tWn – The End

For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager’s consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it was constructed and for which she originally agreed to use it.

I expect Carolyn Yeager will continue publishing at I will continue at Age of Treason. I have not decided what to do with AoTR. Carolyn informed me yesterday that Paul Hickman had already decided to move to Renegade Broadcasting. I wish him good luck. His decision has made my decision about tWn much easier. I thank Ray Goodwin and Hadding Scott for their contributions here.

Though I have always managed the server itself, Carolyn has always managed the donations and bills and thus has control over the hosting account and domain name. I would like this site to stand as an archive for as long as possible, so I request that she use whatever funds remain, or new funds come in, to continue paying the bills. Whether this actually happens is Carolyn Yeager’s decision and responsibility.

the White network – The End

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  1. Really sorry things came to this Tan, I know how hard you worked and how much heart you put into this project. Thank you for all of that.

    Just glad to hear you will still be working away here :)

  2. (from Peter… per TOR, I can´t chose an identity…)

    Anybody else thinks this appears a bit over the top? We have to respect Tan´s decisions but still… just an impression. Anybody?
    Would the WN cause not profit more from marching together and just accept to having differences and diverging views that are anyways floating and in a process of finding one´s position rather than being already the definitive position?
    I would like to see more emphasis on the connecting elements rather than on the dividing elements, to maintain our concentrated capacity.
    Or maybe it´s an emergency exit in the wake of Glenn Miller which I would find understandable, to get off the radar for the moment.

  3. You’re great bloke Tan. I hope you can keep it going in some way.

    Paul was finding his voice too.

  4. Peter, my decision had nothing to do with Frazier Glenn Miller.

    It did have to do with respect. Self-respect and even more so, respect for the purpose which tWn was created and intended to serve. If a person says they can abide the 14 words, but really can’t, then it would be counter-productive to try and continue working with them.

  5. Yes Peter, of course I am sure many feel this way.

    The more sit with this, I feel especially bad for Carolyn who I assume must be reeling in shock at the moment. It feels an unfair move really, but it’s Tan’s call to make (obviously).

    Losing such a great resource is so disappointing, and it comes during an already bad week for WN in general. It would be wonderful if they could work things out before it’s too late and there’s no going back, but I guess the very public announcement was meant to make it permanent.

    A real shame :(

  6. This is certainly an unexpected and abrupt end to what I thought was an amicable relationship. I assume that in your private discussions with Carolyn that you gave her fair warning or hints about the consequences of her diverging views, i.e., the closing of the White Network?

    In any case, I’m sure you have pulled the plug after careful and serious thought, given all the work you’ve put into it.

    It was mainly through reading this blog (Age of Treason) a few years ago that got me interested and aware of White Nationalism and the jew problem, so I really appreciate your efforts Tan.

  7. I discovered the White Network around 6 months ago and became a regular listener. I appreciate the work you have done, especially your fine series on the Phagan murder, and I encourage you to continue with audio in some way.

  8. I’m sorry to see it come to this. I really enjoyed your shows, but I could see her getting worked up and angry over Andrew Anglin vis-à-vis the Russians. I was actually very depressed to see that developing.

    I am a Christian first and my ethnicity is Mediterranean. My Y-chromosome is from Crete. I know by your definition I’m White, but by the reckoning of people I live with in Texas I am not. (Typically by their demeanor. But ever so often by their words as well.) And I’m fine with that. But the one thing you and I agree on: White people need to thrive and have a right to their success and have a right to live in peace.

    And the Jews are functional sociopaths.

    Good luck on any future endeavors, and I hope to hear you speak again soon.

  9. Tan, I’m having problems in figuring out why you pulled the plug, without warning, on what amounts to a disagreement about ideas regarding Carolyn’s view of White Nationalism. Isn’t that something that could be discussed and hashed out?

    I suspect that you have been stressed out about something.

    I’m sorry to say this, but your sudden closing down on the site, on reflection, looks rash.

    Surely, if your differences with Carolyn were so irreconcilable, you could then have gone your separate ways without drama? I don’t get it.

  10. Carolyn is a yenta.. She always plays the victim.

    Moving on, how can people listen to your old shows? I’m glad I grabbed them weeks ago and the more recent ones. But you audio are required listening. Please make them available again..

  11. I knew some shit was about to hit when she turned on Andrew Anglin. When she did, I was like, here we go again, now Dailystormer is an enemy. It never ends.

    I’m still trying to figure out why his support for Russia is so bad and why he should be shunned now because of it. I think he has been pretty reasonable about the whole thing and people’s concerns.

    I kinda saw this coming anyway. Carolyn makes enemies of everyone and Tan doesn’t, yet she drags him down in the dirt along with her. Because of the enemies she makes, it comes back to bite Tan in the ass because he is providing her the platform to do it.

  12. Meltdown for Tanstaafl

    I’m not interested in her he-said-she-said personal drama, so I will keep this response brief and to the point. It may also help answer Mary and katana’s concerns.

    The bottom line is that I voluntarily entered into a partnership with Carolyn to pursue this. When it became clear to me that she could not abide that I decided to divorce myself from that partnership.

    I have gone one step farther by taking with me what I had brought to the partnership – the recording/broadcasting/blogging system itself. I would not have done so if I had simply changed my mind about what was important to me and decided to do something else. I deprived her of the system I built because I saw a pattern of behavior that I couldn’t abide. She herself referred to it as “going off the reservation” and “questioning” “sacred cows”. She was complaining more and more bitterly about “rah rah” and “White PC”, and openly denigrating “White nationalism”. She was not simply going beyond or outside what we had agreed our partnership was about, but counter to it, against it.

    If I’m wrong, and she really does love the White race, love White nationalism, and believe in the 14 words, then wherever she goes she’ll carry that with her and demonstrate it. I don’t believe she will, because I don’t think my assessment of the divide between us is wrong. At any rate, from this point on, everyone will know that if she does something, or complains she’s not allowed to do something, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

  13. “Anybody else thinks this appears a bit over the top? We have to respect Tan´s decisions but still… just an impression. Anybody?” I think it’s a terrible decision. Tan decides Carolyn isn’t towing some as yet undetermined WN party line loosely based on David Lane’s 14 Words mantra so he picks up all his marbles and goes home?! Half the fun of Carolyn’s shows, when she didn’t have generally good guests, was listening to her think out loud. Everyone is aware she’s a Miss Grundy – school marm sort of host with a dearth of praise for other activists, but she was consistant in preparing and presenting her two shows a week and deserved better than having the plug pulled behind her back. To me Tanstafl’s tantrum is more counterproductive and disappointing than anything Carolyn had to say about the European Knights website he found so wanting.

  14. The old lady seems to have rerouted tWn to her personal website. As such, I cannot see your post, nor the comments you cite as your fundamental disagreement. I tried digging around for them there but immediately fell asleep. Perhaps you could re-post them here for my viewing pleasure.

  15. Her programs, and mine, will remain available where they are for as long as Carolyn decides to pay the bills for the server. I don’t know the numbers but it is my understanding that the donations more than covered tWn expenses, so even with no new funds there should be enough to cover several months or even years.

    I direct concerns on this point to her. Only she can say what she will do, or how long the funds will last. I hope I’m wrong but I fear she will pull the plug as soon as she can and direct the remaining funds into her other projects.

  16. I don’t think you’re wrong, Tanstaafl. The need to educate and raise up white people is important. To that end, CY lost sight of the purpose of the website.

  17. Well, there you have it. Carolyn is so proud of tWn and her work there that she has taken it down, or at least redirected the DNS for it.

    The server is still there. The IP address is To access the site (for the time being) you will have to edit your hosts file.

    For those who object to the abruptness of what I did, or think it was due to some minor difference in attitude, here is your answer. I put tWn on permanent hold. She has taken it offline.

  18. I imagine there’s some raw emotions right now for the hosts, but if you all make available your past shows elsewhere it’s no big thing long-term. A shame nonetheless.

    Peter, I kinda think Carolyn Yeager’s inability to follow the precepts you outline is a good part of the reason tWn is no more.

    Beginning, “Would the WN cause not profit more from marching together” thru’ “I would like to see more emphasis on the connecting elements rather than on the dividing elements, to maintain our concentrated capacity,” you describe exactly the opposite of Carolyn Yeager’s attitude. It did not matter to her that x or y was on the side of White people, she would sooner attack him than attack the people who are hostile to White people.

    Her writing on WWII is useful. It would be nice if that were to be her focus from now on.

  19. What bullshit all this is. I am anti-White; I don’t follow the 14 words. In what way is one to follow them? Do you? The “About” that you love so much says clearly, “Jews are not White.” Your wife and children are non-White. That’s why you were so content to stay in the background, but now suddenly you’ve decided to take charge.

    I advised you in our hour skype conversation (rather grilling of Carolyn) to express your own feelings about it in your program. Instead you spent a half hour tearing me down in ways that were not at all accurate. While you were still fighting Arabs and embracing Jews, I had a website up in 2007 (of my own creation) with the domain name of White Women Only. Don’t preach to me about being White.

    And it is true, plenty of White Nationalists are pricks. There’s no denying it.

    Plus, there is no way money to pay the server for years. And why should I be responsible for what YOU want, as you want it?

  20. Beside making the body of tWn’s content unavailable, what Carolyn has done makes it more difficult for others to see why it is unavailable.

    I have copies of everything, but it will take me some time to make them available somehow. Her podcasts and posts are available elsewhere. Mine aren’t. I had expected her to honor the tWn donors and keep the site up. My mistake, again.

    For now, here are the relevant pieces:

    the White network – My Mistake (google cache)

    Tanstaafl My Mistake The End The White Network Age of Treason Radio (audio at youtube)

    Saturday Afternoon: White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Europe (audio at

    the White network – White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Western Europe (google cache)

    the White network – Germans, Slavs and Men of Action: Aug. 19 – Sept. 21, 1941 – Episode 5 (google cache)

    the White network – Nature’s laws, N-S not a religion, source of raw materials: Sept. 22-25, 1941 – Episode 6 (google cache)

  21. Carolyn’s response here is an example of what I faced any time I expressed any concern with what she was doing or how she was doing it. Strawmen. Insults. It’s all about what a bad person I am for disagreeing with her.

    Whatever. That’s over now.

    I expected her to keep tWn up because others find it valuable, and specifically because that’s what the donations were intended for. I have never expected her to do anything for me.

    She is angry and lashing out at me personally because I am no longer going to be doing anything for her. She’s free now to say everything she always wanted to say about me but didn’t because she was afraid I would stop helping her. The worse she tries to make it sound the worse it reflects on her for working with me.

  22. (from Peter)

    Re Carolyn taking tWn-site down…: at this moment, viewers of the tWn-site only see your, Tan´s, position, of the case. I figure if she gets the chance to make a similar posting like Tan´s last posting, representing her point of view, and possibly a link to her website, she might agree to let the tWn-site stand as an archive.
    Addendum: just saw Carolyn´s posting… Carolyn, maybe you can keep tWn up for as long as the donor money lasts (especially if given the opportunity to present your view in addition to Tan´s view) so the transition to whatever new projects is smooth.

    Like everybody, I regret the development but I guess that´s how life is… so let´s hope that the work for the White Cause just continues, in whatever new, different, modified ways…

  23. Tan, your right on the point you made that she never attacked you because she needed you. How do we know this? Well, she has attacked damn near everyone in this movement. It was inevitable for you to be attacked as well so this is a good opportunity to just go ahead and get it over with so you can move on.

    She got to use you to provide her with a professional website with a professional network that you built from the ground up. It would cost her thousands of dollars to get anyone to do that for her.

    So yeah, let her go on blogtalk or talkshoe now or fork out thousands of dollars to get built what you did for free.

    Why should you continue to put all the time and effort using your talents and skills so that she can use them as her little personal soapbox to attack everyone from A to Z.

  24. Tan says: Carolyn’s response here is an example of what I faced any time I expressed any concern with what she was doing or how she was doing it. Strawmen. Insults. It’s all about what a bad person I am for disagreeing with her.

    An absolute lie. Your “concerns”, mostly from faggots trying to cover up for their friends or from someone like Rodney Martin, were always calmly answered by me. I’m at a disadvantage typing in this crummy little box provided by the crummy little FREE, no-questions-asked

    I never insulted you and I never argued with you and I never called you names. You were the super-sensitive one about your “private life” and your “time available”, not me. You are right now being the prime example of playing the victim, not me.

    You say you “expected me to do such and such because that’s what the donations were for.” Well, I expected you to leave the site up and intact even if you didn’t want to stay there yourself. You actually promised me that, while I never told you I would pay to keep the site up after you closed me out of it and then proceeded to insult me … I had not insulted you.

    The donations mostly came because of me and I’m the only one who talked about them and even asked for them and took care of the paypal account. You NEVER did since you didn’t pay for anything, but now you want to decide what they should go for. Why people don’t see through your incredible hypocrisy here I don’t know. But I suppose some will eventually unless their brains are on hold. However, I do realize it’s a man thing. Most men are going to stand with other men, right or wrong.

    As to Signifier, who said “CY lost sight of the purpose of the website.” And you know what the purpose of the website was, Sig? No, you don’t, only what Tan has now said it was. The real purpose of the website was to broadcast my programs. We together agreed to have a mission statement and stuff like that to look more professional, but the only thing Tan wanted to stress was some emphasis on American WN. Well, I kept that up better than he did, interviewing one WN after another, when I had hardly ever done so previously. So was Tan trying to force me into some new mold? No, because he never complained at all about my show topics. So these are all canards because it is Tanstaafl that has “changed” and lost sight of his purpose for the website. He said many times in public that his only desire was to enable me to do radio broadcasts. I was a little embarrassed by that. Then came ONE PROGRAM that struck him wrong on April 16, and he went beserk. Now you tell me who has the problem?

    The crux of the matter is, I KNOW of the many conversations between us in over two years, and what they were like. But I’m more easy-going than Tan. I say what I think and don’t carry grudges, but it appears Tan has difficulty saying what he really thinks and does carry grudges. He feels he’s been suffering, oh woe.

    I’m okay with what’s happened, now it’s so clear what I’m dealing with. But Tan wants to set it up so that if I’m not a passionate, devoted WN from here on in, it proves him right. Heads I win, tails you lose. Good luck to you all; I have my own pastures to graze in.

  25. “The real purpose of the website was to broadcast my programs.”

    Exactly. That’s what YOU thought it was about. Whereas I thought, and thought you agreed, it was about what we put in the tWn About page. This was my mistake.

    “if I’m not a passionate, devoted WN from here on in, it proves him right”

    All you have to do to prove me wrong is actually act as if you take what was in the tWn About page seriously. You can’t, which is why I want nothing further to do with you.

    If my complaints are bullshit, why have you tried to hide what they are, even though you had to take everything else offline to do so?

  26. “I’m more easy-going than Tan”
    — Carolyn Yeager


    Jesus, I literally almost fell out of my chair when I read that.

    Hands down, you are the nastiest, most arrogant, most entitled and most ungrateful bitch I have EVER witnessed in the pro-White thing-a-ma-jig. You have absolutely no ability either for objective self-observation or for outside criticism WHATSOEVER. The only reason this end to your platform didn’t happen much sooner is UNDOUBTEDLY due to Tan’s SAINTLIKE forbearance which you in your myopic delusions will never credit or even realize existed. My guess is that he is sandbagging on this inside story and not wishing to reveal the amount of abuse and embarrassment he suffered on this ill fated venture.

    “Good luck to you all; I have my own pastures to graze in.”
    You should have been put out to pasture a long time ago, you exceedingly stupid and vain old cow. Good riddance!

  27. I’m a fan of both of you but Carolyn, please give it a rest about Tan’s family situation since we all know awakening can take place at different times in people’s lives.

    VoR was great at its best. tWn was even better. I hope both of you get over and past this as soon as possible going your separate ways, and that Tan does podcasts again too because they have been between very good to indispensable for me.

  28. Time to move on, forgive, and heal Tan. You have done some great shows and I will continue to follow you. Thanks for all that you do for us.

  29. (from Peter)

    In my position as observer from the outside, this question crystalizes in my head:
    is CY not-complying with the About-purpose, the 14 words? If so, then in what way is she not-complying?

    If I had to guess, I´d say the factual issue behind it (i.e. leaving out personal feelings for the moment) is our dear old question: What is White. Now that´s a question to struggle with. I don´t believe that we have a satisfying consent about that in the “movement”.
    Tan mentioned in his last program the “family”-image, we are cousins etc. Now I admit that while having listened to most of Tan´s programs (because, BTW, there´re only 30 min and that can be an advantage, less barrier to start listening to them), I now see that I fled away from his programs “Who is White”. I now see that I shy away from that question: because it´s difficult. And I guess many shy away from that question, for the same reason.

    I guess in a nutshell it comes down to: are the Southern-Europeans and the Slavs the kind of Whites that are represented by “WN”? And is CY pushing something like, only germanic people are the real whites.

    All I can say is that I think these questions are legitimate and I don´t think that they are really well answered.
    So: that makes them OPEN questions, unresolved cases.
    Can dealing with these questions – and I think that´s what CY does: dealing with them, not postulating a definitve position – be a reason to terminate a collaboration?

  30. tan, the twn programs are still available online

    and why didn’t you just bail out and leave twn functioning? your programs were valuable – but carolyn was the star of the network

    you turned out to be as much an uncompromising purist as Carolyn – being an uncompromising purist can have it’s pitfalls

    @ anonymous who wrote “LMFWAO” in response to Carolyn’s “I’m more easy-going than Tan” – she probably meant that she doesn’t bear a grudge

  31. Those who are more concerned with their personal vision of the absolute perfect path than with the fourteen words may offer much insight, but are ultimately not on the side of the White race. I wish those people luck in finding a way to be part of a society which shares their vision, but as White Nationalists, we must focus upon the survival of the White peoples, “warts and all.” I respect your decision, TAN.

  32. From Rick:
    What makes CY programs so entertaining is her extreme critiques and points of views; I didn’t agree with many of her opinions but it was refreshing to hear someone honestly express their thoughts without filters and it made me think. Like adults we can make up our own minds about WN, Carolyn was simply voicing her own opinion. Abruptly pulling the plug like that not only hurts CY and yourself, it is a slap in the face to all of your loyal listeners.

  33. Dear Tanstaafl;

    I am supremely grateful for all 95
    of your Age of Treason radio podcasts.
    To me, your batting about 1.000 percent.

    If anyone can identify anyone who has
    done better work than Tanstaafl’s
    podcasts please inform us.

    Your work is a magnificent achievement.

  34. No, having a jewish wife and children is a conflict of interest and can not be accepted in any pro-White movement.

    It’s a shame this happened, but hopefully a wakeup to all that when you deal with the devil you get stabbed in the back.

  35. I appreciate your and Carolyn’s work and look forward to more valuable contributions from you both. I hope we can all continue to work together towards our common goals. — Rusty

  36. “As to Signifier, who said ‘CY lost sight of the purpose of the website.” And you know what the purpose of the website was, Sig? No, you don’t, only what Tan has now said it was. The real purpose of the website was to broadcast my programs.'”

    Not so long ago, you refused to publish certain comments on tWn because the comments didn’t follow the guidelines. You directed the commenters to look to the guidelines, guidelines I hadn’t bothered to pay attention to prior to your pointing them out. I never needed them, but it was pleasant to know there were “instructions” as to how to obtain permission for communication. Nobody was going to “get away” with saying whatever they wanted and get published — not unless the communication met certain standards.

    Did it matter I didn’t know the guidelines so long as I my comments got published and were nonetheless within the guidelines? No.

    So how does my knowing or not knowing the “About” section change the outcome of what happened to you? What difference would such petty knowledge make to the overall dilemma you’ve encountered? You didn’t know the purpose and you didn’t act within the purpose. You words therefore don’t get published.

    That makes sense, no?

    You did not follow the purpose, whether or not I knew it was stated in the “About” section. You stated the purpose was to broadcast your programs, but that’s nowhere found in the guidelines. It should have been made clear on the website what the purpose was if your own views about it were different from what the website tab actually stated. That was your responsibility to ensure the words meant something true and to pay attention to those words and how they relate to reality.

    It doesn’t take a “conspiracy theorist” to recognize the rules of this game and how to play by them. Even a “child” can learn the rudiments pretty easily — once he’s introduced to them. You had ample time — two years — to get with it. A contract is a contract. You had a good run.

    Did this decision really come out of left field after all is said and the facts laid out as plainly as day?

  37. Yeah, and anonymous having no wife and children is a conflict of interest and can not be accepted in any pro-White movement. Especially when anonymous supports a shrill like Yeager. Maybe you two should get married.

  38. Tan built the network from the ground up including all the programming know how, so he can refuse his services of building and maintaining the network if he feels it is no longer serving the interests which he created it for.

    Carolyn is free to join talkshoe or blogtalk to continue her wonderful discussions on who the latest enemies are of hers which i’m sure the first show will be about Tan.

    Better yet, she can pay thousands of dollars to build a professional website and network that Tan built using his own valuable skills for free. It really is that simple.

    Tan does not need to “answer” to anyone. He explained it very well in the youtube video posted above. It satisfied me and I was a listener to TWN as well.

  39. Agreed. Tan’s programs were well organized and sourced. Carolyn on the other hand, could often be painful to listen to with her many “oh uhhhm” start-stop babbling. AoT=prepared. Most any program with CY=not so much.

  40. Hey Tan

    I am white and proud

    I bet your wife and children are proud of who they are and I bet your a great father!! Honestly I banged a lot of Jewish girls in the day and if I got one of them pregnant and ended up marrying one cause I didn’t know what I know now big fuckin deal.

    You did some awesome shows and if I was in power I would give your family honorary Ayran status. You had a great influence in a positive light on our race.

    As to Carolyn Yeager she is a drama queen who likes to stir the pot.


  41. I have the utmost respect for you Tan. I’ve been listening to your very incisive programs for quite a while now and even though I won’t be able to do so anymore, I respect you decision. I must however correct CY about you not wanting to being in the brackground. I distinctly remember Tan saying that he wanted to do that, on the first tWn show!

    Also, why would CY bring up Tans family now? When he’s been open about it from day one! This shows the kind of person CY is. Very UNgerman, very Americanish on her part.

    One more thing. When she accuses you of not ‘paying’ for anything I was just stunned! Does she know how much stream hosting services, software encoding and maintenance actually cost? And she (and others here) wanted you to leave her the means to continue broadcasting? probably railing against you Tan and others? Really?

    Tan, I just hope that you lend your skills to someone who truly deserves it next time.

  42. It would be great if there was a guidance council or arbitration panel or something that could help nip these things in the bud. — Rusty

  43. Carolyn offers a strict adherence to National Socialism. This means she will be skeptical about the Slavs and Mediterranean whites…I dont agree with her all the time, but she gave us superb historiographical analysis.

    This split over the Slavs has been brewing for awhile- I watched it unfold on the Daily Stormer and saw this coming.

    Anglin is wrong to endorse Putin to the extant that he has- this should be obvious to all. From this, we got a debate about Eurasianism and thus the Radio show on Saturday that supposedly caused Tan to have his breakdown.

    A more mature response would have been to communicate to Carolyn about his serious issue with her criticism of a broad based ‘white nationalism’….(On her show, she even said that the Knights site was new to her and she was unsure of it- she stated the chance that what she offered might have to be amended later-implied this in no uncertain words- and anyway, if one is critical of Slavs one day one can also come around to another view later. Yet Tan blew his top anyway, and gave her no second chance.

    Look- ‘white nationalism’ itself contains the seed of Nordic-ism. Tan saw that a shift toward a possibility of removing most of the Slavs from White Nationalism , even a little, cut too close to home. If Slavs are not ‘worthy’, then who else might be excluded next, hmm? (Im sure many Russians and Slavs fully qualify as being capable and worthy whites in Carolyn’s opinion…I think she might just demote them a bit in general- this is close to the original National Socialist position).

    Even though I have often disagreed with Carolyn, she has a right to do a show where she critiques White Nationalism, and this does not mean that she has forsaken the 14 words (I myself prefer a third formulation of the 14…so I guess that makes me Tans nemesis too, ha)…

    Part of the issue here is over the debate over unity- To what extent should all whites unite or should each nation develop their own national movements. Some want a pan-white political union, etc….I have always seen this as a false debate- the far right racial parties from different nations have ties to each other, etc and when they begin to take power, these nations will be slightly closer to each other, but there is no need for political union-at all. And this is not a real risk (or hope, depending upon your view). If this is something that is almost never likely to happen, we dont need any imperial ‘Europa’ talk. trying to forge a union between two or more nations , that speak different languages- this is folly. This is what Carolyn has been pointing out.

    White Nationalism is often viewed in an internationalist mode, her distancing from WN is related to the internationalist aspect of WN, plus some other things.

    Considering Carolyn’s central role in articulating National Socialism , the 1930-40’s era, and White Nationalist concerns, etc… For Tan to do what he did is race treason.

  44. “The donations mostly came because of me”

    Yeah, the hundreds of hours spent on site setup and maintenance, as well as acting as audio engineer for every show had nothing to do with the donations. I’m sure Carolyn can pull in just as much money with a myspace page and a pre-recorded show that sounds like it comes from a cracker-box.

    “The real purpose of the website was to broadcast my programs.”

    Hah hah hah! So Tan just loves her so much that he wanted to supply her with hundreds of hours of labor just so she could have a nice vanity project? CY, there are only two reasons to provide support on such a large level: belief in the value of the project, or sex. I’m assuming that you and Tan weren’t banging each other. I do love that this comes from a woman who has bitched rather frequently about any anti-feminist or pro-patriarchy sentiment in White circles. Naturally, she doesn’t want to be treated like an adult either: in something so simple as a coworker relationship, she wants to have everything created by her partner simply because she is she, and damn the motivations and desires of the other.

  45. Anonymous at 4/17/2014 08:59:00 AM.

    I didn’t listen to the program on Slavs, or any of the other controversial shows except the portion devoted to White Nationalism of the Saturday Afternoon show on WN/Eurasianism/Future of W.Europe.

    Whatever Carolyn Yeager had to say about these issues elsewhere, in this show her opinions match the criticisms Tanstaafl has made.

    Specifically, she shifted from criticizing and smearing an almost endless array of individual pro-White activists to attacking White Nationalism as such: it’s indefinable, it doesn’t exist, it cannot exist, it’s way way down a slippery slope to globalism, a cop out, and the Jews promote and use it as a way of destroying us.

    She said this is where her beliefs stand right now and that she’s heading even further away from loyalty to White Nationalism.

    It should not be controversial that Carolyn is not supportive of the ideas outlined on the tWn ‘About’ page, but rather is hostile to that agenda. It’s very clear.

  46. A more mature response would have been to communicate to Carolyn about his serious issue with her criticism of a broad based ‘white nationalism’….(On her show, she even said that the Knights site was new to her and she was unsure of it

    I did communicate with Carolyn. She brushed my concerns off. She thought tWn was all about whatever she wanted and that I had no real say. My response was to put tWn in read-only mode. This was not a careless or abrupt decision. Her WN-trashing goes back before Saturday. In that program she makes our conflict and her intent to provoke an angry reaction clear. She thought I would bite my tongue, or at worst, leave tWn to her. She miscalculated.

    Her response was to reroute the DNS, making it difficult to get to. Now the server is no longer responding via its old IP, meaning it is likely gone for good. A more mature response would have been for her to use the donations to keep tWn running as an archive, because good work had been done, and others will miss it. But her programs are already archived elsewhere, and from her comment above it’s clear she feels justified using the remaining tWn donations for herself. It’s just another indication that she thought tWn was all about her.

    I think I have the files necessary to provide a read-only mirror of tWn, but it will take me some time to set up. I’ll make sure it includes an explanation of Carolyn’s attempt to delete it forever.

  47. Considering Carolyn’s central role in articulating National Socialism , the 1930-40’s era, and White Nationalist concerns, etc… For Tan to do what he did is race treason.

    Concern troll is concerned. Are you the crypto-jew behind EKP?

  48. Yeah well, if she wants a network to be all about her, than next time she can pay for it out of her own pocket and not yours.

    If you ever decide to go down this route again Tan, make sure you control everything down to the last nut and bolt.

    Thank God you did not hand over all that hard work you put into that site just so she could use it for her own little attack vehicle against you and everyone else.

  49. 100 cowards who will not let anyone know their name are not worth one person who will. Get lost jew lover.

  50. You are pretty pathetic my friend to do that to anyone who trusted you. It doesn’t say much for your character. Since this won’t get past your silly moderation, you can rest reassured that it is what many people will think of you. Too bad for you.

  51. I had just discovered your podcasts and cannot believe they are now not available. The ones that I listened to were the best, most intelligent, and on point lessons on what the real problem for the White race is. Please, you must make them available for download. I had planned to have my kids listen to your podcasts. I could never explain the truth as well as you do in those podcasts.

    Again please find a way to make them available

    Thank you

  52. There is serious mis-quoting going on in these comments, with no attempt by Tan to correct them even though he knows better. All these anonymous trolls, Tan! Really, where has your moderation gone? It was Tan who upbraided me in the skype conversation I reported on for “paying attention to what trolls are saying about you; why do you let them bother you?” Now here they are at AoT and Tan loves them. I’m glad my site has more dignity.

    For example, it was not I who ever said “The White Network is all about me.” It was Tan who said he created it for me so I would continue doing programs; on several occasions he said it. One time was when he was on Kyle Hunt’s program. I was only pointing out what he has said, and he never said differently. Even the most ignorant and illiterate among you should be able to follow that. However, you’re all about twisting what’s been said, on purpose.

    Another lie is that I brought up Tan’s family in some disparaging way. But it’s always been I who’s stood up against this criticism of Tan; Tan himself never has. What I said actually said was that Tan is going on about the “About” page like he is an Oliver Cromwell and it was Holy Scripture. So I pointed out the most important line in it, to him. It’s his mantra.

    To Anonymous who said: “Yeah, the hundreds of hours spent on site setup and maintenance, as well as acting as audio engineer for every show had nothing to do with the donations.” FYI, Tan did not act as “audio engineer” for each show, he was not even around half the time. TWN was expressly designed so that wouldn’t be necessary. Plus, however many hours Tan spent, he wanted to do it, it was his choice to build it himself … these hours were matched by my hundreds, nay thousands of hours preparing for 5 hours of programs a week for two years. I also chose to do it, but there wouldn’t have been much there without me. Ignorant people like you, who probably never even listened to TWN shows, should not be loud-mouthing about what you know not.

    Now to Tan’s description of our one hour skype conversation, in which I answered all his questions as patiently and as sincerely as I could. When he had nothing more to say, I told him I was quite willing to talk more if he wanted – I would be available all that night and all the next day (Sunday.) He said okay, but I never heard from him again. Now he characterizes it as: “She brushed my concerns off.” I’m sorry but I have a hard time taking his concerns about me seriously, and so do many people. I never got caught up with “concerns” about him.

    Tan says a lot of things about people privately that he won’t say publicly, similar to Deanna Spingola and so many others. I brought that up. His answer was, as usual, that he doesn’t like to confront people, doesn’t want to stir up controversy. Okay. But I am willing to do that. We’re different.

    On the server, I knew Tan had the site backed up. So now he has some work to do to reconstruct it. Good. Let him work. And let him get himself a server … and a new domain name. There was no reason for me to continue providing for him. His paranoid conjectures that I closed the server in order to “delete the site forever” is wrong, since I understand back-ups. I don’t want to make it easy for Tan, as he has certainly made it difficult for me, in addition to playing so dirty against me. He makes himself out to be a hero here on his Blog, but any impartial observer who knew the facts would not agree.

    Please be aware that I don’t give you permission to include my programs, my program posts or my blog posts on your read-only site. I will send you a formal communication about this. Finally, I have to say that you, as a computer expert, should have done a better job of backing it up. I’m amazed at your negligence. You never expected this to happen? Well, I never expected what happened to me, either.

  53. Every time you make one of these bitter, vindictive comments you demonstrate that my assessment of the situation was right.

    “mis-quoting” “trolls” “my site has more dignity”

    You don’t have dignity. You have an echo chamber. And this isn’t it.

    “There was no reason for me to continue providing for him.”

    Our partnership is over. You are free to provide for someone else now.

  54. Carolyn, it was very reasonable and equanimous of you to tear down the whole network. Not spiteful or bitter or anything like that at all, just as anyone might have predicted.

    Seriously, if you resume podcasting, for the sake of honesty you should rename your show the Hysterical Hour. That would be more befitting the wacky nasty rants that you will inevitably launch against Tan, just like you launch against anyone you disagree with.

    Best of luck.

  55. (from: Peter)

    I hope not to spam or troll with more commenting. My take:
    from a logical standpoint, for me the case is unsatisfactory. The question whether CY decisively violated the 14 words has hardly been treated let alone been answered convincingly.

    Simply factually, it would seem easy a solution to posit that the two site operators have diverging views on a controversial aspect of WN (one being more inclusive, the other more separative or so).
    IMO, the factual basis of the conflict could easily be solved.

    So assumed that this is so, why does it not happen? I guess we can derive that there is something more in that case and that´s of-course relationship-related emotions. Before commenting on that; I posit that this eventually boils down to the question of how one sets his priorities: is the project worth experiencing emotional pain. I´m sure that there are cases of personal interaction, “vibes”, that make cooperation impossible. Happens all the time and probably
    unsolvable and needs to separate and move on.

    Question is therefore: are we dealing here really with a grave case of incompatibility, or can the parties reconcile for the sake of the common goal.
    I have no reproach to either party here. I would just like to ask Tan: you are a supremely logical person. Your shows are classic examples of logical clarity. So I take it that your brain works in a very 0 – 1 manner. So you experience: you say A (I want WN more inclusive), and you hear B (I want WN more separative), so B contradicts A so game over. Logically immaculate. But is it adequate to the situation? You think that you HAVE TO react like that: logic has been violated, logic must not be violated, hence you must act. The basis of your life: clear logic, is given disrespect. Inacceptable.
    That´s in my view behind your reaction. All good and well and can be seen like that and my only point is: is this really that grave that it warrants the termination of the cooperation.

    Possibly yes, possibly no.
    Above, I have pointed out a possible way of how to deal with the factual aspect: note to site: operators differ in this and that. Will leave your name undamaged by CY´s statements since it´s clear that you don´t agree in certain points.

    So I guess it´s up to you both to decide which bears more weight, cooperation or separation.
    The internet is big and either of you can quite easily continue publishing the good work elsewhere.
    I just think that it would generally be healthy if Whites could act more unitedly (but that may be quite an extreme challenge when the partner is CY who likes to be highly controversial).

    P.S.: I´m really still not clear where we stand re that WN question: is it ok to wish to have separate states for different white groups? I´m undecided. It´s liberating that in the US, e.g. an italian and a polish person can marry. In Europe, it might cause frowning. I wouldn´t like to have all Polish, or Greek, move to Germany. Would I not have to accept that in the broad WN-view?
    The unclarity of such considerations may well be at the root of the White paralysis to deal with the race question, hence dealing with it openly should only further the cause.

  56. Tan, please put your shows up as the one group of them about who is white and who is not, who is Jewish, etc., is REALLY good. I think one of the problems with white nationalism is we get caught up in too many side issues. I’m not saying there’s no value in correcting the record on National Socialism, the Confederacy, etc., but what people think about the past only really matters to what they’re going to do now. THE ONE AND ONLY GOAL IS TO GET WHITES TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH, AND ONLY WITH, OTHER WHITES. Every single thing we say and do is to encourage that goal and discourage contrary goals. Even on immigration, if it was physically impossible or whites to mate with nonwhites, and there had never been a 14th amendment so that the vote was limited to whites, then nonwhite immigration, while still bad, would not be an existential threat. So to all you keyboard commandos out there, stop spending all your time on the ‘Net! Go out there, find a white girl (even if she’s not as hot as the porn models you look at all day!), marry her and have at least three children! If you won’t do that, then you’re not really contributing, and if you do do that, then you’ve fulfilled 99% of the mission.

  57. This is heartbreaking affair. I care about both you Tan and you Carolyn and enjoyed both of your shows. What hope is there for us as a people if we cannot find common ground in the struggles that we face? Please break the bread and find it in your hearts to forgive, if not for yourselves, than for your people.

  58. Congratulations Tan, you made the proper decision, no doubt about it. Your forbearance for so long was commendable, considering her flawed, disjointed personality. Break every connection you ever had with this vindictive shrew. You obviously know her skizzy nature very well by now, and no doubt regret having given her a platform for her embarrassing rants. I don’t know how you put up with a mud wrestling wacko like her for so long, but you will be much better off going it alone in the future.

  59. I agree with Anon 4/18/2014 03:18:00 AM. This sucks. It’s demoralizing. I hope you two can reconcile. No offense because I’m sure it looks different to you guys, but from a casual observer’s point of view, this rift makes very little sense at all. — Rusty

  60. Does anyone still wonder why this woman drove Voice of Reason Network administrator Mike Connor nearly crazy?

  61. I came to tWn via the written work of Carolyn. But it was your work, tan, on AoTR that grabbed me and riveted me, kept me coming back and woke me up to join Those Who Can See.

    The work that both you and Carolyn have done is important and of value. But having said that, I’d qualify it with two points.

    One, Carolyn is by far a better writer than a speaker or podcast host. But it’s — there’s — there’s a lot of — there’s so much — well, how much — you know, well — ohhhh, now, what’s — darn, I had that right in front of me and lost it — and — oh, here it is. It is so often torturous listening to Carolyn, who often sounded unprepared within a very few minutes of welcoming listeners to the program.

    Two, the purpose of y’all’s two podcasts was different. Carolyn’s podcasts often look to the past, a defender of National Socialism. We must all be grateful for that; revising the past, shoring up its foundation, and righting its knocked askew columns, patching its bombed-out roof is important work.

    But the present and looking toward the future or Our People is the brunt of your work. And because of this, I see AoTR as being of far greater importance and utility to Us.

    I hope, then, you find some home for the AoTR podcasts for others to find like I did. I wish to hell and gone already that I’d listened to myself and downloaded them to have and keep.

    It’s all sad and distressing for me in the extreme.


  62. “As the disease advances, symptoms can include confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, trouble with language, and long-term memory loss. As the person declines they often withdraw from family and society.”

    I always thought CY exhibited signs of Alzheimer’s.

    Please find a place to host past AoTR podcasts. And please continue what you’ve started with them. You are a hammer.

  63. Yes. It happens EVERY time there’s an upward movement, and it makes me wonder about White leaders, intellectuals, and all of us. Are we genetically programmed to fail?

    I see too many paterns being copied here. Ego, differences of opinion, and NO ONE, and I mean, NO
    ONE, intelligent enough to rise above all this, and create a morphed, fully combined White opposition movement where we finally take the battle to our eternal enemy.

    IRON KRAFT, Britain.

  64. TWN was a good site. I liked all the programs except the ones where Carolyn was alone. The ones about Rodney Martin should have been dumped in favor of a debate which included Rodney Martin.

    In fact, you guys should have had shows with all the others that either of you had problems with philosophically. Thats what we need, we need these competing views/hosts to present and articulate their positions, moderated debate on a point by point basis. Without that, its just like the politics the sleeping people watch on TV.

    Mark Glenn, Piper, Martin, and whomever else somehow had the “wrong” position. Thats what we need, clarification among the leading voices so that some formation around one can begin to gel.

    Any of those positions that any of those people have is better than the suicide we have now.

  65. Speaking of “all the other programs except the ones where Carolyn was alone,” I’m in agreement.

    Especially good were the four “Hour by the Window” programs of August. I still lament his departure. He did fine work in laying out NS.

    tan, if you start another tWn-type endeavor, I would hope you could add the return of “An Hour by the Window.”


  66. I’ve been travelling and incommunicado for the past week but would like to respond to this:

    Carolyn’s claim that there was no disagreement between us is part of the disagreement between us. She thought tWn was all about her. I didn’t.

    “Tan agreed with me 100% on Rodney” “Tan was OK on everything I had done on TWN”

    Carolyn Yeager does not speak for me. Beyond that, she’s lying. She’s gone from brushing off the concerns I expressed in private to publicly pretending that I never expressed any concerns.

    I regret ever trusting or associating with her.

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