so, it is mainly the Jews, not the Blacks, who are responsible for making a mockery of the Western judicial tradition, with their theories about White “racism” and “hate crimes”. And they are also responsible for using the Ferguson events to attack White people in the media.

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