Political Correctness + Multiculturalism + Diversity = White Extinction

Only 16 million Hispanic voters will be eligible to cast ballots in next year’s election – so why are so many of our politicians acting like they run the country? The politically correct answer: a sign of respect to the fastest-growing segment of American society. The unpleasant truth: it is a craven capitulation to a flood of invaders coming from Latin America to fulfill their dreams of reconquista.

What is reconquista? The politically correct answer: a completely bogus conspiracy theory/fantasy/boogeyman imagined by anti-immigration activists. The unpleasant truth:

"It doesn’t end with secession," Norwood wrote. "The final plan includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African and Asian descent out of `Aztlan.’"

Reconquista is a fantasy, a brown supremacist fantasy that’s coming true. The ethnic cleansing is well underway.

Why have European elites invited Muslims to flood their countries? The politically correct answer: there is no danger from Islam, only bigotry. The unpleasant truth: Saying there is a problem with Islam is considered bigotry worthy of repression. As accommodating and tolerant of Islam as Europeans have been, it still hasn’t been enough. They have been attacked, by doctors even, and will continue to be attacked until the only diversity that remains will be of the very narrow sort permitted by Sharia, and the only culture that remains will be an Islamic culture.

Throughout the Western world the citizenry sees this growing threat, and implores their leaders to do something. Yet instead of stopping immigration they increase it. Instead of enforcing immigration laws and securing our borders they make excuses why it can’t be done and open the gates ever wider.

It is clear our elites put a very high priority on immigration. The media boosts only those political candidates who are pro-invasion. Any candidate who strongly opposes immigration is portrayed as a marginal nutjob who can’t possibly be elected. The power of this propaganda is difficult to overestimate. Observe the number of people who regurgitate the media’s sentiments with barely any direct knowledge to support them. Do they control your mind? Do you know what Ron Paul or Tom Tancredo stand for or against before you call them kooks and say they have no hope to win an election?

What is the purpose of the immigration invasion? Does it matter? It is an essential element of the elite’s globalist agenda, their pyramid scheme, steroids for their almighty economy. But there is no need to chase them down their rabbit hole, no need to debate how much wealth trickles down or whether Wal-Mart is good or bad. Whatever the justification, whatever the goal, immigration is destroying our culture, our infrastructure, our families, and our quality of life.

Yes, it makes the immigrants very happy. And yes, it makes the elites very rich. But why would the citizenry, the ordinary folk who are being disenfranchised and displaced, why would any of us favor immigration? Having until recently been of that belief myself and to this day encountering many others who still are I can say with certainty that the main reason is delusion.

Every day the news brims with the disastrous consequences of immigration. But most of this isn’t seen for what it is, not only because to do so is politically incorrect but also because we are simultaneously fed a constant dose of pro-immigration propaganda. There is a constant stream of statements from people in positions of authority to the effect that immigration is wonderful, it is essential, and without it our economy would collapse. None of it is true. It is a deliberate inversion of reality. It is disinformation.

Upon examination every justification for immigration boils down to either benefits for the elites or benefits for the invaders. There is nothing for the citizenry but the imaginary joys of multiculturalism and diversity. And if you don’t enjoy watching your culture be dismantled and your town being overrun by invaders? The explanation for such political incorrectness is that you must be crazy or mean, and probably both. Whether you’re a loser who can’t stand competition, a paranoid who imagines conspiracies, a racist who just doesn’t like brown people, a xenophobe who hates foreigners, a fascist craving boxcars and concentration camps, or all of the above. You are nothing but a hater driven by irrational fear.

Multiculturalism and diversity are lies. When our elites tell us to "celebrate diversity" they’re asking us to celebrate our demise.

Am I worried about America and all of its ordinary law-abiding tax-paying Americans? Yes. But I’m also concerned about Europe. And I’m particularly concerned about my race. Under the strictures of political correctness whites aren’t supposed to criticize other races, even indirectly, and it is absolutely verboten to consider what might be good or bad for whites. Non-whites are free to think and talk all day long about their race, to dedicate their lives and their fortunes entirely to that cause, and to speculate what is in their own collective best interest. Far from being frowned upon, it’s considered noble. It is only fair that the same should be true for whites. Political correctness forbids this. Thus I reject political correctness and everything associated with it. Those under its influence are misinformed. Those who preach it are evil.

I reject the requirement that whites must stand by and watch silently as their race, which is already an overall minority of the world’s population, is reduced to minority status everywhere. Minorities are often abused, and whites have been so thoroughly demonized and unfairly tarred with the blame for the ills of the world that we know what to expect wherever we are outnumbered. We are brutalized. The violence begins even before we are outnumbered. Look at our cities. When and where we slip entirely from power we can expect far more grim treatment. Look at South Africa or Zimbabwe.

So I ask, what is it about replacing the white majorities in the US and Europe with non-white aliens that is so good? Can somebody explain this? Why are we blamed for resenting what we didn’t ask for and so clearly don’t want? Aren’t we entitled to protect our ever dwindling homelands?

Of course we are.

Update, 15 Sept 2007: The insane denial continues in Europe:

We have to look at immigration not as a threat but – when well-managed, and that is our new task – as an enrichment and as an inescapable phenomenon of today’s world.

Enrichment? Inescapable phenomena? Unbelievable.

Update, 15 Sept 2007 #2: Two frank assessments of what happened in Brussels this week: Democratic Europe RIP, and And Shariah For All? When US elites announced their collaboration with the invaders we at least had the opportunity to publicly and peacefully rebuke them. Opponents of the European elites will not have that opportunity. If the people cannot get redress via the vote or peaceful demonstrations then only one avenue remains. In the US it’s still possible to hope that the treasonous bureaucrats can be deposed in a bloodless reboot. In Europe, it seems clear now, if it happens at all it’s going to be bloody.

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  1. This was a very good article and was presented in a reasoned and common-sense way. This issue is one which has needed that type of analysis for quite a long time. Thank you for bringing it forward. I have linked your article in my post on Immigration and PC.

  2. Flanders, thanks. My philosophy being somewhat limited I have no choice but to resort to common sense. Besides, our philosophers are for the most part working with our elites, against us.

  3. Depends on the philosopher – most of them are missing – the one’s that are left are borderline-brain-washed moralists who have lost sight of objectivity.

    Why the flood of Islam?

    Right to found a family

    The right to found a family is often invoked by workers who move to a new Member State and wish to bring their families with them. Because marriage is viewed as the foundation of the family, a worker’s spouse is entitled to residence in the host state even if the spouse is a third country national.[26] Migrant workers also enjoy the right to found a family in the state in which they are working. For example, a worker who moves to a new Member State to pursue work may relocate his family to that state. His family would then be entitled to a right of residence in the host state and may obtain education and benefits.[27]

    Excerpted from http://www.eucharter.org/home.php?page_id=83

    Kinda defeats this provision:

    1. Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law:

    (f) the lawful arrest or detention of a person to prevent his effecting an unauthorised entry into the country or of a person against whom action is being taken with a view to deportation or extradition.

    It may be too late to stop the invasion – but if some how we do … when they start the “North American Union” chatter – be afraid.

  4. How about the right of natives to found their families? And the right not to have their citizenship and other birthrights diluted or to be dispossessed of them entirely?

    Why must we accommodate anyone from anywhere else? Why must we give them equal rights to citizens, much less the superior rights our most liberal philosophers (and jurists) demand for them? Since when have Civil Rights and Affirmative Action been extended to everyone in the whole damned world?

    It’s time to end all the sick anti-white programs and policies. Stop the racism. Stop the invasion.

  5. I thought you would find this interesting.

    I was in Wal-Mart today (i know, I know…)

    I was there because I needed a specific super-cleansing shampoo so I go in and begin to look on the bottles for the usual key words. Unfortunately for my hair, I wasn’t able find any words I recognized. Do you know why I couldn’t find any words I recognized? No? It’s not because I’ve lost my ability to read. It’s because EVERYTHING was written in SPANISH!

    At first I thought it was just one or two items that were written in Spanish. I investigated further. Not only were 75+% of the hair care products written in Spanish but the kid’s books and toys were written in Spanish too.

    Being the bleeding heart liberal that I am – I was surprised and pretty disgusted with myself – when I realized that I was pretty freakin’ irritated that I could not buy my stupid shampoo because I didn’t read the language.

    Don’t even get me started on what happened when I realized that the person I asked for help didn’t read Spanish or speak English.

    I’m feeling very confused…

  6. It’s time then to set the suicidal political correctness aside and stand up for your country, for your kind. The invaders are willing to kill us to take what’s ours. The minute you stand up to them you’ll see. The minute you see you’ll understand what we have to do and why.

  7. Katrina,

    I can’t go to Walmart anymore because it’s too upsetting. At our local Walmart they replaced the wells fargo mini-branch inside with a Mexican bank. Something like Banc de Mexico. When you walk into Walmart it’s like being in Latin America.

  8. FF,

    You know what is really messed up? Go and google “walmart bank mexico.” I did this because I wanted the name of the mexican bank branches within walmart. What I saw shocked the crap out of me! At the top of the google listings were stories about Walmart applying for and being granted a banking license in Mexico. That Walmart had tried to get a license here to run their own banks but were turned down by the US government. But the Mexican government gave them the license.

    So now they are poised to make some serious bucks, if they haven’t been doing it already. They have Mexican banks in Walmarts, and then they have their own banks in Mexico. Do you see where this is going? They can make tons and tons of money from illegals wiring cash home to Mexico. Why else would Walmart be interested in being a bank in Mexico?

    I’m sure they wanted both ends of the transaction, that’s why they wanted a bank license here in the US. But since they can’t at least they can profit off some MExican bank that they sign an agreement with to work within their stores.

    This whole thing is messed up on so many levels. It’s really unbelievable. I’m sure it’s quite easy for an illegal with no ID to open a bank account at the Mexican bank in Walmart to facilitate any transactions.

  9. Came here via Vanishing American and this blog is of similar high quality.

    The UK like the US is undergoing astonishing levels of immigration and accompanying PC moralising. I fear for the future.

  10. One of the things you failed to mention in your list of things whites are proscribed from doing is complaining of miscegenation. Whites, and whites alone, are told that they simply must accept that their daughters will marry non-whites, and that to object to the literal obliteration of the race is unspeakably evil. This, people, is genocide pure and simple, and the whites complicit in it are damned fools.

    I have often said that Western whites are the only people on the planet of such powerful conscience that they might be guilt-tripped into abetting their own extinction.

  11. One answer that always comes to mind on hearing or reading the idiotic (but much repeated) lie that “they only do work Americans won’t” — is that the person pushing the lie seems to think that prior to 1965 no American hotel was ever cleaned, no fruit or vegetables were ever picked, and no houses or commercial buildings were built.

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