Wade Michael Page Triggers an Outpouring of Anti-White Hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes itself as a “civil rights” organization, yet they focus almost exclusively on pathologizing and demonizing White people, especially those who identify as White and express explicitly pro-White attitudes. The SPLC does not pathologize or demonize non-Whites who express explicitly pro-non-White attitudes. The SPLC is not hostile toward all people acting or organizing according to racial identity – just Whites.

Powerful media organizations like CBS, Reuters, The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post parrot the SPLC’s anti-White talking points.

These media organizations do not report or object to the SPLC’s anti-White bias. They agree with the SPLC. They aid and abet the SPLC’s anti-White mission. They portray non-Whites who explicitly identify as non-White and have pro-non-White attitudes in a positive, approving light. They dedicate resources specifically to non-Whites who explicitly identify as non-White and have pro-non-White attitudes, and in doing so even publish explicitly anti-White attitudes.

The US government’s Justice Department fights “racism” and defends “civil rights” in the same way the SPLC does. In practice this means pathologizing and demonizing Whites while promoting the interests of non-Whites. The US government’s State Department is committed to Monitoring and Combating Anti-Semitism. They bring their fight to promote jewish interests to the entire world.

Would media organizations parrot the SPLC if the SPLC was collecting information and making negative statements about jewish music and jewish nationalism? Would they join in specifically pathologizing and demonizing jews who express explicitly pro-jewish attitudes? Would they do this after some jew commits some crime? What action would government organizations dedicated to combating “racism” and “anti-semitism” take against media organizations which published anti-jewish articles? Why don’t the SPLC, the media, and the government treat jews like they treat Whites? Why don’t they treat Whites like they treat jews? Aren’t jews White?

To ask these questions is to answer them.

The SPLC, the media, the government say they oppose “racism” and “hate”, but their narrative and rhetoric are dishonest. They attack Whites using terms and arguments they could but do not apply to non-Whites. They defend non-Whites using terms and arguments they could but do not apply to Whites. They are anti-White. What’s more, they are pro-jew. In fact, the current regime is anti-White and pro-jew because it is effectively controlled by jews – dishonest jews who hate Whites.

[The image is taken from The Sikh Temple Shooter’s Racist Tattoos, Deciphered, published by Mother Jones. The author, Adam Weinstein, cites the deceptively named Anti-Defamation League, an explicitly pro-jewish organization, describing how it hates, hates, hates David Lane’s 14 words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.]

12 thoughts on “Wade Michael Page Triggers an Outpouring of Anti-White Hate”

  1. Clearly you exaggerate Tan…

    From the SPLC website reported hate incidents:
    Skokie, IL
    A white couple was allegedly attacked by three black teens who yelled racist remarks at them.
    Type: Assault
    Reported: 06/25/2012

    Jurupa Valley, CA
    Diego Desantiago and Enrique Gomez, both 18, were charged with investigation of burglary, committing a hate crime and conspiracy for allegedly vandalizing a Mormon church. Two teens also arrested in connection with the incident.
    Type: Vandalism
    Reported: 06/14/2012

    Boone, NC
    Profanities and the words `Obama 2012` were spray-painted on a business that sells civil war clothing, supplies and photographs and flies the Confederate battle flag.
    Type: Vandalism
    Reported: 06/09/2012

    Modesto, CA
    Nicholas Velasquez, 29, was charged with elder abuse and committing a hate crime after allegedly yelling `I hate white people` while punching a woman in a wheelchair.
    Type: Assault
    Reported: 06/05/2012

    THAT’S 4 EVENTS POSTED FROM THE THE LAST 50. An additional 2 events were reported from the next 100 (then I got bored). Clearly, they are capturing white-plight and the rise of anti-white racism…

    and within their ‘Intelligence Files” (there’s an oxymoron):

    David Yerushalmi (uber-Jew)
    Pamela Geller (everyone’s favorite token uber-Jew)

    and what appears to be any anti-jihadi…errrr… anti-muslim blog or organization.

  2. At the risk of upsetting Hadding (I’m willing to risk it – lol) I humbly suggest it would have been a more productive use of Page’s energy to migrate Northwest and help Covington organize for White liberation (something which does not require breaking the law, for those concerned about such things) than getting a bunch of tats and going on a mad dog shooting spree was.

  3. Its time racially aware white people regardless of ideological backgrounds start cooperating internationally and establish a defamation league of our own. We must get over the stigma of associating with whites that dont share all our views and agree to dissagree on some issues. So if you are NS, WN, New-right, Nationalist, Faschist, Conservative, Traditionalist or whatever stop the infighting and focus on “whats good for white people”. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is good for white people and if its not, dont do it.

  4. Believe it or not, Wade Michael Page was the 6th cousin thrice removed of movie critic, Francis Bosley Crowther and the 8th cousin once removed of the September 11th hero, Welles Remy Crowther!


    Walter Bosley
    John Bosley-(siblings)-James Bosley
    Joseph Bosley-(1st cousin)-Ezekiel Bosley
    John Bosley-(2nd cousin)-Isaac Walker Bosley
    William Bosley-(3rd cousin)-James Hutchins Bosley
    Fannie Bosley-(4th cousin)-JAMES UFORD BOSLEY
    Frank Bosley Crowther-(5th cousin)-CORA BOSLEY
    Francis Bosley Crowther-(6th cousin)-Mollie Wier
    Jefferson H. Crowther-(7th cousin)-Hazel Roberson
    Welles Remy Crowther-(8th cousin)-Jesse Alvin Page
    Welles Remy Crowther-(8th cousin once removed)-Wade Michael Page

  5. The msm are using this incident to stir up anti-white hate – like they use every incident to stir up anti-white hate.

    A good line to take with even the most liberal-blinded white parent or grandparent is – you don’t need to mention the whys and wherefores of black crime or jewish media control – simply to state that the way the media reports cases like this or the Martin case incites random attacks on white people and one day the victim might be their kid or grandkid.

  6. @ FlippityFloppity

    SPLC may have thrown in a few references of late to cover their anti-white agenda.

    But do a search in their “hate” database on “Nazi” then on “brown berrets” or “Aztlan”. Do the comarison.

    Also, if you look at other organizations that collect terrorist-related data, like Jane’s, you can see the bias.

    Then look at the articles, especially by Heidi Beirich. They are focused exclusively on the white man and his “hate”.

    SPLC is simply a virulent, anti-white organization promoting violence againts whites and the ultimate genocide of the white man.

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