New York to License Invaders

The mind reels:

They were celebrating outside the governor’s office Friday as Eliot Spitzer handed a landmark victory to a half-million illegal immigrants.

The state will no longer require proof of citizenship for driver’s licenses.

“We’re changing our policy with respect to getting more people out of shadows and into the system so people don’t hide they’re here,” Spitzer said.

He said the current restrictions on non-citizens have filled the roads with unlicensed drivers five times more likely to get into accidents.

But the also called it a matter of justice.

“As long as I’m governor we won’t pretend they don’t exist, cut them off from society,” Spitzer said.

A matter of justice? In what way is this just, and to who? Who besides Spitzer is trying to pretend these invaders don’t exist? We the People know very well they exist. We want them deported. Sending the invaders home is the only true solution to all the problems they cause, and is the only thing that would be just to the tax-paying law-abiding citizens of this country. We the People are the ones whose welfare and interests Spitzer should be primarily concerned about. And We the People does not include illegal alien invaders.

It is hard to believe there are any states that issue driver’s licenses to invaders, but there are. In the past few years several states have stopped, and for good reason:

The recommendation of the 9/11 Commission led to the adoption of the REAL ID Act in early 2005. It is a measure designed to encourage the states to change their lax driver’s license standards over the next few years. The REAL ID Act provisions established national standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses that will effectively bar people who are in the country illegally from obtaining them, barred people who have ties to terrorist organizations from taking advantage of our political asylum process, and provided for completion of the border security fence along the Mexican border.

New York is ignoring this good sense and has decided instead to aid and abet the invaders. Invaders that even the mainstream media reporter quoted above points out are far more likely to get into accidents. Is giving them licenses going to significantly reduce their accident rate? Of course not. Is it going to reduce road congestion? No. Is is going to reduce gas prices? No. New York can expect all of these problems to get worse. This is the price tag for Eliot Spitzer’s ignoble efforts to bring the invaders “out of the shadows”.

More importantly, what it will do is make it more difficult to identify invader-drivers in New York, and thus it will mask their deadly driving habits from public scrutiny. The effect is very much like the LAPD’s recent decision to stop impounding cars driven by unlicensed drivers. Contrary to Spitzer’s claim that he wants to stop pretending the invaders don’t exist, that is exactly what giving them licenses allows him and the police to do. Ignore them.

Except issuing them a license is even worse than simply ignoring them. A valid drivers license is the most valued form of identification in this country – having one makes it much easier for invaders to pretend they are here legally and live normally. Giving them a license is much worse than looking the other way. It gives them something they deperately want. That’s why the invaders and their supporters are celebrating in New York.

I wonder. Is Spitzer’s next bright idea to “solve” the illegal handgun problem by giving out permits, no questions asked?

A message board poster points out that this proposal is not just ill-conceived, it is illegal:

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

“Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

Rather than recognizing the clear threat the invaders pose to his countrymen and doing everything in his power to protect them, Spitzer has instead chosen to accept the invaders and permit them, with his blessing, to continue killing his countrymen. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is a traitor.

It is not sufficient that this proposal be withdrawn. Spitzer must be removed from office and prosecuted. If this does not happen then I sincerely hope some good vigilante takes the law into his own hands and sends a clear message to all of our traitorous leaders. Enough is enough. Stop the invasion. Defend our country. Treason will not be tolerated.

Update: Use this email form to contact Spitzer. Tell him you see through his bullshit excuses and call out his betrayal.

Update, 24 Sept 2007: Here is a link to the US Code section cited above, though it hardly matters what it says. The root of all our problems controlling immigration are precisely that our leaders will not enforce our laws. The law doesn’t matter to them. Which is why it’s absurd to call for new laws. We don’t need new laws, we need new leaders. Leaders who will enforce the laws we already have, fill our treasonous courts with loyal Americans, tell the Latino bigots to shut up, and eject the invaders rather than comforting them.

Read Heather Mac Donald’s The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave. Since she wrote that three years ago the number of invaders has only increased, the crime and violence they bring has only worsened, and our enforcement has only weakened. Lots of talk, no action. Kabuki theater while the invasion continues unabated. How much longer can this go on before party-line Republicans and Democrats realize their precious economy and Civil Rights will evaporate as our society disintegrates in the face of the lawlessness and balkanization the immigration invasion brings?

Update, 25 Sept 2007: In North Carolina invaders aren’t supposed to get licenses, but according to a loyal American whistleblower they do anyway, and he got fired for having a problem with it:

Brown said in the lawsuit that he repeatedly told supervisors he was issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants or suspected illegal immigrants. He also told them he was issuing standard eight-year driver’s licenses to people with visas that expired in as little as six months. State law allows neither.

Via American Renaissance.

8 thoughts on “New York to License Invaders”

  1. This has been submitted to my dear Gov. Spitzer:

    “By your proposed DMV changes you have announced that New York State is a “sanctuary” state. Your “out of the shadows” excuse is absurd – if the bad eggs want to stay in the shadows they will go to Jackson Avenue in Queens and get the appropriate identification to fool enforcement. Pandering to lobbyists (and I understand there is an illegal immigrant labor pool in need of driver’s licenses) is an insult to the taxpaying voters who supported you. Driving is a privilege offered by NYS – not a constitutional right. If you are visiting NYS you still have the ability to drive with other state or international licenses.

    If you are concerned about the “hazards” presented by undocumented, unlicensed and/or uninsured drivers – increase enforcement and incarcerate those who break the laws.

    No good will come of this and I implore you to make the NYS Driver’s License a secure ID. Please repeal your action and retain the existing standards for applying for a NYS Driver’s License.”

    Looks like New York State just took the proverbial “bullets” out of the secure identification “gun”.

    We’re f*&ked! (Well – its going to happen alot faster anyway)

    I guess my only hope is global warming.

  2. That’s pretty good FF.

    I wrote to Governor Spitzer a couple of days ago, before Tran posted about it here. After reading Tran’s post, I realize that I was too nice. Spitzer is a traitor and I should’ve told him that allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses violated federal law regarding harboring illegals. I also should have told him that I would never vote for him if he decided to run for President. Here’s what I did say:

    Governor Spitzer,

    Do not provide illegal aliens driver’s licenses. Governor Gray Davis was recalled here in California when he tried to do that. There are too many illegal aliens driving on US roadways. The solution is to turn them over to ICE when they drive in violation of our laws. Providing them drivers licenses hurts our country. It makes it more difficult to tell who is here legally from who is here illegally. This makes it harder for the federal government to enforce immigration law.

    Illegal aliens have the same opportunity to become US citizens as foreign nationals all over the world. Instead they come here in violation of our laws. Many US citizens worked hard to become citizens. Please do not undermine and insult their proud accomplishment by allowing those who choose not to become citizens to get driver’s licenses.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Yes, you were both too nice. Spitzer’s actions reveal where his loyalties lie, and they are not with us, oh proper and polite citizens.

    In fact, the longer this kind of nonsense goes on, with no action being taken by our government at any level, the more clear it is that our government cannot be corrected via the usual means.

    And no, passing laws that are never actually enforced doesn’t count as action. Where’s the fence? Why are they not checking the immigration status of everyone who gets arrested, nationwide? Why are they making ham-fisted raids that net almost nobody when every Home Depot in the country has dozens of illegals standing outside just waiting to be picked up?

    Everything they say or do with regard to enforcement is ineffective, and from the pattern we can see it is deliberately so. And yet they keep trying to do to what the citizens have already told them we don’t want. Through endless machinations and slimy tricks they keep trying to accommodate the invaders with permanent legal status, whether by Z visa, diversity visas, crime victim visas, DREAM, AgJobs, SCHIP, drivers licenses, bank accounts, etc.

    For crying out loud, are we idiots that we haven’t gotten the message yet? Our leaders feel no obligation to us. No loyalty to this country. When the 2008 election comes and the parties and their media present us only pro-invasion candidates to select from, will it be clear then? When Clinton and Obama take the gates off their hinges, will it be clear then? When the sacrosanct economy is completely dead and our streets are entirely ruled by thugs and gangs, will it be clear then?

    Whatever it will take to wake people up it had better happen soon or we won’t be able to avoid this terrible future.

  4. What will happen the first time that an American family in another US State is killed by one of these newly minted “licensed invaders” from New York? What cause of action do the survivors have against the State of New York?

    Doesn’t the fact that Spitzer’s action is criminal make him personally liable for the deaths?

  5. What can I do with my NYS driver’s license?

    1. Drive (according to Spitzer not necessary)
    2. Buy a gun (needed for handgun permits only)
    3. Get on a plane
    4. Vote (for verification)
    5. Enter any state building (if checked)
    6. Get foodstamps, HEAP & telephone allowance (need to sign an affidavit and “verify” income)
    7. Get trade licenses through NYS Department of Labor:
    (as long as you meet other requirements ie, education)

    Last time I checked, these are all privileges set forth by the state government for its citizenry (except buying a gun – thats a 2nd amendment right even for illegal immigrants). And the NYS drivers license is the key to the door.

    I am hitting every one of my reps and hopefully someone will see clearly – I doubt it.

  6. Good point KD. But I would think for the same reason you could sue Spitzer or the Feds right now if you were hurt by an illegal alien. Not much hope of winning.

    The best approach is to attack the problem head-on. First we oust all the officials who collaborate with the invaders. Then we eject the invaders.

  7. FF, Spitzer was NY’s AG. He knows what giving them a drivers license means. And he knows what treason means. He chose to take this path anyway. Unless he gets bounced off to prison, or at least out of office, we’re going to see other governors follow his example.

  8. Tanstaafl, we have the same problem in the UK. New Labour will talk a good game about border control but leave the borders wide open. The latest wheeze was to provide the border guards with uniforms. Its a balancing act between massive inflows of Labour voters and welfare state users before getting kicked out of office before a new ‘natural’ Labour majority is formed.

    One of the first New Labour immigration ministers was Barbara Roche who seemed to have been a complete open borders marxist!

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