National Vanguard – Telling the Truth


In Telling the Truth Kevin Strom makes some excellent points about the ADL Global 100 and National Counterterrorism Center‘s Worldwide Incidents Tracking System.

Looking for pro-White/jew-aware podcasts? Recommended.

This past winter I dedicated eleven 30 minute installments to The Murder of Mary Phagan. In two twenty-odd minute programs – The Aborted Apotheosis of Leo Frank, part 1 and part 2 – Strom provides an excellent summary of the likely circumstances of the murder, takes apart the jewish narrative about the case and explains the significance of this small but somewhat successful challenge to jewish media dominance.

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  1. It’s my guess that, in usual Jewish inside-out mode, the percentages given in the ADL report are not put forth in order to lament a high degree of persisting anti-semitism, but to misrepresent percentages that are actually much higher.

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