4 thoughts on “Talking with Kyle Hunt”

  1. Score, Flanders. Will Waters will be joining Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheet, and Helen Thomas on the bench now? High praise to them for speaking the truth in the face of unimaginable evil.

  2. Waters is wrong, Israel is unlike National Socialist Germany, and like America, Britain, modern Germany and the rest of the West; where also Jewish interests predominate and Whites, Christians and Muslims are disprivileged.

    Duke spends too much time worrying about Israel and not enough acting for Whites.

  3. I look forward to listening to the interview. Kyle Hunt is the best of the recovering Conspindustry pundits that have recently joined the pro-White forces. And Tan is the best WN/anti-Jew blogger, even including MacDonald.

    On the JQ online, there’s Tan, MacDonald, James Bowery, ben tillman and wintermute. All the rest of us are just rephrasing stuff they originated.

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