Biden on Jewish Influence

Forty years ago President Nixon and Billy Graham discussed jewish media control in private, afraid to speak openly against it. Since then the jews have only become more powerful.

Speaking on Tuesday night at a Jewish American Heritage Month reception hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Vice President Joe Biden claimed that jews, as a group:

  • have “outsized influence”, that this “influence is immense”, but that jews “vastly underestimate the impact you’ve had on the development of this nation”
  • “make up 11 percent of the seats in the United States Congress”
  • have used media to alter public opinion
  • have promoted immigration, civil rights, feminism and gay marriage

Hyper-jew Jonathan Chait immediately expressed his concern that such open and accurate acknowledgement of jewish power is not good for the jews. Biden Praises Jews, Goes Too Far, Accidentally Thrills Anti-Semites:

Biden indeed offered fulsome, heartfelt praise in his remarks, before wandering into highly uncomfortable terrain and delivering a speech that is likely to be quoted by anti-Semites for years and decades to come. (It’s already the subject of excited discussion among the white supremacist community.)

Biden’s remarks were not anti-Semitic. They were very, very philo-Semitic.

As the jews say, a “philo-semite” is just an “anti-semite” who doesn’t know it yet.

It’s obviously true that Jews have flourished in the United States and, as Biden says, have achieved massively disproportionate representation in fields like science, culture, politics, academia, and so on.

Jews regard this fact with a mixture of pride and neurosis. The neurosis is a fear that our success will be seen as a kind of invidious control, that the broader society will at some point say, no, you have too much.

Like Biden, Chait omits finance, media and law, in effect downplaying the extent as well as the disproportion of jewish influence.

Jews don’t fear success. Jews fear being treated the way jews treat Whites.

It’s also true that, while Jewish opinions run the ideological gamut, they have clustered heavily on the left end of the political spectrum. When you combine that fact with the fact of disproportionate Jewish representation in politics and culture, you have a weirdly shared belief among philo-Semites and anti-Semites.

Chait dismisses these facts by first acknowledging they are true, then implying that believing them is weird.

Biden’s intentions here are obviously as friendly as can be, but the execution is awkward. The civil rights movement today is so widely sanctified that mentioning the disproportionate Jewish role in it is in the same category as mentioning Einstein, Jonas Salk, and so on — look at all these wonderful things the Jews have helped bring us.

Awkward for jews. The hallmark of jewish power is the pretense that it doesn’t exist. The jews rule, but without public acknowledgement, much less consent. Jews know this and fear what will happen if it becomes more broadly known.

The main problem here is that gay rights, unlike black civil rights, are politically controversial at the moment. Biden may find it “all to the good” that Jews have used their influence over popular culture to change societal attitudes toward homosexuality, but lots of people don’t find it good at all.

The main problem here depends entirely upon your point of view. What the jews find good for themselves is not necessarily good for anyone else. For Whites, for example, the main problem here is the relentless animus jews have for Whites.

7 thoughts on “Biden on Jewish Influence”

  1. Jewish power is meant to be a crypto-cracy. Pointing out their power is taboo for Gentiles, even if it is well meant. Jews among themselves of course are allowed to brag about it, but Gentiles are supposed not to notice it.
    As parasites their greatest fear is to be detected and then to be expelled. That would mean death to them, because parasites cannot live without a host. Therefore the relationship of Gentiles with Jews is always problematic. If a Gentile is critical of Jews, he is of course an “anti-Semite”, if he is neutral, he is under the suspicion of “hiding his anti-Semitism”, but if he is too philo-Semitic in his utterances he runs the risk of “confirming stereotypes” about Jews. There is no other solution to this dilemma than separation.

  2. Biden — oh my God — playing the brainless buffoon once again. You are OWNED! As America fails catastrophically, the jews are in control of every institution necessary for America’s continued existence, a indesputable fact jews rather not have known. What is it jews have given us, Joe? You think $30 million a day to shitZreal, stolen from the pockets of the American people, is enough to repay them for their chicanery? That’s the the awful truth about jews. They control everything worth controlling whether they mean to bring down America, or not. But since most Whites, smart enough to be pro-White know this is far from the first time jews have plotted to destroy countries trusting and foolish enough to allow jews on their shores, one can only conclude the jews do what they do, which is destroy and subvert, deliberately.

    Jews make up 11% of seats in congress, and even 33% of the seats on the Supreme court, and yet jews make up less than 3% of the American population. Why is that? No other Americans need apply? Only jews are intelligent enough to fill these seats? And, the result of which, America is failing. The failure of any institution or country, lays with their leaders, and jews undeniably control you, Joe Biden, the President, and the Congress, hence America. Jews make up one third of Nobel laureates simply because jews vote/ lobby for fellow jews or more likely they buy or coerce the votes of non-jews to win a Nobel prize. Jews are jews, in this country and internationally, and they network for jews to the disadvantage of all non-jews. Subservient creatures like you, joe biden, and a whole congress full of sell outs just like you, lick their private parts for 30 pieces of silver.

    Unfettered immigration, manipulated by these jew creatures after 1924 in order to replace Whites, is one of the major reasons America is failing.That is, and has been, their aim. Civil Rights? You scab! You race traitor. The jewsmedia, and the anti-White US Government you serve, controlled by jews, empowers non-Whites of all descriptions, faggots, and other degenerates, while demonizing the very people who created and developed America, who have fought and died for this country in two world wars instigated by these subversive jew creatures, and have paid the taxes to keep America afloat through it all — funds which you, joe biden, and your fellow traitors have squandered, that which the jew bankers haven’t yet stolen. Promoting perversion and degeneracy, which is homosexuality, isn’t good for America, you idiot. Jew art isn’t art. It’s ugly scribble. The porn industry which jews control 90% of, is not good for America. The communist manifesto instructs it’s adherents to create ugliness, and that’s exactly what jews are responsible for, you psychopathic son of a bitch. Jews are not capable of good. Jews only do what’s good for the jews at the expense of everyone else.

  3. he Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

  4. That´s one of my ideas:
    expose jews to the utmost: under the pretense of praising them. Might go through in many mainstream commentary sections.
    Biden couldn´t have done a better job.

    “Woow, jews… aren´t them the best, look how cleverly they subvert the system, only by words, only by their resolve, what a triumph of will” etc.

  5. This is too funny. Biden has said what Mel Gibson, David Duke, and thousands of other famous people through history have said, but he said it as praise. Or did he? Hmmm? Maybe he’s stupid like a fox.

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