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An Unamusing Mischling Meltdown

(Unamused’s first comment on this blog was made back in July:

Warning: Unamused is a sneaky half-Jew and does not believe in conspiracy theories, Jew-related or otherwise. He thinks the problem is liberal Jews, and liberals in general; not liberal Jews, and Jews in general. He does however prefer Nazi neighbors to black neighbors.

In September he came up again in the comments at Svigor’s.)

Svigor’s Half Sigma: Female Jewish race-realist, Jewish Supremacy prompts Unamused to protest:

“Ashkenazis are born to Jewish Supremacy.”

I’m half Ashkenazi, and therefore a “Jew” according to the WN types. I didn’t know I was until I was a teenager, and I’ve never cared since. Was I born to Jewish supremacy or not?

“Ashkenazis aren’t overrepresented among pro-White movements or organizations — they’re totally absent.”

This is, and always has been, nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter what a “Jew” does, as soon as the supposedly pro-White types find out about his “Jew blood,” they reject him. Then they point to the lack of “Jews” as evidence of how bad the “Jews” are. The other “Jews” keep their mouths shut and so they, too, are not counted.

Again, my ban from Stormfront provides a clear example. When they were judging me by what I do and what I write, the Stormfronters believed I was thoroughly pro-White and therefore not a “Jew,” joking that my flyer on race differences in intelligence could not have been written by a “Jew.” Somehow my work magically become Jew propaganda when they found out I’m a “Jew.”

That is not race realism, or realism of any other kind. It is irrational hatred of all “Jews,” no matter what they do. That is why “Jew”-hating WNs are not taken seriously. It doesn’t matter how much of Kevin MacDonald’s research they cite; the unbiased observer notes that their hatred of “Jews” is actually independent of what “Jews” may or may not do.

Responding to Porter, Unamused continues:

“… your ‘irrational hatred’ of blacks…”

I harbor no irrational hatreds. I hate the people who deserve to be hated, and blacks are over-represented among them. This is quite different from hating every single black person. Do you see the difference? That’s why I’m a race realist, and you’re just a Jew-hater.

“Whites are suspect of jews as time immemorial has proven they are well advised to be. This is hardly irrational.”

No, actually, it is irrational.

Go ahead, cite your God, Kevin MacDonald.

“Odd behavior for such irrational actors whose hatred exists independent of what jews actually say or do. Don’t you think?”

I’ve learned to expect odd behavior from Jew-haters.

“… both white and jewish interests…”

The fact that you have detected any “Jewish interests” on my part indicates, yet again, that you are indulging in irrational thinking. Basically, I’m an evil Jew with Jew interests because… I fail to be sufficiently genocidally anti-Semitic.

So Unamused’s point is that he isn’t a jew. If he hates you it’s only because you’re an indulgent, irrational hater of jews. His bugaboo about “jew”-hate has nothing to do with him. It’s all your fault.

Two days later Unamused was still kvetching about the rejection and other indignities he and the jews he supposedly doesn’t care about have suffered at the hands of “the WN types”, “the supposedly pro-White types”, “the Stormfronters” and that god of irrationality, Kevin MacDonald. Oh woe. Why? (A question for the reader):

Why would I keep doing this? What exactly is my motivation?

As context he cites a list of quotes he describes as “anti-jewish racism”.

The first commenter makes a rather obvious observation:

Most Internet comments are pretty juvenile. Unamused, you do have something of a sardonic writing style that would come off as rather mean-spirited and hateful to those not in agreement with your world-view, so it would seem rather petty to complain about others being insensitive towards the Jews.

Sardonic Unamused goes hyperbolic where jewish interests are concerned:

“Insensitive towards the Jews,” in this case, means genocidal anti-Semitism.

Not being a frequent reader of his I would appreciate it if someone who is could point out where Unamused has expressed such concern about genocidal anti-Whitism. Or perhaps where he explains that it’s actually suicidal.

Jewish conspiracy theories and anti-Jewish racism (basically, any time you make a claim about all Jews) are no longer permitted on Unamusement Park. An upcoming post will clarify our position.

This seems to have caught at least a few regular consumers of Unamused’s black “conspiracy theories” and anti-black “racism” by surprise. Others are delighted. The bashing of Whites Unamused hates will continue unabated.

Svigor made a good point about the comments Unamused cited:

Personally, I consider arguing with your worst your opponents can offer, and ignoring the best, is a form of the straw man argument. It’s doubly bad when you pretend that’s what your best opponents are saying, as you do.

Unamused’s response was more of his unamusing schtick:

Oh, don’t think I’m arguing with the Jew-haters. I’m merely demonstrating how diseased are their minds.

The ideas I quoted can be dismissed out of hand. They do not qualify as race realism; they are in fact simply racism. You know anti-white racism? Well… see above for some anti-Jewish racism.

Someone who wants to exterminate the Jews, won’t let any Jew “redeem” himself by participating in pro-white activities, or believes the Nazi genocide of Jews never happened, has disqualified himself from any serious, or even sane, discussion. I’m not interested in “the best” someone has to offer, when he’s so obviously fucked in the head.

Responding to another comment from someone who pointed out that he had claimed he wasn’t a “racist” at Svigor’s, Unamused writes:

Don’t make a fool of yourself by forgetting that just because liberals misuse the term, that doesn’t mean actual racism doesn’t exist. Have you not noticed my many posts addressing anti-white racism? Now, I am not a racist, as will be made clear in my next post. But attacking or excluding Jews because they are Jews is racism.

This is all very Austeresque. The ambiguous jewish identity. The hostility to anyone put off by that ambiguity. The inability to accept Whites as distinct from jews even while taking for granted that jews are distinct from Whites. The self-righteous “white” advocacy. Hinging that advocacy on unfettered criticism of blacks while condemning Whites for criticizing jews. The histrionics. The hypocrisy. The projection. The rationalizations. The talmudic hairsplitting. The acceptance of jews and subordination of non-jewish interests as a moral litmus test. The irrational hatred of Kevin MacDonald. The dishonest “liberal” rhetoric. The control-freak need to edit and censor other people’s comments. I could go on.

Having already picked through this kind of jew-first dissembling and dissimulation with Lawrence Auster (and to a similar but less thorough extent with Ian Jobling, Guy White, Fjordman, and several others) I see hardly anything new here. Yet I’m fascinated by the situation and dismayed by how Unamused faces it. On the surface I see a conflicted man I’m inclined at first blush to feel some sympathy for – a part-jew/part-White who wants to “redeem” his jewish half and prove himself pro-White. Unfortunately I can’t help noticing his deception and duplicity. How he goes about trying to achieve his goal by attacking Whites. How he’s not simply trying to redeem himself, or half-jews, but all jews because they are jews.

Attacking and excluding “racists” for “attacking or excluding Jews because they are Jews” is in fact the quintessential jewish conceit. It is the epitome of jewish privilege and supremacy that jews as a group feel free to attack or exclude whomever they wish, which just makes them good jews, and at the same time painting Whites who attack or exclude jews, or by “liberal” extension any other “minority”, as the most stupid/crazy/evil people ever.

Svigor critiqued Unamused’s post in Because it’s good for the Whites. His conclusion:

No amount of arguing about tactics or “respectability” is going to convince me that Ashkenazis should have a right to ethno-states, and Whites should not. And this is the status quo we’re facing. Ashkenazi Supremacy. “White Advocates” who are okay with this are wrong-headed. “White Advocates” who put this problem on the back burner are wrong-headed.

One final note, about the less-capable ANTI-SEMITES!!! Sure, they’re a burden in the sense that the average person isn’t bright enough to separate the wheat from the chaff and forgo the guilt by association fallacy, given enough reason (nobody seems to apply these standards to leftoid values like blank-slatism and equalitarianism; mouth-breathers supporting these things abound). But there are plenty of idiots who criticize Blacks. I don’t see any HBD-ers, Race Realists, or White Advocates bemoaning the burden they create.

I’d rather share a foxhole with a mouth-breathing ANTI-SEMITE!!! than a philo-Semitic “White Advocate” any day. At least I know whose side he’s on.

Well said. I agree.

In the comments Svigor referred indirectly to my A Personal Disclosure:

E.g., I love TAN and think the world of him, but I don’t think he “came clean” for anyone’s sake but his own; he felt like he’d be deceiving people if he didn’t come out with it. The rest of us didn’t give a damn either way.

He is correct. I disclosed it because it pained me not to. I realized that it was important and that it would only reflect more negatively on my character and motives the longer I put it off.

The relevance here is twofold. For one thing I have at least a second-hand appreciation for Unamused’s situation. I understand that jewishness, like Whiteness, is part inborn and part mindset. The personality traits are more inborn, while the hostility toward Whites comes more from indoctrination – being taught that to be a jew is to be a victim, primarily of the supposedly senseless hate and oppression of Whites. Second, I recognize that Unamused exaggerates his case, and that he consistently does so in favor of his jewish half and at the expense of his White half. He’s obsessed with putting down Whites who in his own estimation have no real power or importance. He makes a self-righteous stink about “racist” Whites rejecting him, while the jews who reject him, or would if he tried to pass himself off as an advocate for jews, get a pass. The jews who hate him for being a “racist” also get a pass. You see, he’s not really a “racist”, he’s a “race realist”, and they’re not really jews, they’re “liberals”. Finally, I think what Unamused sees as genocidal jew-hate pales in comparison to the harsh, unrelenting criticism aimed at Whites because they are White. That Whites are born stupid/crazy/evil “racists” is a foregone conclusion broadcast by the MSM, taught in the schools, and codified in the law. The last thing Whites need are faux-“whites” who spout the same poisonous message.

By the way, a recent German translation of my personal disclosure post can be found at As der Schwerter – Tanstaafl: Eine persönliche Enthüllung (Google Translate). I’m sorry to have caused my comrades there, and here, any concern over my long break from writing.