Where Jihad and Counterjihad Agree

Farha Khaled’s Caroline Glick Cited As One of Israeli American Tipsters By Gates of Vienna Where Fjordman Appears To Be Back surveys and connects a good portion of counterjihadist dots, linking names with pseudonyms, blogs and photos.

Khaled describes herself as:

Freelance writer. Columnist for the Saudi based Arab News. My op eds focus on exposing Islamophobia.

Khaled begins her article by asserting that Gates of Vienna is a “white supremacist blog which published ‘Fjordman'”, “regularly publishing essays promoting white supremacism”. The bulk of the article goes on to associate various counterjihadist ideologues with GoV.

Here is one of the more meaty, lucid portions (links preserved):

Far right Islamophobic activists have forged alliances of convenience with radical Zionists and regard Israel as an ally, not least because they see Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as a role model for how Muslims should be treated. Hard line Zionists see it as an opportunity to lessen the growing Muslim influence in the USA or Europe which they see as detrimental to a greater Israel. Stooges like Geert Wilders are funded in the hope they can halt Muslim immigration and influence. Marginalised as they are, some European nationalist groups are willing to shed their traditional Jew hatred in an attempt to find allies, but as often happens in marriages of convenience, it doesn’t take much for cracks to appear.

Pamela Geller’s association with the EDL caused waves when Roberta Moore claimed they had Jew hating members and were not sufficiently pro Israel. In Europe, German newspaper Der Spiegel probed this alliance in ‘The Likud Connection‘ showing how some marginalized right wing populists are going the Geert Wilders way. This bizarre coupling has split the far right movement in Europe which has traditionally been anti-semitic.

The counterjihadist network Khaled analyzes is a jewish movement. It is dressed up as Westerners concerned with a defense of the West, but it is in fact dominated by jews and others whose first and foremost concerns are for the best interests of Israel and jews. There are no prominent counterjihadists who defend the best interests of Whites as a people, separate and apart from jews. While they readily distinguish jews and muslims for special consideration, positive and negative, they regard other distinctions between people as wrong, especially if race or “white” is involved. They regard any distinction of Whites from jews as roughly comparable to the threat to jews they see coming from islamization – unthinkably evil.

Khaled engages in similar doublethink, but to a different end. She blithely conflates counterjihadist bigotry in favor of jews with “white supremacism”. She carries on about “islamophobia” as if fearing or resenting being colonized and ruled by aliens is a mental disorder. Khaled has adopted and adapted characteristically jewish rhetoric. She paints her muslim Us as the helpless, blameless victims of a “hate”-filled Them, ascribing bizarre, pathological motives to Them, smearing Them collectively using guilt-by-association.

This rhetoric is fundamentally dishonest as well as bigoted. Counterjihadists see Us and Them as jews and their enemies, while Khaled sees the Us/Them divide being between muslims and their enemies. Both agree that Whites are not entitled to an identity of our own, much less to decide for ourselves who our enemies are.

Just as jews living amongst Europeans have done for centuries now, muslim intellectuals today excuse and direct attention away from their own group’s transgressions by finding fault instead in someone else. As with the apologists for jews, apologists for muslims zealously defend their own group identity and interests while moralizing against “hate” and “racism”, trying to guilt-trip Whites for expressing any kind of identity that excludes them.

Khaled finds it scandalous that Anders Breivik commented at Gates of Vienna. As it happens, Breivik took issue with Diana West’s “anti-sharia” strategy and more generally with the unwillingness of counterjihadists to face the demographic threat posed by immigration:

Why havent you or any of the other current authors on the Eurabia related issues/Islamisation of Europe (Fjordman, Spencer, Ye`or, Bostom etc.) brought up the “D” word? I assume because it is considered a fascist method in nature, which would undermine your/their work? Why would it undermine their efforts when it is the only rational conclusion, based on the above argument? As far as I know, it’s not illegal in Europe to suggest deportation as a future method when discussing future hypothetical World Orders (correct me if im wrong though, Im not 100% sure, lol)!?

The answer, as unwilling as Breivik was to face it himself, is that counterjihadism is about serving the best interests of jews. Thus the concern to not appear “fascist”, meaning “nazi”, meaning anti-jew, takes priority over the identification with or concern for the best interests of Europeans as a people. Should Europe be lost, oh well, the struggle against islamic jihad (in defense of jews) will continue elsewhere.

When Baron Bodissey republished Breivik’s comments he also linked Daniel Pipe’s apologia, Norway’s Terrorism in Context. To distinguish his position from Breivik’s Pipes quotes a similar statement from Breivik’s book:

The reason why authors on the Eurabia related issues/Islamisation of Europe — Fjordman, Spencer, [Bat] Ye’or, Bostom etc. aren’t actively discussing deportation is because the method is considered too extreme (and thus would damage their reputational shields). . . . If these authors are to [sic] scared to propagate a conservative revolution and armed resistance then other authors will have to.

The portion omitted by Pipes is telling:

This would un-doubtfully undermine their work and probably disallowing them to publish any future books. However, the warning about Islam has been repeated for more than two decades and it is apparent that 40 more years of dialogue, without action, would have a devastating effect on Europe.

Indeed. Like the other leading lights of counterjihadism, Pipes doesn’t care as much about the devastating effect on Europeans as he does about what’s best for jews.

(Thanks to Flanders for the link.)

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  1. It is so good to see a new post from you Tan, and what a brilliant one it is. I immediately shared it with a blogger I brought to your (and your readers) attention before: The Irish Savant.
    He has had an awakening of sorts, (on the jewish question) but is still desperately trying to convince his readers (and himself) of the following:

    What I do know is that there are already many influential Jews out there championing the same cause as we do – the survival of white civilisation.

    I am now waiting for a list of who these jews who champion White civilization might be? ;)


  2. Tan, It’s too late for me to check further on this tonight, but could Farha Khaled be connected with the following?:

    “Can this be related to the author, Farha Khaled?


    “Khaled Baksash, the Secretary-General of the Syrian Communist Party with his wife Wisal Farha in the early 1990s. When Bakdash died, his wife took over from 1996 until she stepped down in 2010.”

    Mary, I hope you are prepared for a very long wait!


  3. The counterjihadist network Khaled analyzes is a jewish movement. It is dressed up as Westerners concerned with a defense of the West, but it is in fact dominated by jews

    The gentile “Counterjihadis” are, almost to a man, hardliners on the Israel Question. By which I mean they are advocates of an ethnostate for Jews. They are probably more strongly dedicated to ethnosate-ism for Jews than most Jews themselves.

    I don’t understand this.

    When a David Duke or a Jared Taylor make similar meek assertions — “maybe we Europeans should have an ethnostate of two, as well?” — they immediately start flailing their arms and yelling about Nazis and “the Holocaust”.

    What causes the phenomenon of the Slobberingly-Philosemitic Gentile? I really don’t understand it.

  4. @ “What causes the phenomenon of the Slobberingly-Philosemitic Gentile? I really don’t understand it.”

    I believe that Christianity is the culprit, at least in the case of people like Baron Bodissey (see e.g., my comment here).

    Tan, your article has been reproduced at CC, here:

  5. Checar, when you say Christianity you should specify that it was the Protestants that emancipated the Jews.
    The Catholic Church tried to keep them in check for 100’s of years with Inquistions and ghettos for which they have been roundly criticised in all orthodox history books. The Orthodox had their own way of dealing with Jews. They weren’t allowed to enter certain professions.
    Besides jew -loving gentiles is a post World 2 phenomenon. You read any writer writing before WW2 such as John Buchan, Agatha Christie,Trollope, Thackery, their contempt for jews drips off the page. The only classic English writer that I know of who had sympathy for the jews was Protestant/atheist George Eliott who wrote Daniel Deronda. Of course the jews love her.
    I am very suspicious of anyone that tries to blame Christianity for jew-philia. I think you must be working for the other side. For many years Christianity kept us safe from jews. It is since Europe abandoned Christianity for godless materialism that the jews have become all powerful. All the 109 regions that successfully expelled jews were Catholic or Orthodox; Spain being the best example.

  6. @ “Chec[h]ar, when you say Christianity you should specify that it was the Protestants that emancipated the Jews… Spain being the best example.”

    No: I mean Christianity itself. And Spain is precisely the paradigm why I blame it. New Spain covered vast territories of what the US is today. And Catholic New Spaniards screw it horribly by marrying Indians thru three whole centuries.

    It’s precisely the fact that New Spain was Judenfrei what moves me to blame Christianity for the nefarious mestization I see every day (see my recent blog entry).

  7. Assaf comments:

    There are not enough people doing the work of combating Islamophobia in the English-language blogosphere. So in that sense, I appreciate and applaud your work on this issue in recent months.

    But it is not completely clear where you are coming from. This is a progressive site. Even though there is no “thought police” at the entrance, there is community moderation. Participants who believe (for example) that either the Israelis or the Palestinians are inherently illegitimate, or express other prejudices and are unwilling to learn from their mistakes – tend not to survive here for too long.

    Your diary seems unable to differentiate between Zionism and far-right ideology. It is true that the right-wing has dominated Zionism’s trajectory in recent decades, but they are still not one and the same, and Zionism also has a well-established, in fact longer progressive tradition. It might not be the 2010’s globally aware progressivism we’d like to see, but it’s still not right-wing.

    If you were more careful to talk, say, about “radical right-wing Zionists” rather than “radical Zionist”, it would have been better for everyone, most of all yourself.

    Khaled responds:

    The article is about how right wing Zionists and conservative Islamophobes seek to influence the voter base by fomenting Islamophobia. The three mentioned above are Israeli Americans. Caroline Glick for example claims she left the USA for Israel because of all the anti-semitism she faced. Therefore it is perfectly reasonable to question whether she and her ilk has the welfare of the USA at heart when she claims that Israel/America face the same threat,

    If that were so, why the links to white supremacists, and Islamophobes whilst accusing others of being nazis and anti semites simply because they do not support tthe radical Zionist agenda? Note how these accusations are dropped when they do support the agenda.

    Why do the three Israeli Americans above have links with Gates of Vienna but not David Duke or the Ku Klux? Answer: Gates of Vienna supports the radical Zionist agenda.

    I didn’t know that about Glick.

    Assaf reiterates:

    You are using some rather insensitive language. If you google “radical Zionist”, you get mostly to conspiracy-theory or even anti-Semitic sites.

    There is no such thing as “radical Zionist” per se. There can be radical right-wing Zionism or radical left-wing Zionism, which are on most issues polar opposites and bitter rivals to each other.

    Also, the suggestion that in carrying out the Iraq war Bush-Cheney were only puppets of a Jewish, or Zionist, cabal, is an indicator for similar political circles (conspiracy-theorists and anti-Semites).

    This is a good example of what I mean by “rhetoric [which] is fundamentally dishonest as well as bigoted”. Here is the convoluted verbal dance of a synthetic, self-righteous Us condemning a prejudiced and inherently illegitimate Them for having the audacity to engage in Us/Them thinking. Disingenuous sparks fly between the jew obsessed with “anti-semitism” and the muslim obsessed with “islamophobia” both concerned about “radicals” who advocate in favor of their own kind.

    I’m guessing that, unlike Glick, both Assaf and Khaled have instead choosen to live in diaspora among the Whites they so despise.

  8. Farha Khaled | Facebook

    Doubling-down on her ZOGginess, the most recent entry links and quotes White man’s burden – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News:

    The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. Two of them, journalists William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer, say it’s possible. But another journalist, Thomas Friedman (not part of the group), is skeptical

    The “white supremacist” conspiracy goes straight to the top. Neoconservatives and counterjihadists agree: it is the White man’s burden to war for the jews. As “white supremacist” Fjordman put it, Why Israel’s Struggle Is Our Struggle, Too.

  9. This is what I posted at the C-C clon of this article by Tan (comment still awaiting moderation):

    I was involved in counter-jihadism for a little more than a year and can say that Pipes is not exactly right. Sometimes GoV-ers did in fact speak about mass deportation; of assassination of selected imams, and even of nuking Mecca. El inglés actually wrote a controversial article about genocide at GoV, not advocating genocide of Muslims: only predicting it in the future history of Europe.

    What Tanstaafl got right is that counter-jihadism looks indeed like a Jewish movement. Although Kevin MacDonald doesn’t mention it, the CofC model is pretty handy to understand counter-jihadism, especially because counter-jihad “star” Fjordie deceived all of us for so many years. Fjordman implied he was a pure Viking and wrote stuff like: “They [the Israelis] are fighting our war” when in fact he should have said “You [gentiles] are fighting our war in Iraq. How nice of you! Thanks”, etc.

    Robert Spencer is fully Semitic, though he’s a Christian. Pamela Geller is a Jewess. Geert Wilders, married to a Jewess and who has visited Israel dozens of times and the “Barons” at GoV are philo-Semitic to an embarrassing degree. See how I castigate the Baron’s irrational philo-Semitism in my blog here.

    But why, if the Barons and Wilders are pure whites? I blame Christian meta-ethics for their deranged philo-Semitism. Let me quote again what I recently quoted in another C-C thread because I omitted to say that the author I question was a GoV-er:


    There are several reasons why Christianity leads to secularism in its latter phases. Secular Christianity has thrown out god and Christ, but keeps the Christian ethics (inversion of values etc.). And the Christian ethics actually gets heightened and unfettered in Secular Christianity. (I have written much about that in my blog.) With Christ as part of the equation, the Christian ethics of the Gospels became balanced. Humans were seen as imperfect and it was Christ who covered for us with his self-sacrifice. In Secular Christianity each person has to be like Jesus himself, doing self-sacrifice, since there’s no other way to realize Christian ethics.


    For context about this quotation, see my collection of comments in one of GoV’s most politically incorrect threads, here.

  10. My guess is that Robert Spencer and anyone else in the upper echelons of “counter-jihad” is either a Jew, married to a Jew, or has some Jewish blood. That stuff is similar enough in form to genuine nationalism that Jews aren’t going to trust any goyim in a position of leadership lest they, you know, pull a Tanstaafl.

  11. Khaled’s real problem is that she spoke some truth about one faction of the jews, and exposed them publically. That is enough reason for most jews now to mistrust her. I suspect that there is a certain faction of jews who do still trust her.

    There is no such thing as a “right-wing of jewry”. All jews are leftists. They merely attempt to set the bottom line parameters for what is to be considered “an acceptable” “conservatism” for everyone else. Those bottom line parameters are always temporary, and anyone failing to heed the PC lines are cast into jew purgatory.

    After that level of “conservatism” (which is not conservatism at all in an American sense) is established as the PC bottom line, then that line is drawn increasingly to the left – but it is again classified as being “conservatism” by all the jewish hasbara on all sides.

    Khaled actually did a good job, if her links are followed, in exposing that so-called “right-wing” jewish faction. What she missed is the most important jewish faction. Those are the networks of jews who work to import the “immigrants” into our White countries. They do that by setting up the legal guidelines beforehand so that those in “governments” take the heat. Appropriate, I suppose, since that is what the jews pay the politicians in our countries to do.

    So far as “Zionist” goes, it’s just another term, along with so many others, to hide the dialecticals that jewry are using to control all major segments of thought and conversation in order to direct all levels of the thought of targeted populations into being useful to jewry and Israel. This may be more clear after reading some about that other side of jewry, the “importers”, at my comment at TFT.


    “Why is an Arab Muslim author not decrying and finding out the reasons for the mass exodus of muslims who are being drawn into Europe, the UK, and America? Why do such authors not attack the jewish networks who are leading the Arabs and Muslims away from their historic ancestral Islamic lands and into our White countries?”

  12. I always thought E. Michael Jones had the best explanation for “slobberingly philosemitic gentiles.” It makes the most sense to me.

    When Protestants broke from the Catholic Church they lost all touch with the sacred. So they turned to the only Biblically “sacred” thing out in the world to worship – the Jews. If there are two poles and you are repelled by the one you will naturally be drawn to the other.

  13. Tan, Do you have moderation set on my comments? I’ve tried to get one to publish several times and it isn’t doing. If you do, that’s ok, but I just need to know, and if you don’t we both need to know.


  14. “Why is an Arab Muslim author not decrying and finding out the reasons for the mass exodus of muslims who are being drawn into Europe, the UK, and America? Why do such authors not attack the jewish networks who are leading the Arabs and Muslims away from their historic ancestral Islamic lands and into our White countries?”

    I think Khaled is part of the exodus. Alienated by the aliens they live among, such muslim intellectuals follow the example set by jews, apologizing for their own kind by blaming the aliens. Imagine what it must be like to know that the better life for yourself and your family is living amongst the “jew haters” and “islamophobes” rather than in “historic ancestral lands” among your own kind. The embarassment this causes them squirts out as resentment toward us – especially those of us who recognize that they aren’t us.

    As Khaled revealed in her exchange with Assaf:

    The article is about how right wing Zionists and conservative Islamophobes seek to influence the voter base by fomenting Islamophobia.

    This indicates her main concern is with the best interests of her group here in the West rather than the causes of their migration.

    Likewise Fear Inc. Exposes the Recession-proof Islamophobia Industry, reviewing an even more jewy network partially overlapping the counterjihad network.

    Likewise Bat Ye’or and The Dhimmitude of Eurabia, which concludes:

    Feigning a concern for Europe’s supposed demise into ‘dhimmitude’, Ye’or’s real agenda becomes apparent. In her sanctimonious, holier than thou diatribes addressed to the ignorant, dhimmified, Jew hating Europeans, Bat Ye’or unwittingly shows herself to be the very antithesis of those same virtues she claims Europeans have abandoned.

    Ye’or’s real agenda is to serve the best interests of her people. Just like Khaled. Neither one cares about the best interests of Whites, in Europe or anywhere else.

  15. What causes the phenomenon of the Slobberingly-Philosemitic Gentile? I really don’t understand it.

    I am British, and I went through a months-long anti-jihadist phase, and at the time (embarrasingly enough) the rabid philosemitism of the movement rubbed off on me.

    I am not a Christian, and I suspect many other gentile anti-jiadists are not either, but I would not dispute that Christianity has a part to play here. Plus, as has been noted already, many of those who finance or take part in the anti-jihadist movement are jewish themselves.

    Beyond that, I think the hysterical attitudes of many gentile anti-jihadists are partly a result of the confusion that results from a partial awakening. Most gentile anti-jihadists were once just regular liberals until they started to sense a threat (from islam) to their “way of life”. They then latched on to the first movement that seemed to deal with the issue, and they just won’t let go. They are so convinced that they have come to an understanding of the political world that regular liberals lack (which in some sense is true) that they refuse to accept that they themselves are being manipulated. Plus, I think they miss the complacency and self-assurance that comes with being a regular liberal, which helps explain why they are so resistant to being educated further. It is more comforting for them to believe this is all about “values” and that at least some parts of the mainstream media are close to being on their side. Plus, some of their inconsistencies are so glaring (complaining about halal and taqqiya but not kosher and the kol nidre; condemning ethnocentrism but supporting the ethnostate of israel) that they resort to extreme defensiveness to avoid facing up to them.

    In addition to the glaring inconsistencies, some of the other propaganda the anti-jihadists have swallowed is perhaps easier to understand. Israel is largely populated by people who were once European or American citizens, or their descendants; it is a small country; and jews are vastly outnumbered in this world by muslims. And of course in the minds of the anti-jihadists (as in the minds of so many others, unfortunately) the last time “we” in the West faced a threat to “our way of life”, “we” were saved when the “anti-semites” were defeated.

    For a further glimpse at (apparent) gentiles promoting non-religious philosemitic anti-jihadism (if you can stomach it) see http://markhumphrys.com/ and http://dangerouslysubversivedad.blogspot.com/2006/10/thats-it-you-lost-me-right-there.html

  16. I don’t understand the anti-Jijhadist position. I mean if your leaders are welcoming the Muslims to inundate your countries, your problem isn’t the Muslims, really. It’s based on a monstrous fallacy and I’d call is blatant misdirection if their weren’t so many smart people in that camp.

  17. Alex,

    Thanks for your input.

    @ “Plus, some of their inconsistencies are so glaring… that they resort to extreme defensiveness to avoid facing up to them.”

    You got it exactly right. What strikes me the most about Eduard S. May (a.k.a., “Baron Bodissey”) is that he has banned commenters in his Gates of Vienna only because they posted comments in an Age of Treason thread critical of Jew-blind counter-jihad! That is, even if those commenters behave and don’t break the rules at GoV, they’re still banned. Such extreme defensiveness is inexplicable unless we assume that the “Baron” is experimenting such cognitive dissonance when confronted with his own dissociation that in his mind he has to repress the whole JQ subject altogether.

    I don’t believe that he’ll see the light. A Spanish blogger who has a counter-jihad site that receives as many hits as GoV has confronted both the “Baron” and his wife about their stance on the JQ. For the psychologist, it’s very didactic how this self-righteous couple avoids any honest discussion on the subject. And the sad truth is that there are many pious Christians like them in America.

    Once arguing against AoT the “Baron” said that we wrongly speculated about the Jewishness of Fjordie. Once could expect that after Fjordman was outed as a half-Jew, the Baron would feel betrayed about how Fjordie had made us believe he was a Viking. But no: instead he used GoV as a platform for raising a fund to enable half-Jew Fjodie to resume his intellectual work.

    The “Baron” is such a self-righteous Catholic that he even the most committed GoV-er, Zenster, got so upset about pointless religious discussions on Christian ethics against secular ethics that Zenster is taking a leave from GoV.

    Self-righteous people are utterly dedicated to preserving their self-serving image. This syndrome results in a projection of evil onto selected specific innocent victims, like anti-Semites. I wouldn’t expect that most gentile counter-jihadists give up what we may call their “militant ignorance”.

  18. Fjordman was outed as a half-Jew

    Chechar, I knew that once we all saw his picture, there was a lot of guessing going on, but I must have missed this actual “outing”?

    Could you please point me to where that happened?


  19. No Mary, I can’t. After he was “outed” by pure visual appreciation of his father’s looks I put Wikipedia’s article on Fjordman under my watchlist expecting sooner or later a reliable source confirming the “outing”. Unfortunately, Fjoride went on hiding and no reporter bothered to do a formal investigation on his family at Oslo. I guess we will have to wait until someone makes a little research on the family of this guy. Meanwhile it’s telling that Fjordie hasn’t tried to refute the claims about his Jewishness on his father’s side.

  20. Some more about the “leftists” who capitalized on Norway, or tried to. These are also jewish dominated, if not exclusively jewish-led.


    I have my own name for the “normal” apathetic and media afflicted people commonly referred to as being “Sheeple”. Because they are little more than floating white protoplasm who have absorbed jewish (zionist) false teachings, I refer to those as being “protoz”.

    These GOV types are different in that they are actually normally intelligent people who are for the most part also caring and concerned, but who are simply indoctrinated by birth and conditioning. They would probably be good help to combat the carriers for that disease known as “zionism”, but which is actually the more typical jewish leftism, if it were not for that blind loyalty to a system-induced view, and what they have is a philo of some type although it cannot be “semitism”.

    They are not apathetic masses bordering on idiocy like the protoz. Many of them are white, even if their loyalties are not White. They usually actually study and engage in philosophical discussion, but only based on “approved” materials which are provided by the state structures, which are almost always favorable to jewish and Israeli viewpoints.

    I think it may come down to “faith”. They have a misplaced faith in a system, similar to many of today’s “religious” churches which teach corrupted and satanic “Christian-Zionism” instead of Christianity. Their faith in a “concrete” system, which despite it’s obvious corruption, fills a void within them similar to that of a “God-void”. Their world, and their identities would shatter if their faith were replaced by realities based on fact.


  21. It’s precisely the fact that New Spain was Judenfrei….

    New Spain always had a large Jewish population.

  22. @ “New Spain always had a large Jewish population”

    Not practizing Jews or even “Judaizers” but some conversos. If they found you were practizing even mild forms of Judaism… Kaput.

  23. These GOV types are different in that they are actually normally intelligent people who are for the most part also caring and concerned, but who are simply indoctrinated by birth and conditioning. They would probably be good help to combat the carriers for that disease known as “zionism”, but which is actually the more typical jewish leftism, if it were not for that blind loyalty to a system-induced view, and what they have is a philo of some type although it cannot be “semitism”.

    The attempts to defend the Vienna School just keep getting more and more pathetic. This is pure gibberish.

  24. White people, with their relatively low ethnocentrism and high individualism, have a difficult time imagining how extremely central race/ethnicity is to the identity of non-Whites. Many White people have not had substantive exposure to non-Whites. (Take negroes for example: anyone familiar with the content of casual negro conversations amongst themselves will realize that as much as half of it is racially self-referential.) It is quite easy for Jews to convince Whites who don’t consider race much in their daily lives that WNs are the ones who harbor an unwholesome fixation regarding race in the face of the fact that it is Jews who are instinctively consumed with race. Most White people don’t even know a single Jew, and in so far as they do think about Jews think of them as merely other White people – other White people who assure them it is morally wrong to take race into consideration when appraising other people.

  25. American white protoz have more “important” things on their minds than that their race is being decimated.


    If you think I’m defending the Vienna School of jewry, then you don’t know me, Anon 6:28. Just analyzing them since I haven’t found a name sufficiently descriptive for the despicibilities of some of the otherwise white people who assist in jewish slaughters (at least those who may be actually white, instead of being stealth jews).


  26. Looks like even Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are not sufficiently pro-Israel:

    GOP Israel gaffe

    Neocon Radosh happily quotes the Saban center and a Democrat who is an ex AIPAC official. Here’s Radosh’s final two paragraphs:

    But think a moment. In the current budget cutting times, we would see many left-wing Democrats and neo-isolationist Republicans begin to argue that the U.S. gives too much foreign aid to countries, when we need funds at home for our own people. Such a self-destructive policy might actually develop broad support, and produce a Republican isolationist and Democratic left-wing coalition, that could cut off a lot of foreign aid, that would then work against Israel’s security needs, despite the concern of many who advocate the “start at zero” policy. Moreover, as Block and others note, foreign aid in reality is a small percentage of our national budget, and a policy that gives a return worth far more in making friends for our country than it does were it cut down or abandoned.

    Let’s hope that as the campaign continues, Perry, Romney and others who favor the “start at zero” concept carefully rethink that option—less some of those Jewish votes that might go to the Republicans in key contested states like Florida quickly go back to the Democratic column.

    This is a fine example of the Israel Firster mindset that should be saved for use against those who claim neocons are American patriots.

  27. I am now waiting for a list of who these jews who champion White civilization might be? ;)

    The poor Savant is going to be burning the candle at both ends just to find you a half-dozen Ashkenazis who qualify.

    Or several dozen who don’t.

  28. The Catholic Church tried to keep them in check for 100’s of years with Inquistions and ghettos for which they have been roundly criticised in all orthodox history books.

    Mmmm, yes and no. Generally the higher someone’s authority in the Church, the more likely they were to receive Jewish bribes, and the less likely they were to champion the interests of their own people over those of the Jews, and vice-versa, with the Church authorities closer to the people siding with the natives. Generally, I’d assumethe norm to be a cozy relationship between the Church and the Jews (to the detriment of the natives) wherever the two coexisted and weren’t in conflict, which was most times and places.

    As for the round criticism, that stuff is so superficially argued, it boggles the mind. Generally it is wholly tendentious, dishonest, and 100% Jewish-aligned. Basically, it’s Jewish Supremacy passing itself off as mainstream history.

  29. All the 109 regions that successfully expelled jews were Catholic or Orthodox; Spain being the best example.

    And what does the timeline look like on that stuff, before we go polishing Catholic knob? Luther didn’t even kick off the Reformation until 1517.

    The Catholic church presided over a lot of, if not most of, the Jewish exploitation of the natives.

  30. This is a good example of what I mean by “rhetoric [which] is fundamentally dishonest as well as bigoted”. Here is the convoluted verbal dance of a synthetic, self-righteous Us condemning a prejudiced and inherently illegitimate Them for having the audacity to engage in Us/Them thinking. Disingenuous sparks fly between the jew obsessed with “anti-semitism” and the muslim obsessed with “islamophobia” both concerned about “radicals” who advocate in favor of their own kind.

    RIGHT; this is impossible to miss if one takes the blinders off. Ashkenazis are obviously motivated by an us/them paradigm in their opposition to the goyim daring to express us/them paradigms that don’t slave under the Ashkenazi us/them paradigm.

    Their defensiveness and “Ashkenazis are never wrong” thing are impossible to miss, if you step back and look. The funniest one is when you accuse Ashkenazis of being ethnocentric, only to face a (relatively) organized horde of ethnocentric Ashkenazis bashing you for calling them ethnocentric, even as they make their ethnocentrism manifest to everyone.

    Whites, being far less ethnocentric, even to the point of being anti-ethnocentric, either agree they’re a dirty pack of racists, or shrug; they don’t form flying wedges to prove how militarily incompetent they are.

  31. Chechar,

    Not practizing Jews or even “Judaizers” but some conversos. If they found you were practizing even mild forms of Judaism… Kaput.

    It’s an odd idea that secret Jews operating under the radar are a lesser threat than Jews openly Jewing.

    Making dispute with ben tillman about Jewry is a perilous adventure.


    It’s precisely the fact that New Spain was Judenfrei what moves me to blame Christianity for the nefarious mestization I see every day.

    Mestization cut both ways, but migration only one. Indians and their lands were transformed racially, but enough New Spaniards bred true that the group, like Spain itself, retained its ethnic distinction.

    You don’t think the Asian and African peoples, who booted us out of their countries 50, 60 years ago and then promptly turned up in Europe and started breeding with our women as well as their own, are winning?

  32. What if we White people were considered in the same sense that Al Queda is?

    A big segment of us were at one time. Not many of us stop to consider that.

    But then, today we are being placed involuntarily into much that same category, again, aren’t we?

    Like the site owner, I can’t agree with (or trust) the conclusions of the author of the article about which he comments, but the historical truth about “11/11 11:11” is one which is important for Whites to be aware about.

    It may have been merely the precursor to a portion of the orchestration against Whites which we see today, and an indicator that 9-11-01 was merely an extension of that campaign.


  33. The previous comment is so incredibly smart and sophisticated that no one can understand it. It is a good thing, as our political enemies probably won’t get it either. We need more of the same!

  34. “That is how they got us into World War I, while we all slept. They sent our boys over there to be slaughtered. For what? So the Jews can have Palestine as their “commonwealth.” They’ve fooled you so much that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.”


    “You have been told that by every media of mass information, including the pulpit, including every other means by which they can shape your thinking: “That it is your Christian duty to help repatriate God’s Chosen People to their promised land.”

    Now, I’ll tell you what a lie that is!”


  35. Some extracts from the notes of a German man whose words, translated to english, some may recognize:


    I am prepared to wager that well within twenty-five years the Americans themselves will have realized what a handicap has been imposed upon them by this parasitic Jewry, clamped fast to their flesh and nourishing itself on their life-blood. It is this Jewry that is dragging them into adventures which, when all is said and done, are no concern of theirs and in which the interests at stake are of no importance to them. What possible reason can the non-Jewish Americans have for sharing the hatreds of the Jews and following meekly in their footsteps? One thing is quite certain – within a quarter of a century the Americans will either have become violently anti-semitic or they will be devoured by Jewry.

    If we should lose this war, it will mean that we have been defeated by the Jews. Their victory will then be complete. But let me hasten to add that it will only be very temporary. It will certainly not be Europe which takes up the struggle again against them, but it certainly will be the United States. The latter is a country still too young to have acquired the maturity conferred by age and exaggeratedly lacking in political sense. For the Americans, everything has so far been ridiculously easy. But experience and difficulties will perhaps cause them to mature. Just think for a moment what they were when their country was born – a group of individuals come from all corners of the earth hastening forward in pursuit of fortune and finding at their disposal a vast continent to appease their hunger and all theirs for the taking. National conscience is a thing which develops very gradually, especially in vast territories such as these. Nor must it be forgotten that these individuals had been drawn from a variety of races and had not yet been fused by the bonds of a national spirit. What an easy prey for the Jews!

    The excesses in which the Jews indulged in our country are as nothing in comparison with the excesses in which they have indulged and in which they will continue to indulge in ever increasing measure on their new hunting grounds. It will `not be very long before the Americans realize that the Roosevelt whom they have adored is an idol with feet of clay and that this Jew-ridden man is in reality a malefactor – both from the point of view of the United States and of humanity as a whole. He has dragged them along a path on which they had no business to be, and in particular he has forced them to take an active part in a conflict that does not concern them at all. Had they possessed even a minimum of political instinct they would have remained in their splendid isolation, content in this conflict to play the role of arbiter. Had they been a little more mature and a little more experienced, they would doubtless have realized that their best course in their own major interests would have been to have entrenched themselves firmly with their faces towards a shattered Europe and in an attitude of vigilant neutrality. By intervening they have once again played into the hands of their Jewish exploiters; and the latter are worldly wise and know exactly what they are doing – but, of course, from their own particular Jewish point of view.

    He [The crypto-jewish President Frankin D. Roosevelt (The author doesn’t seem to himself recognize this)] has made them see the world through the eye of Jewry, and he has set them on a path which will lead them to utter disaster, if they do not pull themselves together in time.


  36. “Under the preaching of Urban II, most of the Western World had developed a frenzy of unity; under Roosevelt II, or rather under those who manipulated him, it did so again. The goal this time, however, was not the defense of Europe or the rescue of the tomb of Christ; the goal, on the contrary, was a monstrous surrender of the Western heritage of Christian civilization. Yes, it was actually the United States of America which was mainly responsible for destroying the successor state to the Teutonic Knights and for delivering the ruins, with the hegemony of Europe, to the Soviet Union, The new Communist power of our creation.”



  37. The section below is about the numbers of jews:

    “The new law “changed the quota basis from 1910 to 1890, reduced the quotas from 3 to 2 percent, provided for the establishment of permanent quotas on the basis of national origin, and placed the burden of proof on the alien with regard to his admissibility and the legality of his residence in the United States.” It was passed by the Congress on May 15, and signed by President Calvin Coolidge on May 26, 1924. The new quota system was still more favorable relatively to the British Isles and Germany and other countries of Northern and Western Europe and excluded “persons who believe in or advocate the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States.” Unfortunately, within ten years, this salutary law was to be largely nullified (see Chapters VI and VII, below) by misinterpretation of its intent and by continued scandalous maladministration, a principal worry of the Congress (as shown above) in 1921 and continuously since (op. cit., p. 65 and passim). —Skip—

    “In 1887 there were at least 277 congregations in the country and 230,000 Jews; in 1890, 533 congregations and probably 475,000 Jews; in 1906, 1700 congregations and about 1,775,000 Jews; in 1916, 1900 congregations and about 3,300,000 Jews; in 1926, 3,118 permanent congregations and 4,081,000 Jews; and in 1936, 3,728 permanent congregations and 4,641,184 Jews residing in the cities, towns and villages in which the congregations were located” (Religious Bodies, p. 763). —Skip—

    The Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate (op. cit., P. 842), however, accepts the World Almanac figure of 15,713,638 Jews of religious affiliation in the world and summarizes thus: “statistics indicate that over 50 percent of the World Jewish population is now residing in the Western Hemisphere” (op. cit., p, 21 ), i.e., at least 8,000,000. Since some three-fourths of a million Jews live in other North and South American countries besides the United States, the number of Jews known to be in the United States may be placed at a minimum of about 7,250,000. Jews unaffiliated with organizations whose members are counted, illegal entrants, etc., may place the total number in the neighborhood of 10,000,000. This likely figure would justify the frequently heard statement that more than half of the Jews of the world are in the United States.

    Percentage-wise this is the government summary (op. cit., p.241) of Jewish population in the United States:

    In 1937, Jews constituted less than 4 percent of the American people, but during the 7-year period following (1937-43), net Jewish immigration to the United States ranged between 25 and 77 percent of total net immigration to this country. For the 36-year period, 1908-43, net Jewish immigration constituted 14 percent of the total. The population of the Jewish population has increased twenty-one-fold during the same period.

    The above government figures require elucidation. The figures include only those Jews connected with an organized Jewish congregation and, as a corollary, exclude the vast number of Jews, illegal entrants and others, who are not so connected, and hence not officially listed as Jews. The stated increase of Jews by 2100 percent since 1877 is thus far too small because non-Congregational Jews are not counted. Moreover, since the increase of 300 percent in the total population includes known Jews, who increased at the rate of 2100 percent, the increase in population of non-Jews is far less than the 300 percent increase of the total population.

    This powerful and rapidly growing minority — closely knit and obsessed with its own objectives which are not those of Western Christian civilization — will in subsequent chapters be discussed along with other principal occupants of the stage of public affairs in America during the early 1950′s Details will come as a surprise to many readers, who are the unwitting victims of censorship…”.


  38. Off topic, but I see that Michael O’Meara now has an article up over at Alternative Right. I take it Richard Spencer was impressed with O’Meara’s article attacking “anti-Semitism”.

  39. That article had appeared recently at Counter Currents, which suggest that Spencer just copied and pasted it from CC (and btw, I’ve also reproduced O’Meara’s articles in my blog this week).

  40. White people don’t like their countries to be taken away, no matter what guise is used to do it.


  41. “Norway’s Assassin Breivik declared insane”

    Liberalism has possibly here given Breivik a slew of free political murders (I mean in the sense of assigning moral culpability to Breivik, of course the man will have to do some time, which ever way you slice it) with a shrewd Breivik pulling the wool over the guileless eyes of those who stand in judgement of him. The very same guilelessness which causes them to believe in liberalism in the first place. Alternatively, perhaps Breivik is verily insane.

    I won’t comment fully on the possibilities that Breivik is a Zionist patsy nor whether or not his actions are justifiable from a certain perspective. I will say that these propositions are dubious.

    Perhaps Tan will give us his take and tell us how many fish he caught at a future time.

  42. Yes, Nick Dean. Do you not agree?

    The below represents where it is that Jihad and Counterjihad truly agree. This is the intended end result from the effects of both of them.

    It is jewish dialectical being worked in synergy with “opposing” viewpoints becoming meshed in order to strengthen jewish networking for obtaining jewish monopoly power. Those networks for jew monopolies are established by international cooperation on part of the jews, and are against individual Whites and others within our various individual White countries.



  43. There are no words to express the disgust which people should feel toward the jews who are behind the empowerment and the retrail of feral negroid monsters who tortured those two young people in Nashville. Action is the only adequate remedy.

    Action is effective when it is combined with unity among informed people.

    Unity among Whites who are knowledgeable about the roles of the jews, who are ultimately behind this and other similar atrocities against Whites, is the single condition which is most feared by the jews. Knowledgeable unity among a regular and jew-aware White peoples is the awakening which the jews systems work hardest to prevent.

    In this Knoxville retrial decision, it was the jury who determined the defendant’s guilt, not the judge. The new trials were said to be required because of the misconduct by the original trial judge. More about that decision is at the link below.



  44. @ Flanders

    I worry that a viewpoint that modern genetics generally seems to flatly contradict might be deliberately sown in a movement like this to undermine the credibility of other claims we’d make. Obviously I don’t think you’re deliberately doing this.

  45. OT, but the names from this viral story were finally released. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Another chapter of the jewish playbook, or the “proposition nation” as pinata.

  46. That sounds exactly on topic, Scott. An Australian commenter at another site had the words which describe people’s perceptions of situations like that of the “welfare elite” jewish chiropractor and his wife:

    “So why is no one jew wise? It’s not like jews are charismatic. They never hide what cunts they are and wear it like a badge.”

    The “American” [jewish] media, aka MSM (streaming jewish media – NOT a mainstream American media!), know how to release stories, and then to come from behind to cover themselves by releasing some pertinent facts -but, that is only after the news is already in a stale cycle, isn’t it?

    Nick, Is that the same Khazarian’s (and Ashkenazi’) which are taught about to children in school by “scientists” and “educators”? I don’t remember the facts about those ever having been taught or even mentioned in any of the schools I attended. Do you? It wasn’t until internet blogging came about in 1994 that I even had the opportunity to hear about any of the facts, and I wouldn’t have then if I’d confined myself to the established jewish sources.

    Even disregarding any political agendas which are known to drive many “scientific” conclusions, my view about modern significant scientific conclusions is that at some point of time within the next thousand years there is a liklihood within a 87.3% statistical probability that other scientists will prove those same conclusions to have been erroneous.


  47. Gobsmackingly, stunningly, just when you thought Juden chutzpah couldn’t get any worse comes a Christmas gift for Lozza “We must keep the Germans at our feet, lest they go for our throats” Auster and his ilk: I Sleep in Hitler’s Room: An American Jew Visits Germany

    You have to read this to get the complete picture, inside the obsessive mind of the Jew. Some quotes:

    “Germans are a tribe, I was told,” explains Tenenbom, “and the tribe will protect itself. This is something I am not used to.” !!!!

    “After he’s spent a while in the land of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, Tenenbom decides that Germans “are obsessed with Jews.”

    “Noting the excessive preoccupation of many Germans with things like recycling, Tenenbom points out that “righteous people can turn into animals in a second…”

    All too many Germans, Tenenbom suggests, “want to erase the shame of being the Jew killers of yesterday by uniting with the Jew haters of today. … Peace and Love, they say, a thousand times a day, and it’s a thousand times empty. They flash two fingers, front and back, for Peace and for Love, but their hearts sing Sieg Heil.”

    ““The Germans, and sorry for generalizing, will… (insert scathing abuse of Germans to their very essence.)

    Visiting the concentration camp at Dachau, Tenenbom meets an “average” couple who live in the town and is invited to lunch at their home. He devotes four pages to a stunning account of his unrelenting questioning of them. Invited to lunch, such open and amiable hospitality and what does the Jew do? He interrogates them till “…eventually he breaks them down. The man weeps and confesses that he doesn’t want to look into the past because it would be like looking into a mirror. He is the Nazis; the Nazis are him.

    The interrogator’s solution for Germans:

    “Move away from forced PC,” he advises them. Move away from ‘we decide together.’ Move away from group thinking. Move away from ‘intellectual thinking.’ And from thinking about The Jew, for better or worse. Let the Jews alone. It’s time for the Germans to think for themselves, of themselves.” And let the Jews tell you exactly how you should be till you die and disappear all together, because at the core, the Jews are obsessed with Germans with an eternal hate that will only ever be appeased till every last blonde haired, blue eyed Aryan type is erased from history and the planet.

    Man, you could have a field day with this one Tan.

  48. @ Flanders

    What opportunities does the Khazarian hypothesis provide for our outreach and propaganda that conventional views do not permit?

    (except another layer of confusion)

  49. @ Nick Dean

    I would ask the same question. Personally, I have no trouble believing that the hyper-ethnocentric Ashkenazis of today are descended from the hyper-ethnocentric jews of the Old Testament. My guess is that some find the Khazar hypothesis attractive as a way of demonstrating that the entire Ashkenazi identity (and by implication the “historical justification” for Zionism) is based on a deceit. I just don’t think we need it; we have plenty of other useful material that is far easier to verify.

    Kevin Macdonald (in A People That Shall Dwell Alone) quotes evidence showing the genetic similarities between Ashkenazis and Sephardis, and between these two groups and other Middle Eastern groups.

    Revilo Oliver also generally dismissed the Khazar hypothesis. See http://www.revilo-oliver.com/rpo/Righteous_Racism.html and http://www.revilo-oliver.com/rpo/Another_Jewish_Problem.html

  50. What’s your damned point Hangina?

    My damned point is, where the you know what is Tan?!!

    This is my Christmas gift for Tan to go to town. There was another Pyjamas Media post that was insanely Jewaholic but I forget it now. If anyone knows what it was, let me know so I can post on it.

    All well Tan? I hope and pray so. I’m missing your posts. Surely you can slip on nthe steel capped boots and slip one in to Auster for me for Christmas?

  51. Nick and Alex seem to be the ones who have a hangup about who is what, not Flanders. I suppose you’re referring to the title of the post link I left?


    Most of the jews in the US previous to the 1880’s were not ashkenazi’s. They were, for the most part, Sephardic jews.

    The main problems that the US had with jewry until that time were related to the Rothschild types of “big banker” activities. Most of the “assimilated” American jews were not involved in those.

    From the 1880’s and thereafter, there was a huge influx (“immigration” – some legal and much not legal) of the European Askenazi. A great number of those were communists who had been expelled from Russia, after the failed 1905 jewish-communist attempted coup of Russia, and from Germany, Poland and other places in Europe.

    They brought with them the “zionist” philosophy and began to formally organize themselves against America (though not yet publically and openly, of course). Not that “zionism” has much of anything to do with jewry, other than being another false dialectical so that the jewish Kahal can pretend that only a “small number” of jews are involved in jewish treachery, while it is most of jewry, either actively, or in supporting or passive roles.

    “Zionism” served the controlling Kahal’s historical purpose of forcing all jews to unify in order to support other jews, including the communists, even if those “assimilated” Shepardics were formerly considered to be, or considered themselves to be good Americans.

    The numbers of Askenazi were so overwhelming, in relation to the jews in older America, that most of the former Shephardim were almost “forcibly” merged into many of the same types of “crafty jew” Marxist activities as the newly emigrated jews from Europe were actively involved in.

    It was a merger of the activities of the communist jews and the banker classes, utilizing “zionist” persuasion, which enabled the subversions of the early 1900’s, the CFR, the Federal Reserve and Income Tax, the media takeovers, and the “Red Scare” (which was more than a scare, and was a fact). It was during that time period that the intentions of jewry became more pronounced and decidedly (sometimes even publically, but usually using the “zionist banner) anti-American.

    You can argue your science all you like. That is what some do. I’ll stay with the observable and historically confimable facts.

    The jews still operate primarily from their “Big Kehillah” in New York, especially today, which is the main nerve center for the international activities engaged in by the world jewish Kahal. It is that Kahal which controls international jewry activities both inside of each of our individual White countries, and which coordinates jewish activities against the Whites and their White countries, internationally.

    “Publications Showing the Jews to be Khazars and Not Israelites”.



  52. Hey Tan, Are you OK? t89atthesameplace.

    A Sunday School lesson – taught by Brig. Gen. Jack Mohr,
    “Behold the International Jew”.

    “The date of the founding of the American Republic was doubly important because on that date, May 1st 1776, an Organization was conceived by a Jew – a Pharasaic Jew named Adam Weishaupt who was also a renegade Jesuit priest. It was Weishaupt who constructed the actual machinery of revolution against which we are fighting today.

    “In 1185, a secret order functioned under the name of ‘Confrerie de la Paix,’ or ‘the Brotherhood of Peace.’

    “It was one of the earliest attempts at a godless Communism. In 1712, more than 500 years later, was born Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French Jew. Boil down his entire creed and one salient mandate remains, ‘Destroy civilization; whatever is, is wrong!’

    “The ILLUMINATI, under the renegade Jew Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive satanic society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact opposite of Christianity. Enticing its victims into the first degree ritual by the most beautiful and altruistic of fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, it gradually wove about them a net of murderous satanism. In secret rites, at length it bound them to the organization with chains of steel.”


    1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion except Judaism.

    2. Destruction of private property and inheritance.

    3. Absolute social and racial equality and the promotion of class hatred.

    4. Destruction of all forms of monarchial or democratic governments, including civil liberties such as freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and trial by jury.

    5. Destruction of all nationalities, love of country, patriotism and allegian£e to civil or political rulers.

    6. Abolition of marriage and the practice of free love.

    These were the same articles advanced in Russian-Jewish Communism. The Jews Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, in their writings on Socialism, incorporated the Illuminati program bodily. In actuality, Communism is nothing else than the satanism of Weishaupt’s satanism.

    The International Jews found in ILLUMINISM, the perfect weapon for their world takeover and the German Jews embraced ILLUMINISM by the droves. They helped finance Weishaupt, until his organization became a danger to the throne, whereupon, figuratively speaking, the Khazar Jews, the Ashkanazim, took over ILLUMINISM, “lock, stock and barrel.” The results were a nightmare in Europe for the next 100 years.”



  53. “Islamophobia” is a Kike-term, coined by the Mossad & British spy and multikulti-propagandist, Kike Jim Rose.

    Could it be a coincidence that one of the big anti-Islamophobes is Kike Atheist Neurobiologist Steven Rose, who says it’s a mental disease (as of course implied by the suffix “~phobia”)?


  54. Here is an example of neoconnish policies on the part of the European Union : click.

    The director of a TV channel was fined 1200 euros in Tunisia for distributing an Iranian movie titled Persepolis where a little girl is seen making a drawing of Allah. Any representation of Allah is forbidden by islam.

    That condemnation by a Tunisian tribunal prompted the European Union to complain about the restrictions on freedom of expression in Tunisia. The EU administration sets itself up as a champion of freedom and free speech, when in fact, they would like to ban criticism of the race-replacement ideology. Without Jewish interfering in the EU institutions, it seems very unlikely that the European Union itself would interfere into Tunisian society in that way.

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