I’ve used the term faux-White in essays and comments here and in other forums. It merits an explanation.

By faux-White I mean specifically those double-talking pro-jews who try to dictate to Whites who we are and what we’re permitted to think. Their rhetoric is also notably disingenously anti-“liberal”. They won’t squarely face the anti-White nature of neo-liberalism or the jewish interests it serves. They espouse a carefully constrained race-realist neo-“white” version of neo-liberal “non-discrimination”: we’re all equal but jews are more equal.

For a good example of in-your-face faux-White pro-jewish arrogance read just about anything written by The Undiscovered Jew. For example, see his comments at OneSTDV’s “More Thoughts on White Ethnostate”. For a double dose of faux-Whiteness see his exchange with Auster in Is human bio-diversity the next conservatism? I noted the strange humor they find in their own confused hypocrisy in A Moron Amused by a Fool Helping an Idiot.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that faux-Whites are often semi-jews. They exhibit a deep psychological conflict, craving for whatever reason to be seen as White, or more accurately “white”, while deprecating Whiteness. They echo neo-liberal anti-White guilt-tripping even as they strike a pose against it. They tend to ignore, distract from, or dissemble about jewish exclusion/particularism/discrimination/supremacism and anti-White culpability.

Contrast faux-Whites with ordinary Whites, who generally don’t want to discuss race, and certainly not jews, but when we do we tend to speak earnestly, without guile. Then compare faux-Whites with ordinary jews, who tend to be openly concerned about what they think is best for jews, and almost unanimously recoil with disgust at White anything. The main difference is that faux-Whites are able to partially mask this disgust and are more cryptic or even in complete denial about the primacy of their pro-jewish priority, but they tellingly denounce anyone who sees through them as “anti-semitic”. Rather than attacking from outside they prefer to cloak themselves in “white” as they subvert/co-opt/neuter Whiteness from within.

For more on neo-liberalism, White/jew double standards, and typical faux-White behavior see Fruitloopable Presumption, The Urge to Purge, A Censorious Debate, and Race Realism Meets Tribal Denial (Mencius Moldbug.is more iconoclastic reactionary semi-jew than faux-White).

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  1. “For a good example of in-your-face faux-White pro-jewish arrogance read just about anything written by The Undiscovered Jew.”

    ‘The Undiscovered Jew’ is at it again –

    “You “counter”-semites realize that the HBD blogfather himself is half-Jewish (and says he was quite philo-semitic in an earlier phase in his life), right?”


    What a weasel. Can’t even let Steve-O speak for himself!

  2. Tan,

    Look at the nervous double-talk this character, either a Jewish fellow or a philo-semite, is engaging in this ongoing debate –

    Comment by ken — September 9, 2009 @ 4:21 pm
    rhayat1 is a moron and likely a hypocrite. I do’t think any collective superiority is a valid concept, so Jewish superiority is an absurd concept. Though, from my experience, Jewish supermism is a pretty widely held belief in the Jewish community.

    I have no problem calling out Jewish hypocrisy. For example, Jews support the Law of Return for Israel and talk of the importance of the sustaining of the Jewish people, yet oppose such policies for white Americans. If someone doesn’t see that Jews are highly represented amongst the liberal, anti-race realist elite, then they’re blind.

    Larry Auster, a Jewish convert to Christianity, has written extensively about liberal Jews and their destructive policies. Jews are so blinded by their liberalism (lack of patriotism for the country that has been most welcoming to them) that they voted for Obama 80/20 even when he’s surrounded by anti-Jewish black radicals.

    These are facts and an honest ethnic conservative, race realist Jew like Larry Auster is willing to express them. But as Auster stated, there’s a difference between Auster’s criticism and that of Kevin MacDonald (and those on this site). You’re discussing all this conspiracy, Jews as overlords garbage. You act as if Jews have some programmed liberalism built into them like blacks have lower IQ. You act as if Jews are more ethnocentric (they are surely ethnocentric, no doubt) than say Italians or Irish.

    Then you want to say Jews have hijacked HBD, but then also point to Gould, Lewontin, and Kamin as showing that Jews are the anti-race realists. You can’t have it both ways. And guys like TUJ and whiskey talk a ton about protestant work ethic and the WASP origins of America. Further, many Jews in the Steveosphere want a return to pre-1965 America, not exactly a time period classified by Jewish dominance.

    I have no problem with you guys criticizing Jews (maybe a little more leeway than guys like HS). I have a problem with this conspiracy theory bullshit and your clear bitterness towards them and their success.

    And believe me, with HBD in place as political fact, whites will do just fine against Jews. They built all of Western Civilization without them. Jews have contributed greatly (Einstein, Feynman, etc) to much of Western Civ when they haven’t been persecuted. I wish Jews would finally fricking realize how great they have it in America and start following the lead of guys like Bernie Goldberg and Michael Savage and become allies of American whites.

    Oh and for an example of exactly what I’m talking about, it’s bullshit like this:

    “Murray and Derbyshire are hirelings (I think the term “running dog” would be better for Derbyshire) who live in fear of their masters.”

    Their masters? Oh and HBD Books has lost a ton of steam from when it first started. It was a fantastic site. But now look at the only people commenting, guys the equivalent of Truthers like james. […]


    I don’t think I ever read, so many contradictions on the ‘JQ’ in one place, as I did reading ‘Ken’s’ comment here. Wow.

    *Notice how he closes in the classic Mammonite style by appealing to the blog owner’s pride and vanity by insinuating he is not being ‘respectable’ enough like other ‘Semitically-correct’ bloggers allegedly are?!?

  3. “Unless of course we are having lavish praise heaped upon our “superior” Jewish genes)”

    He he, good one Dan!

    Realistically, though, in regard to true intelligence, it is the Northern Europeans who overwhelmingly invented and developed the world as we know it today.

    For starters, to call and compare AshkeNAZI Jews, a very small, select, sub-group of Caucasians against an amorphous mass of other Caucasians — let alone all the rest of the non-Jews the world over, is, at the very least, highly dishonest, just as it is comparing ‘East Asians’ against an undifferentiated, heterogeneous mass of ‘Whites’.

    One would need to compare select sub-groups from other groups and races to the select sub-group of Ashkenazim in order to draw a fair comparison.

    Never mind the fact that Jews are not a race, or even a true ethnicity in a meaningful biological sense, since they carry the genetic markers from wherever they have settled throughout the world. Additionally, the most accomplished Jews, the Ashkenazi, have significant White European genes … otherwise, they would look ‘Middle Eastern’, no?

    In other words, the greatest of Jews are of those whom have the LEAST amount of Semitic blood and genes, and the MOST amount of European ones.

    This, really, however, shows what is the penultimate purpose and ultimate reason for HBD and RR, them both being vehicles for the legitimation of Jewish/Zionist Supremacism, where, like I said in my previous post, the primary intent of HBD and RR is for the demoralization of higher-status, non-Prole White ‘gentiles’ into legitimizing, and accepting, their displacement, dispossession and disempowerment to what Paul Gottfried calls the “Jewish overclass”.

  4. Faux-White is ok but these types seem to me to just be plain old CRYPTO-JEWS.

    Jews love hidding out amongst us Aryans and causing us problems from there. Poisoning wells and so on and so forth. Jewesses like Maddy Albright will pretend to be White and then one day ‘oh I am a Jew’… come on they know they are Jews all along.

    One needs to read up on how to physically spot Jewish facial features and develop a ‘Jew-dar’. After some learning it is pretty easy! It can almost be made into a game… SPOT THE JEW.

    Oh yeah and alot of stuff these faux-Whites espouse sounded like neo-conservatism to me as well.

  5. Some faux-Whites are crypto-jews. The distinction is that faux-Whites are jews, crypto-jews, or non-jews who pretend to be pro-White. Ian Jobling, who apparently isn’t jewish, writes pro-“white” manifestos in which his concern for jews clearly outweighs his concern for Whites. In sociobiological terms the non-jew faux-Whites are a jewish extended phenotype.

    Crypto-jews are usually more notable for their explicit pro-non-White or anti-White attitudes. Today with jews and their interests so openly and disproportionately represented in every position of power and influence there is hardly any reason to be crypto about jewishness. Instead there is an inverted phenomena (inversion being a hallmark of the jewish rise to overt power) where being pro-jew is de rigeur. (Being pro-White, in contrast, is considered a form of illness. Worse actually. Nobody openly advocates punishing ill people.) Some take their pro-jewishness so far as to assert that their jewish grandparent, or great-grandparent, in some cases imaginary, makes them a proud jew, and on that basis, just like real jews, they think they have the power to dictate morality, ethics, and legitimacy to everyone else.

    Consider the freak who calls herself Madonna. Many jews are clearly discomforted by people like her. Many don’t consider converts or mamzers true jews. Almost nobody, not even non-jews, expresses moral outrage over an ethnostate based on jewish lineage. The trendy thing is not to disapprove or even call attention to jewish exclusion, it’s to ridicule and denigrate Whites for exclusion decades past, or for theoretical exclusion in a hypothetical White ethnostate.

    As WWII recedes in time the growing popularity of “Hitler“, “nazi”, or “fascist” as terms of opprobrium is yet another symptom. It simply reflects the bolshevist-jewish nature of the totalitarian cosmopolitan anti-White regime.

    These inversions of historic norms make the behavior of faux-Whites all the more insidious. Crypto-jews of the past could be seen as doing what they thought was best for their own comfort or survival more than as an attempt to undermine, thwart, or manipulate the host in which they were hiding. With faux-Whites the opposite is true. They endure many of the same slings and arrows aimed at pro-Whites in order to covertly undermine, thwart, and manipulate pro-Whites. Among their goals is to preserve or restore an environment in which jews and crypto-jews can simply go about their business without anyone taking notice.

  6. Thanks for further fleshing out the nature of the faux-White Tanstaafl!

    I think it get it now!

    Madonna was an excellent example to get it across. Ugh she was just in Israel the other week to and it was splashed across Electronic Jews (television sets) all over the place.

    Makes me mad that I even liked that ‘Lucky Star’ song and video, hey it was alright back in the ’80s and Madonna had become what she is now…

  7. Recently came across this gem of a term of endearment –


    WhINOs: Whites-In-Name-Only

    [As the multiracial empire hatefully constructed by communist jews began to fall apart, Whites began to look beyond conservatism to racialism – only to find the same left-wing jews waiting like wolf spiders with sticky webs of kosher nationalism, to trap the unwary and the not-wary-enough. The good news, though, is that the WhINO wolf spider is identified easily enough. He is either a jew, or, if he is not a jew himself, he is a friend of the jew. While he affects to concern himself with the protection of the white race, it is the security of the jewish race that is his first concern. The WhINO can always be found urging whites to blame themselves for evil caused by jews, and using whatever he power he has — lies and misdirection if he’s on a discussion forum run by real White nationalists; suppression if the WhINO controls the site himself — to prevent any anti-semitism, which he assures us, will only undermine our cause.

    Don’t be fooled! If the jew is the problem, then not blaming the jew is not the solution.




    *Boy oh boy, does this describe a certain blogger or two that you and Prozium routinely ‘depants’ to a ‘T’!

  8. “Of all those who consciously or unconsciously oppose the Majority cause, the modern conservative is the most dangerous.”

    ~ Wilmot Robertson

  9. He is either a jew, or, if he is not a jew himself, he is a friend of the jew. While he affects to concern himself with the protection of the white race, it is the security of the jewish race that is his first concern. The WhINO can always be found urging whites to blame themselves for evil caused by jews, and using whatever he power he has — lies and misdirection if he’s on a discussion forum run by real White nationalists; suppression if the WhINO controls the site himself — to prevent any anti-semitism, which he assures us, will only undermine our cause.

    Yes, this well describes the people I consider faux-White: Auster, The Undiscovered Jew, Ian Jobling, and Guy White.

  10. “… He is either a jew, or, if he is not a jew himself, he is a friend of the jew. While he affects to concern himself with the protection of the white race, it is the security of the jewish race that is his first concern. …”

    Check out this latest piece of dissimulation from ‘Guy White’ –

    […] The claim doesn’t even depend on the fact that Communism was based on theories that were actually called “German historical school” and “German idealism”.

    Nor is it based on the fact that Germans in Soviet Russia were the single most privileged ethnic group during the 1920s and the 1930s, and to a lesser degree again after 1964. […]


    What a bullsh-t artist Guy WhINO is! Kevin MacDonald, in a review of Jew Yuri Slezkine book, ‘Stalin’s Willing Executioners’, shows how absurd this nonsense is –

    […] After the Revolution, not only were the Germans replaced, but there was active suppression of any remnants of the older order and their descendants. Jews have always shown a tendency to rise because their natural proclivities (e.g., high intelligence) and powerful ethnic networking, but here they also benefited from “antibourgeois” quotas in educational institutions and other forms of discrimination against the middle class and aristocratic elements of the old regime that would have provided more competition with Jews. In a letter intercepted by the secret police, the father of a student wrote that his son and their friends were about to be purged from the university because of their class origins. “It is clear that only the Jerusalem academics and the Communist Party members generally are going to stay” (p. 243). The bourgeois elements from the previous regime, including the ethnic Germans, would have no future. Thus the mass murder of peasants and nationalists was combined with the systematic exclusion of the previously existing non-Jewish middle class.[…]


    Nice try, ‘Lie Guy’!

  11. It is critical that we be able to say and write what we are thinking at the time we think it. Otherwise, we have no chance. The other side knows this. They give their people freedom to say what they are thinking about Southern Whites without filtering it, but deny our right to do the same about their groups. This is a force multiplier for them and a force divider for us. We have to resist controls on our spontaneous thought including delays in posting comments. We are so few that we must have the ability to develop and maintain spontaneity on the forbidden topics.

  12. Yeah, that’s very true, OAL. I think free-expression ultimately is important mostly because it is an expression of self/non-self distinction — that’s why it’s especially relevant to this discussion, too.

  13. Tan,

    Check out this latest BS veiled ‘threat’ by another Chosenite –

    Comment by D — September 16, 2009 @ 12:12 am

    I had great hopes for this blog. The book reviews, Hoste seems intelligent, etc…

    Then I hear him talking about the impractical, silly fantasy of “white nationalism” and here come the anti-semitic stormfront tards — “yeah, HBD! IQ matters! Race matters! Ew, the jews, they suck even though they’re the paragon example of what our ideal is…”. Pffft. This will quickly turn into a site that does more harm than good for HBD. I hope you change the name when that day comes.

    It’s going to become a prole magnet.


    “…*Notice how he closes in the classic Mammonite style by appealing to the blog owner’s pride and vanity by insinuating he is not being ‘respectable’ enough like other ‘Semitically-correct’ bloggers allegedly are?!?…”

    Seems to be a pattern with the jews on this kosher ‘carrot & ‘schtick’ approach of theirs!!

  14. On 14 May 2009, in Spengler adopts Separationism, Auster wrote:

    Also, many readers have asked me if I’m going to write about the coming out of Spengler as David Goldman. I drafted something about that weeks ago, but through a gremlin in my computer, I lost it. So I have to recreate it, but I intend to do so.

    The gremlin is still hard at work.

    Spengler’s Denouement: World-Historical Judaeo-Supremacy and Majority Rights represented my reaction well enough. Especially this comment:

    Posted by SurfsUp on April 20, 2009, 05:48 AM | #

    Rosenzweig’s (and Spengler’s) view of Israel as the eternal, enduring nation makes sense only if you accept that the Jews actually are the Chosen People and have a covenant with God. I don’t. Unless you are a religious Jew, Rosenzweig’s theology is just more of the same nationalist pagan pride that Goldman assures us is dying and powerless.

    What chutzpah.

    Also note that Goldman’s bildungsroman is typical of those iconoclastic Jewish intellectuals (is there any other kind of Jewish intellectual?): leftist politics followed by a conversion and subsequent obsession with Judaism (although not always as obvious as this in case) and what is good for the Jews (again, not usually this explicit). Now the mature Jewish genius will tell the goyim how to order their lives. I wish these people would go find another civilization to play with. I’m tired of this.

    Methinks Auster’s gremlin realizes any critique of Goldman is bound to hit a little too close to home.

  15. The Jewish perception that because their group’s cohesion equates to a WN ideal and therefore it is illogical to oppose Jewish Supremacism is typical of that warped mindset.

    Jewish actions are disliked by many within the host societies simply because of the perpetual hostility shown to host peoples’ EGI.

    For myself, I would not wish to share my country with Jews even if they were willing and able to achieve the impossible task of hiding such hatred towards us.

  16. Tan,

    Speaking of ‘faux-whites’, do you remember the mentally imbalanced negro and jew-worshipping drag queen who went by the name ‘andrea freiboden’?

    Well, that name went defunct, and subsequently since, has gone through about *three* different name changes … each with its own ‘ethnic’ flavor.

    From this – http://freiboden.blogspot.com/

    to this – http://ostrovletania.blogspot.com/2009_08_01_archive.html

    (and this??) – http://andreafreeland.blogspot.com/

    Now this –

    Notice “she” operates the same blog, with the same bs material, under three different names?

    This type of individual obviously is the most dangerous, and insidious, of the ‘faux-whites’ who PRETEND to be on “our side”, since their whole reason-for-being seems to be “her” desire to demoralize Whites in the age-old jewish tribal war on Euro-Christians, with denigrating attacks and insults to Us hidden behind seemingly paleoconservative and “pro-White” rhetoric.

  17. “Faux-White blogger Dmitry Orlov has a few sneers for American Whites —>”

    Indeed! A ‘faux-white’ jew-through-and-through!!!

    Dug up some additional dirt on this envious little gnome –


    The United States has traditionally been a very racist country, with numerous categories of people one wouldn’t want one’s daughter or sister to with numerous categories of people one wouldn’t want one’s daughter or sister to marry, no matter who one happens to be. It was founded on the exploitation of African slaves and the extermination of the natives. Over its formative years, there was no formal intermarriage between the Europeans and the Africans, or the Europeans and the Indians. This stands in stark contrast to other American continent nations such as Brazil. To this day in the U.S. there remains a disdainful attitude toward any tribe other than the Anglo-Saxon. Glazed over with a layer of political correctness, at least in polite society, it comes out again when observing whom most such Anglo-Saxon people actually choose to marry, or date.

    Russia is a country whose ethnic profile shifts slowly from mainly European in the West to Asian in the East. Russia’s settlement of its vast territory was accompanied by intermarriage with every tribe the Russians met on their drive east. One of the formative episodes of Russian history was the Mongol invasion, which resulted in a large infusion of Asian blood into Russian genealogy. On the other side, Russia received quite a few immigrants from Western Europe. Currently, Russia’s ethnic problems are limited to combating ethnic mafias, and to the many small but humiliating episodes of anti-Semitism, which has been a feature Russian society for centuries, and, in spite of which, Jews, my family included, have done quite well there. Jews were barred from some of the more prestigious universities and institutes, and were held back in other ways (for instance, lynching).



    “… and to the many small but humiliating episodes of anti-Semitism, which has been a feature Russian society for centuries, and, in spite of which, Jews, my family included, have done quite well there. …”

    Yup, I am sure your family did *quite* *well* *indeed*.

    You hypocrite.

  18. Orlov (AKA Kollapsnik) is cut from the same cloth as James Kunstler. They’re both jewish doomsayers who make their living blaming “STOOPID” Whites (and definitely not those witty, wordy ashkenazi) for the societal rot that has gone from bad to worse exactly as the jewish tribe clawed its way to power and prominence. It’s no coincidence that these leftist “analysts” direct so much snark and bile at the victims and have nothing explicative or explanative to say about the disproportionately jewish plutocracy calling the shots.

    When reading anti-White screeds one fairly reliable jewish marker, beyond the witty wordishness, is their need to profess their whiteness (note the small w), as both Kollapsnik and his vile commenter Pangolin do. This, they think, gives them cover to say whatever bigoted things they want about Whites, from whom they obviously feel alienated. When Whites reflect this same alienation it is seen by jews as a kind of insanity, which we can take as an unconscious diagnosis of their own hostility. Whites, after all, don’t have the creepy habit of professing to be jews in order to express our alienation.

  19. Tan,

    Here Orlov is explaining the mechanism of Globalist elitism … on how overt ‘redneck style’ ‘race-hatred’ is not necessary for the mechanism of liberal/jewish and ‘middleman minority’ racism –

    […] What remains of the concept of race is irrational racial hatred, but racial hatred is neither necessary nor sufficient to produce ethnic strife. Privileged ethnic groups do not have to hate ethnic groups they oppress any more than I have to hate chickens in order to steal and eat their eggs. Ethnicity-based feelings of entitlement and a clan mentality work just as well to divide a multi-ethnic society into warring factions. You might think that intermarriage and a long history together might mitigate against this risk, but there was plenty of intermarriage and a very long history together between Serbs and Croats in Yugoslavia, and between Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda, and look at where that got them. Multi-ethnic societies are fragile entities, and have a tendency to explode. When they do everyone loses.

    Whenever two or more ethnic groups live side by side, the danger of ethnic strife, civil war, ethnic cleansing and genocide is always present. What usually triggers it is the presence of politicians who are willing to exploit ethnic differences in order to grab or hold on to power. Do we have any of those here? Do they even know that they are playing with fire? The poor people I saw parading around Washington last weekend didn’t seem so threatening, but where there is smoke there is fire. […]


    “Privileged ethnic groups” …


    “Ethnicity-based feelings of entitlement and a clan mentality work just as well to divide a multi-ethnic society into warring factions” …

    Sums up jewish supremacism rather perfectly, doesn’t it??

  20. Yes, his essay is a particularly careless example of several common nervous jewish lines, “race doesn’t exist, except in the mind of racists, who are subhuman, but ethinicity is real because you know a pogrom could break out at any moment, for no reason whatsoever, certainly not because of any stealing – hey, look at those fat, stupid, ugly, deluded racists, they’re the problem!”

    Put these strands together, like Orlov did, and you get a particularly obvious combination of contradiction, hypocrisy, and misdirection.

  21. Why, man, the Faux white doth bestride the narrow world
    Like a Colossus, and we petty whites
    Walk under his huge legs and peep about
    To find ourselves dishonorable graves. (If he doesn’t find one for us in the meantime.)
    Petty whites at some time are masters of their fates:(145)
    The fault, dear Orlov, is not in our stars,
    But in Faux whites, that we are underlings.

    Upon what meat doth this our Faux White feed(155)
    That he is grown so great? Age, thou art shamed!
    Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!
    When went there by an age since the great flood
    But it was famed without the white man?

  22. So for more than than a year now Keoni Galt has been writing about the symptoms of “a very real secret society of super-wealthy elitists that has in fact corrupted almost every facet of society to suit their own, nefarious agenda”.

    You have to wonder how much longer it’s going to take him to get curious about who exactly these secret elitists are and what drives their nefarious agenda.

    I’ve not read much of Galt’s guru Henry Makow, but he strikes me as a euphemizer, an obscurantist, like Alex Jones, spinning elaborate James Bond stories larded with nuggets of truth, rather than squarely facing the nitty-gritty, day-in-day-out, increasingly clear ethnic dimension. That jewish power is waxing even as White power wanes.

    A man can say or write whatever he wants about “the Illuminati” or “the New World Order”. Far from getting punished, he can make a living of it. Because it’s fiction. In contrast, the Real World Order, ever mindful of and obsequious to jewish sensibilities, went to quite some trouble to identify, persecute, prosecute, extradict, and finally imprison Sheppard and Whittle. With hardly a peep in the media. That’s because Sheppard and Whittle named names. They discussed the world-order-altering genocidal immigration and plausible motives for it – the 800-pound dot too many obscurantist dot connectors ignore.

    No doubt most people are disinclined to face and discuss a reality that can land you in prison.

  23. “I’ve not read much of Galt’s guru Henry Makow, but he strikes me as a euphemizer, an obscurantist, …”

    Ah, dear ol’ Henry, bless his heart.

    His basic angle is that Jews are the ‘victims’ of the Jews themselves, or at least of the ‘Masonic-Jewish’ elites (in that order).

  24. Tan et al,

    Check out this latest ‘disclaimer’
    that ‘comrade kollapsnik’ had to put out due to the outrage over his hateful, condescending article towards northern European Americans — or, as Old Atlantic calls them, Founding Stock Americans:

    Thursday, September 17, 2009
    Caution, White People

    UPDATE: This article has attracted the usual trickle of informative and thoughtful reader comments, which are always welcome, plus a torrent of venomous stupidity, which, unfortunately, I have had to look at in order to reject. It is quite clear that the US is headed in the direction of very stupid, hurtful and dangerous politics. What is also clear is that I have neither the time nor the interest nor the stomach for it. I regret having to do this, but I am disabling comment submission.”


    What a cowardly ‘terd’ this foreigner ‘orlov’ indeed is!!!

  25. a torrent of venomous stupidity

    A perfect description of what he and his like-minded tribemates produce. Do these guys know how to project or what? The difference is their venomous stupidity gets published.

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