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Carolyn Yeager’s “Offer”


Bill Rhyes, who I spoke with last month, spoke with Carolyn Yeager last week. I’ve wasted too much of my life on Carolyn Yeager and don’t wish to waste any more – but she directed a disingenuous “offer” to me, accompanied by a veiled threat. I think it calls for a clear response.

Her “offer” starts at 1:27:00. She begins by reading a prepared statement, her latest version of what she says happened between us and why. As far as I can tell she hasn’t posted the text anywhere online, and I’m not going to bother transcribing it all. It’s mostly the same combination of sobstory, gossip, and speculation that she’s been serving up since the day I ended our partnership. Her whole Danny-boy/Tanny-boy story, for example, is real only in her own mind. But it is telling that she prefers to imagine such inter-personal intrigue, fictional soap opera nonsense really, rather than accept the reasons I’ve actually provided.

I laid out those reasons in My Mistake. Most of what I had to say to or about her is in the comments of The End. In response Carolyn quickly shut down the original tWn server. A month or so later I got a new domain, set up a new server, restored the content from a backup copy, and added Why this Archive to explain the changes. Over time I also attached several updates to that one post, mostly to note Carolyn’s ongoing hostility and demands. (I’ll be adding a new update there linking to this post.)

Now, speaking with Bill Rhyes, she makes a fresh demand that she couchs instead as a diplomatic “offer” (skip to 1:36:00):

I wouldn’t mind having my shows, text and all, on his archive site, if he didn’t have all the stuff he added on there after saying he was gonna freeze the site as it was.

I’m not even slightly tempted to go along with this.

First, I know she is not speaking in good faith. She shut down the original server when the only thing on it was My Mistake and The End, without any additional comments. She shut down the whole site to suppress just that. She’s now all the more bitter about Why this Archive because it spells out this and more, liberally quoting and linking her own statements, detailing many telling things she said and did.

Second, I long ago addressed her phoney “he’s stealing my podcasts” claim here and here. I also long ago provided a definitive answer to her constant demands and claims of ownership. That answer has not changed.

Third, I know Carolyn wants ALL these critical posts of mine memory-holed because she thinks they make her look bad. She deleted everything when she had the chance. She really doesn’t care about the archive as a whole or even the redacted text and the podcast links that I’m supposedly stealing. Everything of hers has always been hosted in full on her own site, which I have never had anything to do with and have never interfered with in any way.

Fourth, all her bluster about ownership and stealing flies in the face of the fact that she paid all the tWn bills with other people’s money, handled and ultimately claimed all that donated money for herself personally, and never provided any accounting for any of it.

Last but certainly not least, her “offer” truly is just another self-serving demand, offered only out of concern for her own ego/reputation and followed directly by a clumsily-worded personal threat:

I think the whole thing is unseemly. What he’s done. So if he does not do what I ask, umm, I’m prepared to copyright all my programs and take legal action against him for stealing them from my website. And additionally I will put up a page using my domain name of thewhitenetwork.com – I do own that domain name, I always did – and tell the true story of Mr. Tanstaafl and the White network in a better and more complete way than I’ve done before. So I’m not trying to make threats here but I wanted to make this offer for a way to kind of bring this White network thing to a better ending than what it has come to.

That’s just it. She wants more. I don’t. I ended my relationship with Carolyn Yeager exactly because I no longer wanted to help her, to argue with her, or have anything whatsoever to do with her. I never took anything from her, I don’t need anything from her, and frankly I’m fine with the archive site as is. I’m not going to change anything to suit her, and I certainly will not delete the very documents which best capture what actually happened as it happened. She can blubber self-righteously about her imagined victimhood all she wants. The online record tells a different story.

Except for the part about suing me, her threat reminds me of Rodney Martin’s. My response to her is the same I made to him. I doubt there’s anything more to her “true story” that she hasn’t already gone on and on about. What she’s really implying is her intent to dox me. Some bullshit copyright suit is just a pretext for that. What she’ll discover is that everything I have ever said about myself is true. What I think is most important about Carolyn Yeager I discovered and stated last year. I should never have agreed to work with such an egotistic and vindictive woman. As I’ve said, my mistake.

tWn – The End

For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager’s consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments. I will not allow her to abuse the system I constructed to undermine the purpose for which it was constructed and for which she originally agreed to use it.

I expect Carolyn Yeager will continue publishing at carolynyeager.net. I will continue at Age of Treason. I have not decided what to do with AoTR. Carolyn informed me yesterday that Paul Hickman had already decided to move to Renegade Broadcasting. I wish him good luck. His decision has made my decision about tWn much easier. I thank Ray Goodwin and Hadding Scott for their contributions here.

Though I have always managed the server itself, Carolyn has always managed the donations and bills and thus has control over the hosting account and domain name. I would like this site to stand as an archive for as long as possible, so I request that she use whatever funds remain, or new funds come in, to continue paying the bills. Whether this actually happens is Carolyn Yeager’s decision and responsibility.

the White network – The End

tWn Get-Together (with Carolyn Yeager, Paul Hickman and Ray Goodwin)

Join Carolyn Yeager and the rest of us tonight:

The Heretics’ Hour, Live, Monday, April 7th, 9-11 pm Eastern time (6-8 Pacific) on The White Network, “All-hosts April get-together”

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote T.S. Eliot (the one line I always remember). And we at The White Network may very well be cruel to our enemies when we gather for our 2nd group show of this year. Tanstaafl, Paul Hickman, Ray Goodwin and I will talk about moral legitimacy for Whites, the Ukraine situation, the Jonathan Pollard situation, and other aspects of the jewish problem. Don’t miss it.

UPDATE: mp3.

State of The White Network Tonight (with Carolyn Yeager, Hadding Scott and Paul Hickman)

Join Carolyn Yeager, Hadding Scott, Paul Hickman and I for one of our semi-regular round-table discussions on the Heretics’ Hour at the White network, live Monday at 9PM ET.

UPDATE: All-Hosts Get-Together (mp3)

When Circular Firing Squads Attack

Responding to Carolyn Yeager’s most recent program, Movement Madness, Rodney Martin made a SPECIAL BROADCAST via his by American Nationalist Network.

The complaints Yeager and Martin have about each other don’t interest me, but I would like to answer Martin’s references to me.


My wife is not an injun, sorry to disappoint you Carolyn. I would ask you however to have you to post a picture of your partner over at the White network, Tanstaafl, and if you like I can reveal his name and his jewess wife, and let’s just see how much Ashkenazim blood runs over there. We wanna get into your tagline “Whites talking about Whites about White interests”, let’s really get into this. This all could have been resolved if you had just sent me an email…

I don’t see what I or my wife have to do with this, and neither did Martin until he decided he didn’t like what Carolyn was saying. He lashes out at me out of spite, not based on any principle he wouldn’t have continued to overlook if he had gotten the right email.

If I wanted my name or face revealed I would reveal them myself. What I have disclosed about myself personally, including my wife’s background, I have done in order not to speak under false pretenses.


Talking about hypocrisy, you don’t attack people using a fake name, you don’t have a person running your network and talking about White issues who’s married to a jewess and using a fake name, who’s terrified about being contacted by anyone in the movement…

My fake name and wife are really beside the point. The point is that I help keep Carolyn online, and since Martin has decided he doesn’t like what she’s saying, I have to go.

I’m a technician and analyst. I have no ambition to be a public spokesman for Whites, much less a leader. Even though I don’t make myself easy to contact, I have met several people, including one or more who have probably met Martin.


Can you imagine if I were to open my email right now and read every email that people sent me regarding Carolyn Yeager? I can tell you people would be shocked. If I were to read the emails telling me about her co-host Tan? I’m not gonna do that today, I won’t do that unless I have to. He’s disclosed that he’s married to a jewess. One of the criticisms we’ve had/heard was that during the Thanksgiving week, which was also Hannukah, they didn’t have any programs. Were they taking Hannukah off, because of the face-to-face relationship there? I don’t know.

If Martin thinks he knows something other Whites should know, he should disclose it. Holding it out as a threat, to be disclosed only “if he has to”, signals vendetta, not principle.

I took two weeks off after making podcasts for 75 weeks straight. During most of that break I was on the road with my family. We’re not jews. We don’t celebrate jewish holidays. My wife’s father was a jew. He died when she was a little girl. If you want to condemn me, let it be for what I’ve done, not some trumped up bullshit out of your imagination.