Jewish Political Ads in Post-White America

Sarah Silverman | Let My People Vote 2012 – Get Nana A Gun – YouTube

Hey black people, old people, poor people, and students…

(Barack Obama Ad) Samuel L Jackson: Wake The F*ck Up – YouTube

Samuel L. Jackson’s profanity-laced pro-Obama ad,, 27 Sept 2012:

Jackson partnered with the Jewish Council for Research and Education, a liberal super PAC funded largely by billionaire George Soros’ 25-year-old son, Alexander, to film the humorous, four-minute spot to be featured on YouTube.

The Jewish pro-Obama super PAC also funded Sarah Silverman’s provocative YouTube video where she makes a tongue-in-cheek offer of “free lesbian sex” to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to stop him from donating to Romney’s campaign.

As White political influence wanes, so do civility and decorum. Likewise, as the political influence of jews and their allies waxes, so do vulgarity and profanity.

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  1. Come on, be thankful. You have a masterful in-control black man showing the timid wimpish whites what to do. Where would we be without those wonderful people?

  2. Well, I made it about 25 seconds into the first video before my sanity instincts kicked in…

  3. I’d imagine most political ads in today’s USA have a Jewish hand in them, likely often many hands.

    There is a political talk show called ‘Inside Washington’, featuring a neutral host who poses questions to a panel of two ‘right-wingers’, and two ‘left-wingers’. One slot in each the two camps was reserved for a Jew, the left-wing one these days being Nina Totenberg, the ‘right-winger’ Charles Krauthammer. The most frequent non-Jewish left-winger seems to have been a Black columnist for the Washington-Post (Colby King).

    One cannot but think, “This is American political discourse? Two Jews and a Black, with a token White man?”

  4. Hail:It really isn’t any different in television programmes and films.Then the white man is usually the villain with an Irish surname.Occasionally, Mexicans get to be villains just so they can focus on the enormous crosses hanging from their necks. Of course in films about financial skulduggery the villains are usually WASPs and the poor victim is usualy jewish!

  5. Corrupt white politicians let immigration get out of hand because they profit from it: kickbacks for providing low priced labor and licencing housing development to warehouse it; the drugs they allow in to keep the immigrant class “pacified” created crime lords and crime waves. The backlash against “coloured crime” keeps them in power. The dole monies come from public tresuries. An exception to these inevitabilities is sometimes found in the jew who joins the system rather than fighting it or succumbing to it.

  6. Corrupt politicians didn’t let it get out of hand. They dutifully fullfilled the wishes of their jew benefactors. The jew controlled US Government brings massive amounts of illegal drugs into this country in order to finance their subversive, clandestine, activities — not to pacify druggies. The war on drugs is elements of US Government, like the CIA, maintaining their control over the drug trade, and eliminating other suppliers. What keeps these elected crooks in office is the stupidity of the American people who have no clue what’s going on, and have no interest in finding out. Jews don’t join the system. They run it.

  7. Of course in films about financial skulduggery the villains are usually WASPs and the poor victim is usualy jewish!

    Remember The Wedding Singer?

    Poor, humble, unwordly Adam Sandler vs rapacious, greedy, corrupt Wall St WASP.

    How like real life!

  8. Thanks, Tan. A little more here on the ads from Talking Points Memo (the very liberal hipster site founded Josh Micah Marshall). Quote to back up your point: “We’ve had a number of videos that, while they’re not targeting the Jewish community explicitly, are highly resonant with Jews and Jewish values.” Indeed.

  9. An interesting thread at Auster’s:

    “The vexed question of what is the white race; and, Have the Jews been good for America?”

    Sorry, got that wrong:

    “The vexed question of what is the white race; and, Have the Irish been good for America?”

    Note what Gintas says:

    If you want to hijack any discussion on a White Nationalist site you bring this up.

    Too true, I’ve seen it happen time and again at American WN blogs, Occidental Observer for instance.

    And note how Auster promotes an examination of “what is White”, ignoring Jews, and immediately going to the Irish.

    Typically, Auster promotes the discussion, and diversion, and feigns to have no interest in it (other than it being a subject he has written about over several years):

    I take no personal position on this issue, as I haven’t thought about it enough. But I just want to point out…

    No interest in it, But I just want to point out, ha ha.

    WNs, especially American WNs who are susceptible due to their majority Anglo roots, need to be aware how ethnic identity, which often crosses over into religious identity, is being manipulated by Jews to undermine our common racial cause.

    WNism will never advance whilst we are prone to division, and thus manipulation, over what are now minor differences between our various ethnic and religious groups.

  10. Sorry to be off topic Tan, but this really grinds me no end.

    The latest: “The new White Negro: an encounter with a wigger”(

    And who promotes the niggerisation of White America? The Irish?!!

    Pat H and Sage aren’t even Irish. They are Americans. Like I am Australian. No one in Australia, especially of several generations like myself, would call ourselves Irish, or Irish-Australians. I am Australian.

    Though to be sure, we are getting every bit as much niggerised now due to Judeo-American cultural hegemony, none of which has anything to do with the Irish.

  11. My latest podcasts are focused on this issue.

    Who’s White? – Part 1
    Who’s White? – Part 2
    Who’s White? – Part 3 (airing tonight)

    National Alliance member John Law relates the answer adopted by Stormfront:

    So in response to the question, “Who’s White?” we answer: “Non-Jewish people of wholly European descent. No exceptions.”

    What comprises “European?” Those areas north of the Mediterranean and west of the Urals corresponding roughly to what was formerly known as European Christendom.

    I concur, and I’ll examine the non-jewish clause in more detail soon. Suffice here to note the shallow, ambivalent attitude offered by Auster and his jew-firster gallery.

    Though Auster regularly invokes the “white race” he really doesn’t want anyone to think too deeply about who, what or why that is. In The importance of defending the white race he asserts that the “white race” is “a concrete, ethno-cultural entity that has a recognizable continuity with its past”. Far from “concrete”, “important”, or “recognizable”, Whiteness is to him now “vexing”, “unresolvable”, and “nothing is to be gained by going into it”.

    As I noted in Two “Conservative” Jews, Same “Liberal” Dissembling, Auster is perfectly capable of distinguishing Whites and jews. He blames Whites for the “liberalism” he’s always going on about, while excusing jews.

    Double-talk on race and identity is typical of jews. Auster does however provide especially stark examples.

  12. I wonder if the poster ‘Sheila’, a Jewish race traitor (a compliment, Sheila) would qualify as an honorary white?

    I suppose with Jews it depends on how removed they are from their Jewishness.

  13. If you are “Australian” why do you care if they blame the Irish? Doesn’t being “Australian”and being “American” undermine being White? Why let petty national interests interfere with a grand expansive racial Whiteness? Is it the Anglo roots of the American, and those that have assimilated to it, that makes them more susceptible to a shared common “American” national consciousness?

    Or is it the deep seated visceral hatred of the English that makes the Iri…er, Australians show such contempt for an Anglo-Saxon consciousness in America? It’s a very Jewish strategy. Prejudice is pathological and is injurious not only directly, but more generally because it is contagious. Thus the purveyor of such consciousness must be demonized with extreme prejudice lest the idea that there is an Anglo-Saxon core in America lest the sleeping giant awaken.

  14. To the first Anonymous, I have thought about it and may well do so, but I honestly don’t think I have much to offer in that regard.

    To the second Anonymous, I care because, obviously, my ethnic identity is Irish.

    Without going into a longer discussion on the subject, as I have done at OO, ethnic differences in Oz were ameliorated in the White Australia policy.

    So, in answer to “Doesn’t being “Australian”and being “American” undermine being White?” historically no. In fact quite the opposite. Australia was “for the White man”, as the banner of our national magazine The Bulletin declared throughout the 20th Century, until it’s Anglo editor had it removed.

    As editor of the flagship magazine The Bulletin, he removed the magazine’s long standing motto “Australia for the White Man”, an action in which he took great pride. (Donald Horne – Wikipedia)

    I am in no position to speak for American national identity.

    Sure, though, today anyone can be an Australian. Anyone of any race, religion and culture who arrives here is declared an Ozzie. Therefore I believe the need for ethnic identity is very much on the rise, and do not see that it counter acts White identity.

    It is my belief that Anglos, on the whole, do not wish to be in solidarity with a general collective White identity. I think it is problematic for all of us.

    As much as I urge Anglos to rekindle their ethnic identity, it worries me that their identity always seems to revolve about separation in elitism, always contrasting themselves with other Whites, as being the betters; the superior ones, all else inferior. They do not seem capable of an ethnic identity that is proud of itself, in and of itself. It is quite often a negative identity being that which it isn’t, eg. the Irish, or the Polish, or the French, or the Germans etc.

    For that reason then I see the Anglos as the fly in the ointment. For example, should German ethnic consciousness arise again, as it seems to be, I am of the opinion that Anglos, in the UK and America will coalesce once again to crush it.

    As I have said elsewhere, I believe that modern Anglo identity is that of a dog in the manger. Though they have lost their identity, the remnants remain in that they will not let any other White people have their own national identity.

    All up, I genuinely want the Anglos to regain their ethnic identity, but am also concerned enough about it to be wary that they once again set about destroying other White ethnic nations, as their record in the 19th and 20th Centuries attest.

  15. These white internecine skirmishes are a luxury indulgence that we no longer have the wherewithal to consume.

    Our history of fratricidal violence could draw tears from stone. But the shadows are growing long and old debts must be forgiven if our children are to know the pleasure of insulting their cousins.

  16. “But the shadows are growing long and old debts must be forgiven if our children are to know the pleasure of insulting their cousins.”

    Meh. A little enmity ain’t a bad thing. Too much intra-European comity and you get pan-European panmixia.

    Within the context of WN it may be impolitic to say, but let’s face it, Northern Europeans are the most genetically valuable people on earth. To insist (just as a thought experiment, I am not implying you insist on this) that they genetically absorb millions of 92 average IQ Greeks (modern Greeks have been, erm, a tad genetically altered from their ancient namesake) is, frankly, an act of nihilism.

  17. Problem: Our civilization, and its people, is being rolled up and replaced.

    Not Solution A: Whites nursing well-earned grievances and subsequently wasting attention and hostilities on other whites in lieu of their common enemy(ies).

    Not Solution B: Initiating a vigorous program of Dane/Greek intercourse

    Actual Solution: The cultivation and maintenance of proud, thriving, and discrete white ethnicities that are willing and able to unite against a common existential threat

    Analogy: My white neighbors are not of my immediate family, nor I of theirs; neither would be welcome as a permanent resident in the other’s home. Yet we are friendly, supportive, and inclined toward mutual defense. This is the template.

  18. I agree with Porter, and Andrew Fraser. I would like to see Anglos/Anglophiles form their own separate organizations. Separating from the blended low-class generic fag-friendly White Nationalist movement would be a BIG step in the right direction.

    Sadly, our biggest enemies would probably be other Whites who would fear our success.

    As one of the Mad Men producers said about the decline of the WASP – it wasn’t just the Jews who were happy, but also the Irish, Italians and Slavs.

  19. Out of interest, where would you and your Anglo brethren separate yourselves to, Richard?

    Wherever it is, can you take Andrew Fraser with you please? At the moment he has taken refuge in Australia, which he declares is an Anglo nation, which it isn’t, and never was.

    Perhaps you should all go to Pitcairn Island, and hole up their with your extended family. It would be very much in your tradition:

  20. Porter, unless one makes an honest assessment of history, then one is condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past.

    Wishing everything away will not help matters.

    If we want to regain our nations, and not have a repeat of the White civil wars of the 20th Century, then we must address our various ethnic foibles. Anglos are not relieved of this duty, just because many, like Richard here, and Andrew Fraser there, think that all our problems are some other ethnic group’s fault.

    I simply urge an honest self-appraisal.

  21. There are two things White Nationalism can realistically be:

    1. A popular front under which the various European ethnies and subraces co-operate to ensure their respective genetic and cultural continuities both in Europe and in diaspora.

    2. The pursuit of a genuine nationalism for European-derived people (“Whites”) living on the North American continent which would strive for the eventual genetic blending of all these people to be united in one ethnostate on the North American continent.

    “not have a repeat of the White civil wars of the 20th Century”

    Not likely with nuclear weapons added to the equation.

    “I simply urge an honest self-appraisal.”

    That the English are snooty hypocrites and you are a butthurt Mick are not necessarily mutually exclusive propostions. LOL

  22. “I would like to see Anglos/Anglophiles form their own separate organizations.”

    That is a retarded idea. Taken to its logical conclusion you wind up with someone like Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt was not of English descent but Scottish-Dutch and comforably assimilated to WASPdom by virtue of his Northern European ancestry. Roosevelt was privately anti-Jewish to the extent that he considered Jews personae non grata if they swarmed in too great numbers to the positions of power occupied by his fellow upper crust WASPs. For example, he favored limiting the number of Jews able to attend Ivy League universities. Yet, he was perfectly willing to keep Jews around as his lackys assuming they at least kept up the pretense of knowing their place (e.g., Henry Morgenthau of the eponymous Morgenthau Plan). But the Jews got the upper hand in the end, didn’t they?

    WASPism has the disasterous effect of funneling Northern Europeans into a myopic group strategy that puts short-term gains hopped up on moral vanity ahead of long-term interests. Northern Europeans unassimilated to WASPism are seen as out-group members to be competed against. Again, the cardinal example is FDR.

  23. That the English are snooty hypocrites and you are a butthurt Mick are not necessarily mutually exclusive propostions.

    Of course not. The difference is, I don’t carry on like the Irish are an unalloyed blessing, the way the English like to think of themselves.

    I do live down to stereotype at times, and readily admit it.

  24. That the English are snooty hypocrites and you are a butthurt Mick are not necessarily mutually exclusive propostions.

    Well perhaps some of us snooty hypocrites and butthurt are trying to get past all that now.

  25. Captainchaos,

    “Within the context of WN it may be impolitic to say, but let’s face it, Northern Europeans are the most genetically valuable people on earth.”

    No. Ashkenazi Jews are as confirmed by reality. A reality I wish were otherwise.

  26. I quite agree, Anon. Whatever would we do without human parasites to rule us, and see to it that we are placed under debt slavery and mongrelized by niggers.

  27. OT, but I had to share this article from The Times newspaper:

    ANYBODY labouring under the impression that crime doesn’t pay needs to meet Larry Levine.

    Heavy-set, bearded and bald, and with a pair of Aviator shades permanently cloaking his eyes, he’s a prominent figure in a booming industry – teaching white-collar criminals how to survive in prison.

    His offerings include Fedtime 101, advertised as a “telephone crash course designed to help you get out alive”. His main selling point? The ten years he spent inside.

    “I started diverting away from my own work and more towards their work and subsequently I got caught up in a large-scale narcotics conspiracy . . . I was charged with narcotics trafficking, securities fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice – and, oh yeah, [possession of] machine guns.”

    And while the global recession continues to roil the world economy, for Levine and his peers times have never been better.

    The syllabus he offers flags the kind of challenges faced by the prison- bound. Levine places great emphasis on not consorting with prison guards (being branded a “rat”, or informant, is a good way to get “stuck”, or stabbed, he explains).


    Making the most of your credentials is becoming increasingly important for America’s prison consultants. Levine believes that when he began in this line of work after being released from prison five years ago, he was one of just four consultants in the field. Now there are at least three dozen and newspaper reports corroborate his claims that the industry is booming.


    Meanwhile, Levine walks a line between common sense and sensationalism. He tells me that for a first-time white-collar offender, the chances of being attacked in a minimum-security prison are slight. Such institutions are sometimes called “Club Fed”.

    But he has also predicted that Bernie Madoff is likely to be murdered in his medium-security jail. Thieves who have preyed on individuals figure low down on the prison food chain, Levine says (child- sex offenders are at the very bottom).

    “I see Bernie leaving in a bag or a box,” Levine told Fox News during one of his frequent media appearances. A defrauded investor will pay another inmate to do the deed, Levine predicted. He believes a commotion will be made in the dining hall and Madoff will be stabbed with an improvised dagger.

    Other advice includes avoiding crossing racial lines when choosing friends. And discovering that you have a drinking problem could advance your release date, because participating in rehab can shave time off sentences.

    If much of the above sounds quite engaging (in a terrifying sort of way), Levine is quick to temper expectations. For most of his clients, he says, the biggest challenge is likely to be dealing with the mind-melting tedium of life behind bars.

    “They all come to me spooked; they’re all freaked out. But in reality, prison is boring,” he says. “It’s Groundhog Day; it’s the same shit day in and day out. The biggest thing these people have is culture shock.”These are people of means: white-collar criminals, CEOs, senior managers; people used to being in control, to giving orders, to controlling a lot of money – and now they don’t have dick.”

  28. The jews kept Roosevelt around as their lackey, in fact many believe Roosevelt, himself, was as jewish as any rabbi. His mother Sarah Delano was a Sephardic jewess whose family made their millions selling opium during the American Civil War. And his ancestory from Amsterdam was also Jews, the Rosenvelts.

    With the help of the jews in the media and jew plutocrates, Roosevelt was able to stay in the White House for three terms. During that time, he surrounded himself with jews and Communists who made up the majority of his appointees and advisors. His New Deal, as an “answer” to the jew created Great Depression, was actually a backdoor method of getting Socialism and Communism into the USA.

    Think about those times and the effect that a single jew had, posing as an American Christian president. Getting elected in a pacifist nation by claiming “I hate war” but then arming Russia, tricking the Japanese into attacking Hawaii, concealing from Americans the known date and time of Pearl Harbor, fighting against the White Germans who were trying to get rid of the jews’ Communism and jew Capitalism, protecting the butcher Stalin as good old “Uncle Joe”, seizing privately held gold and giving it to the jew bankers, promoting Socialism in America, hiring Communists and Socialists for his cabinet, and the list goes on.

  29. Im kind of replying to Pat here…

    Im English and I take on board what you say regarding English attitudes, at their worst the assumption we can do no wrong -regarding Ireland and the Irish for example.

    But then there is the other sort.

    They go to other extreme, everything becomes our fault, everything is picked apart and ascribed to our malice alone. Racism, snobbery, sexual repression, slavery and God knows what else. They are, in effect a blueprint for the classic self-hating white liberals everywhere we’ve all come to know and love.

  30. They go to other extreme, everything becomes our fault, everything is picked apart and ascribed to our malice alone. Racism, snobbery, sexual repression, slavery and God knows what else. They are, in effect a blueprint for the classic self-hating white liberals everywhere we’ve all come to know and love.

    That is my impression as well Anonymous. Historically, the English upper class has been the greatest persecutor of their own people.

    It’s not as if the the wrongs committed to, say, the Irish or the Boers, were an example of projecting outward to others, but rather a profound viciousness of the elites towards all, their own included. These elites would not even consider the English “their own” – “their own” are fellow wealthy people, white, non-white, whatever; it’s the wealth that counts.

    It frustrates me no end to see The Sun spruik “who won the war?” type headlines when the Poms play the Krauts in the World Cup.

    Or, lately, attack Eastern European migration whilst the non-White scum get a free ride, and true English patriots like Emma West get prosecuted for their righteous anguish and indignation.

    The same for the way the press question the bona fides of South African, or Irish, Whites playing cricket for the English national team, because they don’t uphold “an English game”, yet Monty Panesar, or Samit Patel etc are a no-go zone, an fine examples of the English cricket national “setup”.

    My overall point is, that I genuinely want the English to regain their national self-identity. I want them to ferevently proclaim their ethnic identity and solidarity.

    BUT, I am wary that The Sun and the like promote anti-White ethnic solidarity outwards, and only towards White nations.

    WN to my mind, can only come from 1) ethnic identity that is 2) formed under an over-arching White racial consciousness.

    We, all Whites, need to regain our ethnic pride, which includes reclaiming our histories, but this time with the singular purpose of uniting in our common racial interest; the advancement of our White nations.

  31. Wikipedia, referring to Hilaire Belloc’s book, The Jews:

    On the integration of Jews into British society at the higher levels, he wrote, in the same book,

    “with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the stain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the tradition those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they travelled in countries where the gentry had not yet suffered or enjoyed the admixture.”

    This helps explain the hostility of the “Anglo” elite, or for that matter any judaized elite. The people they rule over are not their people.

  32. I doubt Belloc’s assertion can be taken at face value for it is surely an exaggeration. I would be shocked if even 20% of England’s landed gentry were of significant Jewish ancestry at that time.

    The reason England went to war with Germany was not that Jews are the omnipotent prime movers of history but that Chamberlain and Halifax were convinced their nation would be finished as a world power if Germany’s ascendancy on the Continent was not stopped forthwith. The line was drawn at Poland. No Jewish blood coursing through their veins; no dradles dancing in their heads; merely the mundane geopolitics of the day which were soon to become antiquated with the advent of the American, and yes, Jewish century.

  33. Captain Chaos.
    I think that Hilaire Belloc living in the early 20 century and mixing in aristocratic circles had a far better notion of the extent jewish intermarriage among the British aristocracy than you do.
    David Cameron, our prime ministe, is a descendant of royalty on one side(illegitimate)but his great- great grandfather was a jewish banker, Levita.
    Ed Milliband’s father was jewish. So our two main political parties are lead by men of jewish descent.
    If you read Trollope you will realise that it was common for daughters of impoverished and indebted aristocrats to marry jewish bankers to clear their debts.

  34. I was reading Auster just now (I don’t know) and noticed this quite common jewish formulation:

    As I keep saying, the paleoconservatives hate Israel and the neocons more than they love America. They are guided not by a rational love of the good, but by the resentments that are forever boiling in their heart.

    What a delicious pastry for the dupes. In other words, hens should be more motivated by love of their chicks than hatred of the fox that eats them. But they hate the fox specifically because of the harm it inflicts on what they cherish. If they did not rationally love their good, they would not suffer boiling resentment at its death.

    So if Larry wants to offer coherent advocacy he will be obliged to choose either a position of rational love of the good and enmity toward its assailant…or apathy to all. The fox doesn’t get to tell the infuriated hens, “Don’t allow your hearts to boil with unhealthy resentment toward me…focus your attention on your chicks…your plump, succulent chicks.”

  35. LOL, Auster’s precious hens should worry more about the ducks in their midst than any hypothetical foxes, which don’t exist.

  36. Hi Tanstaafl,

    in addition to your quote about the judaized “Anglo” elite:

    During the circumcision debate Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said in an interview on TV news (translated):

    “In the British royal family heirs to the throne have been circumcised by a Jewish circumcisor for many, many generations”

    Video source (in German)


  37. Just to bookend the Auster commentary, today he quotes ( a commenter at The Thinking Housewife, quoting the New York Times election exit polls:

    White 59% Romney
    Black 93% Obama
    Latino 71% Obama
    Asian 73% Obama

    The commenter says, which Auster obviously endorses byt quoting it uncritically:

    “This finding provides solid proof that the American electorate has functionally broken down into the “White Party” and the “Non-White Party,” although in all cases except with Blacks there are minor numbers in each block voting differently. Even if you refuse to believe this, despite all evidence, despite the fact that ALL of these racial groups save White are explicitly organized openly on the basis of race and ethnicity, even if you feel strongly that these votes are not primarily motivated by racial interest but by a rational weighing of the national interest, the result is the same: in the United States of America, European-American Whites’ decisions about leadership and policy are minority views.

    Right-wing dissenters have been saying this was coming for years, but to say it out loud was to be called a racist. Of course, now that the long-awaited tipping point has arrived, it suddenly can be spoken aloud with glowing, slobbering praise.”

    All true, well said, and correct. And, to which we should add, The Washington Post’s exit poll results (

    Jews 69% Obama.
    This is further validation of the commenter’s point that “This finding provides solid proof that the American electorate has functionally broken down into the “White Party” and the “Non-White Party…”. Jews, Blacks, Asians and Latino’s versus Whites.

    We’ll be watching to note Auster coming to the same conclusion, and what he has to say about the matter.

  38. Yes Pat I’ll start the Jeopardy theme in anticipation of Larry and his accolytes extrapolating that logic to this very special group.

    I wanted to inquire as to another subject though…Australia. We all sometimes tend toward a well deserved lugubrious attitude, though I’m curious as to your clear-eyed assessment on the ground there. Level and trend. Is there any fight in the people or just typical white neck-barring? What’s the actual demographic figures? I read 92% white, though that sounds impossibly positive. I have a buddy who wants out of this menagerie and is looking down under. What’s your take?

  39. Speaking of lugubrious I am especially mournful of my nation, my former kin, my capitalist communist fuck buddies, my gay voting marriage, americain suckholing, okinawan little anglo tribesmen.

    With their small little football ceremonies with a the ball hand delivered from a Blackhawk helicopter, as if any of the bloated egos on parade would ever be stirred by thoughts of blood (other than their professed “compassion”).

    They have no compassion.

    Oz may well be 80% or more White, but it is a hollowed out shell of mercenaries that would do nothing less than bend over and take it for Hollywood fame.

    I give you Russell Crowe (actually a Kiwi) as first example.

    We vomit up whore after whore for cheap jew satire, of White people.

    Porter, I’m drunk.

    I’ll re-write this later.

    I didn’t know how to answer you.

    I love my country and at the same time I hate it.

    Yeah, sure, your mate can migrate here. We are ten years behind the USA, that is all. Take a step back, and watch it all happen again, in slow mo. You know the ending.

    There is no escape.

    The only chance we have is to fight.

  40. Whoops, sorry for my drunken ravings. Feel free to delete my “ode to Oz” Tan.

    Porter, I think Oz is still >80% White.

    Sydney is a multi-culti wasteland though, Melbourne worse. If your mate has a trade he would do well in Perth or Brisbane.

    The biggest benefit of Oz over America is that we don’t have a large minority of black savages to contend with, thanks to the foresight of our founding fathers who specifically made sure that we would not repeat the American experience in that regard.

  41. Thanks for your response Pat. No doubt your caliber of colonist is superior to the things that run amok in our streets. I suspect my friend will have much company in coming years. If nationalism can find purchase in Europe, many of her children will return home as America disintegrates.

    —For whatever reason, the captcha on this site is even more maddening than usual. I need one of those circuit-board autists at Caplan’s to decipher this Sanskrit. If this shows up a dozen times I apologize.

  42. As it turns out, the lady’s husband was “brown skinned”.

    Here’s another “racism” row:

    Apparently in the UK it’s racist to call someone an “Australian”. Or something.

    “She called me a stupid fat Australian b****. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was from New Zealand.

    The “racist” abuser was charged with “racially aggravated public disorder”, “found guilty and fined £110.”

  43. Pat,

    How do you know that they’re Anglos? Lots of Scots and Irish settled Australia. Those people on the bus are bogans, and bogans are by no means pure Anglos or something.

  44. Pat,

    The first time I ran across you was at Mangans when you shoved two fingers up Troost’s nostrils and heaved. Good stuff.

    So from a ¾ anglo friend, I offer a great song from my favorite group that no one’s heard of.

  45. Thanks for that Porter, and apologies to Tan, I don’t mean to take up space in your thread with discussions of me.

    I like Anglos personally, had two as brothers-in-law, have grown up in a country dominated by them.

    Some of my commentary is drunken, most is sober, half stems from hate, the other from love.

    Either way, Anglos need a good kicking, not for anything specific as such to my “butt hurt” ethnic grievance but for their bloated, delusional, yammering egos, that have wreaked so much destruction upon the rest of the non-Anglo West.

    Take Derbyshire, for instance. Now there is a man just ripe for one more kick to the nads to ensure he gets right down in the gutter, from where he may look up at the stars.

    He hasn’t quite made it there yet, as you note today at another blog. So keep on kicking mate, many of us need.

  46. Btw, not that it matters, but that is the last from me in the Anglosphere blogs.

    There is very little point in discussing the Jewish Question without dealing with the WASP Question.

    You would do well to take Derbyshire down several more pegs.

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