Best Worst President Awards

Best Ladeeenyo president: W.
Best Pali/Nork president: Jimmuh.
Worst US president: Tie.

Redeploy US troops out of Iraq. Straight to the Mexican border!

What’s holding up the impeachment? If we keep Bush on the run he’ll be too busy to plan any more attacks on the US.

4 thoughts on “Best Worst President Awards”

  1. You are a spammer. But for the benefit of my cricket-reader legions I’ll answer here.

    This isn’t a vanity blog. I don’t make any money from this and I’m not looking for fame.

    I write to vent my spleen and in a very feeble way fight the Big Lies our media tells about Islam and immigration.

    One of those Big Lies is that those who criticize Islam or immigration are racist, bigoted, haters. I don’t reveal the “person behind the blog” because the truth is exactly the opposite of what the know-it-alls in the media say, and I have no interest in making it easy for the real violent haters to find me.

    Besides, one of those fuckers (or one of their leftist sympathizers) working inside google/blogspot will out or ban me at some point anyway.

  2. Well done! By remaining a blogger and not a personality, readers can only legitimately comment on the contents of your blog. Commenting on the contents requires the ability to read while commenting on the blogger requires little more than a pulse.

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