With Jews We Lose


Robert Ransdell’s slogan, “With Jews We Lose”, is excellent. It is a clear and pithy statement of fact which provokes exactly the kind of fundamental, existential thoughts about identity Whites need to be thinking.

Who is us? What’s best for us?

The answer to both questions is: Not jews.

Traitorous fools like Joe Biden applaud jewish influence. The truth is that the jews have caused Whites incalculable harm, infiltrating, manipulating and exploiting every European nation in history. Over time they have crippled or destroyed them all.

More than a hundred and thirty years ago patriotic Germans realized that their nation was being ruined by jews. Heinrich von Treitschke popularized the slogan “Die juden sind unser Unglück!” (“The jews are our misfortune!”). Decades later it was adopted as a motto by Der Stürmer.

It’s time for Whites to stop losing. Time to start thinking and doing what’s best for your race. Time to see the jews’ implacable fraud and anti-White hostility for what it is. Time to respond. Time to put an end to it.

7 thoughts on “With Jews We Lose”

  1. This guy comes across as genuine. You should have him on an AoT podcast.

    He has opposition from alleged White advocates. As you know naming the jews is a bad move, it is far better to complain on the internet about faceless ghosts or just blame Whites instead. Namely this jew run bugs group.

    He says all the right things. Even addressing the black on White crime epidemic that has been going since the jews brought them here. Some seem to think this is something new. It is not. We are just seeing them documented by phones now.

    This is why we had Jim Crow not oppression but protection. Same goes with segregation. Maybe a topic for future podcasts on AoT?

    Support him until he proves otherwise. His appearance on Renegade was solid. He will be on Charlie Guiliani’s show tomorrow at 8am eastern.

  2. How do you reply to the vanguard vs,. coalition argument?

    That’s not the argument. The divide is between those who realize that the jews are the enemy, and those, like Liddell, who instead see “stormfags” as the enemy.


    The empirical evidence is clear: the track record of Nazi-associationism in killing nationalist movements – especially in the Anglophone world – is pretty solid. You can complain that this is simply not fair, but facts are facts. This is the way it works, and politics is the art of the possible, not the impossible.

    The “nazi” bugaboo comes from the jews. Thus the clear empirical evidence is that the jews kill nationalist movements, even though Liddell tries to transfer the blame to “stormfags”.

    Intellectualism should not be underestimated. By exploring new ideas and developing new critiques of the modern Leftist, globalized, feminized, egalitarian world, we develop new intellectual weapons and useful insights that can then be reformulated in increasingly populist and basic language to create the memes, axioms, taglines, and factoids to redpill a large number of people whose interests they ultimately serve. Call this trickle down intellectualism. It is at this point that skilled populists like Anglin could make themselves particularly useful, by weaponizing our ideas for a more mass audience.

    The problem is that intellectuals like Liddell fail to accept that the jews are the mainspring of “the modern Leftist, globalized, feminized, egalitarian world”. By intentionally playing down race and the jews they fail, by design, to produce weaponizable ideas.

    It is Liddell’s responsibility to make himself useful. Instead, like a typical exponent of the “Leftist, globalized, feminized, egalitarian world”, he expects those he despises to help him.

    Its main idea is the bogeyman of the almighty Jew, a childish caricature, not unlike Tokio Kid, that has little real impact in the modern age, except for those who wish to isolate themselves from the rest of society.

    There are also a number of major problems with The Daily Stormer’s Jewish thesis. First, if you believe they are so powerful and superior what are you doing supporting the lowly, impotent White man? For supremacism to exist, you have to believe in your own supremacy. There is really no logical call for Aboriginal Supremacism, is there? But the only supremacy The Daily Stormer believes in is the supremacy of the Jew, along with a kind of self-flagellating White masochism. Count me out!

    Liddell projects. His almighty bogeyman is the “stormfag”. He is no White nationalist. He counts himself out by siding with the jews.

  3. The most aggravating part is the Whites who are apologizing for a jew written history. Crimes we never commited. Sorry to post off topic but that link had my blood boiling. This is how 99% of non-Whites feel. Thanks to the jew narrative about Whites. Further proof White Europeans are NOT in charge. Thanks for posting. Your last post on Yockey was fantastic.

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