More Bile for Helen Thomas, From Women

Semitism trumps feminism. Imagine that.

Breaking: Helen Thomas retires, effective immediately, by Kim Priestap, “a Ronald Reagan conservative”, with a strong concern for Israel’s well-being:

From this day forward, Ms. Thomas will no longer be a part of the White House Press Corps. While I expect nothing less than than a fawning send off from her adoring colleagues in the media, to much of America she will be long remembered, not for her reporting and breaking of the glass ceiling for women in journalism, but for her irrepressible anger and hatred for Israel and the Jews. It’s a pathetic way to end a career, but in Helen Thomas’s case, a fitting one.

For me, Helen’s words brought back memories from my tour of the National Holocaust Museum in DC. It’s important to note that the Nazis didn’t just suddenly round up and gas the Jews out of nowhere. It was part of a long and effective strategy of government sanctioned anti-Jewish text books, children’s storybooks, public posters, and print and radio propaganda designed to generate enough public distrust of and anger toward the Jews that it caused the German people, unaware of the Nazi government’s ultimate goal, to marginalize them.

Priestap is so concerned for jews that she hasn’t noticed that today it is Whites who are targeted for marginalization by virtually all Western governments.

Priestap links Helen Thomas Retires, by black “conservative” La Shawn Barber:

Helen Thomas’s comments that Jews should leave Israel and go back to Poland and Germany were especially weighty for me, as I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading and watching documentaries about WWII and the Holocaust. I guess she forgot that Jews fled Poland and Germany to escape Nazi death camps, and suggesting they “go back” invoked Holocaust images.

I was sad and enraged when I saw a photo of naked Jewish women walking to a mass grave to be shot, and one carried a newborn. I’ve seen lots of Holocaust photos, but that one in particular brought the tragedy into focus. According to a book on the subject, Nazi’s sometimes buried the babies alive with their dead mothers, instead of shooting them.

The moral of this token’s little testimonial: jewish propaganda even works on blacks.

Priestap also links Leftists Cheerfully Defend Helen Thomas’ Anti-Semitism, which embeds a longer version of the Thomas interview, Helen Thomas Complete (original). Thomas uses the same argument as the jews who have accused her of being ignorant of history: “Why push people out of there who have lived there for centuries?” The leftist “defense” is that Thomas is offering friendly advice to young jewish journos – she probably thought it was safe to speak her mind because, “some of my best friends are jews” and “after all, some of them have said the same thing”.

The right’s Helen Thomas hypocrisy, by Gabriel Winant at

In much the same way that some of us on the left are fond of calling out racism among conservatives, right-wing commentators love little more than lobbing the accusation of anti-Semitism back our way. Normally, they aim way too wide, and wing a bunch of people who are plainly just reasonable critics of Israel. (As someone who’s unmistakably Jewish in person, but lacks a particularly Jewish last name, I especially enjoy blogging about Israel and getting called a Jew-hater in the comments. On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a Heeb.)

For once, though, conservatives are piling up on someone who really did cross some kind of line.

Oddly enough, when jews aren’t nervously trying to pass they’re shoving their jewishness in your face.

Helen Thomas: When An Icon Disappoints, by Irin Carmon at Jezebel, “an Israeli-born Jew, whose European grandparents and great-grandparents were among the few in their families to survive Nazi genocide because they were Zionists in what was then known as Palestine”:

There may be only one Helen Thomas — who refused to follow the script for a woman, who has pushed back at every single president since Eisenhower, and who has now disappointed a lot of us. But maybe we’ve moved to a point where she no longer has to stand in for all loudmouthed, fearless women. There have been plenty of firsts and seconds and thirds since then, so even though she is harder for me to admire now, I hope that we no longer need her as badly.

No longer need her as badly? I think we all know what that really means is Carmon wants to ship Thomas to a concentration camp.

Why Helen Thomas and Not Rush Limbaugh? (crossposted at HuffPo), by Joanne “PunditMom” Bamberger:

I don’t condone in any way what she said about calling for the Jewish people to get out of Palestine or the way that she said it. It was a horrible and thoughtless comment and there should be consequences when someone who is supposed to be an objective journalist not only inserts themselves into a news story, but also does it in an offensive and inexcusable way.

But I have to ask — why does Helen have to “resign” but others who have done similar things get to keep their jobs?

Like, say, Rush Limbaugh?

Or Sean Hannity?

Or Glenn Beck?

Or Bill O’ Reilly?

If forced resignation is good enough for someone who’s actually contributed to real journalism, then it ought to be good enough for those who work for “news” organizations with an agenda when they cross that kind of not-so-fine line of offensiveness.

But I suppose in this day and age of opinion news, as long as the offenders are making money for their bosses, it will get excused. If Helen Thomas had been working for FOX News, she’d probably still have a job.

Sure, because in PunditMom’s fevered imagination Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O’Reilly, and FOX are clearly “anti-semitic”. Why might she imagine that? Well here’s PunditMom on Surviving My Mixed Marriage:

My husband and I are very different in many ways.

He’s a city boy and I’m a farm girl. I’m Protestant and he’s Jewish.

The Helen Thomas media blitz: She got fired for WHAT?!, by Meryl Yourish:

It’s a rare person that actually came out and criticized Thomas without pretending that she made her remarks because she’s old or angry. The remarks are sheer Jew-hatred, nothing less. Jews’ millennia-old ties to the land of Israel are utterly discounted by Thomas, who chooses to use the fiction that Israel was a country created specifically by and for Holocaust survivors.

Meryl Yourish is:

a former New Jerseyan who now resides in Virginia. She is a former liberal who now considers herself center-left, and has been the SNN token woman and token feminist since almost the beginning of the podcast.

Since moving to Virginia she has voted twice for Republican presidential candidates, purchased a handgun and a rifle (and knows how to shoot them), and spends most Fourth of July holidays at Fort Lee in Petersburg. Zionism and finding media bias are Meryl’s two specialties, as well as delivering as much juvenile scorn as a subject will stand. Meryl blogs about Jewish and Israeli issues at

Losing Helen Thomas, by Rachel Sklar at Mediaite (whose alter ego, when she’s in a lighter mood, is Lady Jew-Ga whose “biggest hit” is Bad Shiksa):

It’s not enough to have spent a lifetime being an awesome, trailblazing journalistic and feminist icon. Because longer still than the shadow cast by such a great career is the one cast by the Holocaust.

The verdict is in. People who love Israel and love jews hate Helen Thomas.

15 thoughts on “More Bile for Helen Thomas, From Women”

  1. As a European I cannot believe this is happening in the States. I have always admired the USA for its protection of free speech and the right to own guns. Where is your Ist ammendment?
    If the USA can go down this route ,what happens to the rest of us? Your country sounds like he old Jew -comtrolled USSR. Soon you’ll he having fake trials,pogroms etc.Neighbours denouncing each other for anti-semitism, hate speech,etc.

  2. “by Kim Priestap, “a Ronald Reagan conservative”, with a strong concern for Israel’s well-being”

    In other words, she is a Christian Zionist.

  3. The phony fake “left” *always* bows down to Jews and the Zionist regime in Palestine. For leftist neo-commies, “anti-war” simply means pro-war for so-called “Israel”

    Obama is in Tel Aviv’s pocket, and the idiot conservatives think he’s an illegal muslim who hates Israel.

    The “left” loved Helen Thomas just up until she dared to mention the Zionists. They did the same to Jim Moran in 2003 – they even attacked his Jewish supporters.

    Israel is right now threatening multiple countries with terrorism and nuclear “incidents” that’s a fact.

  4. Bravo Helen Thomas,
    It takes one gutsy old lady to speak the truth. Helen you remind me of another gutsy old lady who said Hell No I won’t sit at the back of the bus.

    Finally an American journalist says what the rest of the world knows, that Palestine is an occupied county. And by people of the world I mean the peoples of Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    We all feel sorry for you living in the USA, as your media is not unbiased or free.

    The greatest holocaust in History took place in the Americas, over 60 Million American Indians slaughtered and their land stolen.

    And Yes Australia, we have our own shameful past with the holocaust of the Aboriginal people.

    But unlike America, Australian’s and our media acknowledge the past and encourage all our citizens to acknowledge the truth, and as a people we say “Never Again”

    Israel and its American backers seem to say “Never Again…to us” and seem set upon revenge, and attack anyone who dare suggest that the King has no clothes.

  5. If forced resignation is good enough for someone who’s actually contributed to real journalism, then it ought to be good enough for those who work for “news” organizations….

    It’s truly amazing that these Jews can be so completely divorced from reality. It’s a pedestrian observation, but the term “‘news’ organization” describes every mainstream media outlet since Look magazine folded circa 40 years ago. Everything, everywhere in the mainstream media has been nothing but undisclosed bias for decades, and these lunatics see an inverted reality.

  6. In other words, she is a Christian Zionist.

    Which makes her a Jew. A junior Jew, maybe, but a Jew nonetheless. A Jew not by race but by religion. If you accept the “Chosen People” doctrine — the absolute bedrock of Judaism — you are a Jew. Period.

  7. What is the difference between an American white womean and an Australian aborigine?

    American white women do not normally eat their babies after they kill them.

  8. Another reason to object to Helen Thomas’ remarks is that they deny the essentially non-European character of the Jewish people. It is inherently antisemitic to hide the Jews Middle Eastern rather than European roots.

    When Helen Thomas sneers “Jews Go Home” [Darleen Click]
    … she wants people not to know they are already there.

    Pretending that Jews have no historical ties to either Jerusalem, the Temple Mount or to each other is anti-semitism.

    – Daybreaker

  9. “The greatest holocaust in History took place in the Americas, over 60 Million American Indians slaughtered and their land stolen.”

    Lol, what a load of tosh. I would like you to show me the documents that led you to your anti-American delusion. Especially since they were nowhere near that numerous to begin with. Sounds like the other ‘holoco$t’…

    As for the media bias, you need to wake up because it’s the same the world over, especially in White countries. We’re all in the same boat. Here in Canada it’s even worst than the US and so is Europe. Try to have a radio show like Michael Collins Piper or James Edward outside the US, you’ll get arrested for sure.

  10. Between 1917 and 1940 the jewish bolsheviks murdered 40 million white european christians.

  11. Excellent, Tanstaafl! The Jews are the same as they’ve always been. It’s particularly funny to see them attack “the world” aka. “the anti-semites” aka non-Jews as being crazy and against them, when in reality, as you said, it’s the Jews who are crazy and hateful.

  12. ^ Oops, that was meant to be left on your “Everybody Else is Crazy” blog.

  13. Helen Thomas, Israel and the Palestinians, by Saree Makdisi in the LAT:

    Mainstream politicians, civic leaders, university presidents and others in this country routinely express their support for Israel as a Jewish state, despite the fact that such a state only could have been created in a multicultural land by ethnically cleansing it of as many non-Jews as possible. Today, Israel is only able to maintain its Jewish identity because it has established an apartheid regime, both in the occupied territories and within its own borders, and because it continues to reject the Palestinian right of return.

    Where is the outrage about that?

    Where was the outrage in 1983 when Israeli Gen. Rafael Eitan looked forward to the day that Jews had fully settled the land, because then “all the Arabs will be able to do about it is scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle”? Or when Alan Dershowitz suggested in 2002 that Israel summarily empty and then bulldoze an entire Palestinian village as a punitive measure each time it was attacked? Or when New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman claimed in 2006 to have discovered a “pathology” that caused some Arabs to “hate others more than they love their own kids”? Or when Avigdor Lieberman (who now serves as Israel’s foreign minister) said in 2004 that Palestinian citizens of Israel should “take their bundles and get lost”? Or when Israeli professor Arnon Sofer, one of the country’s leading demographic alarmists, said that to preserve the Jewish state, Israel should pull out of Gaza, though that would require Israel to remain at the border and “kill, and kill, and kill, all day, every day”?

  14. Helen Thomas’s gift to Israel, by Joanna Weiss in The Boston Globe:

    Washington insiders have long known that Thomas was no fan of the Jewish state. But to the bulk of the public, Thomas was a harmless, prickly/cuddly, groundbreaking old lady, a sort of inverted Betty White, not a simmering font of anti-Israel sentiment.

    Now the truth is out, and to people on the sidelines of the Israel debate — especially the young American Jews whose connection to Israel is tentative at best — her words could serve as a call to action. Maybe Israel truly needs some loud and sensible defending.

    This has not been a broad sentiment among non-Orthodox American Jews under 40, says sociologist Steven M. Cohen, who studies American Jewry at Hebrew Union College. He chalks it up largely to upbringing: Though their boomer parents and grandparents were often raised in Jewish enclaves, surrounded by Jewish friends, these generations grew up in diverse communities. They were exposed to different cultures, with close friends and spouses outside the faith, Cohen says. They value multiculturalism and identify with Barack Obama’s post-racial rhetoric.

    And they feel largely removed from their parents’ paranoia, that postwar, tribal feeling that Israel was a necessary refuge because there would always be people who hated the Jews.

    Here’s a good example of jewish “post-racial rhetoric” – while jews sniff out and excoriate Whites for any situation in which too many of us do anything in our interests, the “gift” Weiss is celebrating here is for “the jews” strengthening their connections and tribal feelings.

  15. The lovely thing about exposing non-gentile behavior is they do all the work for you; if your overarching strategy is to lie like a rug, all I have to do is call attention to you and step away.

    As someone who’s unmistakably Jewish in person, but lacks a particularly Jewish last name, I especially enjoy blogging about Israel and getting called a Jew-hater in the comments. On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a Heeb

    Don’t sell yourself short sister, Winant pings my Jewdar.

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