Little Known Sarah Palin Facts

Genocidal anti-racists hate Sarah Palin and her daughter for reproducing while White.

But even that old race-traitor Juan McCain appears to grok, deep down, that a White baby, illegitimate or not, fathered by a self-proclaimed redneck or not, is better than no White baby at all. If I could shake Levi’s hand I’d say so explicitly, “congratulations son, now marry the girl and make four more”.

Steve Sailer writes:

The Blue Whites are alarmed and outraged to be reminded that the Red Whites can afford to outbreed them and are outbreeding them.

Which is true, but doesn’t capture the whole picture. A commenter named Mark puts his finger on the problem:

The thought of the Red Whites outbreeding the Blue Whites would give immense satisfaction, if I didn’t simultaneously know that the Blue Whites in concert with many Yellow Reds are importing Blue Bronzes and Blue Yellows and Blue Blacks to outbreed even the Red Whites.

This is precisely what’s happening.

Some bigots are not happy about who Sarah associates with:

Jewish Democrats have started to hit Sarah Palin hard for her association with former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan

Obama camp connects the dots for Jews: McCain…Palin…Buchanan…”Nazis”:

Barack Obama’s campaign, perhaps miffed at all the Democrat-is-weak-on-Israel theme, started striking back at John McCain almost as soon as he tapped Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Where the Dems are trying to paint McCain as more financially out of touch with people, they’re strongly suggesting that his Christian conservative running mate is no friend to the Jews.

“Palin was a supporter of [MSNBC analyst] Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or as many Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer,” Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski wrote in an email.

This is the likely reason Lawrence Auster thinks Palin should withdraw. It certainly makes more sense than the rationale he’s currently peddling, which absurdly focuses on Palin’s daughter’s child. Clearly a politician’s support for israel is paramount to Auster. As the ineffective and pathetic nature of his distaste for White reproductive habits plays out look for Auster to fall back on the same six-degrees-of-naziation smears other members of his extended family are already slinging.

Here’s my paramount concern. What is Palin’s position on immigration? Whether she was choosen to create all this hullabaloo about experience, pregnancy, and glass ceilings intentionally or not the result is that precious little attention is given to the fundamental, existential problem facing indigenous Whites: the invasion of hostile, ethnocentric, and fecund non-whites who want what we have. The media and our treasonous politicians are all very eager not to discuss that.

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  1. I think Palin’s husband is 1/8th amerindian. That makes her children 1/16th, and her grandchildren (at least the ones by rednecks) 1/32nd.

    A large number of American Whites have amerindian admixture. It’s part of the condition of being White here.

    If you sincerely seek strict genetic purity for yourself and your family you’ll get no objections from me. But it seems to me this is more often a position taken falsely by provocateurs who fear White unity and wish to keep us weak and fractured into many little squabbling ethnies.

    Which is it in your case?

  2. Tan,

    “What is Palin’s position on immigration?”

    Good question. I suspect that whatever it is now, it will soon come into line with McCain’s and the RNC’s.

    I dislike like Palin but my real reason is the same as the Tribe’s phony reason: she should be at home with her young children, and conservatives should be ashamed of her daughter’s unwed teen pregnancy, not making excuses for it. That conservatives now are strongly defending Palin’s liberalism is highly distressing.

    On the one hand, I like that she has some conservative positions, large American family, etc. But the thought that she represents conservatism today means that Conservatism is truly dead.

  3. If he merely SAYS he’s ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Black’ he’s entitled to AA. I think all Whites should do it.

  4. I’m about as socially conservative as you can get in today’s world, and I am not making excuses for Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy, or defending it. I simply say, like a lot of social conservative Christians, that sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation. The daughter’s behavior and her resulting condition are unfortunate and she should have known better. But now, what can her parents do, other than what they are doing? The family was more or less forced, by the rumors circulating, to put the real story on the table. If the ugly gossip had not been spread, they might have kept it somewhat quiet. But on the other hand, in the public eye, there is little that is private in our voyeuristic age. In the past, sometimes people simply avoided talking about the embarrassments of others, out of courtesy and consideration. But in our age, discretion and privacy are unheard-of, especially for public figures.

    But seriously, if the Palins are wrong to handle this as they are doing, what exactly should they be doing? In the old days, the girl might be packed off to a distant relative until the baby was born, or she might be put in a ‘home for wayward girls’ or some such thing. Are we proposing that? Her parents are supporting her, but they are not, as far as I can see, saying that teen unwed pregancies are good, or to be flaunted.
    I don’t see what people think Sarah Palin should do differently. Hang her head in shame? Withdraw from the ticket and run back home to hide? Disown her daughter and/or have the boy charged with statutory rape?
    Sometimes you just make the best of a bad situation; that’s all that can be done. Conservatives, real ones, stand by their family members, without necessarily approving of every bad thing they may do. And kids do make bad choices, even when they have good parenting and a solid upbringing. It happens. It is not all under a parent’s control, believe me.

  5. I don’t disagree with you Rusty. But I’m not so much distressed by Palin as I am curious about the distress she causes.

    This is the first presidential election I’m viewing through wide open racialist eyes, seeing clearly how partisanship and superficial nonsense distracts and divides Whites, while blacks and jews and latinos nakedly discuss and pursue their interests.

    No matter who McCain picked I would not vote for his ticket, because he leads it, and I know full well what he stands for: open borders and endless wars to extend and protect globalism. Likewise Obama.

  6. Well said VA. The Palins can accept their situation and voters can support Sarah without endorsing or celebrating illegitimacy.

    Rusty makes a valid and separate point that true conservatives would oppose a mother neglecting the job she is best adapted for to take on a job men are best adapted for. Though I’d rather see Sarah Palin take the job over any of the three men involved – even if she had to leave five screaming babies at home to do so – I’d much prefer to see Buchanan or Paul take the job over Palin.

    But who are we kidding? This circus is to elect a figurehead. The plutocrats pull the strings, including which figureheads we get to vote for.

    ST. PAUL, Minn. | Sarah Palin displays an Israeli flag in her governor’s office in Juneau, even though she has never been to the country, and attends Protestant evangelical churches that consider the preservation of the state of Israel a biblical imperative.

    Her faith makes her a favorite with the staunchly pro-Israel neoconservative elements in the Republican Party.

    But other Republicans may be concerned that a John McCain-Sarah Palin administration will disregard the caution of former President George H.W. Bush and some of his top advisers and continue the tilt toward Israel.

    Most Republicans and conservatives outside Alaska know little about Mrs. Palin’s foreign policy views – on Israel or anything else.

    But Tucker Eskew, who holds the title of counselor to Mrs. Palin in the McCain-Palin campaign, left no doubt where she stands.

    “She would describe herself as a strong supporter of Israel’s, with an understanding of Israel’s fear of an Iran in possession of nuclear weapons,” Mr. Eskew told The Washington Times.

    In June, Mrs. Palin told ministry students at her former church that in going to war with Iraq, the United States is “on a task that is from God,” the Associated Press reported.

  8. tanstaafl,

    Auster is a regular ass-clown that thinks that an Obama victory in November ( for in reality, Palin withdrawing her nomination at this point), is a a good thing.

    Thank Christ Lawrence Auster has a small following and no influence on American politics.

    Lawrence Auster could destroy conservatism faster than any other charlatan that he accuses, could ever do.

    The swing Supreme seat is in play with Kennedy, who doubtfully can survive another 4 years of the GOP, and Auster, Mr. “Traditional Conservative”, does not acknowledge this in deflection to Palin being “trailor trash” and conceding to “Laura”, a commenter at his infrequently traveled site.

    His search link brought me to your blog, you anti-semite (according to Auster and Auster alone)

    Even the American Jews were savvy enough to outcast this intellectual midget.



    P.S. see you at JW I am sure.

    P.P.S. Auster is a habitual liar.

  9. I just can’t get exited about this election in any shape, manner, or form. Sarah Palin, good or bad, makes no difference. She would only be a vice president, under a liberal, and I don’t think McCain can win anyway. I believe the election is a total sham. The Jews control the US government and their aim is to continue to use our armed forces to defend Israel against the Muslims, so they don’t have to. I just watched a recently made internet film which is the best I’ve seen and it makes many compelling arguments and names the names of the many duplicitous American Jews who are currently committing treason against the US. I hope this film will help all of you as much as this site has helped me understand the danger whites are facing.

  10. Look what we have here.

    Once again Auster runs to Canadian leftist Ken Hechtman for his opinion on the death of the West. Auster really really wants to get his opinion. A day wouldn’t be complete without having to hear a marxist opinion on American events.

    Mr. Hechtman writes:

    “So what all this means for us is we need to declare victory and go home. The feminist movement and the gay movement, they’ve achieved the sane half of what they wanted. It’s time for some UN-sponsored DDR, that’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration.”

    Auster does not respond to this extreme statement. Says nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    Curious how Mr. Hechtman isn’t instantly shunned by Auster as he would, say, somebody he perceives to be on the far right.

    As a matter of fact, Auster goes out of his way to assure Mr. Hechtman that; “I won’t let that happen; any responses to you will be on substance, not on you personally.”

    This proves that Auster values marxist opinion on American events. He even runs to a Canadian marxist to put a cherry on top. He does not treat the evil marxists as he does anyone who he perceives to be “Nazi.” Even though historical fact shows that marxism is evil and wishes for the destruction of everything the West stands for, this is one ideology Auster treats as logical and one that deserves a public forum.

    Auster is a hypocrite and a liar. He would only be consistent if he treated hardcore marxists with the same contempt he shows for “anti-Semites” or paleo-cons. The (unspoken) reason he doesn’t is that Auster knows that 98% of his jewish brethren are marxists.

  11. One thing I want to clarify about the above post.

    When Hechtman writes:

    “So what all this means for us is we need to declare victory and go home. The feminist movement and the gay movement, they’ve achieved the sane half of what they wanted. It’s time for some UN-sponsored DDR, that’s Disarmament, Demobilization and Re-Integration.”

    The reason I call this extreme is because it is a lie and full of deceit. Anyone with even a remote understanding of marxism knows it. Hechtman is playing BS. He knows damn well that the marxists are far from finished with Whites.

    Auster knows that the marxists will never “pull back” and Auster should have called him out on it. Marxism, with its (jewish) paranoia will not be quenched until the West is destroyed. Auster knows this.

  12. I noted in an 11 August update here that in this post Auster indirectly recognizes who Hechtman is:

    You think that Muslims are like Jews–which is the ultimate, unforgivable delusion of Jewish left-liberals and right-liberals.

    His reader Sam B concurs:

    Mr. Hechtman is likely a nominal (secular) Jew, and the rest falls into place

    The rest falls into place indeed, for both Hechtman and Auster. I noted when I first made this contrast how this post reveals the common ground between “Ken H” and Auster. Whatever their differences about the West, they both detest anti-semites.

    You can see the same phenomena time and time again at VFR. Auster will immediately bristle or attack anyone who expresses certain strains of thought he perceives as anti-jewish or anti-israel, but will defend or copy/paste without objection the comments of those who express flatly anti-White sentiments.

    Thanks for that link to the continuing saga Zog Nation.

    Briefly, the culture war is over and we won. – Ken Hechtman

    It would help if more Whites understood, as most jews already do, that “the culture war” is a centuries long jewish-led war waged against the once dominant but now retreating Puritan/Victorian/WASP/Whites who used to control the West. Jewish emancipation (pathologization of anti-semitism) begat women’s sufferage (pathologization of sexism), the 1924 and 1965 assaults on indigenous Whites (pathologization of xenophobism), civil rights (pathologization of racism), gay rights (pathologization of homophobism). Today’s Western leadership seems divided between the conflicting jewish concerns for islamophobism and global war on israel’s enemies. From pathologization they have proceeded to criminalization.

    The culture war has been a long war of attrition, fought mostly via subversion. Zog Nation is correct to say that it is not over. The assault continues.

    As I noted previously, in the GoV exchange “[j]ust so that people can understand where Tanstaafl is coming from” Auster narrowly interpreted my opinion that the West would not be lost or saved without bloodshed, and then linked it to how he imagines I accuse him of not being an anti-semite. In doing so he clearly demonstrates the strength of his pro-jewish bigotry, which is what I actually noted about him.

    We get a glimpse of Auster’s ideal world – where we’re heading as the “culture war” grinds on – when he calls for GoV to condemn and censor his critics, including me, while simultaneously publishing without condemnation at his own site the opinions of Hechtman, the “nominal (secular) Jew” who wants to “destroy everything the West and the Western peoples have been”.

    If Auster thinks “the West” includes jews it would be reasonable to expect him to react even more negatively to Hechtman than he does to me. The explanation, I think, is that “the West”, like “white”, does not necessarily include jews when jews use the phrase. It is similar when muslims decry “terrorism” even though they know Whites interpret the word differently. Either of these observations is bitterly denounced as “racism”, but this is standard reaction of liars to truth.

    What is visible in the contrast between Auster’s reaction to Hechtman versus his reaction to me is this: Auster understands Hechtman to desire the destruction of the specifically White, Christian West. We know this because if Auster perceived Hechtman to oppose any jewish portion of “the West” then he would be acting at least as fruitloopy toward Hechtman as he does toward me for opposing the jewish portion of the White Christian West’s destroyers.

  13. I don’t think Auster or Hechtman or very many other jews believe the death of the West means the death of jews as well. Surely they know some will die, and there will be hard times for many more. But they also know their history. For some 4 millenia jews have survived the death of their host societies, including Babylon, Assyria, pharaonic Egypt, Rome, caliphate/andalusia, czarist Russia, as well as dozens of smaller collapses and revolutions. They’ve also survived a long list of forced expulsions and pogroms. In short, jews are well adapted to such turmoil.

    They are definitely not blind to the turmoil. Their feelings toward the West are simply mixed. Though they wield disproportionate power today the West’s history is, from their point of view, a long tale of oppression and injustice delivered on them by savage and ignorant Euros driven mad with jealousy by jewish success.

    Israel Shamir and Norman Finkelstein are forthright jewish critics of jewish excesses.

  14. No matter who McCain picked I would not vote for his ticket, because he leads it, and I know full well what he stands for: open borders and endless wars to extend and protect globalism. Likewise Obama.

    Obama will be ushered into war and globalization but I don’t think he stands for those on principle, certainly not the way McCain does.

    If immigration is of “paramount” concern for you, then Obama would be way better. Democrats won’t oppose McCain on amnesty; Republicans will oppose Obama on it. Obama helps in sharpening the racial divide, too, despite what deluded post-racial liberals believe. Obama is bad in a good way; McCain is bad in a horrible, horrible way.

  15. Any vote for either of the globalist candidates is an endorsement of globalism.

    I will write somebody in or not vote at all. If enough people did that even the corrupt media would have to admit that the current regime is illegitimate. More likely the media would continue to refuse to admit that and thereby lose their own influence.

    As long as Whites continue to play the partisan shell game, thinking they may only choose between slow extermination and fast, we will continue to lose political power and ultimately will be exterminated.

  16. Of course, when either is elected, our troops will continue on in the ME. The Jews who run our government will see to that. Someone must protect Israel from the Muslim masses. Muslims grow ever stronger because of limitless oil revenues. Brainwashed, indoctrinated, Americans, who by now must believe that Israel is as American as NYC, or Washington, demand it be defended. Obama had to show good faith towards Israel and he did so by selecting a Zionist for his running mate.

    Somehow, I don’t see how Biden works in the “change” mantra. And McCain, besides wanting our country inundated by third worlders, is and has always been, a neocon tool. Palin is just baggage.

  17. So Grizzly Palin isn’t the great white christian hope? No “write-in” for me, Tan, a simple non vote on the presidential and vp lines. I would love to see a high turnout and low national voting returns.

    VA – ugly gossip is just that. What decisons they make are theirs, but a VP candidate will have them aired out. “And kids do make bad choices, even when they have good parenting and a solid upbringing.” I have no idea whether they are good parents or not, whether their professional lives have created conditions of rebellion, whether a special needs child is putting strain on the family, but, evidently abstinence only (or “first”) didn’t work with this kid. – nothing new here. Except, I see the “planes hitting the WTC” are no longer in question. Did you ever opine that the Admin’s (fed, state and local) are independently covering up their incompetence by tying up loose ends in neat packages? Seems far more plausible than a grand conspiracy.

  18. Auster (Jan 2006) on those who hate the White Christian West and why:

    If the opportunity were offered to them, they would much prefer to be the retainers and attendants of a Muslim Caliph of Europe, no longer having to carry the unwanted and disliked burden of Western-ness and white-ness, but serving in a subordinate though still useful and honorable role in a new Islamic Golden Age. They would be happier and more fulfilled that way.

    Auster pins this accusation on “Christians and Jews”. But it isn’t White Christian (or pagan, or atheist) Europeans who consider their subordinate role under muslim rule a “golden age”. That is a uniquely jewish view.

    Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/10/2008 said…
    Aside from Mr. Rubin getting the year wrong for the 911 events, he apparently believes that people are so naive that they believe the official narrative of 911.

    It is absurd to believe that the airlines were sufficient to cause the destruction at the World Trade Center.
    “If you look at footage of the fall of each Tower–footage that’s available on many sites online-you can see several phenomena that can’t be explained by the building’s potential gravitational energy. The acronym of E. P. V. S. S. helps to break down the phenomena that you can see. E for Explosiveness–the instantaneous, violent, horizontal thrust of matter at the very start of each Tower’s destruction. P for Pulverization–90,000 tons of concrete slabs in each Tower blown to 100-micron particles instantaneously. V for Velocity–steel beams shot sideways as far as 500 feet at 100-feet-per-second early in each Tower’s fall. One S for Speed–the rate at which the Towers fell, a rate close to free-fall, a rate identical for both matter falling through the footprint area of those 47 central steel columns and falling through the air outside each Tower’s footprint area. And the last S for Symmetry–each Tower plummeting straight-down like a disintegrating elevator instead of toppling as dozens of other skyscrapers have in earthquakes.” –
    Don Paul

    9/11/2008 3:40 AM

    latté island said…
    As much as I support free speech for all, the above troll is merely annoying without contributing anything to this conversation.

    9/11/2008 4:33 AM said…
    Latté island,
    Facts are stubborn things. Pity you cannot deal with them.

    9/11/2008 7:21 AM

    dymphna said… —

    Your theories remind me of the old saying: “we grow to deserve whatever it is we need to believe”.

    What you describe as “facts” are simply theories. They are your particular notions, derived from the writer you quote.

    Or maybe you did a first-hand inspection for months of the Ground Zero site, the crater in Pennsylvania, and the destruction at the Pentagon? At the very least, this up close investigation must have taken you more than a year, right?

    The collapse of the Towers was not “instantaneous”, as you claim. Nor do your theories address what happened in D.C. and Pennsylvania, not to mention all the ancillary evidence left by the 9/11 murderers…going all the way back to Germany, where they began plotting this.

    Latté Island is correct: you are being annoying. If you continue on this subject, I’ll delete any further comments. We don’t need or want troofer material degrading the comments section of our blog.

    I have seen other bloggers tell you this and so I will add my voice to the chorus — go get your own blog. You can build your cloud castles there.

    You’re free to believe that little gremlins lurking in the basements of the Twin Towers set off explosives. Whatever makes your clock tick…Just don’t indulge those fantasies out loud on this blog again.

    No more comments about the Twin Towers. None. Nada.

    Consider yourself warned, teach.

  20. The collapse of the Towers was not “instantaneous”, as you claim. Nor do your theories address what happened in D.C. and Pennsylvania, not to mention all the ancillary evidence left by the 9/11 murderers…going all the way back to Germany, where they began plotting this.

    It’s amazing how unreflective people can be. All the “evidence” is hearsay evdence coming from the mouths of the prime suspects.

  21. Teach
    Even BT knows the tooth fairy filed chapter 11 after Black Monday ’87 (I’ve heard Santa is leveraged with Lehman stock) and we parents have had to pony up the pillow $$$ since then.

    With that said, the buildings didn’t topple “as dozens of other skyscrapers have in earthquakes.” for the simple reason there was no earthquake and most intelligent people recognize the forces generated by an earthquake move the building from side to side (hence toppling). We can sit around and play debunk 911Truth, but it’s been done – very well I might add (with exception to the Pentagon, still some cloud cover there – [cue serious music here]). If you want to criminalize the Admin there are several other ways to point it out.

  22. No problem, Teach. It just never occurs to people that the government is the prime suspect, and all the “evidence” they’ve been given comes from that same suspect.

  23. Jewish privilege is being able to make a living by openly displaying genocidal disgust and contempt for Whites, as Tim Wise so clearly demonstrates.

  24. captain jack aubrey said…

    Americans today are told that their children have no more right to this country than the child of someone from Guadalajara or Guangdong. Why die for such a place? No one washes a rental car, no one bleeds for a rental country….

    It was always a dumb idea to try to suggest that you could strengthen a First World economy with a Third World population – a bit like that John Belushi video where he’s an Olympic champion who breakfasts on chocolate donuts and Marlboros.

  25. Sarah Palin Gets Protection From Witches

    Wasilla Washington Assembly of God Church

    A pastor visiting from Kiambu, Kenya named Thomas Muthee who gained fame within Pentecostal circles by claiming that he defeated a local witch, Mama Jane, in a great spiritual battle, blesses Sarah Palin.

    Muthee’s mounting stardom took him to Wasilla Assembly of God in May, 2005, where he prayed over Palin and called upon Jesus to propel her into the governor’s mansion — and beyond. Muthee also implored Jesus to protect Palin from “the spirit of witchcraft.”

    Sarah Palin appears at 7 minutes and 20 seconds.

  26. Jewish voters may be wary of Palin because “Palin’s church, the Wasilla Bible Church, gave its pulpit over to a figure viewed with deep hostility by many Jewish organizations: David Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus.”

    It’s been fascinating observing the double standards applied to Obama and Palin regarding experience, illegitimacy, and their churches.

    I’d like to see either one of them answer questions about immigration. How about some of that? Is there anyone in the media who remembers the public outcry about immigration a little more than a year ago? Why is it not being mentioned during this election?

  27. I believe that I’ve read somewhere (maybe in MacDonald) that American Jews lobbied successfully some years ago to be exempt from declaring their religion in the national census. Maybe that’s not quite right, but they did mess with the census in some fashion in order to better conceal their numbers.

    Where does the oft repeated meme on WN sites that “Jews are 2% of the population” actually come from? There’s never any accreditation or citation for this figure and I’m curious who came up with this demographic and when? I think there may be more Jews in this country than assumed.

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