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Celebrating the Invasion

The caption the White House provided for this image:

President George W. Bush and Laura Bush pose for photos with singer Shaila Durcal, Dorio Ferreira Sanchez and the Mariachi Campanas de America following their performance in the Rose Garden Monday evening, May 5, 2008, during a social dinner at the White House in honor of Cinco de Mayo. White House photo by Chris Greenberg

The press release associated with the image, titled President Bush Honors Cinco de Mayo, quotes Jorge as saying:

Cinco de Mayo is a joyous celebration. It commemorates a joyful moment in history of Mexico — it’s when Mexican soldiers defended their independence against what appeared to be an elite and insurmountable army from Europe. Nearly a century and a half later, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by Americans and Mexicans alike — after all, it is a symbol of determination against great odds and is a source of inspiration for all who love freedom.

For me, Cinco de Mayo is a chance to say that Mexico and the United States are connected by more than geography. Sure, we share an important border — but we’re also united by values, our love of family and faith and freedom. We share an interest in making sure our people are prosperous and safe.

In America we deeply value the culture and the contribution of Mexican Americans. The United States is a richer place, a more vibrant place because people who have — claim Mexican heritage now are called United States citizens. And today we honor those Mexican Americans who live in America and we consider ourselves fortunate to have Mexico as a friend and a neighbor.

And so my toast is to Mexico and to the United States and the people therein. Que Dios los bendiga. Feliz Cinco de Mayo. (Applause.)

Emphasis mine.

Among the more prominent signs of increasing vibrancy are our two new latino holidays. On May 1st the invaders take to the streets to remind us that we had better accept their invasion, or else. On Cinco de Mayo invasion supporters, including the invasion-commander-in-chief in the White house, celebrate the invasion and pretend we all see it as valuable and enriching.

For me, Cinco de Mayo has become an annual and ever more grating reminder that my country is quickly transforming into yet another latin American shithole. That it is run by morally, fiscally, and intellectually bankrupt scam artists who care not at all for the prosperity or safety of the citizens or the sanctity of the law, but instead dedicate every effort toward keeping themselves and their plutocrat masters fat and happy. That these transnational parasites are sucking our once great country dry, mortgaging our future and driving us ever closer to turd world levels of violence, crime, and corruption by the massive influx of aliens. That what the invaders and invasion-supporters share is a hatred for the people already here. That they have the gall to crow about the king’s invisible clothes – how valuable and enriching the invasion and these invaders are.

Juan McCain, in his effort to reassure the invaders that he too considers them more important than Americans, said:

“our broken immigration system works for neither the immigrant families who are being torn apart nor the workers who are concerned about unfair competition, which is why we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform once and for all. So while I hope that all Americans are enjoying this Cinco de Mayo, I also hope that when the celebrations come to an end, we’ll take up the cause of coming together as Americans to solve our common challenges and put the American dream within reach for every family in this country,” he said.

When globalists like Juan say our immigration system is “broken” what they mean of course is that it does not yet permit turd worlders to move in and tear apart White families as fast as they would like. When they say “comprehensive immigration reform once and for all” they mean they never want to hear another word about fences or borders. When they pretend citizen resentment is generated by “unfair competition” it is because they cannot acknowledge it is actually caused by unfairness of the invasion and the way those elected and sworn to protect and serve us instead betray us by protecting and serving the invaders.

There’s a very good reason the traitors don’t want to enforce the current immigration laws or build fences. They know it would interfere with the invasion. The sham of an effort they still do make causes the plutocrats enough trouble.

The fix is in. It hardly matters whether Juan, Barack “Gran Marcho” Obama, or Hillary “No Woman is Illegal” Clinton win in November. Each of them will do their best to stop reports like this: 60-Plus Illegal Immigrants Found In Big Rig, or like this: Border Tunnel Tour. They’ll do so by legalizing the invasion – because everyone knows that the very worst problem is that some insensitive, xenophobic, nativist racists insist on calling the invaders invaders. Take away that word and they think all the other problems will disappear.

Unfortunately reports like this: Death Toll Rises From Tijuana Shootout (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES), and this: ‘Tijuana Rambo’ Takes On Drug Lords, will not disappear. They’ll just take place more and more on the American side of where the border used to be.

No matter how diligently the happy-talkers ignore reality, nor how hard the anti-racists invert it to scapegoat Whites, the intensity of the societal conflict grows in direct proportion to the number of invaders. Every day this inconvenient truth becomes more obvious.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the defeat of an invasion. To honor it in proper spirit we should stop immigration, eject the invaders, and hang the traitors. This is how we can keep ourselves prosperous and safe. This is the common challenge for those who would preserve a semblence of the American dream for ourselves and our posterity. One way or another that dream will not survive the path we’re on. It’s being replaced by a cacophony of alien dreams – of jews, latinos, arabs, africans, and asians – self-serving and bigoted in ways Whites alone have been hectored, cajoled, and deluded into forswearing. These alien dreams have their differences, but they share one common goal: to rid the world of Whites.

Senate Bill Dies, But Not the Lies

It’s now obvious that the majority of American people, when asked directly and reported honestly, do not favor any form of amnesty for illegal aliens and in fact favor rounding them up and sending them home.

The problem has always been that we are not asked directly and the subject is not reported honestly. If for example our media reported on immigration the way it reports on Iraq – constantly questioning the premises and goals, always downplaying the positive news and emphasizing the negative – we would be much more aware just how disastrous the last four decades of immigration have been for the United States. The disaster would in fact never have been permitted to unfold.

Instead we have Big Liars like Ted Kennedy (“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. … Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset”) and John McCain (“I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”) crafting our immigration policy, and a president responsible for enforcing our nation’s borders and defending its citizens who thinks of himself as El Presidente and openly sides with the invaders instead. For this the big media lionize them. They are our great statesmen. Brave heroes.

The trouble for our treasonous and aloof elites is that despite their non-stop propaganda, constantly instructing us yokels how wonderful and enriching immigration is, the yokels are now very quickly waking up to reality. The reality that immigration has been a disaster.

All you have to do is look around. There are foreigners everywhere. Far too many who do not share our customs, traditions, values, or language and show no interest in starting. They’ve come here only to grab for themselves whatever they can get. The media has browbeaten Americans for decades to convince them not to reproduce, to ignore superficial differences like race, forget their families, abandon their silly religions, and shed their belligerent national loyalties – and no surprise, it has mostly worked.

Now here come the immigrants. With their giant broods and a shameless loyalty to their kin, their ethnicity, their faith (and ummah), and the nation they left behind. They care not one wit for America or the fat lazy stupid gringo-infidels who only by dumb luck and the sins of their fathers happen to inhabit it. They ignore our laws, evade our taxes, and demand rights exceeding our own. They claim they do all the work and constantly decry their supposed victimization and exploitation.

The reality of course is precisely the opposite. With regard to either work, money, or violence it’s the native Americans being victimized and exploited.

“You stole this land, we’re stealing it back, and there’s nothing you can do about it Pilgrim.”

Ladeeenyo mobs take over our city streets several times a year now, barely suppressing their primal urge to riot and loot. When legal Americans demonstrate in support of the law, within the law, they are harassed and threatened by those same unruly Ladeeenyos. El Presidente tells us they share our family values. Crime and education statistics tell a different story.

Any guero who’s rubbed elbows with Ladeeenyos since the Senate bill died can sense the tension, see their glowering eyes, feel their smoldering resentment. My city’s streets are full of “undocumented workers” pushing baby carriages with two or three “undocumented workers” toddling along behind. Aren’t they concerned about their carbon footprint? Shouldn’t these “workers” be, you know, working?

Likewise too many Muslims come here and then complain incessantly. Foot washing basins. Pork products. Hallucinations of discrimination. Let’s be honest. All of them, the so-called moderates included, won’t be happy until everyone is in pajamas on their knees praying toward Mecca five times a day. They differ only in the means and schedule for achieving that goal. Ask them. You’ll find them either so confident they freely admit it, or trying to evade your questions with transparent lies (eg. “Sharia? What’s that?” or “The roots of Islamist grievances are economic, starting with the injustices of colonialism” or “There shall be no compulsion in religion”).

The most impatient Muslims hatch attacks even more frequently than the Ladeeenyos march. After 9/11, Fort Dix, and JFK who can believe that our immigration problems are all about the Ladeeenyos or cheap labor? After the jihadi doctor attacks in Britain what infidel can now help but wonder about the more insidious damage Muslim infiltrators might wreak?

These aliens aren’t hiding in the shadows. They walk freely among us celebrating their rise, scheming our fall. They know they have friends in high places seeing to their rights, pursuing their interests. They’re disappointed amnesty has failed for now, but they know time is on their side. Soon enough the fat lazy stupid Americans will get their comeuppance.

“Gimme gimme gimme, and don’t get any ideas about defending yourself gringo-infidel racist fascist!”

It’s a testimony to the mind-numbing power of modern propaganda that things have had to go this far before enough people stopped believing the happy talk and started believing what they could see and hear for themselves. The Senate’s move was so brazen and so dishonest it boggles the mind to think that it only barely failed. They’ll regroup, and they’ll be back to try again.

And still many remain asleep. Busy busy busy with noses to the grindstone, they trust their government is working hard to protect them. To keep them that way our elites, previously much more subtle, have become desperate. Their stupifying message is now spelled out directly: If you oppose immigration or Islam you are a filthy racist. A criminal. The real threat, we are told, is white supremacist-driven nationalism. If we don’t ban their radio shows and silence their hate blogs they’ll form a Gestapo, load all the brown people and Muslims into railcars, and ship them off to concentration camps.

Riiiiiiight. Nobody I know has any such fantasies. But the nightmare that our homes and families will be trapped in a violent, intolerant Aztlan is slowly, surely becoming a reality. And if that doesn’t come to pass being trapped in an even more violent, less tolerant Caliphate is not that much farther off.

This is the great gift of immigration, multi-culturalism, and diversity? No thanks. Take it back. Now. We don’t want it.