The Month Formerly Known as February

The title comes from the text of Counter-Currents Publishing’s Black History Month Resources.

In the news, the first black president has announced his determination to secure the votes of the 5% of his people who didn’t vote for him the last time around – Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of “African-Americans For Obama”:

Today, we’re announcing the 2012 launch of African Americans for Obama.

There’s no better time than African American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.

There’s also no better time to enjoy this classic clip of Morgan Freeman explaining that he doesn’t want a Black History Month, with Mike Wallace explaining that jews aren’t White.

The photo captures an important moment in recent black history: Looterman’s triumph over “racism” in the wake of Hurrican Katrina.

16 thoughts on “The Month Formerly Known as February”

  1. So white A3P is hacked and shut down cause it’s racist…but African Americans for Obama isn’t?

  2. As a foreigner, i find surprising how White Americans can be tolerant of a minority that destroyed major American cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, need of welfare, EBT cards, crime and so on…

  3. “Black Alternate History Month: the Extended Remix, at Unamusement Park

    Against my better judgment, I read the article. A decent summary, but there is nothing unamused writes that isn’t done better by others. Paul Kersey at SBPDL being the most obvious example.

    And, as always, the wrting is just insufferable. I don’t know if unamused is actually a homosexual, but he does have the gayest writing style of anyone I’ve read.

    Oh, and he is not a racist! Always remember that unlike the rest of us bad people, unamused is NOT a racist.

  4. “So white A3P is hacked and shut down cause it’s racist…but African Americans for Obama isn’t?”

    Of course, in the modern lexicon, only Whites can be “racist”. In the case of African Americans for Obama, blacks are seen as merely promoting their own. Just the idea that 90% of blacks voted for Obama proves that blacks think black first, while any White who merely prefers to be among his own race is viewed as a “racist”. I’m quite sure the same thing can be seen among hispanics. For decades, we Whites have been sleeping at the switch. If Whites want to survive, they need to wake up and embrace and actively support their own White race first and above all, and let the other races worry about feeding themselves.

  5. Sorry, Anonymous, I had read some of UP’s stuff once upon a time and thought it funny. The timing of Tan’s post and my occasional visit to UP just happened to coincide. I’ll try to be more discriminating next time.

  6. I have to agree with my fellow Anonymous on Unamused’s embarrassing “I’m not a racist!1!!!” bit. His mischling meltdown was somewhat understandable, if bizarre and extremely neurotic, but insisting he’s not a racist and then coming up with some hairbrained definition of “racism” that still seems to cover him despite his insistence that he isn’t one was beyond laughable.

  7. @Rusty Mason – lol. Don’t worry about it. Posting a link to unamused’s site is about the only thing you’ve posted that I haven’t liked. ;-)

    I agree with the anon at 3:44. But would also add that the vicious nature of the part of the meltdown that took place at svigor’s blog was just way out of line. Unamused did everything but call Porter Reinhard Heydrich’s illegitmate son. He was completely out of his mind. The viciousness of it was only exceeded by its stupidity.

    I think unamused deserves to be shunned because of this. Lots of far/alt-rightests don’t get the JQ (Paul Kersey, for example) but don’t act like raging, holier-then-thou @ssholes about it.

  8. Anonymous 9:24:00

    It’s not that unamused doesn’t “get it.” He has admitted he’s part jewish and for jews tribal loyalty trumps truth.

  9. Didn’t Unamused basically claim Kmac wants to genocide the Jews? It’s hard to imagine such insane melodrama coming from some “rational” fellow who supposedly doesn’t identify as a Jew.

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